Eve Lom Cleanser Review

Eve Lom Cleanser

Eve Lom Cleanser ($80.00 for 100ml) is the brand’s iconic product, and there are numerous raves for it, so I was very curious to try it. It’s supposed to cleanse, tone, and exfoliate by using a “powerful blend of Egyptian chamomile, hops, clove, and eucalyptus oil together with cocoa butter.” It purports to remove “even the most stubborn makeup and eye makeup.” It comes with a muslin cloth that’s intended to be used (in fact, a key piece to using this product) alongside the cleanser.

For someone who loathes to spend time in the evening on their skincare routine, this is not the product for you. Just stop reading right now, because this is a cleanser for someone who has made their night time skincare routine a ritual and enjoys it. Eve Lom instructs you to massage the cleanser onto face and neck, then soak the muslin cloth in hot water, press the cloth against the neck for a few seconds–and repeat up to three times–before working the muslin cloth against the skin in small, circular movements to remove the cleanser. The brand recommends rinsing the cloth in cool water and pressing against the skin as a final step. It doesn’t take twenty minutes (think three to five), but it’s not a thirty-second cleanser, and it really needs a couple of minutes to do its job effectively.

Within all the instructions, there is talk about the hot cloth opening pores and the cold cloth closing pores. I was peeved with this, because pores do not open and close like a door. The way heat, or a hot cloth, and steam works is that it actually loosens any build-up and makes it easier to remove. I haven’t yet read anything about what cold water will do (since you can’t close your pores) other than feel refreshing. This is a common myth, but I hate seeing it on a skincare product, particularly from a brand that wants to create simple, highly effective products to market. (I don’t think I’d categorize this product as all that simple, given the extensive ingredient list and routine.)

Using this product really does feel like you’ve brought the spa home with you, both because of the slower, more methodical approach to cleansing, but also the general consistency, feel, and post-cleanse results. It has a thick, waxy consistency, like a balm, but it does spread easily enough (I’ve actually come across some body balms that feel like a tub of cold butter, which are a pain to spread). There are tiny granules in it, and these feel lightly exfoliating on the skin when you actually start removing the cleanser, but they do make applying to areas like the eyes less palatable.

The warmth of the cloth against the skin helps to melt the cleanser, which in turn seems to help it breakdown your makeup without having to scrub. I was skeptical, but it actually removed all traces of makeup wherever I applied it.  I just never liked the way it felt on the eyes, so I wasn’t exactly getting it on my lash line, you know? I ended up using a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover for removing along the lash line. Once you’ve rinsed off the cleanser, skin feels soft, smooth, and there is a feeling of very light hydration (I imagine from the oils and cocoa butter). I have read a few customer reviews from oily-skinned folks that skip moisturizer as a result.  I had no problems with breakouts, dry spots, or the like while using this over three weeks.

It has a very distinct scent of cloves, fruitcake, and grapes, with an overall medicinal flavor. The scent doesn’t linger or overwhelm, but it’s there. I’m more tolerant of scents, particularly ones that aren’t just a big blast of perfume (think Lancome), so I’m not bothered by it, but it was a little off-putting when I first started using the product. It comes in a plastic tub with a screw-top lid, so you’ll want to wash hands before dipping your paws into this (or using a clean spatula).

It’s an experience more than it is a cleanser, I’d say. There are plenty of cleansers that do just as excellent of a job removing dirt and makeup in half the time (I’m thinking along the lines of cleansing oils in particular) and leave skin prepped and ready for serums and creams. You could use a muslin cloth with any thicker cleanser for gentle exfoliation to get more of an experience out of your cleanser of choice. I’m anticipating that the ingredient list is not going to appeal to skincare enthusiasts, because of mineral oil, some of the natural oils included (like clove), and having five different paraben-based preservatives in it. I’m not knocking this–it works and feels great–but it’s pricey and more often than not, I reach for a shu cleansing oil over this when I’m wearing a lot of makeup.


