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It sure does. Unlike you, Christine, I’m out of doors a fair bit. The unbearable heat and humidity of this summer (and the previous 2 – it just seems to get worse) affects what I wear both for makeup and for protection of my skin; ditto Canadian winters…it’s hard to keep my makeup looking pristine in a snow-storm and, again, protecting my skin is a factor too (products with water in them can be damaging on really cold days so that’s when things like Ombra Melkfett become invaluable). So, yeah, the weather is a bit factor which is just one more reason I love autumn so much!

I live in a climate that fluctuates between warm, hot, and scorching most of the year, with a few cool days thrown in during the winter. I stay in the air conditioning most of the time, so it doesn’t really affect my makeup that much.

A little bit. I have my style, as I’ve shared before, greatly influenced by my mother when I was a child seeing her 1960’s Cleopatra-like eye looks and also cinema. I’m on the tail-end of the Baby Boomers, so you know the drama eyes from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s are my reference. So, the French girl, je-ne-sais-quoi look, like you didn’t put on any make up causes me to tone it down (a tad) or simply not wear anything (also preferring to sleep in). LOL!

That said, I prefer and generally when I have time like to wear bold, bright eye colors and I tend to stick out (positively I believe, at least I receive compliments), so in the end for the most part, no, I don’t allow the makeup style around me to influence me.

I do things like Frank Sinatra, “…my way!” (And since we’re speaking of influence where we are, for those who didn’t know, the melody from this song comes from France, Claude François’ absolutely beautiful song and my preferred version, “Comme d’habitude” (and has nothing to do with Frankie’s version lyric wise though I also like his version).

It does. What I can get away with in the winter doesn’t hold up in the hot, humidity of summer. And daily spf Isa must even if I work indoors and just going from car to building. Any sun exposure can damage and age your skin!

It definitely impacts my makeup, I grew up in a major city and felt like I needed to wear makeup a lot more than I do now. Now I live in a rural area and not many people in my office wear a lot of makeup.

Waaaay too much. There is nothing I want more than to have fun putting on a full face of makeup, but I live where its 98 degrees, 95% humidity for most of the year, and work in a warehouse environment. If my makeup isn’t melting off, I’m wiping it off with dirty hands.

Not really. I’m lucky to live in Santa Fe where even the hottest days rarely get above 89 without any humidity (as opposed to Kansas where winters are brutal as are the summers), so I wear whatever I like and lock it down with a generous misting of Skindinavia setting spray. I also happen to be an office worker so I’m rarely out and about. My beauty routine stays pretty regular, which helps me since I love a good routine.

I live in one of the cloudiest places in the country, which means I usually go on a bright-colors binge in February and March, when I can’t take the grey anymore!

Absolutely. I live in the South, and the summer weather affects my choices in what primers, foundations, colors, amounts, etc. I use. Also and especially skincare — it’s humid here year-round so I don’t need facial moisturizers ever, though I do use a more gentle toner in the winter.

Yep, although probably in ways I don’t always recognize. Climate-wise, it doesn’t very cold in the winter (high 50s/low 60s is normal) or very hot in the summer (mid-80s is normal), and it also isn’t very humid. I don’t really feel super drawn to seasonal trends because the weather doesn’t change all that much throughout the year. I need to moisturize a lot and don’t usually bother with setting spray.

Culture-wise, I live in a very casual area, both in dress and in behavior. “Business casual” includes jeans and sneakers and strong makeup looks would look out of place. Not necessarily frowned upon, but a really bold eye, for instance, would definitely get you noticed (as I’ve learned when I have done colorful looks for Halloween or office theme days). Most of my female coworkers wear either no makeup or “no makeup”. I think I might be tempted to be a little bolder if it wouldn’t stick out so much, as I don’t like really like bringing attention to myself.

Skincare specifically has been an interesting transition. I went from living in the Midwestern US to the PNW a couple years ago. The dry and wet seasons are flipped. As for makeup, I have a lot of sensory issues and am a super-sweaty person, so I’ve never worn many products that would be affected by temperature extremes in the first place.

Yes. Four years ago, we moved to “no makeup” Portland, OR from “big hair,” full makeup Dallas. The jewelry is different, the dress is different and while I love everything about my new city, it’s been a huge change. Also, we went from suburban to urban, with a need for longer-lasting makeup because we walk much more … and it drizzles a lot. Long-lasting and no makeup are antithetical, so there’s that too. But because nobody cares what your particular weird is in Portland, I decided to wear my eyeshadow and dainty jewelry because THAT’S my weird.

Yes, definitely! I’m originally from the Northern NJ /NYC area, but have lived in AZ for 16 years. Huge difference in what one needs to do in order to protect their skin from the very intense UV rays, for one thing. I now wear an spf 40 mineral sunscreen by FAB almost every single day. My foundation usually has spf in it, as well. None of these measures are to prevent sunburn, but instead, the aging effects of constant strong UV rays. Also have to use more products to set my makeup like iron, or it will just run off my face! This heat does not play!
Back east, I really only had to deal with heat and humidity for a couple months,and it had nothing on the heat and humidity of an AZ monsoon season.
The only other real difference is that way fewer people here wear a full face of makeup, comparatively speaking. Also, much less colorful or detailed. Now this is not an area where I have given into the regional norms! Haha!

I’m in Seattle, so I don’t have to deal with extremes in weather for long periods of time. But it is quite cool and humid here from October to mid-June, so waterproof eye makeup, especially mascara, and to a lesser extent, eyeliner is a good idea. This summer got amazingly hot (for here) and caused some acne flare-ups, but that’s about it.

