DuWop’s Moon Venom Review

DuWop Moon Venom Review

DuWop’s Moon Venom ($17.00)

An iridescent-hued lip-plumping gloss that gives lips a stunning celestial shimmer. DuWop’s Moon Venom is just the product you need to pump up your lips to out-of-this world proportions. This tingly gloss is infused with the same essential oils as the original Lip Venom, including cinnamon, ginger and wintergreen, that enhance your lips’ natural color and shape by increasing circulation. Slick on Moon Venom for a pearlized, opalescent finish and the fullest, flashiest pout that can’t be achieved with ordinary lip gloss.

What makes it worth it: If plump is what you want, plump is what you’ll get. Moon Venom delivers on giving you a plump pout with a good dose of shimmer to add to it. I like how shiny and glossy the formula leaves your lips looking, and it did feel like the plumping power lasted several hours.

Why you might pass on it: Like DuWop’s other formulations of their original Lip Venom, Moon Venom is not meant for anyone who has sensitive lips or wouldn’t be able to handle a tingling/prickling sensation for more than a minute or two. You will definitely feel a bit of pain as the product plumps up your lips.

Find this product at www.duwop.com and www.nordstrom.com.