Do you tell someone if they make a beauty mistake?

Do you tell someone if they make a beauty mistake? Mismatched foundation, lip liner, etc.? Lipstick on teeth? Spider lashes? If you do, how do you break it to them?

If it’s a random stranger, I probably wouldn’t say anything. Β To a friend, I’ll take them aside to tell them if their foundation doesn’t match, eyeliner is running, and so on. Β However, if it may be their taste vs. my taste, then I don’t say anything.

Thanks to Susan for today’s question!

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Oooh good question! I don’t. I have a friend that very obviously doesn’t wear a primer so her eyeshadow always creases, but I don’t want to go up to her and tell her, because I think it would make me sound conceited. It’s a little different than telling someone they have spinach in their teeth, imo.

could you recommend me a trick for non-creasing eyeshadow? I use eye primer, eye base, and even foundation to keep my eyeshadow powder stick on it’s place, but none of them worked for me. (brands that I have tried MAC, MUFE, NYX, revlon)
I have lot of sweating (due to outdoor job that I have), I live in tropical country, and I have very oily eyelid (and face)
should I try cream waterproof eyeshadow? but it’s kinda hard to blend.. πŸ™

A really good eye primer is essential, those brands don’t make very good eye primers. I’d definitely go with the NARS primer if you need hardcore crease-protection, or Urban Decay Primer potion for a little less hold.

This is a good question! Recently, the girl checking-out my groceries was about 20, but wearing the most unflattering make-up… Orange foundation, red blusher, streaks of green and blue eye shadow, clumpy eyelashes and thick, dark lip pencil outlining a pale lipstick…. Horirble! And she was such a pretty girl underneath it all… I *almost* said “you know, you really don’t need all that make-up”, but I didn’t. It’s her choice how much she does or doesn’t wear I guess…

Someone I work with also outlines her lips with very dark pencil and pale lipstick or gloss. I cringe everytime I see her but I don’t know how to bring it up.

No way!! I don’t like my fashion mistakes pointed out, so I don’t think anybody would like their makeup mistakes pointed out by me. I don’t give my opinion unless asked for it.

I agree with you. I wouldn’t tell a stranger. In matters of taste I keep my mouth shut. If it’s definitely an accident, though, I’ll tell them discreetly.

It depends if a) they’d be embarrassed or hurt and b) if I thought someone else might tell them in a very rude/cruel/public manner. Generally, not unless I think the person can handle being told or at least I can tell them more gently. But not usually if it’s more or less a stranger. Better they figure it out on their own than have them think you were being mean even if you meant to be helpful. Most beauty goofs aren’t worth the damage unless they’re about to walk down the aisle.

Nooo, I never say anything, unless it is a friend or family member and only then if it is a makeup meltdown issue- like you said, lipstick on the teeth or running eyeliner.
I wouldn’t mention problems with someone’s color choices or the way they were applying it unless they asked. And even then I’d talk more about things they might want to try rather than pointing out what looks bad.

I personally don’t mind if my friends/ family comment on my makeup. But when a stranger says something negative about my makeup (usually that my lipstick is too bright or too dark- I like to play around with colors that I don’t see on a lot of people in my area), all I can think is, “Gee, thanks for your unsolicited option on my appearance. It REALLY matters to me what random strangers think. I’ll get right on changing that to suit you taste”.

Lipstick on teeth i always say,cause its always unintentional and people are grateful that you tell them. Other things i usually dont say, spider lashes might be their taste so id rather be quiet :p

depends on the person. like my sister? oh definitely. i mean, i’m not gonna call her out in front of ppl.. but she knows that this is like.. my only hobby, so she’s always asking for makeup advice and stuff. but if someone hasn’t asked me for advice in the past, i’m not going to offer it unsolicited. unless it’s something like “um.. you have a big glob of mascara-y eye booger” lol. but i agree w/ Christine, i probably wouldn’t say anything to a stranger and i wouldn’t say it in front of other people… kinda the same as telling someone they have food in their teeth.

Yea this is a tough one, accidents like unblended foundation lipstick smears etc always! (I’d want the same) taste level/color choices etc. I keep my mouth shut, but application suggestion depends on whether or not I think they can handle it and only to family and friends. And I would only expect to hear compliments from a stranger lol so I would only do the same.

