Do you worry about signs of aging?

Do you worry about signs of aging? Are you scared of aging?  Working hard with preventive care?  Take it as part of life?


I don’t think I’m scared of aging.  Sure, I’d love to have perfect skin without any fine lines, but I’d also love to just have acne-free skin.  In fact, I’d take acne-free and a few fine lines if that’s what it cost!  I think aging is part of a natural process, so while we can certainly not speed it up (e.g. wear sunscreen), it’s not something I stress out over yet.

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When I was in my 20s, no… The aging didn’t bother me, but a decade later, hell yes!! It is like I woke up one day and found fine lines under my eyes!! Lucky I found the Dior serum and now I am fine line free! Now I wish I would stay the same 10 years later. BTW Christine, have you thought of developing an iPad app? I was flicking through Gucci app and wish there was a beauty one. Like an app that I could flip through your looks, swatches and tutorials.. It would be the app I would certainly pay to have one!

i’m with you, i’d rather just be completely blemish free. i’ve got some pigmentation around my mouth, but that’s easier to conceal than pimples. i’m not too worried about wrinkles and such, i just want to not have to worry about breakouts.

I do worry, especially about my undereye area. It’s because I have very dry skin and if I don’t take good care of it makeup tends to go on really cakey and settle into lines, especially undereye concealer.

same! I just started to notice that my undereye concealer sort of creases, settling into fine lines (I’m only 22! but this is the only aging or sun damage I have on my skins, but I just started to notice it in the past few months and it’s freaking me out!) and I need to wear undereye makeup because i have very deep-set eyes 🙁

i do worry because my mom has some and she’s in her early 40s which is normal
but i’m hoping to be like my grandma and have flawless, radiant, rosy, glowy, and taut skin when i get to be her age
she only has a few wrinkles and i’m hoping to age gracefully like her

Now that I’m 55, I don’t. But 10 years ago, I found every fine line and crease and somehow in my mirror they just grew larger every day. Truth is, I look good “for my age” but I owe it to good genes, sunscreen (had to get it by Rx when I was pregnant and got the raccoon-mask of pregnancy) which I’ve worn consistently for over 20 years; walking away from stress, or probably running from it; adequate sleep, and eating well. Nature can give you a lot to start with, but as Sophia Loren once said, “It’s hard to fight the ravages of time when you are doing the ravaging.”

Being who you are will keep you at your best, young at heart, and in your prime. Youth really is a state of mind.

I’m not too worried about signs of aging. Sure, I want to look “nice” and take care of myself/my skin so that I stay healthy. But I just feel like every wrinkle, scar, and bit of grey hair is earned in life, along with wisdom and awesome life experience!

I don’t really worry about it, although I notice the starts of a few lines. my biggest sadness for when that time comes, is thinking of all of the colors and textures of shadows I love, that will no longer look good on me! I seriously hope that by that time, I have a herd of young clients to continue using the variety of products I love. Most of my aging fears have less to do with beauty, and more to do with the general uncertainness of the future right now.

I’m not exactly scared of aging, though I do wish to age gracefully. 🙂 And like you I would definitely love to have acne-free skin!

i am turning 25 in september and up until the beginning of this year have not really considered anti-aging/preventative skincare regimens. i got really bad acne about 2-3 months ago as a result of getting off birth control. after seeking help from a dermatologist, i have been on a strict beauty regimen eversince. i think i am on the right track on keeping my face clean and moisturized. so far, so good.

i am not afraid of aging…i am hoping to age as gracefully as my mom and my aunts have. they are in their early-mid 50’s and are constantly mistaken for 30/40-somethings. even my grandmother (RIP) was always mistaken as 10 yrs younger than her actual age. with that said, i am not merely relying on my genes. i also try to eat healthier and exercise.

At 32, I’m seeing some signs of aging now. I’ve been wearing sunscreen and anti-wrinkle cream since I was 19, but you can’t really stop the wrinkles from coming. I don’t really want to go the plastic surgery route later on in life, so I’m okay with aging.