paraffinum liquidum (mineral oil), cetearyl alcohol, peg-30 lanolin, bis-diglyceryl polyacyladipate-2, aluminum stearate, theobroma cacao (cocoa butter), peg-75 lanolin, chamomilla recutita (chamomile oil), eugenia caryophyllus (clove oil), eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus oil), humulus lupulus (hops oil), phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, isobutylparaben, p-chloro-m-cresol, eugenol, isoeugenol


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OutInAPout Avatar

I too have heard tons about this cleanser, but I just can’t imagine paying $80 for what is basically a Vaseline based makeup remover. Not to mention the fact that clove and eucalyptus oils can actually irritate skin. I definitely think I’ll stick to my cleansing oils too!

dustyohunter Avatar

I’m RARELY one to comment in price – but this is the most expensive jar of Pond’s Cold Cream that I’ve ever seen! That list of ingredients is unimpressive at best (a mineral oil base?), borders on offensive (those ingredients do not warrant that price tag, certainly not on this planet), and in a worst-case scenerio can actually harm your skin (clove oil?! I’m a fan of essential oils but I know that you don’t put clove oil on your face!!!). The added cocoa butter does nothing to counteract the Noxzema-esque, skin damaging ingredients in here – Ingredients that harken back to an era when companies told you things like, “the burn means it’s working!” Crisco removes all traces of makeup too – and Crisco would probably be better for your face than this.
I think I had a bad night :/ I’m a little grouchy.

Christine-Temptalia Avatar

 @hunterdustin I will say that texture-wise… completely different from Pond’s Cold Cream, though it has been some years since I’ve used that.  Though closer to Crisco! 😉
No burn at all with the product at least!

t_zwiggy Avatar

 @hunterdustin You and me both, Dusty. I actually got slightly pissed off when I read the list of ingredients. Seeing mineral oil in skincare products is never a good thing, and here it’s actually on top of the list. NO NO NO! This basically contains everything I avoid in any skincare product (I wouldn’t even put it on my feet). Promoting these kind of products like they are good for the skin should be illegal.

GlowMyWay Avatar

 @t_zwiggy It’s actually not true at all that mineral oil is bad for skin. That’s just propaganda designed to make us buy more expensive products. Multiple consumer studies have found it’s quite stable and well-tolerated by more individuals than most of the so-called “natural” ingredients which haven’t been as extensively lab tested.
I’m not at all defending this particular product, since I’ve never tried it. I’m just saying it’s a myth that mineral oil is bad for skin.

Quinctia Avatar

 @hunterdustin I had a toner once with clove oil that I liked, but I will admit that I am extremely tolerant of clove, cinnamon, types of oils on my skin.

xamyx Avatar

@hunterdustin I couldn’t agree more! Although, I have to confess on really late/lazy nights, I pull out the Pond’s cold cream; it’s quick & effortless, and it’s only when I’ve used an entire arsenal of makeup product (which, too, is rare), and even then it’s *immediately* before washing my face with my usual cleanser.

xamyx Avatar

@hunterdustin I couldn’t agree more! Although, I have to confess on really late/lazy nights, I pull out the Pond’s cold cream; it’s quick & effortless, and it’s only when I’ve used an entire arsenal of makeup product (which, too, is rare), and even then it’s *immediately* before washing my face with my usual cleanser. I’ve personally never seen so many parabens listed on one item, and since I’ve made the decision to go 99% paraben-free (in terms of skincare), I read every label (twice!).

DelilahC Avatar

LOVE THIS!!!!!!!   I have used it for years.  Actually you can just massage and wipe straight off with the muslin cloth.  The full routine is for say once or twice a week.  A pot lasts forever, the size of a pea is all you need for face and neck.  Eve has the most amazing skin if you get the chance to see her in real life.

baby in a corner Avatar

I’m still skeptic on this product again because of the ingredients!
Christine do you still use MAC cleansing oil? – that is my favourite and no mineral oil like Shu and Eve Lom!

Mariella Avatar

$80 for what is basically gussied up cold cream (Ponds was on special, 2 jars for $6.99 Canadian at the drugstore today) – I don’t think so.  Clarins makes a lovely cream cleanser for considerably less.  And the muslin cloth – you can get muslin at a decent fabric store.

