What eyeshadow color do you have but seem to wear the least?

What eyeshadow color do you have but seem to wear the least? Share!

Yellows are easily my least worn color–golds, sure, but more matte and satin yellows, I don’t reach for as often!

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Great question! I have a pretty sizable collection of shadows, and though I love them in the pan, I rarely like the look I get when I use cool silvers, cool pinks, and true blacks. I have fair skin and red hair, and the silvers just look heavy to me. I like warmer pinks, but the cooler, baby pinks look sickly with my coloring, and I’m too fair to really work with pitch black. But I can dig a matte yellow all day! One of my favorite colors to use actually. The Body Shop “Sunshine Love” is a spectacular shade!

Silvers, purples, blues and greens. The only one that surprises me a bit now that I think about it is greens, because I’m often drawn to green but I rarely wear it in eyeshadow.

I have a lot of silver and grey eyeshadows..both matte and shimmery but I never wear them. I find that on me personally silver is not the most flattering of shades and it does absolutely nothing for my eyes in terms of making them look any prettier.

Cool grays and warm browns are my least used. For whatever reason, warm browns tend to look dirty on me, while cool grays make me look like I have a bruise. I have a very neutral skin tone, so I tend to stick to things right in the middle to avoid either extreme. My skin tone even confuses that tool they have at Sephora to find your best foundation color – at times it reads warm/neutral and then other times it reads cool/neutral. It’s more than a little frustrating, lol.

I was going to say the same thing! Anything too silvery or too bronzey looks wrong on me. I’ve never been attracted, say, to the original Naked palette; I own Naked 2 but rarely wear the gray or silver in it.

Also, orange lipstick. I want to like it, but it does not like me.

That’s a dumb, outdated rule anyway. The best rule is to wear whatever you like. Matching your eye color exactly won’t make them stand out, but other shades of your eye color’s color family WILL. Even matching exactly doesn’t necessarily look bad, just doesn’t make them “pop” as much.

vibrant pinks – colours like TF Totally Fetch or UD Infamous. I have so many of these shades in various palettes and I don’t use any of them (I’ve used a few as blushes from time to time, when I think of it, but I rarely even do that, since I have actual blushes that I like). Same goes for red or very orange shades – I just don’t like them, for starters (I love red but I don’t think I even own a single orange item at all – nothing in my home or wardrobe), and I don’t like how they look on me.

Blues and greens! I love how they look in the pan and how they swatch, but as I have green eyes I find that purples and more reddish hues suit me more.

If it isn’t a muted neutral, brown, purple, or burgandy, I barely reach for it. Yellows, oranges, golds=no, not going down that path and least favourite. Teal, blue, green=rarely wear. I used to be more adventurous with colour, but aging process has brought me around to simple more natural looks, especially on eyes, which have always suited me best.

I have quite a few blue eyeshadows that I wish I was more bold with but often feel dumb wearing them with my blue eyes.
But I’m also realizing that I keep planning to do really fun looks with the red and pink in the Electric Palette but keep putting it off or never getting around to it. That needs to change.

Anything with orange undertones – makes my eyes look red and tired, and makes me look sallow. I have to be careful even with brown shadows that are on the warmer side -orangey brown coppers are definitely a no-no for me.

I would have to say blue. I feel like most of the colorful palettes I own (which is an excessive number) have at least one blue eyeshadow. I find very little reason to wear blue eyeshadow in my everyday life. Sometimes I make it a point to use them in a look, but they are mostly neglected.

Hmmm… Probably most bright colors!

When I first started wearing makeup (around age 16), I was all about colorful eyes and I couldn’t dare to wear a bright lip. Neutrals were so drab to me! Once I started wearing bright lips, I started doing more neutral eye looks to balance it out. Now I use neutrals almost exclusively because I’m so busy! In my opinion, neutrals are just foolproof and versatile. Start the day with a neutral face, if I have somewhere to go in the evening, I just need to add bright/dark lips and I’m ready for the night!

