Have you ever depotted makeup?

Have you ever depotted makeup? How did it go? Do you love how it turned out or regret it?

I haven’t in a long time! Last time I did, I used the oven method on a bunch of MAC eyeshadows. I do prefer everything to be deported for eyes/cheeks. I don’t like lipstick de-tubed though.

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Depotted (or I guess depalatized) the 3rd Book of Shadows. I had some causalities, but made sure to start with the colors I wasn’t using anyways first to experiment on, heh!

Yes. What a mess. Put the UD Book of Shadows 4 in a Z palette. Easy to remove but the pans flew everywhere when I dropped it. Never deported after that. That is why the packaging is so important for me. I don’t depot out of the pretty packaging.

Never! I see the use for people with little space and a large collection, but I find it messy and fussy. I’m also largely influenced by the packaging I buy – half the appeal of lipstick is the indulgence of applying from a nice tube for me!

I see more and more people depotting and I haven’t been sold on it.

MAC eyeshadows…it was a HOT MESS until I figured out how to use a flat iron to heat up the plastic to get the pan out. Now adays, I just buy the shadow pans……

No never. I don’t have the time, and I’m too scared I’m going to accidentally break or gouge a shadow. The only thing I “depotted” was taking some leftover lipstick out of tubes and putting it into a lip palette, but the palette got too messy, so I ditched it.

Yes, i’ve depotted all my eyeshadows and blushes, including the mineralized. I regret doing the mineralized blushes, they looked better in their original packaging.. maybe i will put them back. I didn’t do the MSFS because of their fragility and they’re all limited edition, so i’m not taking a risk.

Yes, the first few attempts were disastrous. The prying method broke things too often or bent the pans. I couldn’t get the floss method to work. I didn’t like the idea of holding packaging over a lighter or candle, for safety reasons.

My husband got the genius idea to use an inexpensive soldering iron as a heat source, and it works wonderfully well. I am very pleased with how depotting with this method turns out, and it’s so nice to have makeup sorted into Zpalettes.

The biggest downside is a lot of baked products aren’t in metal pans, and some of the budget brands (Sleek and Coastal Scents blushes, some of e.l.f.’s eyeshadows, other brands’ eye shadows) have really thin, aluminum pans that just don’t depot well, no matter what method I’ve tried.

I usually keep premade palettes intact and do not depot. I also don’t depot if I like the packaging.

I depot most lipsticks. It’s easy, but a bit messy.

Hi Rachel R.
I’m intrigued about the soldering iron technique. My hubby can honestly fix everything. If I describe what I need, I’ll be golden. I have so many z-palettes, MAC palettes and MUFE palettes just ready to fill up.
Thank you!

Hi, Amy H. Depotting with the soldering iron is very similar to using a lighter or candle.

Make sure you have adequate ventilation because of the plastic fumes. Warm up your soldering iron.

If you have single packaging like MAC, pop the piece with the pan in it out of the compact. Otherwise, you might just melt them together and not reach the underside of the pan.

Once the soldering iron is heated, carefully and slowly push the iron through the bottom of the packaging. I start with the middle, because that is usually where the glue spot is. If you feel resistance, or feel that the iron is pushing through the bottom of the pan, stop. Most of the time, the pan will just pop out.

If the pan doesn’t pop out, use the iron again in a different spot. Sometimes you’ll run into something really glued on and you have to soften the glue in few places. This can heat up the pan. I’ve never burned myself on one, but they can get pretty warm. Tweezers and a dish towel can be used to remove the pan and let it cool so you can clean the bottom and put in the Zpalette/magnetic palette.

If the pan still won’t come out, I use the oven method to warm the glue up completely. I don’t need to do this very often, but it may be necessary. Personally, I don’t like the oven as a primary method. I find the timing inconsistent for different glues, and it takes longer. The pans cool quickly, too, so you have to work fast to get them out before the glue cools again and resets. (Internet/Youtube has tutorials.)

If you drop your soldering iron or knock it off the stand, check the impulse to catch it with your hands. Move your body and hands clear. Just let it fall, and pick it up quickly after it hits the ground.

I hope that’s helpful. Please let me know whether anything needs clarified. Remember, safety first.

Yes, I depotted all my MAC eyeshadows and put them in a magnetic palette. I found it very easy and fortunately no breakages. And it got me two lipsticks, with back 2 MAC.

