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Have you ever forgotten to apply part of your makeup?

Have you ever forgotten to apply part of your makeup? Share your stories!

Not all at the same time, but I have definitely forgotten brows, lip color, and mascara before! The worst is really mascara, I think, if one has done a lot of eye makeup! But no filled in brows make me sad, too.

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Vic Avatar

I have totally forgotten mascara but not in a long time and it was usually when I wore a lot of eye make up. And NO ONE noticed!
I don’t usually do my brows cause they’re quite dark anyway but somtimes I sit in the car and think to myself that that it would have been nice same for blush but both don’t bother me.

And I never forget lipstick! 😀 (Even if I would at best times I hav 8 lipsticks in my handbag so that wouldn’t be a problem.)

Gilbert Avatar

Lol! It’s happened to me! I forget to groom my brows w gel (tinted or clear) sometimes! Since that’s all I do to the brows, it’s a real bummer when it happens!

Johnna Avatar

There has been at least one occasion when I left the house in a rush, thankfully double-checked my makeup in the car just in time to discover that I used lip liner but no lipstick! It always reminds me of my mother, she is well known for leaving the house with only lip liner.

artemis Avatar

Yep, mascara :)) I had very smudged-out black eyeliner on(looked gray) so it wasn’t noticeable 😀 I think it actually looked better, for that sultry look. Mascara would’ve wokened that look up. And I guy looked at me a few times in the sub, so I guess I looked good :)) but I was so self-conscious about about my bad cheek break-out that I avoived looking at him. lol :))

artemis Avatar

I doubt I had my eyes done, tho. Maybe I had some nude brownish pink gloss on, though. I always forget(or don’t bother) doing my brows and lips(cause most still dry them out or there’s no point cause i would eat soon. I always eat in buses or subs :)))

Emmy Avatar

I forgot my brows and once my mascara and I had heavy eye make up on that day, I thought it was terrible when I came home and realized it, so I asked my boyfriend who had been with me all day why he hadn’t said anything and he told me he hadn’t even noticed it was missing lol Maybe others didn’t notice it then either.

Marina Avatar

I’m guilty of constantly forgetting brows, which is not so much of a problem as I have tons of it naturally. Once I completely forgot mascara and I had done a look that definitely required it, I was self conscious the whole day 🙂

Annette Avatar

Yep, just yesterday….thought why does my face looks so ‘funny’ later I realized forgot my blush 🙂 when in the office applied a bit of lipstick on my cheeks and was good to go 🙂

xamyx Avatar

That happened to me, as well-only it was foundation! The worst part-I was doing a Disneyland weekend, so I went to Sephora as soon as I checked-in at the hotel, but only realized I had no foundation until I was getting ready for an event that night. All I had was Physician’s Formula TM SPF 50, which is very flat/matte. However, when I was at Sephora, I bought a LORAC gift-set that had a highlight powder, so that saved me a bit!

The lessons I learned that day were a) keep a “basics” makeup bag on hand, and/or b) unpack *before* leaving hotel-I could have at least grabbed a ffoundation sample!

Lisa Russo Avatar

Yes! My brows! They are very sparse and blonde (my hair is dark brown otherwise), I look like I have no brows when I don’t fill them in…fortunately the day I forgot to pencil them in I didn’t need to say “cheese” in any photos!

brenda Avatar

Yup – mascara!! I felt so naked LOL, esp because I had eye somethings on – if I didn’t have eyes done, it wouldn’t have been an issue. Also, I have forgotten my lash curler when I went home for a visit, and of course we were going out – i can’t live without my lash curler.

Rachel P. Avatar

I don’t know how I forget primer but I manage to leave that one, maybe 1 in every 10 times I do my makeup. I’ll be in a hurry or not thinking and then I’ve already slapped on a little foundation and it’s like… “whoops!” Eye primer, too, likes to evade me when I’m not focusing.

Ellen Avatar

Mascara! And it makes such a HUGE difference on me, as my lashes are so fine/thin. I’ve been known to sneak off to the restroom once we get to our destination and belatedly apply some while hidden in a bathroom stall 😉

Laura Avatar

I do mascara last and although it’s rare I forget to apply it, it has happened a few times. I work a good 25 minutes from home, so I can’t pop back on a break easily. I look tired all day when that happens. It’s amazing the difference a little mascara it makes (I have dark blond lashes, so they disappear without mascara)!