Blues. I loooove them in the pan and I have several shades, probably because it’s my favorite color, but they’re totally out of my comfort zone. On the other hand, I don’t like green but I love the look of a green smokey eye on me and I get a lot of complements when I wear it.

Anything too “orange”… I just don’t care for orange, andnit isn’t particularly flattering on me. I also rarely use the seemingly obligatory bronzy-gold shades that always seem to end up in “neutral” palettes, even those that run cooler,

Matte Teal. It just doesn’t work for me! I really love teals with duochrome or iridescence but matte, I just don’t reach for this except if necessary with mixing for a look.
Also: Black. Unless I really need a black base, I don’t ever use it! Especially glitter chunked blacks! 😉

I have an dark emerald green eyeshadow (thebalm jealous jordana) that I bought with so much excitement and i think i have worn it a total of two times 🙁 It’s pretty but just too sooty and so intense and there’s fall out and I just cant deal.
also, mac club, cant figure out an occasion for it, in all honesty. I don’t really go “clubbing” anymore so maybe that’s why lol

The color I own plenty of & love but wear often are my shades of turquoise.
In the palettes I own there are plenty of shades of pink (it makes me look like my eyes are bleeding) and bronze and I hate those colors on me.

Yellow, Green, Orange. i can get away with some reds and most other bright colors. If the green is more teal I’ll embrace it but like lime green is terrifying ugly on me.

I don’t even bother to buy “colors,” because I know I’ll never use them.
I used to buy them, telling myself that they’d be good for accents, but even I don’t believe that anymore. :/

Light blues, yellows and oranges. Light blues because they’re not flattering. The others, because I don’t own a lot and the colors aren’t major players in my wardrobe.

I guess for me it would be browns.
Though neutrals are my favorites when it comes to eyeshadows, I can only successfully wear “cool” browns, and I more often end up reaching for grey or straight-up taupe.

For me it’s blues…from teal to navy. I guess because I’m blonde with blue-green eyes, I can’t wear blue eyeshadow but I slowly incorporating some into my eye looks.

Probably yellow and green shades. I don’t like yellow that much, but I own Sugarpill Buttercupcake because yellow is useful every now and then or for rainbow looks. I do like green, but I just don’t reach for it too much.

Blues and pinks. Not too interesting and I feel like they’re “old-fashioned” colors. I also can’t wear very warm medium plums and pinks because they make me look like I have an eye infection…

Blue. I can’t ever seem to get a blue that doesn’t look too weird on me. I don’t wear colorful stuff on my eyes in general, but do wear khaki/gold sometimes and mauve. Right now I’m all into shiny taupes.

Blue and gray. If I wear color, I like ones that complement my hazel eyes, so I reach for purples and greens. Blue and gray just become forgotten!

I seem to have acquired far too many dark blue (esp. when sparkly), silver and black eyeshadows for comfort! I’m ginger with very pale skin and hazel/green eyes – so when I find that most palettes I own seem to have at least one of these shades each, I feel kinda ripped off. Actually, light pinks fall into this category for me too, although I love deeper pink/red-based shades. I hate that they are seen as being so Autumnal in the Southern Hemisphere…

I like yellow on me, but not golds or bronze. I also like teal very much, but I have never worn blue because it looks hideous on me. Also silver and greys look boring on me, except silvery glitter eyeliner.

Blues and greens. I like them and love how they look on others, but for some reason, I never reach out for them. Maybe I should make that part of my new year’s resolutions. Maybe go thru a different color family each week.

i hardly ever use any brown, except to fill in my brows (and that’s usually a very very dark brown or a soft black. ive got half blonde half black hair so i can use any color i want for brows). so brown the absolute least for eyes. it doesnt flatter me. if i am doing a neutral eye i reach for greys or soft golds and creme colors.

Green! My eyes are such a dark, dull, mossy kind of green that I’m always scared pretty green eye makeup will make my eyes look an awful color by comparison.

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