I don’t tell someone their foundation doesn’t match…or that they have too much blush on…’cos it would likely cause embarrassment. However, lipstick on teeth is more likely accidental, so yes in that case I would (and have) tell them!

if its my friend yeah but if its a customer im like ” i have a big mirror by the register so you can see how the shoe goes with the dress” lol

I would tell my friend if her foundation doesn’t match, or if she has lipstick on her teeth. Or if her eyeliner is smudged. She would tell me the same thing πŸ™‚ And I appreciate her for that!

to each their own! but if they asked me for advice, i’d gladly give it to them because i always ask my friends if my lipstick is okay. haha

Oh, it’s such a terrible habit, but I’m merciless at that. I’m usually a shy person that thinks twice before saying anything to anyone just so I don’t hurt them, but when it comes to make-up mistakes, it all disappears. I’m trying to fix this, though.

Depends on the beauty mistake and the person. I would want to be told if there was lipstick on teeth, so I’d point it out. Harmless mistake! And no one really likes walking around with lipstick on their teeth.

You’re absolutely right I would not tell a stranger. Unless she asked me directly about her appearance. I just can’t stand a lie. I would be very tactful about though. Same thing applies to friends. One of my dearest friends put black eyeliner around her lips. Oh, it was so awful! Let’s leave that trend back in the day where it belongs.

I don’t tell friend about creasing e/s or a smudged line as I don’t see it as mistakes but as things that happen to make-up during the day.

But I have told friends when they had lipstick on the teeth or a “patchy” foundation and all thanked me for that info and fixed it. I would like my friends to tell me the other way round.
besides that my friends don’t do make up mistakes as we all keep everything natural or rock’n’roll.

But I would never walk up to a stranger and tell something like “your eyeshadow combination is a no-go” or why do paint on back brows when you are blond,… it would simply be rude.

Lipstick on teeth or running eyeliner – yep I would tell them. Actually I was in kmart the other day and this girl had HORRIBLE makeup ie wrong foundation , drawn on brows , crayon as eyeshadow. I told her that I see she likes eyeshadow , and that a primer would help keep it bright. She said , oh I usually do a primer but I forgot today

Never criticise a stranger, but I always compliment strangers who I think have great make-up because it can put that girl in a good mood for the day.

I have had ‘friends’ be really rude about my make-up in the past – I have an uneven skin tone so I always wear foundation to even it out, and I have sat with friends who would say things like “I don’t understand why people wear so much make up” “why do people take so much time putting foundation on” “I don’t think it looks nice” etc etc and it REALLY hurt me, because it feels like such a personal attack on my FACE.

My mum always tells me if I haven’t blended my foundation enough, and I’ll always tell her if her lipstick has come off or if he eyeliner has run etc.

If someone is wearing make up it is because they want to look good, so if something is out of place and you are merely helping them correct a minor issue so they look good again then you are being thoughtful. But if you actually criticise a choice then it’s insensitive, because you don’t know how insecure people feel and how make-up helps them.

No way. Not unless someone asks for advice/opinion. I figure everyone is entitled to their taste and their choices, whether they are mine or not (look at the success of that – IMO hideous – MAC Gaga lipstick – I took a few whacks here for stating my opinion of it). Telling someone they have lipstick on their teeth is another matter entirely – no one does that intentionally and it’s up there with leaving your pants unzipped or having spinach in your teeth – most people would want to be told discreetly!

Wow! Well let me tell you that this is probabaly the best question that Temptalia’s ever had on! A few years ago I saw a woman in a pharmacy that looked about my Mom’s age and she was walking with a sweet little girl, and this woman had on, I kid you not, bright red lipstick drawn all around her cheeks round and around and around exactly like what you’d expect the little girl to do to her face at home if she got in her mother’s makeup bag!

I’m not being mean and I’m not exagerrating. This woman didn’t use a bit of lipstick and then just blend it into her cheeks as a blush substitute or anything, because that would be fine. No, this chick took the red lipstick and smeared it on every inch of her cheeks like a lipstick smeared across a window. And to make it worse she had a broad face with quite puffy cheeks already.

She looked like Halloween, like someone dressed up as a character for a little kid’s TV show, or the type of theater in the UK known as pantomime, or ‘panto’ for short. I saw the cashier in the pharmacy who was a young girl talking to a customer whop was a young girl too, and I just knew that they were talking about this ridiculous looking lady!