When I was in my 20’s and 30’s and early 40’s I didn’t “worry” about it, I did however take really good care of my skin to avoid it in the future. Guess what? It did me no good! LOL Late 40’s now, and skin is aging rapidly – I’ve seen a dramatic difference in the last two years – crepy eyelids, sagging skin uder my eyes, it’s a freaking nightmare! LOL Now, I worry about it.

Not really. I wear sunscreen and that’s about it. I will probably start using anti-aging products 5 years from now, but I also have oily skin, so we’re not as prone to wrinkles. 😛

I think it’s a natural progress and while I will try to slow it down by using serums or creams, I will not go under the knife for it.

Yes and no. My skin is actually pretty good, not a lot of wrinkles and mostly clear. The aging signs I hate are the gray hair and pain in the butt chin hairs.

I just turned 29 for the second time this year 🙂 and the crease on my forehead is getting more noticeable everyday it seems. As soon as I stop nursing my son I’m going full force with retinols!
Unfortunately I still breakout once in awhile too – although not nearly as bad as even a few years ago. So cruel, as soon as the breakouts slow down the ageing speeds up.

Yes and know. I’ve had grey hair appearing since I was about 28, which bothers me, but I can dye it. I have very good skin, I try to take good care of it so the aging signs come as late as possible (I don’t have any wrinkles, which is great at 33) but well, I know they’ll be inevitable at some point.

I’m not super worried yet, but I do see what will become smile lines. I suppose that’s not so bad, because at least I’ll look friendly as I get older.

I’m still in my 20s, though, so we’ll see how I feel later. My mom was never concerned about it, but she also doesn’t share my love of makeup, so I’m not sure how I’ll feel.

I don’t know if it’s my really fair skin or just genetics, but I’m almoste 25 years old and I already have some fine lines under my eyes 🙁 I take care of it, with especific cosmetics for it but I don’t get all crazy about it! Of course it’s something that you worry a little but it’s part of life….and they appear when I laugh, so they are happy lines hahahahahaha!

Have a great weekend everybody!!

I’m not worried at all! Although, it’s probably just because my mom’s aged really well so I’m assuming (hoping) I’ll look like her in 20 years. I even think the bit of grey hair she has looks great and I don’t plan on dyeing mine when I go grey.

Despite being only 16, I am extremely scared of aging. I’m sure some of it can be contributed to the media shoving youth in our faces, but I actually know that most of my fear comes from something else. I suffer from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which means my body doesn’t make enough collagen. Long story short, I’ll be a big ol’ wrinkly prune pretty soon. And it already seems to be starting around my eyes. So, even now, I do everything humanly possible to avoid aging. I’ve actually resorted to stealing my mom’s skin care products!

If I have my grandma’s skin, which I do, then I’m not worried about aging. She’s almost 75 and everyone thinks she’s 40 something. You literally can’t notice any actual wrinkles on her face. She always told me when I was little to use Cetaphil. It’s my cheap miracle worker =)

I’m not so much worried about signs of aging but I’m not particularly looking forward to it. People are supposed to develop lines and wrinkles as they age. At 26 I’m more concerned about my adult acne. The way I make light of it is this; I hate my oily skin now, but since wrinkles develop more rapidly in dry skin, I can go a little longer than those naturally matte beauties without showing signs of aging SO THERE 😛

I don’t worry about aging; I worry about premature aging. I’m 26 and I probably have at least half a dozen greys. It really bums me out because I always thought I would “age gracefully,” meaning I wouldn’t dye my hair to hide greys. I had envisioned myself as salt and pepper at 40, not in my late 20s! Haven’t dyed my hair yet, but I’m too young to have greys. I’ll probably dye it when it starts getting noticeable.

I find myself worrying about it from time to time. I know this youthful skin won’t last forever. I try to be proactive and use eye cream, sunscreen, and moisturizer… oh and drink a lot of water.

I too, Christine, wish I was acne free.

I worry! which is why I be juicing all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Also limiting the products I use on me on a daily basis too. But I worry about aging most of the time. But if you are healthy inside it usually reflects on your face. So that gives me hope that at the least I shall age “well”. lol

Now that I am in my 30’s — yes, a little bit. I’m not obsessed (not one to run and go get Botox and fillers), but I am definitely taking skincare more seriously!!