Lauren R. Russell Avatar

Sounds divine, but yikes! The price! I wonder if it’s possible to buy similar ingredients and make this one’s self?

Lauren R. Russell Avatar

Sounds divine, but yikes! The price! I wonder if it’s possible to buy similar ingredients and make this one’s self?

Resa Avatar

I’m kind of concerned that people use this on their skin! Those ingredients look so harmful. I’m sorry, but if I want to damage my skin, I can do it for less than 80 bucks.

John 3D Avatar

Christine, since Shu pulled out of the US, do you just buy the cleansing oil online from the Shu website? Just curious but do you buy one at a time, or do you stock up during sales like the 20% off Memorial Weekend happening now? 🙂

Kafka Avatar

I loved this review. You really gave me a detailed sense of what was involved in the usage process. It’s not something a lot of people do or, at least, not so well. I felt as though I were right there beside you, applying the globby, waxy product.  I also really appreciated your (extremely funny) comment about pores opening and closing so quickly. (“Peeved” about pores opening and closing “like a door” had me grinning like a loon at my desk. And “peeved” is one of my favorite words. Heheheh.) I completely agree that it’s a myth in such a brief amount of time (a few minutes) and under normal conditions (as compared to being in a sauna, then going into a Finnish bath.).  As for the ingredients, imo, no supposedly “good” haute skin care line should still have parabens in this day and age. Let’s not even *start* on the rest of the ingredients because the less said, the better. Especially at that price.

woohoobotswana Avatar

Two cents – for what they’re worth… Sure, this is expensive, but as it has been said before – one pot lasts for a really long time.  I have to say I do love it.  It’s not like a cold cream, not on my skin at least. I have super sensitive skin, and it’s one of the few things I can use without breaking out or turning bright red. 
Also, I found applying the cleanser to the eye area to be an issue initially too, but when I massaged the cleanser into the rest of my skin first, the granules were gone and I could massage the cleanser into and around the eye area to clean off any eye makeup without a problem. 

wwendalynne Avatar

Mineral oil and cocoa butter for cleansing.. ick and I’m not a fan of over exfoliation.  Our skin is a protective organ.  Exfoliation maybe once or twice a week at most.  Sometimes those circular rough patches of skin are actually from going muey loco and getting a little too enthusiastic with the clairsonic.  I feel like I’ve just taken a trip back to the 70’s with noxema commercials.  Definitely not my thang, but don’t let me rain on your parade if you dig it..  

icedcaramellatte Avatar

The best cleanser ever!  I’ve been using it for over 5 years.  I’m thinking closer to 10.  I hear a lot about other products and sometimes I go elsewhere but I always come back to Eve Lom.  It keeps my skin clear and it get all the makeup off.  No fuss skincare.  I get a lot of compliments on my skin.  I get the biggest tub and it lasts almost a year.  Best skin care item I’ve ever bought.

ml124 Avatar

but…this isn’t a makeup remover, it’s a cleanser. this stuff is amazing if you use it AFTER you remove makeup. it got rid of my acne and makes my skin softer, smoother and brighter.

Christine-Temptalia Avatar

 @ml124 Not true! Read what’s Eve Lom’s website very clearly states: “With a powerful blend of Egyptian chamomile, hops, clove and eucalyptus oil, together with cocoa butter the Eve Lom Cleanser cleanses, tones, exfoliates all in one. Even the most stubborn make-up and eye make-up will be removed.”

cee Avatar

Pores on the face are sweat glands and therefore do respond to temperature. Many articles on google scholar will confirm this. There are other effects of the application of cold to the skin, perhaps anti-inflammatory.

Lily Avatar

I read several rave reviews of this product on beauty blogs and at first it seemed like a wonderful product. Well, that is until someone pointed out to me the horrible ingredient list. This is essentially a product with tons of mineral oil, allergens, and paraben. For a product floated with cheap and unhealthy and chemical ingredients, it’s hard to believe the price tag the company is charging. I think there are so many great and healthier alternatives out there. Just go to your Sephora store. You can probably pick out a dozen brands with products that cleanse well, has better ingredients, and with lower price tags.

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