Do your friends understand your love for beauty?

Do your friends understand your love for beauty? Or do they just pretend to?

I don’t think anyone quite gets it.  When I first started wearing makeup, my best friend (at the time) was way, way into makeup and had been for years prior, but I quickly surpassed her in quantity and obsession.  Then she started coming to me for advice and questions, LOL!

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A couple of my friends do, I think, maybe. I can usually talk one into going to Sephora or wherever with me, and I have a long-distance friend I send swatch pictures and haul pictures and things. But mostly my friends remain puzzled and almost…wary? Like “Don’t get too close to me I might catch it”?

They do in regards to it being something I’m into, but in terms of the actual “thing” being makeup and beauty, I don’t think they can relate. While they get that it’s a part of who I am, even my friends who wear it do so to a minimal/basic extent, where for me, it really is an integral part of my overall aesthetic, and I don’t feel completely dressed without it (I do go without it sometimes, though, so it’s not like I *need* to wear it-I just keep my clothes very simple if I don’t have time to apply a full look).

Interesting question! It’s funny b/c I used to NOT wear makeup in college and I just believed in being au natural. When I began to work more I started wearing more makeup and suddenly it became full on obsession. It wasn’t just about the eyes, the face, lips etc. It was just me wanting to look good and feel good (make myself appear more lively!) I visited an old college friend last summer and she was surprised that I’m so heavily into beauty related things. Her first reaction was shock and a bit of disgust? She asked me why am I interested in it, why do I need it etc. Then she told me she doesn’t wear makeup to work and that I don’t need it either but she said it in like a total turn off type of tone. Not a “you already look nice, no need for the makeup” type of tone. I was really sad but I still wear makeup. I used to be turned off by it, thought it was a nuisance but now I love it and I still love it despite what she says.

I’ve always worn makeup but just recently became more interested in trying more products. They don’t care either way. Some spend a lot on pc games and others go.out to eat all the time. I like to spend money on makeup and other things. I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed, yet. 🙂

To an extent. They know I love make up but don’t understand why I need so much of it. However, thanks to this blog, many others, YouTube and a lot of freetime, I can recommend products to just about anyone.. my friends don’t seem to mind that lol

No way, they refuse to go near a Sephora with me because I never leave! And they say “you don’t need that, don’t buy it, you already have so much!” And it’s funny because I actually have a tiny collection!

Aha, I don’t think my friends and family quite know it either. I am rather tomboyish in nature and when I wear make-up, I certainly am not shy with bold, bright colors. Sometimes rather dramatic. 😉

I think only my older sister truly understands because she has an even larger collection than me! Everyone else thinks it’s interesting that I’m so into makeup, but are a little taken aback when they glimpse enormity of my collection and knowledge of makeup brands, haha.

No I don’t think my friends get it. But that’s okay. I have a few things I’m a geek about 1. literature – that’s why I majored in english. 2. old movies from the 40’s especially film noir. 3. makeup. It’s just who I am and those that know me love me anyway. I accept others geekishness fully too.

No, most of them don’t in the slightest! Most of my friends and family are 2 eyeshadows, 1 foundation and ‘what on earth is highlighter?’ kinda people. I offered my sister 3 blushes that I don’t use the other week and she wondered why I had 3 in the first place! So they never really understand when I buy expensive make up and I’m pretty sure they think I’m crazy for having a stash the size of mine (though I’m sure my stash is tiny compared to some of the people’s on here!).

Friends: no. Famiily: yes (well, for the most part). My mom was always into makeup, so I grew up with it. I also have a cousin, who like me, is obsessed with collecting beauty products. But as far as friends go, my friends either don’t wear makeup or keep it fairly minimal.

That happend to me too. Although she wear foundation on a daily bases and simple looks where as I just fave fun on the weekend and events. She’s coming to me on advise for product and techniques now. lol

No they don’t. At all. Like, most of them don’t even have basic knowledge. They use Mascara (usually whatever Mascara didn’t make their eyes water and it nice and cheap) and some powder, if they tend to get shiny. The only exception is going out. But frankly, their eyemakeup oftentimes is rather poorly done and as far as I know most have only one or two eyeshadows in their collection. That being said, I am a teenager (19) and so are my friends. And I think it’s pretty common amongst teenager to not know much about makeup and use very little.
Which is a good thing. It would be weird if every 13-14 year old girl would wear a full face makeup, right? That wouln’t seem right, some how. And I don’t see anything wrong in letting your skin breathe and showing your natural beauty. I just happen to love makeup and be obsessed. That does not mean everyone has to do the same.
So they don’t understand and they don’t have to. 🙂

Nope not at all. No one really gets it. They don’t understand why I need so much or why I pay so much for some. I think others get that it is something I really enjoy, but don’t totally understand why I spend 40-50 dollars on foundation, or need 100’s of shades of eyeshadow and lipstick.