Kelsey Avatar

ALL THE FRICKEN TIME! It’ll only be one aspect and I won’t remember until I’m completely done or I’ve gone out. I forget eye primer a lot which is a shame cuz I have a deep crease that just will not stay unless I’ve used UD primer potion (paint pots and shadow insurance just don’t do it for me). I’ll also occasionally forget mascara, but that’s less upsetting since I usually have some in my bag, or I can run to shoppers drug and pick up yet another covergirl clump crusher… I have about 6 for exactly this reason.

MonicaP Avatar

Mascara. I sometimes forget and then catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thinf “what’s wrong here” .. a closer look and I’m reminded that I forgot to apply mascara 😛


Jennifer Avatar

Most days I apply my makeup in an under-caffinated rush, so yes, I have forgotten things. The worst was when I forgot a lippie. No problem, right? I have tones in my purse. Wrong. I had one in my purse. A bright purple lipstick. No lip balm. No gloss. Just a bright purple lipstick and very dry lips.

I went for it and spent the day pretending purple lips and green eyeshadow was intentional.

Kimmy Avatar

Bronzer has to be the number one forgotten or overlooked item, followed by mascara. Bronzer for me is an “if I still have time when I’m done with everything else” – and I often leave mascara for last so sometimes if I am in a real hurry, I’ll forget to actually apply (this is why I always keep a mini mascara tube in my purse). 🙂

Deborah Avatar

I once forgot my mascara! Definitely old age creeping in! I was so distracted while I was putting on my makeup but once I realized it (I was in my car) I ran into a drugstore to buy mascara!

Carla Avatar

Once I forgot to put mascara in ONE of my lashes. True story. Something happened when I finished the first eyelash and I got distracted. =(

But blush is the most forgettable thing for me..

kellly Avatar

ha ha yeah! I recently stopped using foundation and replaced it with L’Oreal Pore Reducer and Miracle Blur followed with a transparent finishing powder. I just went straight to the powder, but since then the forgetting has acted sort of as a reminder to me so I’ve been ok with remembering it ever since.

HS Avatar

Brows, almost every day!!!! I’m blond and look crazy with or without. For some reason I just don’t notice them and despite doing all other parts of my makeup, I just forget they are there! Usually catch a glimpse of myself later and say whoops!

Georgia Avatar

Oh yeah. Rushing in the morning, Cats throwing up hairballs, traffic report says there are delays and I dash out of the house without my eye brows or mascara …. and didn’t realize it until well into the late afternoon! Not a good look on me

Meghan Avatar

Face primer. I know some people don’t need it, but it is a must for me, I once was quickly doing my makeup and I checked myself in the mirror when i was done and realized I forgot to put it on! Then, I took off all my makeup and started over, yes, yes I did.

Diane Avatar

I used to forget mascara so often that I kept one in my purse because I always realized it after I got to work. I forgot to do my eyebrows for my wedding, fortunately my sister in law had a shadow in her purse that was close enough

Veronica Avatar

If I forget anything, it’s usually mascara. I’m fortunate to have longer lashes, so they don’t completely disappear without it, but the product definitely adds more noticeable curl.

Helene Avatar

Just yesterday I forgot undereye concealer. I noticed when I tried to take a selfi, not a good look, as I was tired and just had a cold 🙂
Blush is something I forget quite often, as well as highlighter, but that isn’t so bad. The worst is when I look in a mirror and see that I’ve not done my eyebrows. I have sparse eyebrows so it’s not a good look for me.

Emilie Avatar

I forget lips most, but the other day I forgot to do my brows first (which is what I usually do) and I was running late so I didn’t end up doing them at all… I had a heavy-ish smoky eyeshadow look on too so I felt totally unbalanced! Probably wasn’t as bad looking as I thought but still.

Lotus Avatar

Oh my gosh, yes!!!!!! I won’t ever forget it either, I made such a fuss. I was 17, in SF on the way to a party my crew had planned, and I kept looking in the passenger mirror as my friend drove us..something just didn’t look right… “TURN HERE, NOW! HURRY!” I screamed that as I led her into a grocery market and we parked. I RAN to get a mascara SO FAST.. And I was back. Why such a big deal? My lashes were always a trademark due to everyone suspecting they were false, so I enjoyed mascara and never was without. Something looked off, for sure! I grabbed a trusty one I used to use and the day was saved. Another time, once parked, I realized I forgot a bra.. Yes. But that’s another story and I did go home to put one on. I don’t like sweaty flapping! Lol!!! Fun question!

Sophia B. Avatar

I often forget face primer because I’m so eager to get my foundation after I do my skincare routine. I think it’s also because after I put on my moisturizer I move from the bathroom to sit at my vanity, and since primer is colorless product I often forget about it when i sit down.

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