Download: Price per Ounce – Lip Products (High-End)

Download: Price per Ounce – Lip Products (High-End)

This price-per-ounce guide to high-end lip products was compiled and provided by We took popular brands and products along with current pricing (as of Fall 2012) and quantity in ounces to come up with price-per-ounce (PPO). This makes it easier to compare pricing across brands.

For example, if you expect to finish a product and/or re-purchase, PPO can be important. If you rarely finish any products and find yourself using a product only a few times before moving on, then the actual price (regardless of how much product you’re getting) will be more important.

Product quantities were taken from our product reviews as well as retailer websites. All quantities were rounded to the nearest hundredth (e.g. a product that contains 0.00985 will show as 0.01 oz. but the PPO is calculated using the actual quantity).

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I hope it’s helpful to some of you πŸ™‚ I’ve been compiling this for my own purposes for reviews to help me assess whether a brand is pricing a product appropriate (relative to their price point), providing generous or skimpy quantities of a product, and to get a better idea of the playing field. If it is useful, I’d be happy to provide more in the future for eye products, cheek products, etc.

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Interesting! I’ve seen some price per oz comparisons of different products from other bloggers as well, this is the most complete high end one I’ve seen. I have only finished a couple products, so price per oz matters less to me than price per item.

This is amazing Christine, thank you! I will definitely be referring to this when making future purchases. I’d love to see similar charts for other products, most notably eyeshadows/liners.

Some surprising outcomes there. And a few of the total PPO prices almost made me choke on my Diet Coke. Really informative, thank you. I’d love to see a similar breakdown for eyeshadows and blushes, even though I have yet to completely finish a product in either category.

I just downloaded this and it is positively startling AND the most incredible makeup purchase management tool created for FREE! I love your methodical approach, Christine. I cannot rave enough. I think I need to pull a “We’re not worthy” while bowing down to you on this one!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought Tom Ford would win the PPO for lipstick hands down.. not so!

This is a very cool tool. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a lip product (not even lip balm as those usually seem to always get lost before they’re even half way finished) before it expired or was lost so the price per oz isn’t very useful to me versus the actual cost, but I think for those who finish or come close to finishing their lip products this will be awesome!

Also “wow” at Buxom Big and Healthy lipstick. For a mid-end brand it’s surprising to see it in the company of some really pricy (by absolute standards as well as by oz) lipsticks. I can’t believe they only give you .3 oz, that seems ridiculously small.

I honestly had no idea that both a Clinique Chubby Stick and a MAC Cremestick liner cost more per ounce than a lip liner by Le Metier de Beaute! A fascinating read. Thank you, as always, for what you do here Christine.

This is pretty amazing, Christine. I think a lot of people are probably going to shop a little differently after taking a good look at this (I know I am!)

Thank you so much for taking time to compile the list – it is truly amazing. I tend to do my math when purchasing beauty products but with the lippie ones I tend to just cave in based on color and moisturizing properties. I can tell you for sure I am not ever buying Buxom lipstick now. πŸ™‚

Could you specify what the error is? I double checked, and I’m not seeing any error in either the price ($28 on Sephora) or the quantity (0.008 oz., rounded up to 0.01 oz.).

Brilliant idea Christine, I actually do this with my excel sheet of makeup products too. =) One correction, I do believe Lancome Juicy Tubes are actually 0.50 oz for full size, making the PPO to be $36. The .33oz one is the deluxe travel size.

This is great. Even though I tend to never finish a product so price is most important, this reminds me of how we get ripped off. You should put the PPO of 24K gold in the list. πŸ™‚

Thank you so much, this is fantastic! As someone who’s just starting to get into more high-end cosmetics, this is a great tool for me. I would love to see similar charts for different types of products in the future, but as always, don’t stress about it; we already appreciate everything you do for us πŸ™‚

Wow, you are amazing! That’s terrific work, and really eye-opening. Some of it surprised me (as in, some of the brands I find less impressive cost more per ounce than brands I love… hmmmm…). Thank you!

Wow… are the bomb! The charts are eye opening. It’s hard to really gauge how much a product costs because I tend to just go by the price I pay, not the big picture….price per ounce. And I must say, I finally bought jack black lip balm after reading how much you love it. I have been searching for the perfect lop balm for years and this is the holy grail!!!! As always, you are right!!!!

Ooh, this is very neat and helpful. Thanks Christine!

I never really used the actual PPO of various beauty/makeup products til recently when I was figuring out the ounces of single shadows vs the shadows in a palette.

I remembered to do this because I remembered you did it in your many palette reviews. ^^

I’d like to see more charts comparing eye shadows and other products too.

OH MY GOSH!!! Thank you so much for posting this information! I love Kat Von D Painted Love and Foiled Love and I about fell over to see it’s over $170 an ounce…will it change my purchases? NOPE!! ha ha! I told my husband I am going to buy the Hourglass Lip Pencil at $3500 an oz…he asked why…and I said “Why not!!!” Thank you again!!

