Do you take breaks from makeup?

Do you take breaks from makeup? Do you always wear a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ or do you h ave totally makeup-free days/weeks?

Sometimes I’ll take deliberate breaks from makeup, but it’s not exactly easy to do when you run a bauty blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  There are definitely days where I don’t wear makeup, so I do have breaks, but I just don’t plan them out typically!

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K Avatar

I wish I could but it generally revolves around whether I’m leaving the house that day or not! So yes, occasionally I do especially during a lazy weekend at home, but just like you Christine they are not planned.

Nadine Avatar

I went camping this weekend, so it was an involuntary break! Normally I don’t take breaks, but I don’t do heavy makeup every day.

Santana Bomar Avatar

I try to break atleast 3 days out of the week…just to give my eyes a break…i can get alot of irritation in my eye area if i dont take a break ๐Ÿ™

Susan Avatar

There are periods when I wear less makeup and usually wear no makeup on the weekends.
Right now since the weather is nice and sunny I wear moisturizer, blush, and mascara! So I’d say this is my summer with less makeup!

Olga Avatar

Oh I totally give myself a break. If I’m home for the day, I usually don’t do my makeup. But when I leave the house, I go all out!!

dani@callitbeauty Avatar

my “makeup breaks” are generally on days when i don’t need to leave the house. unfortunately, i have quite dark circles and have darker pigmentation around the mouth and i don’t feel comfortable leaving the house looking so unpolished. that said, there are days when i just can’t be bothered to slap anything on (usually when running short errands) so i end up leaving the house makeup free.

Rosie Avatar

I have been sick for over a week now so I took a break at least once a week. I’m thinking of taking another one tomorrow if my sinus pressure hasn’t alleviated. I do usually take one day of the weekend off from makeup if I’m just around the house.

inaya Avatar

yes i do. christine can you please help me out with a MAC MSF qst? the compact powder kind. How is it used? What are it’s uses? What shade would you recommend for an nc 32? And most importantly, is it any good?

Yumi Avatar

well i only wear makeup when i leave the house so, holidays are my makeup break. i try not to leave the house with nothing on unless i’m only heading to the gym, the store, etc.

Leelee Avatar

The only times I take breaks from wearin’ a little somethin’ somethin’ are when I’m off from school and/or work and when I’m definitely not going out anywhere.

Although, there are rare occasions when I don’t feel like slapping the makeup on really late at night. Like say I get home from work around 10pm and shower and decide to go to a 24hr grocery store or Walmart around 12-1am…I definitely don’t bother with makeup.

Allie Avatar

I work for a makeup company. So I kinda have to wear makeup. But other then that I feel ok without makeup. Just some mascara and I’m set!

Jamie Avatar

I’m taking a make-up strike until Christmas! I have been using make-up since I was 8 years old! I think my skin needs a break! XD
But, allot of the things on my wishlist for Christmas (that I already made! XD) are makeup so I will have no choice but to use those products! ๐Ÿ™‚ I typically use cheap makeup, so this Christmas I’m wishing for higher end stuff, because the cheap stuff breaks me out really bad… :/ But, until Christmas, I am focusing on skincare! the more you care for your skin, the less flaws you have, the less makeup you need to use!

Sandra Avatar

I’ll take breaks in terms of not wearing eyeshadow, but I typically won’t leave the house w/o at least some tinted moisturizer, concealer, curled lashes and mascara.

Mia Avatar

yes i think its REALLY healthy to not put makeup on for a period of time becuz then one, its so much healthier for ur skin, and letting it to breath, two, it lets u appreciate the beauty that u have and so that ur inspired to wear less makeup, and three it makes you think about how much makeup u really need.
ever since this one week where i just didn’t where that much makeup (no eye makeup and face makeup) so many more guys approached me and talked to me and i started wearing less makeup and seeing what looked better on me and what didn’t (e.g. dark eyeliner on my waterline i realized wasn’t as flattering as no eyeliner on the waterline).
about da guys approaching u, they feel more comfortable wen a girl doesn’t have a lot of makeup. just a helpful observation ๐Ÿ™‚

courtney Avatar

Today was deff. my no makeup days. I love wearing makeup everyday but if i’m not really going out, i usually skip it. Some days though, even if i’m just at home i like to put makeup on and experiment ๐Ÿ™‚

nikki c Avatar

i do take breaks from makeup after an event where i wear alot (like school dances, weddings, parties, etc) and when i feel like going for a more fresh and natural look i wont wear makeup or i’ll wear a minimal amount (eyebrows, pressedpowder, tinted lipconditioner)

Laia Avatar

I take breaks from makeup when I have to work out (for example, today), when I have to go to the beach/swimming pool, when I’m about to have a facial cleansing treatment… well, anytime I know my makeup won’t last for long.

