Dude Looks Like a Lady — Have Fun, Get Creative!

It’s really important to take a break from being cool, collected, and gorgeous and just have a little bit of fun with yourself. Knowing when to have a bit of spontaneous fun can do wonders for your attitude, outlook, and even creativity! Personally, I’m known as a work-a-holic, as I enjoy being productive above most things; whenever I’m not productive, then I really go all-out and be the laziest gal you can imagine (this means I sit around, catch up on ANTM and I Love New York, watch Criminal Intent, etc.).

I don’t “let loose” as often as I probably should, but I did tonight, and it reminded me that I should urge everyone around me to do the same every once in awhile. My boyfriend just purchased a new suit and had it tailored, so he modeled it for me earlier this evening. As a joke, I put on his jacket, and he convinced me to put on his pants, too. Since I made him model for me, I had to model for him (fair is fair, after all). He snapped four photos, and here’s a collage (larger size than the top photo) of the four he took so you can proof that I can be fun and silly at times! 🙂

What do you do to have a bit of fun and be silly?