My only concern is my age/sun spots!! 🙁 do you known of any serum that’s works to fade them? I just want even skintone!! Do the olay products work?

Do I worry about the signs of aging? Nope, there’s absolutely no point!! It’s like King Canute trying to hold back the sea. We’re going to age and we won’t look the same at 50 that we did at 20. Sign me up for sunscreen and antioxidants now, maybe fillers, botox and nip/tuck if I want later but I’m not going to worry about it. Aha! That sounds so stupid, saying I’m not worrying about aging and then considering surgery later in life. I mean that I’ll do what’s I can to look good but I don’t worry or get upset that I’m looking my age. (And didn’t we all want to look older when we were teenagers???)

hrm…not aging per say but particularly wrinkles around my eyes. my mom has many and i know she struggles with debating whether or not to get her eyes surgically fixed to it’s “normal” state. i feel silly though, being only 22!

I not afraid of aging but at 46 I am losing the battle over fine lines and I like doing tutorials. I can edit the pictures but NOT the tutorial. LOL
I have acne too and I have those under control with salicylic acid products.
But so far not one eye cream I have works. 🙁
And with allergies I am constantly cleaning my eyes which is speeding up the process.

Yes. I’m 19 I already have fine lines and very dark circles under my eyes that I hate with a passion, and I didn’t even really wear makeup until after I noticed them! I’m searching for an eyecream to help it out a bit.

christine, i’ve never seen you with a zit. you must be great at hiding them. i’ve also seen in your no foundation pics that you don’t have any red marks left over from recent zits. lucky you. i have a ton even without active acne. do you have any tips on this? i try to use retin a/aha regularly but i still seem to spend a long time trying to get rid of them.

I am lucky *not* to scar easily on my face (but everywhere else, yes!). You might try a hyperpigmentation cream.

Didn’t when I was younger and always swore I’d never consider surgery but now I’m in my early forties and some of the signs of aging are really starting to bother me. My eyes have always been hooded but as I get older, they’re looking crepey and droopy and make it hard to apply eyeshadow (which no one can see anyway as it’s hidden by my eyelids). Sigh…

Not about aging but those fine lines around my mouth (they appear when I smile or talk a lot, so they’re there almost 90% of the time haha) are not my friends! And they are not welcome! I know I have them now and I can’t do anything to make them dissapear so I can only avoid them to be deeper, I mean I can’t stop talking or smiling! So SPF, Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair and antioxidant moisturizers are my BFF’s! Haha!

I worry a little bit… even though I’m still a teen! Haha! I read somewhere that drinking from a straw causes winkles so I stopped my habit of drinking everything from a straw.

Hell no! I’m 23 and atm I’m way more focused in living my life to the fullest. In fact, I’d like to have a few wrinkles that show I’ve grown up and I’ve lived an intense life rather than hiding what I’ve gone through. There’s no use… at the end everybody gets old! 🙂

oh yes. Unfortunately. It feels vain worrying about aging, but it’s only that I feel so YOUNG! …plus the fact that I look young but have slight wrinkles or creases under my eyes that just seems so contradictory and odd. So I wear a 50 SPF on my face and try not to sunbath in direct sunlight.

Nah being a black female and ALL the women in my family ppl think are 20 years younger than they are….so no. LOL im 27 and I kept gettign asked out by teenage guys and while I was mad at first I decided to calm down asn ask them why they were talking to me and usually the first question/statement was(and stil is) oh I thought you were in high school or what high scholl do you go to.

So needless to say ppl think Im still a teenager, thats goes for my jamacian friend as well who is a year older. People always think were kids when we go out I suppose being close to and under 5 feet doesnt help either :0P

I worry about it a lot, it’s part of my fear of growing old! But I think that’s pretty natural nowadays in our society and culture!

wrinkles- I could care less about. When they come, they come. Nothing can be done to prevent that except moisturizing and not being rough with your skin. However, over the last year I have been getting freckles under my eyes from THE EVIL SUN, (even though I’ve been slathering on sunblock like a maniac) that I have been worrying about.