Yes indeed! I also live in the scorching heat and humidity.
I do not wear liquid foundation, cream blush or cream eyeshadow.
I stick to powders, pardon the pun.
And I am thankful for setting sprays.

I just moved from WNY, N.J, 4 miles away from mid-town Manhattan. Now, living in southeast Florida. My skin is not nearly as dry as when living in the northeast. People complain about the humidity here. It is a Godsend for me! My makeup is a bit more colorful here than in NYC. I can now wear all the colors that compliment me most, corals, hot pinks, orange reds, all year round. Even purple lips. I’m in heaven!

I also am inside most of the time, unless on vacation. So it doesn’t affect my makeup, but if it is damp outside it will make my hair fall flat. I have fine thin hair and if I have spent the time to curl it, even if I use hairspray and it is damp or humid, it will make it fall flat. Those days are better to wear a hat. Living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada we can have warm summers if we are lucky, but the winters are bitterly cold, and last year we had a terrific amount of that white stuff. Hence the many trips to Vegas.

Hi Brenda C!!

I am in Edmonton! Yes, we do need vacations somewhere warm! It’s already snowing here. and we have a trip booked to Jamaica, but not till end of February! lol

definitely! i live in singapore where it’s at least 32 deg C year round. dewy looks dont fare well. lips also require more moisture so long wearing lip stains are uncomfortable. our complexions are more oily as a result of the weather so primers are really essential. having said that, many brands launch asia-exclusive products which i appreciate as they are usually designed for our needs.

Yes, I think it does, upon reflection. I live in Melbourne Australia and we have four seasons here, including a brutally hot summers. So I do get to wear both summery shades and autumnal colours a lot. In our summers sunscreen is a must and it can be quite humid as well. So it does test out your foundations.

The UK can get quite hot in summer and freezing in winter so I adapt my makeup so it’s more dewy and hydrating in winter and lasts longer in summer, or I will go completely without. The tube (underground) in London can make you a sweaty mess even if your an ice cube outside so you can’t ever win with makeup. Also it gets super windy and, although I love lipgloss, I can’t wear it much as my hair gets stuck in it.

Lots of people make an effort here and it’s common to see people with very unique looks so you can really play around with colour and do unusual makeup without it being a big deal. Pretty much anything feels accepted here, including no makeup to full glam.

Absolutely. Dallas has hot humid summers and windy dry winters. I can’t wear powder face products in the winter because my skin gets so dry and flaky. Powder just empathizes the roughness, so cream only.

Somewhat. Usually weather is pretty moderate here in the PNW, but rainy days certainly can warrant waterproof mascara. Fall wind storms make gloss a no-go, unless you want your hair stuck in it. It usually gets really hot on a daily basis in August, so then I wear less makeup, especially on the eyes. I also wear more sunscreen and powder foundation.

The coast is only a couple hours away from me, and it’s usually pretty windy. Wind and sand mean I wear a ponytail and a matte liquid lipstick that dries down completely when I go to the beach. Gritty lips are no fun.

Oh yes!
I live at high altitude and so must wear sunblock every day! In fact, I layer a 50 spf primer over a 50 spf CC cream daily. In the summer there is Monsoon heat & humidity and in the winter it is mild but dry so I have to switch up my skin care. I’m in rural India so I’m limited in what products I can buy until I go to Delhi or Dubai twice a year- so every purchase must be well planned!

Yes, for sure! I live in Alberta, Canada, where it can get -20F (-30C) in winter, and about 90F (+30C) in summer. It is snowing here today, and I was wearing a t-shirt 2 days ago because it was kind of warm out! I have oily skin, so in the summer, I have to wear oil-free and long-wearing makeup. Then, in the winter, my skin is still oily, but also dry and chapped because of the extreme cold. And it will often get wet from snow. Oh, that’s why Canadians are hardy folk. LOL

I just wanted to say, after reading the comments, that I found it very interesting to learn where everyone is from, truly an international community.

Despite what most people would believe, it’s pretty dry (read: non-humid) here, even in the winter (when it rains constantly), and even though I have combination-leaning-oily skin, I tend to do better with real, oil-based moisturizers. I didn’t realize how much of a difference it made until I went to Michigan in the summer and my moisturizers and lotions made me miserable while I was there. Same with my foundation combination which is somewhat emollient: just never looked right in Michigan, gives me a nice smooth appearance here.

I don’t do well with sun (I’ll actually break out in hives where my skin is completely unprotected in strong, direct sun for 10 or so minutes), but I can get away with no sunblock for a large portion of the year because autumn, winter and spring are pretty consistently overcast (heavily); almost anywhere else, I’d have all exposed skin covered every day.

And if exercise can be considered part of one’s beauty routine … the coolness of the nights in summer and generally temperate temperatures for most of the year make it really easy to get out and go for a walk, where I would struggle with that in climates with more distinct seasons.

Makeup-wise, most of the people around here are fairly natural in appearance (a lot of no-makeup makeup, or literal no-makeup), but there’s also a general spirit of accepting or ignoring differences, so I’ve let my offbeat side take over and express myself with stronger looks. I still keep it real when I’m scheduled for meetings at work, but outside that I tend to be pretty … aggressive? … in my appearance. I’m from the Midwest (-ish), and I’d get nothing but grief where I’m from looking like this. I’d like to say that if I lived there again I’d be a rock and keep my style, but I’m me whether I’m wearing dead-grey lipstick or nothing but eyeliner and mascara, and life’s too short to deliberately embroil yourself in constant battles over unimportant things, so I’d likely drop the extreme looks. I’m glad I live here.

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