DuWop – Doubleglow7 Review

DuWop Doubleglow7 ($25.00) is a balm that is made to add a “glow” to your face either under, over, or instead of foundation. It contains vitamins A, E, and F, as well as jojoba and aloe vera. DuWop says that you can use this as a primer by using it underneath makeup or to over to add additional luminousness. I prefer wearing it under makeup rather than over, because I found it was quite solid in the jar, which makes it hard to blend when you have already put your foundation and/or powder on. When used before adding foundation, you can easily blend it into the skin and decide where you want it. I also liked using it on the inner tearducts for a very natural look for everyday wear when I’m just sporting mascara, because it helped to open up and brighten my eyes. I do feel the product is a little pricey, though you certainly won’t run through your product jar quickly–just that I don’t find myself using this everywhere and anywhere. I could never imagine using this instead of foundation with my skin, so maybe if you naturally blessed with flawless or near-flawless skin… you can get away with it.