Well I left the pharmacy and stood waiting for a bus, and then along came the lady with the little girl standing by me waiting also. Because I felt bad about people talking about this lady who seemed so oblivious to that or the way her face actually looked I debated in my mind about saying something to her, and so…….I did! LOL

I just nicely went up to her and said ‘I’m sorry but I just wanted to mention something, the makeup on your cheeks…it’s all wrong for you.’ And she basically was like ‘Oh thank you darling but I think I’m gonna do what I like’ and I said ‘OK then fair enough, I’m sorry about that’.

LOL LOL XD And this was all a true story. I saw this woman in an area of town that my relatives live in so I always go there, but I never saw the woman ever again, and if I really have seen her again, I wouldn’t have recognized her because that would mena that she obviously finally ‘got the memo’! LOL

I don’t know, while it might have looked wrong to everyone else, maybe it WAS right for her. With that sort of thing, of course they know what it looks like when they put it on, and of course they see that other people don’t wear their makeup that way. The way you described her makes it sound like she wasn’t someone making a makeup mistake, but rather making an eccentric makeup choice. Like Lynn Yaeger- some people like to go crazy theatrical and it’s a deliberate choice, not an error on their part. πŸ™‚

Bonnie… I guess you just had to be there to see what I saw. I swear I’m not being a nasty person when I say that she looked like she had lost her marbles! I do NOT exagerrate when I say that she smeared bright red lipstick ALL OVER every centimeter of her very ample cheeks. You could see her coming from a mile away. And she looked like she was in a play or something, not like a Broadway play, or off-Broadway play, I mean a play for toddlers with their parents. You would think she just let a toddler play all over her face with the lipstick, which may be fine if you’re not leaving the house at all!

I am NOT being mean, and it just had to be seen.

Also, she wasn’t an artist or artsy-fartsy in any type of way. She wasn’t any type of a Nina Hagen, Lene Lovich, Siouxsie Sioux, or Grace Jones or one of the people from back in the Factory days. No, no, no.

Wow! That was bold of you! You said it to her nicely and she seemed to reply nicely but as I said in my own comment, beauty is a personal declaration. It’s a really slippery slope (of lip gloss). πŸ˜‰

I don’t say anything to complete strangers, but I do tell co-workers, family and friends if their mascara is running or if they have lipstick on their teeth.

It definitely depends, who is the person we’re talking about. This is a really difficult issue because no matter who is the person, they might get very embarrassed and think that you are criticizing their taste or make-up skills.
If it is a close friend of mine, i might tell them, if the mistake is very obvious/horribly unflattering. Either way, I would try to tell them very gently, like ‘i think a bit lighter shade would be more flattering for your complexion’. If the mistake is not that horrible/ridiculous or doesn’t have to do with meltdown issues, then i’d keep my mouth shut because it might as well be quite simply their personal taste and then they might feel offended.
Actually, not too long ago I got into a very similar situation, but with my…boss. She came into the office wearing a really sophisticated bright shade of lipstick on her lips..and all over her teeth.:D Well, for a second I was thinking to make a mention about it because there were nobody else around at the moment, but at the end I didn’t tell her a word because I felt she might be embarrassed and I really didn’t mean to feel my own boss embarrassed. :/

I want to tell my sister her eye liner wing is in the wrong spot, but I think she’s trying to correct some sort of flaw she sees, and I know she’ll freak out. I keep my trap shut. One time she gave me some headway, and I was able to drive her to Sephora and have her colour matched for foundation bc hers was a good 3 shades too dark. She thought it made her look tan. LMAO. Of course, I had to pay for the new foundation. (Little sister- worth it because I don’t have to hang out with a face oompa loompa anymore) Since then, she’s figured out that she really doesn’t need foundation and uses Benefit Erase Paste to fix her sallow spots.

If it’s a complete, total stranger, never. However, I’d want someone to tell me if I had, say, red lipstick all over my cheek or teeth!! But if it’s a close friend I will, but only the basics – lipstick on their face/teeth, or a crazy harsh line that should be blended, but I too won’t say anything if it seems to be “my taste v. their taste.” I don’t want to offend!

I was once with a friend in Sephora and she was buying lipstick. The girl never wore lipliner and she needed it. Just for some definition. She was carrying on like a baby when I told her so – so from then on I let her wear her mistake. Another time I was on the subway on a VERY cold day, and from being outside and my eyes tearing, my mascara was all over my face; I had no clue, and EVERYONE was staring and not ONE woman told me. I would have liked someone to tell me about that! From then on I wore waterproof mascara on days where it was 35F or under.