Yes, they do! Before they didn’t but then I showed them my stash, what’s good and what’s not, and I’ve gotten them into it as well. My boyfriend doesnt get it quite as much, but he also has an obsessive hobby, so we’re more of a “to each his own” kind of couple.

I really only started getting super into makeup the last 6 months… my sister used to be the girly-girl of the family. Before that, my love was primarily nail polish.

She came back for Christmas and I’d not only gotten her a bunch of make up for Christmas, my makeup collection was probably already larger (and more brand name) than hers! She was all, “I don’t get it… you didn’t used to like makeup.” Yeah, because I wasn’t interested before obviously means I’d never be interested!

Just a few of them, but neither does my husband. I wish I have somebody to talk about new collections, and brands. I think only one firend, but I don’t think she is as much into it as I am. I guess I am used to it, I go to MAC, sephora or ulta, and other beauty store by myself, and I talk to some of the SA about makeup and new products, since they see me so often, that they know me already, I even have a nice lady a sephora that text me when there is a good sale, and in my MAC counter they put new products in hold for me, when I need it and can’t go right away. I think that’s the only people I have to talk with about beauty products. 🙁

Um, totally not. Which is why I started a blog, so it seems more normal! =D “Why did you need to buy all that stuff during the Friends & Family sale?” “Oh, well… I needed to review it on my blog…” >.>;;
Anyone in the SoCal area wanna have a real life makeup party? No one here will judge!! =P

They understand that this is one of my hobbies and something I like to spend money on, like any other hobby someone would have– and they don’t see this as weird at all. Some people like classic cars, some like fishing, some like shoes– I like makeup.

My boyfriend, whom I live with, loves everything to do with shaving and razors and such. So when it comes to those kinds of things, while we don’t particularly know anything about each other’s hobby, we understand where one another is coming from.

No, they don’t. Not at all.
I guess they think I’m frustrated and superficial.
Probably rather stupid too.
I can’t even imagine what they’ld say seeing my make up collection…..

No one really understands my obsession with make up. I don’t even have that big of a collection because I’m a college student working minimum wage and I don’t have a whole lot of extra spending money. When I do have any extra money, however, I like to spend it on make up. My friends wear minimal make up as does my family. I am trying to get my mom more into make up by offering her tips and tricks and she seems kind of receptive to it, but I don’t think she would ever be as knowledgeable as I am. She doesn’t make fun of me for it which is really nice. I do wish I knew someone who was as obsessed with me and knows all the brands and things, but hey, maybe I’ll meet someone next time I go to Sephora! 🙂

I don´t care about there meaning. My sister is in love with beauty too, but she only use the cheap products, so there is nobody like me, and nobody to talk about it. Someday, if my doughter grow up, i will have someone. She loves my products, and know them better than i. She is not allowed to use them, just watching 🙂

I only have a few friends that criticize me for it. I try so hard to explain to them that I just see it as an art and I just like to have fun with it and some just don’t get it.

Most of my friends wear makeup but are puzzled at the amount of love I have for it, especially because I don’t wear makeup everyday. People often tell me that I look beautiful without make and are completely shocked why I say “I know… I’m not wearing any now. I don’t feel like I have to wear it, it’s fun!”
To most of the people at my liberal arts school, makeup is something that people with bad self-esteem wear when they’re like, being oppressed by the patriarchy or something.

That sounds like my school – and I went to an all-womens’ college, so you can imagine the feedback on makeup there. I wasn’t into it at all in college.

When I worked in retail I had many girls who could relate to me about makeup, what’s new, who is wearing what, which artist is developing a makeup line, etc. But, that time has long passed and now most of my friends have little to no interest in makeup. Thankfully, the internet has exploded with blogs and such, just about this love called cosmetics.

No one gets it! The guy always asks why I have to go to Sephora again! He doesn’t understand the need for the multiple lipsticks etc. But then he always thinks I am pretty which is nice.

Most think i’m crazy for spending so much money on make up, the rest thinks my make up room (yes I have a make up room) is like walking into nordstrom and they want to play with everything LOL The bf is supportive tho (he buys me makeup sometimes) but he says i have way too much

Maybe 1 or 2 of them do. My other friends don’t get why I need so many different shades of eyeshadow, lipsticks, blush and nail polish. But then again I don’t get why they need so many pairs of shoes… But they always come to me for a shade!

