Fall 2008 – Givenchy’s Autumn-Winter Collection by Nicolas Degennes

2008 autumn-winter collection by Nicolas Degennes

  • Pocket Beauty Case Accessory for Glowing Lips and Cheeks $55 (Sweet Dandy)
  • Prisme Again! Shimmer Eyes Mat & Shimmering Eyeshadow Quartet $49.50 in 43 Smoky Shimmer and 44 Precious Shimmer
  • Prisme Libre Loose Powder Quartet Air Sensation $63 in 73 Dandy Beige
  • Captiv’Eyes Intense Volume Mascara Magnetic Eyes $25 in 6 Dandy Black
  • Magic Khôl Eye Liner Pencil $21.50 in 14 Dandy Blue
  • Rouge Interdit Satin Lipstick Irresistible Color $26.50 in 37 Romantic Dandy and 38 Fatal Dandy
  • Pop Gloss Crystal Crystal Lip Gloss $23.50 in 441 Romantic Dandy and 442 Fatal Dandy

Available: August 2008 at Sephora and Sephora.com.

Hear from Degennes on his inspiration for this fall’s launch, plus plenty of lemming-inspiring photos!

Who knows why, but sometimes we are obsessed by an idea, even a vague one. It refuses to go away and sets off uncontrollable thoughts, with a kind of ‘butterfly effect’. Some creative ideas take shape effortlessly, but how do you capture a diffuse, even illogical thought? Givenchy’s 2008 autumn-winter collection is a result of a train of thoughts and ideas inspired by a song very dear to me, ‘L’Aigle noir’ by Barbara, by the rich and diverse use of dots and by the sophisticated ambiguity of the dandy style.

Once upon a time, a tune invaded my mind. My collection came together slowly. I knew what the setting was, but not the meaning.

Barbara’s ‘L’Aigle noir’ drew me into its world, and I let myself be carried away on its midnight-blue wings. The blue night was sprinkled with precious gems, and the late-night promenade was filled with butterflies.

I pictured butterflies with spots, proudly and elegantly showing off their differences. It was no accident that I filled Barbara’s childhood dreams with dots. They reminded me of a Japanese artist, Yayoi Kuzama, whose work and life story had moved me. I was very touched by this ‘monographic’ work, which inspired me to explore the rich and diverse world of dots and the ambiguous world of the dandy, with its mixture of feminine and masculine codes.

These complex, charming and mysterious rebels were armed with elegance in the battle against conformism. The codes of the dandy brought me back to Givenchy. A little polka dot dress, a tomboy wearing rough diamonds. A designer and his muse. A never-ending story.

The collection combines extremely refined textures and the discreet distinction of navy-blue cases with covers decorated with white polka dots.

Pocket Beauty Case Limited edition
Inspired by the dandy, this masculine ornament was designed for the Givenchy woman who welcomes her ambiguity:
The ‘trompe-l’oeil’ pocket watch with fob was designed in collaboration with Givenchy Couture. There’s no time like the present for a natural touch of pink with white pearly highlights. This multipurpose product can be used as a light lipstick for a fresh look or applied to the cheeks in circular movements for a glowing effect. Change the way you use it at different times of the day: from a dewy, fresh complexion in the morning to a more structured look for evening. Applied to the chest or shoulders, it adds an ultra-feminine radiance.

Prisme Again ! Shimmer’Eyes Limited edition
Polka dots dress up! These two customised harmonies are reminiscent of a dandy’s basic deconstructed three-piece suit. A matte texture and three complementary glowing shades offer two ways of creating sophisticated, smoky eyes. Smoky Shimmer: three dense, shiny black shades softened by a matte white base for grey tones coloured with blue, white and purple pearlescent particles.

The black in ‘Precious Shimmer’, the denser of the two harmonies, is enriched with gold, pink and white pearlescent particles. The polka dots indicate the colour of the base and disappear with use. The uncovered black and white bases can be used to outline the eye. Mixing the pearly textures creates a shiny, colourful effect. Apply to the eyelid or under the eye for a touch of light.

Prisme Libre Limited edition
A new harmony, Dandy Beige, offers an extremely soft, natural look. The light veil of beige provides a matte, transparent surface. Masculine and feminine touches reflect off each other.

Captiv’Eyes Limited edition
This rich new Captiv’Eyes volumising mascara is as dark as a moonless night. Dandy Black’s velvety shade coats the lashes with a creamy texture that emphasises the smoky look.

Magic Khôl Limited edition
The deep blue of Magic Khôl’s Dandy Blue intensifies the eyes. Use as an eyeliner inside the eye with one line or smudge it on the lid.

Rouge Interdit & Pop Gloss Crystal Limited edition
Rouge Interdit lets you show off two sides of your charm with two different languages to express your femininity: Romantic Dandy pinkish beige for a naturally flushed look, and pure, intense Fatal Dandy red, the most dangerous lipstick around! Matching Pop Gloss Crystal in pinkish beige or intense red can be used alone for glossy, transparent colour or as a top coat to accentuate shine.

Vernis Please! Limited edition
The nails look as if they have been dipped in a starry night. Male codes meet female codes in luminous Dandy Moiré navy-blue varnish.

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