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Do you think there's a type of product missing from the beauty market?

Do you think there’s a type of product missing from the beauty market? Or a product that no brand seems to do well?

I think a lot of multi-tasking products could be better – especially lip/cheek ones. Some good ones exist, but there are many that do one well but not the other. I also would love to see glitter eyeshadow that doesn’t require a primer and has no fall out!

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xamyx Avatar

Actual contour products, like Chanel Notorious, which was a basic product that should have been made permanent. There are theatrical brands who do them, but depending on where one lives, they may not be readily accessible. There are also other products we can “repurpose”, but it would be nice to see something like Notorious on the mainstream market, and at an affordable pricepoint.

Rae // theNotice Avatar

Lots of brands already do these, Xamyx! They’re just not as, er, notorious as Notorious.

Have you tried the sculpting powders in the MAC Pro line, or the MUFE Sculpting Kits? They’re not as grey, but they’re definitely still out there! I think Senna and Sephora Collection do sculpting products, too, and some of the OCC CrΓ¨me Color Concentrates may work depending on your skintone. πŸ™‚

xamyx Avatar

I haven’t tried the MAC line in-person, but from what I can tell, they’re too warm. I have *extremely* neutral skin, to the point it almost has a greyish cast, so something like Notorious is what I’m looking for. MUFE also has some, but the nearest Sephora that carries it is 2 hours away. I also have a decent one from NYX, but to replace it is a bit of a PITA. I just wish more “mainstream” brands did something. I did see the Sephora Collection Baked trio last night, and there is one that looks promising, but I really hope it isn’t LE.

Mietta Avatar

Yes you’re definitely right X. I missed out Chanel’s Notorious and would’ve LOVED to see it being made permanent. I tried to replicated the ‘greyish-purpley’ tones with a Rimmel grey eyeshadow but it wasn’t the same. All the contour powder I’ve tried has been far to warm and ends up looking to bronzed. If anyone has any dupes for Notorious or any combos, it would be a great help!

Sarah Avatar

I agree that the MAC contour powders are too warm (they didn’t even look like good bronzers on my skin).
You should take a look at the Kevyn Aucoin contour powder – it’s got more brown in it than Notorious but still definitely grey and I think more natural.

Rae // theNotice Avatar

Is the NYX one that you have Taupe? My skintone runs too fair/cool for that one (I use a matte grey eyeshadow for contouring), but I’ve heard good things about the shade! I wish the wear time was better, though; my sister uses it regularly but always complains about it wearing off by the end of the day.

Bobbi Brown do a few matte eyeshadows worth looking at if you’re very neutral (I can’t for the life of me remember their names, but they were very slate/concrete — a good balance of grey & brown). I know they’re “repurposed,” but at least they’re fairly easy to find! πŸ™‚

xamyx Avatar

The NYX is a split-pan, with one side a greyish-brown, and the other a pearly white. It’s an awesome product, but not so easy to procure. I can’t find the Taupe blush, *anywhere*…

I just picked up the Kevyn Aucoin, but it is sooo expensive, and only one store within a 10 mile radius even carries it. It’s such an obscure brand that even when I walked into the store, I literally walked right past the counter, and the SA told me everyone does, LOL, as it’s squeezed in between two others. I also picked up the Sephora trio in Sophisticated, and it’s quite nice, and contains quite a bit of product for the price.

I just wish more mainstream brands, that are more widespread, and reasonably priced had something to offer.

FKS Avatar

I would like to see color cosmetics (face, lips, cheeks and eye products) in which the pigment is combined with a SPF-50+++ (or higher rating) sunblock and an anti-aging, skin-smoothing, moisturiser. Cream to powder formulations would be nice, since those seem to last the longest on my skin, and also because I love matte (lip) products.

liz Avatar

A contouring cream! Think the Chanel cream bronzer formula but in a shade closer to Notorious. I would be beyond excited for a product like that!

Also, SPF specifically for the eye area. Sunscreen needs to be reapplied every 2-3 hours, but I really don’t want to get an eye cream with spf and reapply that every 2 hours.

Dimsixx Avatar

Yes! A product to hide redness & pores on the nose area. Enough with the craze on under eye brighteners and concealers – nose concealers please??

Rae // theNotice Avatar

Hahaha, I would LOVE to see “nose concealers” become a thing! Something with good coverage that’ll go on smoothly (am I the only one whose nose area gets really dry??) that won’t come off the first time you blow your nose. πŸ˜€

Jax Avatar

Oh lord yes, I get so annoyed at doing my make-up and then needing to blow my nose and at the base all coming off. I thought it was just me!

