Emanuel Ungaro Snippets from Interview with Esteban Cortazar

Today, WWD had an interesting article/interview posted with the head designer of Emanuel Ungaro, Esteban Cortazar. He told WWD that he fell in love with makeup as an early age, going to his first MAC store at just ten years old.

“I knew this was a cool place because I saw all the amazing fun colors, glitter and girls with blue hair running around with outrageous makeup on their faces,” said Cortazar. “I used to have them dress me up for Halloween all the time.”

For fall, Cortazar teamed up with MAC to create a limited edition launch of products in the Emanuel Ungaro collection. In the interview…

Here are some snippets related to the upcoming MAC line!

WWD: What was most important to you when developing the makeup line?

Esteban Cortazar: I wanted it to have a sense of timelessness and be sure it worked for every skin tone and age. I didn’t want it to be something that’s fashion-y for just right now. I wanted her to have something she could always wear and apply to everyday looks.

WWD: When did your relationship with MAC first begin?

E.C.: At 13, I had my first fashion show at elementary school and since I wanted it to be as professional as possible, I asked my friends at MAC to come help me do makeup for the show. Four years later, MAC officially started working with me at my first New York show.

WWD: How would you describe the new direction of Emanuel Ungaro?

E.C.: It’s about a natural beauty look – it doesn’t mean this woman doesn’t want to be feminine and put on makeup but there’s a certain ease about it all that makes it flow. That’s the type of spirit I want to give to the house of Ungaro and the message I’m trying to share with this new collaboration.

WWD: What did you enjoy most about the collaboration?

E.C.: I had fun talking about who the Ungaro woman is and describing in great detail what her sense of femininity and softness really meant in terms of everything from her makeup to the textures used in the clothing.