I actually just finished depotting my Vice 3 palette and my tarte Tartelette palette! Yesterday I did my Naked 3 palette and my Naked Basics 2 palette. And I did my Book of Shadows 4 the day before that. I’ve gotten pretty much everything depotted, finally.

I just have such a love hate relationship with those big palettes. I buy them because I love the variety and I’ve discovered quite a few unexpected favorites over the years. If I buy singles it’s just the same shade over and over again, big sets force me out of my comfort zone. Plus some of my favorite brands only make a few singles so my only option is those big palettes. But I just can’t stand to have them cluttering up my space and I find them impossible to use. Depotting is the way to go.

I had 3 chanel blushes that I combined as one. these were powder blushes that I used to the point I hit the metal bottom and they eventually cracked. they were too messy to be used in their current state and original containers, so I combined them together. (there are youtube videos on how to “fix broken blush”) I repotted them into a non-chanel container. I have no regrets doing this.

The only thing that I’ve depotted are MAC eyeshadows. It went well, just took time and PATIENCE! haha. I’ve been thinking about depotting my smaller palettes and putting them all in a z-palette – might be a project for the coming months πŸ™‚

A while a go I depotted almost every eyeshadow I had into a big z-palette. It’s mostly wet’n’wild shadow, but I also have some cover girl, Too-faced, and an Estee Lauder sample in there. It’s great! I love how convenient it is and how tidy it is compared to having stacks of palettes.

ironically I tried to depot Mac’s Handwritten last night
And it ended up shattered on my floor. I have done it with NYX eye shadows before no problem! I think the trick is to have tongs with grips on the ends so the shadow doesn’t slip out while you’re heating it up.

Yeah, I’ve depotted several MAC mono’s and I also depotted and crushed the MAC Corol Powder Blush. It was terrible as a pressed powder but as a loose powder it’s amazing.

Absolutely! I actually just started a second zpalette last night. I had a ton of WNW shadows taking up space so it was great to condense them.

My only regret is that a good amount of palettes and pans are impossible to depot, not the least of which are the haul of Colourpop singles I ordered the other day πŸ™

Sorry, I forgot to switch out my answer from yesterday’s question! I usually do about 10 of these at once and sometimes I forget to put in my answer.

I’ve depotted all my MAC and NARS. I screwed up a few times gouging a few products, and I did end up completely shattering a blush so I learned it is something where I need to tackle it a bit at a time rather than spending a number of hours only to eventually lose patience. I think it was definitely worth it in terms of getting better use of products not to mention taming the hoard size.

All the time and love it. I’ve cracked some shadows by depotting, but never shattered one. I have 5 or 6 large MUFE magnetic empty palettes I put them in. There are some brands or shadow types that I will not attempt to depot, like Nars or hybrid shadows.

Yes. I’ve depotted eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, MSF and powder foundation. It’s actually kind of easy and saves so much space

Because you have to include the duos/trios as needed to get the discount on MUFE Artist Shadows, I had waaaaay to many trio and duo sets of them taking up room. I finally consolidated them into two Z-Palettes and am having a ton of fun sorting them by color. Definitely WON’T be depotting any of the 30 Years palette because I want it all to stray pristine in there and you always risk scuffing with the spatula on depotting. I also tried to add two Saucebox cosmetics singles (their packaging is pretty and retro but really very loose cardboard that takes up space and isn’t very protective since the cap slides off) but they are heavily glued into their cases and only one took to the magnet after removal so that’s no fun. Now I’m scared to depot my palettes from them πŸ˜›

I depotted all of my eyeshadows that could be. I love it!! I used the MAC Pro palettes (only $8 and way better than the cardboard ones). I have them grouped by color family (sort of). Also all of my blushes, bronzers and highlighters. I have a few travel palettes that I can put what I want in for a trip .That way I can mix and match from my purchased palettes without carrying several full ones.

I’ve depotted many of by Mac blushes and eyeshadows. I use the lighter method, probably not the safest but it is fast. I don’t depot much these days. I buy Mac and MUG without the package.

I’ve never depotted makeup just because it seems rather time consuming. I also don’t really have enough single eyeshadows or blushes to really justify depotting them.