Mietta Avatar

I thought it was just me too! I’m so sniffly (its Winter here) and my nose always loses coverage first and ends up looking like Rudolph’s nose…all red and shiny! =C

Malia Avatar

A magic glitter fairy lol! That, or a stick on like one of those eye tattoo things, like nail strips, that’s the only way I can see a glitter eyeshadow needing no primer hehe.

Veronica Avatar

It’s not a product that’s necessarily missing, but I wish the market was a tad kinder to cooler-toned folk. I can count on one hand the number of brands whose face products I can wear in the winter months. πŸ˜›

Karen Avatar

I agree that multi-use products are what need improvement. Usually if it works well as a lip color then it flops as an eye product and vice versa. My dream product though would be something like Inglot’s Freedom System but with a palette the size of the UD Oz palettes with separate covered compartments – one for cream one for powder – with a space for lip color and/or blushes.. I’m working on converting my Theodora palette right now, lol.

VickyM Avatar

I think Sisley is very high end luxury organic makeup, since I have heard that people that are very sensitive and are allergic even to Clinique, go to Sisley because itΒ΄s designed using natural ingredients. IΒ΄m not sure if it is 100% organic but it may be worth a try, the price tag is scary though…

Jess Avatar

Try Ilia or RMS Beauty. Not super “luxury” but high quality products with very few ingredients. I’m pretty sure both are organic.

Ellen Avatar

I personally would love to see a mascara that’s truly easy to remove. I haven’t even been wearing mascara, especially this summer, because taking it off is just such a pain! One that removes with one swipe of makeup remover would be amazing – or maybe I’m just not using the right remover!

Cortni Avatar

Try MAC Cleanse Off Oil, work it into your eye makeup dry, then wet down your hands to lather it up, and rinse off πŸ™‚
Or Clinique’s Take The Day Off, soak a cotton pad and hold it against your eye firmly for 30 seconds and then wipe.

Jessi Avatar

I really like MAC Opulash for precisely this – very easy to remove with my basic cleanser, without any smudging, plus it looks very natural on.

liz Avatar

Opulash is a nightmare to remove for me! it like flakes off and leaves little sticky black flakies all over my face. πŸ™ gross. I still use it cause it makes my lashes fat and dark which i liiiike but man do i dread taking it off. maybe i just have a bum tube?

becca Avatar

I think noncomedogenic products in general are missing. So many brands claim to not cause acne and even label their products noncomedogenic when they’re really not (ex: clinique, nars, neutrogena, physicians formula, etc.). I have acne prone skin and i wish there was a makeup line that was truly noncomedogenic. The only brand I’ve seen so far that makes an effort to make noncomedogenic products is Hourglass, but I haven’t tried all of their products.

Shelby Avatar

Have you tried Neutrogena Clear Face? I’m suuuuper oily and I’ve worn this one all day at Disneyland and it didn’t make me any more oily than usual, it’s really nice.

Jax Avatar

You could try Riemann P20 (Link Below) it sinks into the skin and then you an put make-up on as normal afterwards and because it develops in the skin rather then sitting on top of it, it really is an apply once a day, even if you are swimming etc. I’ve very pale and burn at the drop of a hat and it is the only thing I’ll use now πŸ™‚

Christina Avatar

This is a really good question…
I’m a little obsesses with my brows being presentable and in the summer, they just melt off my face πŸ™‚ ewww I know. I don’t think there are enough summer (i.e waterproofing) options for brows. MUFE makes Aqua Brows, but the colors are a little off on me, and in my opinion are a little difficult to use. Anastasia just came out with Brow Genius, which is a loose brow powder with a waterproofing gel. This is okay and works well, but there are only 2 shades and both are dark. I would like to see more options and ideas there.
I don’t think any brands make a great setting spray. I think they could all use vast improvement. UD’s All Nighter is probably the best one, but if you use daily it will clog pores and cause some nasty cystic acne. Skindinavia’s are good too. I guess there are some okay setting sprays, but they could be so much better. I would love to see one that sets makeup, keeps it from melting off my face, and controls oil…a girl can dream!
Another thing I would like to see is a primer that does everything a primer should do, but with some acne control. Primers seem to make me break out, especially the silicone kind. But the silicone kind also makes my skin look the most flawless. It would be nice to see one that has some kind of prevention from breaking out. I always use Clearisil under my primer, but during the winter it can cause dry patches that just don’t look good. I’m actually surprised and disappointed that a good primer like this hasn’t come out yet.

Nicoco Chanel Avatar

More brands that do products for sensitive/oilier combination skins. Just because I get rashes to a load of things doesn’t mean my skin is dry! I don’t want all that moisture.

