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Yup I’m pretty much in love with a lot of things, Tarte, Urban Decay, even the Sephora Holiday Kits, oh man I’m gonna be broke before Christmas hahaha, but it’ll be worth it since I’m planning on having my own makeup kit for freelancing 😀 It’s all good :3

Last year the Lash Stash worked out real well for me l because I was looking for the right mascara. As far generally being excited? I’m curious to see what comes out, but no longer get too excited. I have enough stuff!

Urban Decay Vice 2, and Kat von D Spellbinding Book of Shadows. There are others that look good, but I’m focusing my efforts/money on some permanent range items, as well as some face products. After those two palettes, I plan to do an eyeshadow no-buy for a long while, unless something absolutely unique pops up.

yes! i already bought UD’s vice 2 and ocho loco and i am in love. bought Kat von D’s spellbinding palette… waiting for the esperanza palette… i usually always buy the lash stash but i have enough unopened samples and full sized mascaras from the last one and subscription boxes and what not.

I’m excited for Zoya’s winter collection. OPI has too many reds. As far as other makeup goes… I just want to get a few things. Overall the holiday stuff isn’t that big of deal.

I save all year, and spend most of my makeup haul money on holiday sets. I find this gets me some colors that I love, and some new ones to try. I have a ton of makeup, so the smaller sizes in these offerings usually are just fine – by the time I actually use anything up I am on to the new shade/formulation anyway! This time of year is the best. I have even spread the love. Now my friends save as well, and we go holiday shopping for ourselves at Sephora. It’s fun!

Me too. However, I do have a weakness for holiday sets that also come with a very cool free bag. Sometimes, that “free bag” ends up trull being the item I purchase with everything else in it the “gift.”. I think my favorite was the purchase of a single bottle of bi-facile makeup remover that yielded me a very cool tote (that gets more positive comments than any other bag I own), another bottle of bi-facile, a mascara, and at least 5 other items. I love those kind of deals.

Their 2008 holiday gift offer was another incredible (although one had to pay for it) kit but just a bit too much product for me. So I split it with a friend.

no… if you live in australia you mostly just have to watch everyone in america enjoying the cool holiday releases hahaha. we either dont get the brands here or the new collections come like 6 months after release and then by the time they get here they’re just so overpriced its hardly worth it. but I will enjoy watching you sampling and reviewing all the nice things! If I can find some good bargains on ebay I might get a new palette or two 😉

I think you ladies from outside the US should make some long distance pen pals to do swaps of things we can’t get where you live! International shipping by first class for a 3oz package is under $10 from the US to Australia!

Most likely Mid-November. It will be a Guy Bourdin collaboration, and there is another 6-pan blush palette, with 3 (I believe) exclusive shades. Just run NARS Guy Bourdin through your search engine, and it’ll pull up some “sneak peeks”. Nothing has really called out to me, but Spring 2014 looks promising.

Yes and no. In the past 2 weeks to a month, I’ve had one of those “glut attacks” – I’ve purchased such a lot of makeup that I don’t know what to turn to! So while I am seriously interested to see what the companies come out with, and, of course, what great values there are to be had, I am hoping none of it gets me too excited because, once again, I’m feeling like I just have way too much stuff to be able to enjoy it. Leaving for a weekend in the US tomorrow and planning to get the new Tarte powder foundation and brush while there (they’re so much cheaper than in Canada) but really, I keep telling myself that after THAT, I won’t even want to purchase any makeup for months! (ha! see how long THAT sensation lasts!)

The best time to buy makeup. I like buying these before the holidays (most of the time they’re sold out before the holidays). I already have a wishlist!

Yes! I love that they come out this early because my birthday is the end of October (the 22nd) so not only can people get me the sets for Christmas but for my birthday which gives me a greater chance of getting what I want! If I don’t I can always give myself one of the sets for my bday 🙂

I am SO excited for holiday palettes!! I don’t actually have a ton, but I am very experimental with makeup and often would rather have a small quantity of many shades, rather than a large quantity of one shade (except for holy grail items, which obviously are permanent in my stash).

I’ve been coveting one of the Lorac gloss kits, seems like a great value and I have not tried their lip glosses before- might be the perfect time to dive in!

I’m kind of over the holiday hype (I’ve been buy higher end makeup for 8 years now. 😉 ) The last one i was excited for was the Disney sets. But I still like them as a way to try out new brands.

I like the idea a lot more than the reality generally. I find some of them baffling- like kits where you get twelve sheer lip glosses and nothing else. I mean maybe you could break that kit up into twelve tiny gifts, but I don’t think many people do that and receiving a bulk lot of makeup tends to make all of it look a bit cheap (but that might just be me being weird). I also dislike how bulky some of them can be- especially if components of the kit (like the eyeshadows) are built into the oversized box.