I put 5-10 in the oven at a low temp to heat up the glue, then I would remove the pans at once – it’s pretty much similar to using a flame or flat iron, just I wanted to do multiples!

I have, actually. I depot a ton of stuff. All of my MAC eyeshadows and blushes are depotted, as are a few other palettes.
I tried making a lipstick palette, but I found out I like them in tubes better. I ended up tossing my entire MAC lipstick collection because the lip palette ruined them! Never again haha.

I’ve depotted a lot of eyeshadows and blushes and I love doing it. It definitely takes some practice, and I’ve had some casualties, but love being able to save the space. I fit my all three of my UD Naked palettes and my Lorac Pro in one Pro-sized z-palette. Ultimate travel palette now!

Pretty much all of my singles/duos are depotted, as well as many trios/quads. The only ones I haven’t touched are my NARS shadows, but my collection is getting pretty massive (60+ duos & 60+ singles…), but I really do love the packaging… I also have a double-sided MAC blush palette, and about half of those were actually depotted, while the other half were Pro pans.

Yep, all of my limited edition MAC eyeshadows and most of my MAC blushes. I always use the candle method and haven’t ruined a single one yet. I had one catch fire once, though, lol, but I was able to save it. Breathing in those fumes can’t be good, but it’s a very easy and effective method!

I think the process of depotting is so relaxing! Just sitting down on a rug on the floor with a candle and lots of pretty makeup πŸ˜€ Pressing and re-pressing on the other hand, ugh, what a mess. I received a broken Burberry highlighter in the mail today, and I guess I have to re-press. Seriously though, if it wasn’t so expensive (and GORGEOUS!) I would throw it in the trash!

No. But i’m thinking of depotting my wet n wild/black radiance 8 pans and trios. Otherwise i just don’t grab for them because my organization atm makes it a pain. If anyone has a suggestion for the best method for these shadows please let me know!! πŸ™‚

I depotted a NYX lip creme (they’re the chubby pencils). Well it kind of depotted itself I guess? The bullet broke, so I used an orange stick to scoop out the rest and pressed it all into a clamshell container.

I want to depot my Tarte for True Blood palette because the packaging is HUGE, but I’m so worried I’ll ruin it.

I depotted the majority of my MAC eyeshadows using the iron method. Works fine and takes up a lot less space although it seems like I reach for them less once they’re in a big palette.

I depotted 2 sigma palettes into a z palette and everything came out perfect but I stop right there, too much fuss and risk besides I do like the packaging of my UD, Lorac, Too Faced and others palettes

I’ve only depotted lipsticks for the sake of keeping LE packaging when I wasn’t a fan of the original lipstick in the tube πŸ™‚ I haven’t done this between brands though, just MAC

No, except for once to remove the old powder from a compact so I could just use it as a compact mirror. I don’t trust my skills, and most of the time, I either like the packaging or think it would be difficult to remove. Oh, and I had one of those revlon lip butters and it broke on me, so I scraped that out and put it in a little plastic round jar.

Thanks everyone for all the answers and to Christine for posting my question. I think since I don’t really trust my skills that much,I do love my packaging mostly,and my main issue is with the not many singles I own. They tend to get lost in my mess so they barely get used and I actually banned myself from buying singles mostly unless they come in a pan already because it so annoys me. So,I will be trying to depot those and I’d like to try to depot my mufe artist palette if that goes ok so I can pop those into a z pallete with my other mufe shadows. I love those though and I would barf if they broke! So,they may stay in their little pretty home. Seems like I have research to do! For singles,is there a preferred method?

Ive depotted the urban decay BOS 1234, the packaging is so cute but sooo bulky – now they’re in 2 z palettes, so they all together take up less space than 1 of them did before. A couple of the shares broke atiny bit but nothing was totally ruined. Next task is to depot my 3 vice palettes which I’m a little nervy about because it won’t be as easy as theyre plastic rather than cardboard and I need to buy more palettes first! I have found some really good palettes identical to z palettes on eBay for half the price so I’ll be investing soon πŸ™‚

I’ve never depotted makeup. I don’t see the point since my collection isn’t at all large to the point where I need to make space for stuff by depotting it, plus I like to keep things in the original packaging. I think depotting eyeshadows would be a pain because unless the eyeshadow name and brand is written on the actual pan, you would have a hard time remembering which shadows are what.