You are so right, Angela. For all any of us knows, SHE might think you or I (or anyone else) looks awful and that our makeup doesn’t suit us.

It depends on how close I am with them. If it’s smudgy mascara, running eyeliner, bleeding lipstick etc., I’ll say something. I’d want someone to tell me! But if it’s bad foundation choice, I won’t say anything, but maybe steer them in the right direction one day if given the chance =]

I’d never say anything to friends or strangers. I’d only feel comfortable making a comment to my mom or sister because we talk to each other like that. It’s cool. And they know what a passion I have for makeup so they like to ask for my opinion.

Speaking of beauty blunder (this was no small mistake), the girl at Sephora had the most awful foundation going on…it was way too light for her and she had literally stopped the application right at the outer edges of her face…not blending into hairline or jawline. OMG, it almost had a ‘mime’ look to it. It’s very difficult to see that and then to take makeup advice from the person.

I wouldn’t tell a stranger unless they asked me (which isn’t that likely to happen, maybe in the ladies’ room or something?). Friends and family I would be completely honest with if asked, but wouldn’t necessarily offer it unsolicited. I agree with Honi, something that is obviously unintentional and easily rectified I would tell a stranger (lipstick on teeth, tag sticking out of their shirt, something stuck in their hair, whatever). If somebody’s foundation isn’t a good colour match or their mascara is clumpy or whatever and they’re already out of the house and doing their thing, it’s probably too late to tell them expecting them to do anything about it, and would probably just distract them from their day. For the most part I leave well enough alone.

I work in retail so I’ve seen pretty bad beauty mistakes but I’ve never reprimanded anyone for it. Beauty is a personal thing so giving someone unsolicited advice can sometimes come off as rude–even when your intentions are good. I used to work with a woman who wore black lip liner–and no lipstick! It made me cringe but she was sooo sweet I just couldn’t tell her she was a beauty “don’t”. Once I was at KFC and the woman behind the counter basically told me that my weave needed some work. She said she “wasn’t trying to be rude” but I was REALLY insulted. Besides I was going to get it redone in a couple days and I didn’t need another reminder that I was overdue. So, if the “offender” is a complete stranger, don’t do it. If it’s a co-worker, it depends on how close you are. Of course, if she’s your boss, absolutely NOT! If it’s a close friend, it’s your duty to help her look her best.

I once worked with a woman who wore black eye pencil around her lips and without any lipstick or gloss on with it too! She never filled in her lips, and she was very, very fair.

only if its obviously not how they put it on, say their mascara has run or their eyeliner has smudged if its bad choice or style thats their perogative.

I think most of us are on the same page with this: we’d tell someone if it was definitely an accident like lipstick on the teeth but we would remain silent on matters of personal choice.

I wouldn’t dare insult someone that i didn’t know by pointing out what “I” consider a makeup mistake. Personally, I feel that too many people alread try to jam THEIR ideations and what THEY think is right down everyone else’s throat. If you like your foundation 10x darker than it should be, who am I to tell you its right, wrong or whatever. However, lipstick on the teeth, or obviously unintentional smeared-down-to-there eyeliner or spinach in the teeth, yes, I would causally mention it..
My sister insists on wearing either black or brown eyeliner as lip liner with pink lipstick ala 1980’s and it makes me INSANE.. but its HER style and her choice.. “society’s fashion mistake” or not..

no way, far too rude. a girl who works for us wears her blusher like 2 big splodges on her cheeks and never blends out, but shes so lovely i would never say anything in case i upset her in some way.

I only say something if it’s a friend or family member, and only then if it’s something that’s changed since they last saw themselves in a mirror; lipstick on their teeth, or mascara that’s begun to run, etc… Otherwise, I figure that they were happy with the way they looked when they put the makeup on, and even if I think the mascara is spidery, or the foundation doesn’t match quite right, or they’re wearing too much blush, that it’s their choice! Everyone has different taste, and even if I think something is horribly unflattering, they might be very happy with it, and I’m not about to ruin that for them, because really, when you get down to it, makeup is about personal expression, not conforming to something “safe”.

I tell anyone about lipstick on their teeth because I would want to know. But the wrong shade of foundation or bad lip liner I don’t unless its a close friend or family member who have asked my opinion or advice in the past. There’s a customer who comes into my coffee shop everyday and makes sure I know whether or not he likes my makeup. He likes really neutral looks and seriously it infuriates me. I don’t care what he thinks I don’t think about him each morning when I do my makeup. But that goes into a matter of taste not mistakes.