This is so great, thank you for taking the time to put this chart together! I admire you a lot because the professionalism, care and love with which you work on each post is evident all the time. This chart is very helpful and I would love to see similar charts for other cosmetics. Keep up the good work :)!!

…Wow, that Edward Bess lipstick better be the greatest lip product ever!

Anyways, this is yet another amazing idea, Christine! Really puts into perspective how much you are paying for a product for those who really go through their lip products quickly. Thanks for all your hard work πŸ™‚

This is great and so useful. I would love it if you would add a couple popular drugstore products to each section for comparison. I’m wondering if they give tiny amounts of product for the price so that they end up charging the same as some high end brands.

And another vote for MOAR! I’d love to see comparisons for eye products, blush, foundations. Anything you have time and would like to do as another chart for us would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all you do Christine!

CHRISTINE. You are my fairy godmother. Please do this for the other categories so I can download them all onto my phone to use for reference when I’m purchasing products!!! This is so above and beyond being a blogger. Thank you!

This is actually extremely helpful! I had no idea the OCC lip tars offered so much product; will definitely be visiting my Sephora to try those babies out. A price comparison for foundations and eye shadow palettes would really be great πŸ™‚

Ugh, those freakin’ Dazzleglasses. It’s outrageous how much they give you for what you pay, but seeing it worth more or equal to Chantecaille lipgloss just reinforces how much MAC screws over its customers. :/

Anyway, this is super-handy and I would love to see similar charts for other product categories. Thanks so much for all your hard work! πŸ™‚

Thanks, Christine. Stuff like this are what I come here for. Could you please do a comparison with “drug store” products in the same category, and could you please, please make a comparison chart for other color cosmetic products? I’ll certainly look forward to it.

I am also curious as to what criteria should a brand satisfy to fit into the “high end” category? Is by regularly selling only high priced products? It seems not, if we look at your list (OCC products are much cheaper, compared to the others). By being trend-setters? E.g. I can understand Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, YSL and even Tom Ford pushing themselves as high end brands because of their connection with the world of (haute) couture. They can argue that their make up brands are accessories to their clothing line, and that they set the color and style trends for the season, thus justifying the high prices for their items. Similarly, something like Guerlain, which was a house of repute for colognes and eaux long before the cosmetic trend can call upon its heritage of innovation, and claim inclusion into the list. But what about MAC & MUFE (supposed “professional” brand?), OCC (isn’t it an indie brand?), Tarte, Hourglass… (the list goes on). Product performance cannot be a criteria either because all high end brands too have some duds from time to time, and neither can the packaging. So, what makes product high end?

Btw, many thanks for compiling this chart — it must have been quite a task.

Amazingly helpful! I don’t know whether to be happy or cry now that I know how much I’ve been shelling out for such a limited amount of product.

Thank you for taking the time to do this! Having finished multiple lipglosses, this comes in handy. I see Stila is a master at profit margins. Buxom too. I have a big and healthy and I won’t be rebuying. I can get more bang for my buck and higher quality elsewhere. Thanks again!

Very helpful and eye-opening! I saw some of these PPO numbers in Walgreens for some products I was purchasing and it really set me back on my heels! Having this kind of information for other products would be very helpful in us beauty junkies realizing how much we are willing to spend on products. I know it has got me thinking twice about purchases, which is definitely a good thing in my book!

Thank you for all your helpful reviews and information!

How lovely to see my beloved Burberry hovering right near the bottom of the high-end categories… and cheaper than some mid-range products as well! This is a terrific resource, thank you so much for the hard work.

Thanks a lot for the list, it’s so helpful. I tend to do this too, especially with blushes. I started when I wanted to decide whether getting Dior Rosy Glow or Nars Gaiety, and ended up deciding Rosy Glow gives your more product for your money.

What I also do is compare US prices with prices in my country. I’ve happily found out brands that almost keep the same price ($1-2 more) while others who raise the price of some items almost 50%

You’re converting it to price per ounce, which means what it would cost for an ounce of that product. By doing this, you can compare across brands regardless of the actual price or how much you’re getting. You take the price and divide by the quantity of the product, which will yield the price per ounce. When a brand says a product is $20 for 0.20 oz., it is $20 for that amount, so it would be $100 if you bought the equivalent of 1 oz.

Ok, so how come you have two NARS lip pencils Jumbo both 0.09oz at $24.00 with different PPO results? How did you round up? Is it because of one has a matte finish?

omg this is so insanely cool! And how awesome is it that OCC lip tars are so low in PPO price AND you use such a small amount! As if I needed another reason to love them…such a great value. I would love to see more of these kinds of lists…a nail polish list would be killer. Nice work!

WOW, this is really informative and great to know, Id LOVE to have this information about as much makeup as possible I think it would be a great tool in helping to determine what to purchase, especially if you’re on the fence or there’s a dupe to consider!!! Thanks!!!

It’s horrifying to see it in black-and-white :< This reminds me of the time I added up my annual work snacks/Starbucks bill, which was enough to take a decent vacation.

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