All the time and the worst part about it is that the newer Mac pallets magnet are so weak all of my eyeshadows fall and shift around!! I depot lip colors for my pallets too. I am a makeup artist so I have to depot a lot

I waited a long time out of sheer cowardice, but it was one of the best things I ever did. Only eyeshadows.. but that is the bulk of my collection. I used old fashioned “fat” cd cases and double sided tape.. they can be removed if I really want to but are very secure. I have dropped on on a concrete floor and nothing moved. So easy to label and store, and they hold a lot more than you would think. I’ve seen some disasters though (an internet friend put eight quads in the oven and ruined all of them, ouch) so do your research and consider buying some cheap dollar stuff to experiment on. My favorite is the candle method, it had the best results overall when doing many different brands. I’ve done pressed and baked with good results, but you have to get creative with the packaging for a lot of baked products since they are so thick.. I repurposed some fancy tins from holiday collections with great results.

Only when I’ve had no other choice…but I do scoop out the ends of favorite lipsticks into a little plastic pan with cover…sometimes I can be frugal..

I’ve been depotting my powder shadows and blushes since about 2005, though if I really love the packaging I’ll leave it alone. It’s so much easier to store this way and lets me organize all my magnetic palettes by color.

Yes a few times. Once I depotted an Urban Decay Anarchy Palette and that became a cracked mess. No more trying to depot eyeshadow or lipstick or anything.

I have depotted quite a few of my eyeshadows! Unfortunately I have broken a few before, but I just love having all the shadows together in one palette, I definitely do find I get more use out of them that way as well, and it allows me to create more looks when all the shades are just accessible right then and there in a big palette rather than when they’re in original packaging.

Yep! I’ve depotted lipsticks after they broke in the tube and melted them into little MAC sample jars. I’ve also attempted to de-pot Nyx single shadows and broke the packaging and then gave up. On a similar note, I just pressed 21 loose shadows over the weekend and 16 were a success. πŸ™‚

I’ve been tempted to for a really long time!! I want to depot my BareMinerals Ready Shadows. I think I’d use them more if they were all in one palette.

Only in the case of one lipstick that got smooshed in the tube, but I still wanted to use (Bloom Charleston). I don’t normally de-tube lipsticks because I’m too lazy to use lip brushes, and I don’t depot pan/powder things because I don’t have (yet) a magnetic palette to put them all in, or (really) a large enough stash to bother taking the time! πŸ˜‰

I just depotted all my MAC shadows and blushes a couple weeks ago. I did all of them except the mineralized blushes (seemed too tricky to take out and didn’t want to ruin them if I messed up) aquatic collection shadows (would rather have those in original packaging). I don’t want to depot anything else.

I got a Z pack from Sephora for Christmas, and I’m sooooo nervous. I’m afraid I’m going to end up with everything on the floor and my kitties will play with it. πŸ™‚

I’ve thought about depotting and looked into videos. I came across a video advising not to depot so that one can shuffle pots to create different ideas for looks. Can’t shuffle very easy in a palette. I’m so glad I never depotted. I love being able to look at all my eye shadows and pick out different color combinations.

I’ve depotted a few eyeshadow singles. Mostly Urban Decay, but at least one MAC, and a few other brands.

For me, the hardest part was removing the inner plastic piece from the outer clamshell without gouging anything. (Old style UD singles don’t pop out as nicely as the new ones do.) Then I used a lighter in one small spot until the plastic became soft enough to push against, popping out the metal pan.

Yes! I have depotted nearly all my Urban Decay, Mac and NYX eyeshadows and I am now working onImy blush palette… there were a few casualties, but I am really enjoying it. I am also now able to buy things like Inglot freedom system pans and Makeup Geek and just pop them in my growing palette. I don’t need pretty packaging, I need every fucking color available, and I need it in as little space as possible

I depotted several NYX eyeshadows some months ago with a hair straightener. I stopped when I stuck my hand with a knife and I had to go to the hospital. After that, I was too scared to try it again. Right now, I have several MAC eyeshadows to depot and I’m thinking about it again.

I have never had a casualty. I use a flat iron with wax paper. I have only depotted MAC. I pop the tray out, then put it on a flat iron for a couple of seconds, take a sharp knife and slowly pull the pan up. Perfect every time!

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