I wouldnt tell a stranger or just one of those not so close friends. But i would defo tell a close/best friend or a family member.
I remember my best friend was applying her makeup and she had mac gleeful mineralize blush, and she packed it on until her cheeks were the same colour as the blush, she resembled a clown. I just suggested adjusting the blush a little and sorted it out so it looked more subtle. She told me she preferred it my way, and shes glad i pointed it out, as she was wearing her blush like that for weeks LOL

It really depends on the mistake and who it is. If its lipstick on the teeth, I would tell a stranger but if its just bad makeup choices on a stranger I keep quiet. A friend Id mention something like *oh I think a gray shadow would look so much better on you than orange shadow* I find steering the conversation to makeup, giving suggestions and tips may steer them away from the bad makeup choices and open doors to better options.

I work with someone who is a perpetual beauty mistake. I have no idea how to break it to her that what she’s doing isn’t flattering in any sort of way. I tried to tell her about using “matte” eyeshadows but I think it went right over her head.

Giving unsolicited beauty advice (or any other unsolicited type of advice, really) is FRAUGHT WITH PERIL, but as long as it’s a friend of mine, I’ll maybe do a little, “Can I just tell you something?”. And only really in an extreme situation.

I wouldn’t tell a stranger but a friend I most definitly would in a heartbeat and I would want them to tell me the same. We learn beauty through trial and error as well as advice.

I once invited my ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend over because her foundation looked terrible and overdone, so I wanted to introduce her to powdered mineral foundation. Plus I had tons of samples that I couldn’t wear, so I sent them home with her. πŸ™‚ I never followed up to see if she stuck with it though…

Girl, you are a SAINT! Your ex-BF’s new GF??!!?? You invited her over to your place AND you gave her makeup samples? I’m calling the Pope straight away! ;^)

I’m terrible, then. If a person is close enough to me for me to notice something is off, I’ll say it (i.e.”Your lashes are pulling in the corner.” or “Your liner is running/have lipstick on your teeth.” etc.). I’ll say things to strangers as well, but usually it’s stuff like, “You have lipstick on your teeth/something on your shirt/skirt.” etc.

With strangers, nothing. With friends, I’ll try and suggest something that would work for them without saying that what they’re doing is wrong. If they’re wearing really clumpy bad mascara for example, I’ll say something like, “Oh man, I just got this AMAZING mascara from Sephora. It doesn’t clump at all, and I’ve had such problems with clumping.” Just something the plant the idea that they should consider the issue in their heads without really accusing them of bad makeup.

Keep in mind not everybody who wears makeup is a makeup enthusiast- that’s great that your mascara from Sephora doesn’t clump, but not everybody can afford stuff from Sephora/MAC/wherever. Some people go with the devil they know.

I always tend to point beauty mistakes out and sometimes I come off as rude (don’t imagine I do it with complete strangers, just anyone that’s been introduced to me at least by name). I would like it if someone would point out my beauty mistakes because that just means they’d want me to look prettier, so that’s why I do it.
Just this week I sat in class with this girl that had the most smudged eyeshadow I’ve ever seen, and when I recommended a primer she looked at me like I was crazy and said it took too much time. Oh well.. personally I’d hate to have my nicely done makeup crease on me, but it takes all kinds..

I always tell someone if there’s lipstick in the teeth or a line of makeup, smudged mascara. If you put all this effor into your makeup and something happens, you wouldn’t want to walk around looking like a dunce! No one has ever said something rude or negative for pointing it out in a discreet manner, only thank you’s and smiles.

I would never say anything, especially if it’s an issue of personal taste or the culture that person belongs to — that’s a matter of their right to express themselves, and I know how awful it can feel to have it stepped on. My mother constantly nitpicks about everything that’s not perfect about my face and body, and it’s terrible. As a teenager, it really did damage my self-esteem, and now that I’m an adult, I’m just starting to recover. It took me a looong time to realize that I’m not worthless as a human being because I have a scar here, a few unruly eyebrow hairs there, or whatever.

So now, when she criticizes my makeup, she knows that she had better durn well have applied hers perfectly — because I won’t hesitate to return the “favor!”

I wouldn’t unless it was a friend and an issue of running mascara or something that they didn’t realize and would obviously want to know about. But otherwise, I’d only give advice to family.