Laudes Avatar

Hmmmm. Well, I’ve tried various kinds of products claiming to “fill in,”” erase,” or cover up oversized pores (– and I have them, ONLY on my nose but the ones I’ve tried don’t seem to do a particularly good job at improving the look of pores! There was aa good pr ,,

xamyx Avatar

Have you tried L’Oreal Miracle Blur? My current favorite combination is this, foundation of choice on top, and “set” with Essence Mattifying Powder. While my pores aren’t filled in, or even invisible, they are much more diffused. Other primers just seem to make my pores (which are on my cheekbones) *more* apparent, but so far I’m really liking the results. I’m just waiting to see how everything holds up when the temperatures rise.

VickyM Avatar

More gel blushes, Ysl had some great ones a little while ago but they were LE apparently. I love gel blushes because they are so easy to apply and blend, and can be applied on the go particularly if they are packaged in a gloss like tube like the Ysl ones were.

Julia Avatar

Foundations and concealers for those of us who are fairer than NW15. I have two foundations that sort of match me (Bobbi Brown Alabaster, MAC Studiofinish NW10). I have an additional 6 or 7 that are too yellow or dark.

If it wasn’t for Guerlains updated range, light bronzers would be here too.

liz Avatar

you might want to check out Meow Cosmetics. they’re a cute lil indie mineral makeup brand and their foundation range is so wide. I know they have a WHITE foundation and a bunch of other super pale shades!

Veronica Shields Avatar

Dior’s Diorskin Nude foundation in the lightest shade is roughly NW10ish and worked very well on my winter skin. πŸ™‚ It’s definitely my go-to foundation for that time of year. Maybelline’s FITMe foundation also has a very fair shade with pink undertones – though I will suggest that it wears best with a pounder and primer and on drier skin types. It’s one of my favorites, though, and the only foundation I’ve gone through a whole bottle of thus far – gives me skin a very lovely glow! I’ve also heard that Burberry’s foundation range is kind to the fair skinned, but I can’t speak from personal experience.

If you can wear powder foundation at all, I found that BareMinerals lightest cool-toned shade in the original range is actually lighter than an NW/C15. When I tried to apply it after my summer “tan” appeared (I use that word in the loosest sense), it was tad too light.

Manuela Avatar

Liquid eyeshadows. We have creams, but Chanel released liquid eyeshadows out a while back and now they are no longer. πŸ™ Something with a really smooth blendable texture that wouldn’t look streaky or patchy. In Kevin Aucoin’s book “Making Faces” he does a lot of looks with liquid eyeshadows and they’re all stunning.

Monica Avatar

I would love to see a “foundation kit” which includes 2 shades of foundation that consumers would be able to customize. I currently either buy 2 foundations and use them on different areas of my face or I have to use a color corrector for areas of my face that are darker.

And not a product per se, but I would like to see higher end brands, like Chanel and Guerlain, expand their range of foundation colors. As someone with a deeper complexion, I found their selection to be rather limited.

Barbara Cphen Avatar

I’d like to see more colored cake eye liners. Laura Mercier is the only one offering them now. I like to rotate my makeup and I am tired of dried out pencils and gel or cream liners

liz Avatar

BECCA used to have a bit of a line up of those, but they recently changed a lot of their line up and I’m not sure if those cake eyeliners were discontinued.

Emy Shin Avatar

A high-protection physical sunscreen that is non-drying and doesn’t leave a white cast on my skin.

I’m currently using a few Japanese sunscreens, which are much better than others I’ve tried, but still not quite perfect.

Vicky Avatar

Eye gloss! Eye shadow that looks like a gloss on the lids, it looks so pretty in editorials, smokey eyes with gloss effect! I wish we could use it in rel circumstances!

A super black pencil exclusively for the waterline, very steady, very black, soft.and waterproof.

And like someone else said, foundations with spf 50

Julia Avatar

For most editorials, I believe they DO use a gloss. But the issue with gloss is they crease and don’t set. So they are great for an editorial look, but not functional in daily makeup. If you really wanted to try it, and don’t quote me on this, I think MAC has a gloss that can be used elsewhere besides the lips. Or at least they did. I have seen Sam from Pixiwoo use it a few times.

Jan Avatar

Ironically, I just saw a review for Paul & Joe’s eye gloss / lip gloss duo sticks. I have not heard about this company before but the consent is intriguing. Little applicators and the whole bit.

Tonya Avatar

More drugstore concealers for darker skinned people! I find it baffling that i have to shell out for more expensive concealer. I’ve put it in the category of foundation: things that require me to pay more money for. But I’ve found a decent drugstore foundation!