Most of my friends don’t wear makeup, and the ones that do only wear eyeliner and mascara. (And occasionally a single eyeshadow, and they’ve never even heard of primer) My grandma and three of my cousins understand my love of makeup, and I’m still trying to convert my little sister. That’s why I spend so much time on Temptalia, because I don’t know that many people in real life that love makeup as much as I do! xD

My friends know I absolutely love makeup, but they don´t really imagine the size of my stash and cannot understand how I can spend so much time at Sephora or that I HAVE to make a stop at the MAC (or other) counter when I´m at the mall. One of my sisters is very understanding and patient, but she cannot get why I’ll be willing to spend so much on a face powder or why I want yet another eyeshadow. Like others here, I feel that is like “group therapy” – it´s great to know there are other people who are just as or more obsessed with makeup than I am and that understand the fun of simply loving makeup :)!

Most of them, no! My friends either barely wear makeup because they have impeccable porcelain skin or they stick to drugstore necessities.
My bestfriend and I actually share a love of makeup, but she likes budget beauty. She doesn’t understand my love of splurging and finding products that work for my problematic skin.

I don’t know if this is OK to do but, I know a blog that only talks about different makeup brushes, different brands and types and the uses of them. It’s very informative and helps you narrow down what type of brush you need for this or that purpose so yo u don’t have to buy a lot to see if they will work for you. The name of the blog is Sweet Makeup Temptations. She doesn’t discuss makeup though, she’s a brush junkie. I hope it’s OK that I mention it because it really isn’t a rival since she doesn’t discuss makeup, just brushes.

It’s not that they don’t understand, I have been a CM for Clinique and a DM for Sally’s, so they get the idea. I’m more of a private collector, I shop alone for make up, it’s ‘me’ time. I do have a rather extensive collection and a very understanding husband (his ex-wife is a make up artist/stylist) so he knew what to expect.

The thing my friends freak out about is the useless cosmetic information I have tucked away, I’m like Rain-Man with make up, old & new, foreign & domestic. Sometimes a GF will open one of “the drawers” and gasp. Often I forget what a few grand worth of war paint looks like to a civillian.

My friends call me the “enabler”!!! I’m really lucky that my they understand my passion for makeup. They sometimes think it’s insane on how I can spend so much or buy *another* red lipstick, but they respect it. They also almost always ask me for recommendations!

I only have one friend who truly gets my obsession, because she has the same one haha We go shopping all the time for makeup, its our thing! As for my other friends, they totally don’t get it and think I’m always wasting my money on “stuff that just goes on your face” is what they say lol

I don’t get to see my best friend that much now – we live in different parts of the country – but I am so glad she’s just as bad, after reading all of these comments. I adore meeting up and just rambling about the latest collections and vlogs/blogs.

Though my friends & co-workers do wear makeup, I don’t believe ANY of them are obsessed about it like I am, or could even comprehend the amount of makeup that I have (especially lip color – I LOVE LIP COLOR). Anyway, I am not one of these women who cannot leave the house without makeup. I definitely like to give my skin a breather now and then, mostly on the weekends if I have no plans. It is just so much fun to experiment with different products, different looks and the newest trends. Simply put, it makes me happy! I will definitely will be one of these old ladies shopping for groceries wearing bright red lips and nails! It’s one of the many joys of being a woman!

I don’t think my friends really understand how much I love make-up they know that I can do their make-up and I can give them advice for colours and what products they use. And they know I can do their make-up whenever they want.
Everyone at I think understands whenever new products come out or when one of the girls at the counter do something amazing with make-up. I just go crazy and I get super excited. And all the girls know from the department that if they have a new product I defiantly want to try it out and if I like it I will buy it.

Everyone knows but they aren’t aware of the intensity of my beauty obsession. My BFF is product specific – eyeshadows and lipstick. I love everything – makeup, skin care, hair products, etc. Only my mother knows how many products I have because she’s constantly taking items from my bedroom vanity stash when she visits. My Mom takes pride in passing on this addiction. Her vanity table is sick and she’s 73! Sigh – it’s hereditary.

I don’t have anyone in my day to day life that really gets excited with me over beauty products. My sister has started to come around. Mostly I keep it to myself because a few people have said to my face that they think I’m crazy for owning so much makeup and especially nail polish. I’m lucky enough to be a part of a small group on facebook of makeup addicts and I really appreciate having them to share my passion with.

ugh!!! I wish! None of my friends understand my intense obsession especially with lipsticks. i love them all, orange, blue, red, green, silver, gold etc..etc. i just love a bold lip. I haven’t yet gotten as anal about eye shadow yet. I need some real life makeup addict friends. lol

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