I’ll only tell a friend if their mascara or eyeliner smudged or if they have lipstick on teeth. Mismatched foundation and lip liner I only tell my mother, because she won’t take it personally, as it can be a matter of taste.

no i haven’t. i dont think i ever would…unless it was one of my best friends and the mistake is horrible.
one of my friends eyeshadow always used to crease so i got her UDPP for one of her bday presents πŸ™‚ subtle hints haha

What if you think the girls at the make-up counters are making beauty mistakes? I have a friend there and every time I see her, she looks awful! But I’m not going to tell her how to do her job, lol.

On another note, there’s this old lady that comes into our store a lot and she always has bright red lipstick smeared all over her lips (and outside her lip line too!) and blue eyeshadow up to her eyebrows! I wish I was kidding. She looks like a cartoon character. I want to tell her so bad but I keep my mouth shut.

Some of these older ladies wear the makeup styles that were popular when they started experimenting with cosmetics. They grow older and styles change but they hang on to what is most comfortable and familiar. At my store there is a regular, an elderly woman, who–no lie–wears what seems to be petroleum jelly all over her face. She gleams and shines from across the store and I (and my co-workers) find it unsettling to look her straight on. However, I cannot remember in which era shiny faces were in vogue.

i’m in high school so a lot of girls have a very orange foundation. if they’re my friend ill tell them or tell them that their foundation needs to be rubbed in… but i feel like since im young its okay but it would be awkward if i was older and said it to my friend

If it’s my mother or my best friend and it’s a smudge or something then I’ll say “Hang on sweetie, let me get a cotton bud/tissue for you, there’s a wee smudge on your [whatever]…” Sometimes I even fix it for them, if there’s not a mirror handy. They’re never offended, I love that they trust me and would hope they’d do the same for me.

If it’s a stranger, then generally I won’t say anything. Maybe if I’m talking to a shop assistant and she has lipstick on her teeth I might say “I really like that lipstick shade on you, what is it? Oh, I think you might have a little bit on your teeth if you wanna check that – but it’s really pretty on you!” so there is a way to do it without making them feel horrible.
But I’d only do that if I was having a personal interaction with them, it’s not like I’d march through the mall pointing at beauty crimes on passersby and barking out “You! Fix your face, NOW!”

If anyone asks me for advice, then yep, I’m going to gently tell them if their foundation is not quite right for them or if that eyeshadow shade is not the most flattering but there is a way to do it diplomatically without insulting them.

Otherwise, that black/dark lip liner thing…? I got nothing. I don’t know why anyone does that, I think it looks hideous.

Random strangers most likely wouldn’t care for my opinion. But if it’s a friend, I definitely would tell them, I mean that’s how good friends are, how can anyone learn from their mistakes if they can’t see it and no one points it out?

I always tell my mom, and once my sister starts wearing makeup in a few years, (lol, she’s 9 now) then I will too.
I only tell my friends if it’s like lipstick on the teeth etc. which usually doesn’t happen anyways, but some of my friends have absolutely no idea how to apply eyeshadow and it’s horrible!!!! But I don’t say anything, because I know that if someone said something bad about my makeup (even though if someone does, it’s always a compliment) then I would literally feel devestated just because I put so much effort into my makeup in the morning and it’s really my passion.
And I have this one friend who uses a mascara hat makes her have spider lashes (which I HATE) but I don’t say anything.
But then again, there is this one girl in my school who no one likes because she acts like everyone’s her best friend and follows my friends, but I don’t feel bad about saying this because she’s actually REALLY rude and mean, and she wears orange foundation and looks like an oompa loompa sometimes. And how she does her eyes? Either a powdery dirty purple shadow that’s not blended watsoever, or the same but with bright shimmery blue, or litteraly a straight line of brown in what I guess she thinks is her crease.
Like, I’m actually considering telling her this (obviously in a nice way) even though I NEVER tell people these things, just because she often looks like a clown, no one else will tell her, and I honestly wouldn’t feel bad if she got offended because she’s so mean to everyone.