I’m worried about not picking the right concealer online, so I haven’t tried OCC: Conceal. I want to try out iman’s concealer or even Black Radiance, but I feel those are pretty much the only two options for me. Plus, drugstores identify themselves by their neighborhood demographics, so I have to go across town to get those brands.

Jaz Avatar

Try CG Queen collection and Black Opal as well. They have a pretty decent shade range. If you cant get it at the drugstore, hit up walmart

Libby Avatar

I would love a foundation that truly stays all day on my oily skin especially living in Southwest Florida when it’s humid 9 months out of the year. If anyone knows of one… Please let me know! I feel like I’ve tried a million.

Amanda Avatar

not sure if this would work but i have always wondered why there are no cream shadows with glitter? it seems like a good idea since the main issue with glitter is getting it to adhere properly, and i feel like the texture of cream shadows would allow it stick better to the skin

Cecilia Avatar

I wouldn’t seeing more face primers that is oily skin friendly and not silicone based. The one I’ve been using is the Rommel one, and it works okay. I got the Laura mercier one, but have not play around with it yet, so we will see.

Angela Avatar

I wish there was a setting spray that also helped fight acne. I’m not a fan of primers because I have oily skin, even the ones who claim to have oily control just make me feel like I have a mask on so I prefer setting sprays. However I believe there’s a salicylic acne spray that Neutrogena makes, mainly for body acne though. I’m wondering if just mixing a little of that with my Urban Decay de-slick would solve my problem.

Honestly if there’s a beauty product I want that doesn’t exist on the market sometimes I just tend to be a mad scientist and mix my own stuff to see if it works.

xamyx Avatar

The new UD De-Slick is supposed to help with acne, as well as minimizing pores, and decreasing oil. I believe it’s due out for Fall. HTH

Mietta Avatar

I want a translucent powder that has an SPF better than SPF15. I know they do exist but I’ve heard terrible things about the chemicals in the ones that do exist. I really think in this day and age we should have better products for reapplying our sunscreen. I’m NOT going to take ALL my makeup off and reapply everything every 3 hours just to make sure my SPF is topped up. I want to just ‘spritz’ or ‘powder’ my face with a light powder and have that SPF protection when I go outside again, no makeup touching up/starting again necessary.

Jan Avatar

Several. (1) The market for mild eye products with an SPF could evolve further. This includes moisturizers, balks, etc.
(2). Products for mature skin that are lightweight and work. Serums and silicon type products seem to be in abundance. But diffusing makeup products when those products aren’t enough, or during particularly harsh weather, would be welcome.
(3). As I understand it, there is still no really reliable stretch mark removal product.
(4) foundation that hides rather than accentuates pores. Right now, we’re happy if they simply don’t accentuate pores. What a boon if a great product could actually disguise them. Vitamin-A type cosmetics that really heal the skin. Mineral foundations are close to what I’m thinking but still not quite there.
(5). Mild Shimmer face and eye products that actually hide lines and pores.

Verily Avatar

More contouring powders for extremely fair-skinned folk like me! Also, some budget eyeshadow primers. πŸ™‚ There’s a Korean one that I love from Etude House, but I’d like more European and American brands to produce great eyeshadow primers that really wear like high-end eye primers. (NYX’s eyeshadow base still creases on me. πŸ™ Sad.)

Esmeralda Ag. Avatar

YES. There needs to be a good yellow color corrector. I always find foundations are too pink for me. BUT the ones that are ‘yellow’ based are TOO yellow. I want a pure yellow corrector that I can buy so I can adjust my foundation myself. I used to buy the one from Coastal Scents & it was great, but they don’t carry it anymore! If someone can point me in the direction of a good one, please do so!

Esmeralda Ag. Avatar

Thanks! I’ll be looking into the other ones from Kett and Temptu! And I’ve tried the one from OCC and it DARKENS my foundation : / It’s a goldenrold kind of color so it makes all my foundations darker/orange-r. It sucks because I was really hoping to love it.

Rae // theNotice Avatar

Oh, man πŸ™ Thank you so much for the heads-up! I’ve been thinking about buying the OCC one, but it’s hard enough for me to find foundation shades as it is — I’m around a NC10-15, and I’d really not have to add yellow and THEN white & whatever other adjustors I’d need to re-correct it back to its baseline level.

I hope the Kett & Temptu ones are lighter! πŸ™‚

Mietta Avatar

I thought of another one! I have a skin condition called Dermatitis Polaris, aka ‘chicken skin’ as its more commonly known as. I don’t see why we don’t have a topical cure for this when we are on our way to curing cancer!!

Sarah Avatar

Better natural/organic mascara options. I feel like companies assume that if you want mascara without the yuckiest chemicals you want a “natural” look, but I want something that won’t irritate my eyes AND something that really darkens and thickens.

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