I do worry, i am scared of ageing and not only beauty-wise 🙁
As for visual signs of ageing, i’m lucky to have good genetics, i’m 37 and no wrinkles or lines yet. But i can definitely see gravity’s work.
“Oh gravity, thou art a heartless bitch!”

No. Worrying about it gives you wrinkles ;]

Also, I wish we women could come to our senses and allow ourselves to accept aging the way men do. It’s natural!

Not really.

I do spend ridiculous amounts of money on Dior eye cream (‘cos it actually works for me) and I have a few really minimal lines under my eyes – they’re more obvious when I smile or laugh but I’d rather look my age and happy than perfect and miserable…

I’m nearly 32 and I still have issues with acne and scarring so I worry about that more that getting old. But the one thing that burns my arse more than just about anything else (apart from models wearing false lashes in mascara ads, grrr!) is the ridiculous amount of airbrushing in beauty ads – it is NOT realistic for those models not to have any pores, lines, visisble capillaries, the odd freckle or otherwise completely flawless skin – but then they wouldn’t sell as much product now, would they?

I like Dove’s beauty campaign – beauty is about celebrating the truth of who and what we are as women – not playing on our insecurities so they can cash in using duplicitious advertising.

not really…especially since i just started to have a skincare routine and im almost 21. but i would rather get rid of the redness that i have on my cheeks and have fine lines…

I’m only 15 so I really don’t worry about it. It’s natural. I wear sunscreen of course and take care of my skin. Well of course I do, I’m reading a beauty blog.

oh . . . my goodness YES!!! I just started noticing that I have a little crease underneath my right eye and I am freaking out. I am only 22 so I think I still have a little chance that I can fix it asap. Anyways I have been researching a good under eye wrinkle cream but so boy am i overwhelmed with all of the brands. Do you guys have any recommendation what works??

I’m very serious about my skin and hair, and of cause I don’t want to see that first wrinkle when it happens so I do moisturize twice a day, I try to eat right and drink lots of water.

Yup… I do. Just a little 😉
I’m 31 now and I start to see little wrinkles and some hyperpigmentation. (caused by using the pill) I use some products that are developed for ‘first wrinkles’ and that’s currenlty enough for me.

If I age the same way my mom does, I don’t have to worry… Her skin still looks amazing!

i’m 33 and all through out my 20’s i was always sure to wear sunscreen, no matter what. so far i think i’m doing ok on the aging department, so im not worried about it, just aware of it. i dont think i look horrible for my age, so i think sunscreen is deff the way to go!

I’m 17 and i’m already preventing wrinkle by wearing sunsreen on my face everyday and recently i just learn that your hand are one of the first part to show aging and you should protect them to !! Good to know

I don’t really worry 🙂 I’m only 21 and I’m often mistaken for 16/18, and when I was 18, people would mistake me for 15/16 so the difference is only getting bigger so I figure I’ll look like I’m 50 when I’m in fact 80 years old, hahahaha 😛
Also, my mum and grandma both have quite good skin so I think I have good genes too 🙂 and I take good care of my skin so I’ll be fine. And even when I do get wrinkles and saggy skin, I don’t think I’ll ever consider plastic surgery or any harsh treatments like lasering or botox. Yuck.

Kind of. I have quite a bit of sun damage from bad sunburns as a kid. Damn UVA/B/C rays. I think my past and my frequent smiling have lead to my already existent smile lines, and my Peter Pan syndrome and general worrying about my image. Besides the smile lines, though, I don’t care. Although it is quite side that I have all this to say about aging and I’m sixteen.

I REALLY worry about it. I use a eye cream that my doctor recommended: La-Roche Posay Active C Eyes. It’s great for the first signs and for dark circles. I really like that.

Yeeeeees!I’m already using ESTEE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair and Perfectionist…Here in Asia, everyone is worried abt aging, and every BA is telling u that it’s never too early to start first-defense.

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