This is a super question, to friends, yes, to strangers, no. But people with bright red lipstick on the lower half of their face and blue eyeshadow on the top half, it’s clearly a personal choice and I find it entertaining. Not in a rude way, in a wow that lady’s so different and cool she’s happy to do that to her face πŸ™‚

As others have said, it would depend on the individual. If it was someone on the street, I most likely wouldn’t say anything to them. But with my friends? Of course! I know I’d appreciate being told that my foundation doesn’t match my skintone, my lipstick is starting to fade and cause the dreaded “ring” to appear or my eyeliner was smudged. It shows a level of trust with one another if you can say those things, and know the other won’t get offended. It’s like after you’ve had lunch and someone asks if they have food on their face – you wouldn’t let them go back to work with crumbs on their chin.

If it’s a friend, my rule is that if they can fix it right there (like lipstick on teeth), tell them. If it’s unfixable wherever we are, I don’t tell them because it makes the person self-conscious and uncomfortable the rest of the day.

Only if it’s someone I’m close to and it is something that can be fixed easily like lipstick on teeth, or eyeliner running. Otherwise everyone has their own preferences and unless someone asked I feel it’s none of my business. For instance I’d never wear black lipstick and think it looks horrible on me anyway but if someone likes it and feels comfortable in it, I say go for it. I think of makeup as a form of self expression.

I would definitely tell someone if their eyeliner was running, they had lipstick on their teeth or if their false eyelash had come on unglued. I made the mistake of wearing my hair down on a very windy day when I had applied a M.A.C Dazzleglass. Needless to say my hair ended up in the Dazzleglass and it smeared across my cheek. I didn’t notice until my lunchbreak when I was touching it up. Not one of my co-workers or clients had told me and I’m an esthestian so obviously they noticed.

I submitted this question and now I feel totally accomplished because Christine used it LOL dorky I know but I love her ! Thanks Christine

I asked it because I have a close friend who does the “roast beef” lip, brown liner, pink lipstick totally unblended, she also uses at least 3 different mascaras at the same time – totally unnecessary since she has beautiful lashes. she has always complimented my makeup and has to come to me for advise but I love her dearly and just have never gotten the courage to tell her that her makeup could look sooooo much better. I know she’ll turn around and say “well that’s how I like it” but still, I’m so tempted to invite her to a mac masters class with me lol

oh and to clarify, I’d never tell a stranger their make up is off !

I do in certain situations and only because I would want someone to tell me if my makeup was messed up! I have no hesitation if it’s one of my friends.
I won’t go up to random people and point it out but I’ll tell people that I’m already talking to that their lipstick is smeared or their liner/mascara is running, like if they’re a sales associate or a waitress or someone I’m chatting with randomly.

Ohh I do and I hate it when people don’t!!! It’s a fine line though — I think mismatched foundation, creasing eyeshadow, uneven eyes, etc. are examples of things that an unexperienced person might make a mistake with, and I would only recommend a different technique to a very good friend, and probably when we’re shopping for makeup or doing makeup together.

As for lipstick on teeth or smeared mascara–You gotta help a girl out and tell her! Unless it’s a complete stranger, I always speak up and hope others will do the same.

It depends. If it’s someone I’m close to like my mom, sister, or one of my best friends, then yes, I would gently point out that their makeup is unflattering. But if it’s a stranger, that’s just really awkward and could come off as being rude or embarrassing to the other person. They are the ones wearing it, after all.

I personally feel if your a make-up artist or not, you don’t have the right to come up to a stranger and tell them “oh, your neck doesn’t match your face okay thanks bye”. Make-up is a form of art and expression and if someone wants green lips, i say go for it. What other people like/do is absolutely none of my business, as far as family and friends go..I have no problem telling them that they have mascara flakes on their cheek or what have you. The moral of the story is, no need to voice your opinion when not asked.

Interesting question…I have a friend like that. She started using makeup all-of-a-sudden and made a lot of mistakes. I never had the heart to tell her and whenever I made the slightest hint that something was wrong with it, she would get mad at me. πŸ™ she makes her eyeliner really thick and the same thickness from the inner corner to outer corner, she uses dark smoky brown shadows/eyeliner under and above which makes her under bad eye circles/overall eye darkness stand out when normally they’re not that prevalent (must not use concealer I guess) and she uses medium brown eyeshadow ALL over the eye, up to the brow bone. I would love to just give her help, but she just gets so irritated about it! So because of that, I never point out that kind of stuff because she thinks it looks good so it’s not like she knows she made a mistake. I don’t think I would say something to her even if her foundation didn’t match – which she doesn’t wear…yet… – but instead I would come with her to help her pick out some, lmao!
(ps, changed my name to keep anonymous for this one haha)

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