I try to temper my inner child’s excitement with a modicum of maturity these days. The past few years I have noticed a number of holiday collections going on deep deep discount, frequently by February. This past spring I purchased a Too Faced holiday collection for under $25 at Nordstrom Rack that retailed for $52 just months earlier! The trick is figuring out what will sell out, and what will linger long enough to go on sale. I jumped on the Urban Decay Shattered face case the day it was released. But I will try to hold off on Tarte and Too Faced, at least until they are available at 20% off (during regular sales) or hopefully better.

Love them! Especially combined with UD or Sephora’s Friends and Family Sale (20% off). They usually turn out to be an excellent value.

Some are great picks but most of the time, I am over it. I don’t like sampler gifts too much. Rather have just one product I really love and use it often. Those kits end up becoming junk at times.

Well im curious to se the MAC holiday brush sets, not to buy it but to compare it to d the full size ones and see how different they are and decide if i ll just start buying the full sizes one by one, either mac or any other good brand since i dont have any good face or eye brush( all of them are holiday sets from lancome and estee lauder from 3 or 4 years ago!!) so its about time 🙂

I just purchased Sephora’s Give Me More Lip and it’s really fun. 16 lip products – 4 nudes, 4 pinks, 4 berries, and 4 reds. And, there are 4 full-sized products included, which makes the value even better. I’m enjoying playing with all the different colors and textures. It has traditional lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, stains, glosses, tinted balms, a crayon, and a foiled lipstick. Excellent variety.

I’ll be keeping my eye out for other great holiday sets and palettes as you never know when you’ll find a hidden gem.

yeah, i already bought the sephora give me more lip set, it’s okay. ive decided i’ll only buy stuff with reviews now.

excited for the 20% off sale, have been making my list for a while, sephora and UD.

The lash stash sounds cool Christine 🙂 I usually dig the Philosophy
kits, except I think i’m over their lip shines, too gloopy and syrupy.
The MAC holiday sets are all ways darling but I usually never
snag one, the brushes are usually crummy. I see a Fluidline
kit for this years sets, at least that is what it looks like.
Swatches will determine as I do like Fluidlines (not those
glittery sheer ones though!)

I always look forward to Too Faced’s sets. Love their colors and pigmentation. Tarte offers a lot of variety. I tried Anastasia’s eye palette last year and it’s one that I use almost daily so I hope they offer another holiday set. Stila surprised me this year! Normally I just like her lipglaze set, but mercy!, there’s a ton of palettes this year and prices are affordable!!

Dear Santa, I’ve been very good and my wishlist gifts won’t take up much room on your sleigh…. 🙂

I don’t get excited about the Holiday Limited Edition products. Over the years I have become disillusioned with these LE offerings. I dread falling in love with and hitting pan on something I will never be able to repurchase. Also, all too often, these kits and palettes and sets are rushed to the market and are of inferior quality to the permanent line. This is especially true of eyeshadows. So, now, I just avoid them altogether.

I have never been a big fan of holiday sets, as I never use all of the products. I have worked in cosmetics and always love the fragrance sets. I start buying in October. This year, I am excited to try some high-end lines. I guess I get spoiled with my discount but can never use on MAC Holiday until the 11th hour, if sets are not selling well.

I LOVE the MAC lipglass boxes during Christmas, partially because the products are fun and more because the boxes and packaging are so darn cute!

I love holiday collections but I’m starting to realize that I already have all the colors I could possibly need or want so I’m pretty selective when it comes to buying new palettes.

I’m excited for the urban decay and tarte. I am however not happy with what too faced has to offer this year. Imo the selections look like cheap play makeup I would have had as a child. I can’t wait to see what else comes out.

I was just wondering if you knew that someone was using your face pictures over on EBAY look at this auction, Just was not sure if you gave them permission??

[link removed]

Thanks LOVE your page!

Michael Scott

After visiting Dior’s Holiday Palette several times last year and all I bought was one of those special nail polishes. I often think of that and kick myself for not buying it because I liked it so much! So I’m just waiting to see what they will offer this year! Also what Guerlain, Chanel, Estee Lauder and everyone that does those special collections. Can’t afford all that but I love to look!

Oddly enough, not really. I think the holidays are a great time to get more bang for your back with some of the kits that get released, but I generally only wind up buying from drug store holiday collections if I buy any. I find that a lot of what’s out there during the holidays are shades I don’t typically wear, so I don’t feel inspired to go after them. Pragmatically, there’s also the fact that the holiday season is usually when I’m tied up more financially amongst visiting family, charity work, and gift giving, so I severely limit what I spend on myself between November – January.

yep. I want UD ocho loco, vice2 and KVD’s new palette. I feel like this is the best time to buy makeup haha. I also will be buying a perfume giftset this year

Umm…YES! Already have and love the Tarte traverse kit from Sephora. More to come-can’t wait yo see what a Too Faced is offering!

Including Mac with another Carbon eyeshadow? No thanks! I like small wearable holiday sets, with excellent quality in all the products that included

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