Christine Avatar

I enjoy wearing eye makeup almost everyday, there are however many days I skip face makeup. The only times I miss wearing my eye makeup is when I’m sick, but as soon as I start to get well the eye mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner is on again.

Amy Avatar

I don’t plan them out as well. If I know I’m going to just stay at home that day, I’ll probably leave my face fresh for the day.

Tessa Avatar

I usually have a two or three make up free days a week – they’re not planned and can be for various reasons (lack of time, my skin looks good that day, I wore a full face the day before so I want to give my skin a break, that sort of thing). I also go through phases – it’s ages since I’ve done a full face. Today I wanted to give my lashes a break from mascara so I’m just wearing undereye concealer and a little lip stain.

Lulle Avatar

I usually don’t wear any makeup during the week, except gloss occasionnally.
I get up really early in the morning to go to work (3 hours commuting a day), so I just can’t do makeup that early.
I only use makeup on week-ends, or when I go out at night.
And from time to time when I feel like being all pretty when the boy comes home ๐Ÿ™‚

Lesley Avatar

I’m on a makeup break right now. Being that its so hot in NY lately I don’t want to combine foundation and sweat lol. Also I feel when you wear makeup ALL the time your face looses its color. Like whenever I see Kim Kardashian without make her face looks so pale.

Pam Avatar

depends on whether i’m leaving the house or not. haha.. or if i’m just chilling at my friends house watching a movie, then no point wearing any make-up…who’s goign to see me in the dark LOL

Ashley Avatar

I generally wear make-up when I feel like having the extra “pretty” factor or if I’m going out. I go through phases where I wear make-up everyday for a few weeks, then wear nothing for a while, or sometimes change my make-up 2-3 times in a day, lol

Hilana Avatar

Yes. I do every once in a while. Like this past weekend. I had a break-out of some pimples on my face and I felt so miserable, I stayed indoors with no make-up and blotches of toothpaste on the blemishes! (my decent pimple meds is finished and since I don’t get this often, I have never renewed my prescription at the chemist!).

It must have helped. I look better now and I am back to wearing my make-up! ๐Ÿ™‚

Neela Avatar

I wear makeup every day I work, and whenever I go out of the house. So I usually have a “break” about once a week. I enjoy putting makeup on too much to take a break because I’m bored of it.

Lauren Avatar

The hot, humid heat of a Toronto summer generally forces me to take a make up break. For the last 4 weeks or so, I’ve just rocked sunscreen, mascara and lip colour/gloss. Anything else will melt off and cause a major break out!

Kalex Avatar

The last time I went totally makeup free I had the flu. Even if I have no intention of leaving the house I at least put on some tinted moisturizer.

Julie Avatar

Most days when I work, it’s only just concealer and blush because I’m running around non-stop. I like to take a couple days off so that my skin can just breathe.

Marina Avatar

I don’t wear any makeup on days i stay home or just have to run some errands (like shopping for food). I also take breaks when i’m on the sea.

megan Avatar

All the time…when I wasn’t working I rarely wore any. Sometimes when I was working I went without. I don’t mind it at all…also I don’t see the point of putting on make up just to go to walmart:)

lady di. Avatar

I don’t think I ever take a break. If nothing else, I will at least put on concealer and powder, it just makes me feel better not looking like I just rolled out of bed.

Alejandra Avatar

I second that!I will definitely take breaks from foundation(Powder forms as I hardly use liquid formulas), and I can do without anything else, but I can’t be at ease w/out concealer.I have big eyes and I need some help w/my dark circles.Sure,I might just be in the house all day, but what if someone comes to visit me unannounced?I need to be

Corinne Avatar

That’s my question. ๐Ÿ˜€ SQUEEE!!
I try to take breaks on weekends and days off. I might do a little bit on the eyes and some gloss if I am going out but I try to give my skin a day or two to breath.

maryelle Avatar

i’ve been taking breaks from eye makeup for my day look, but for my night out look i will go all out for eye makeup. i don’t have a flawless face so i find it necessary to wear typical face makeup.

Keener Avatar

It depends on how I’m feeling mainly, there are mornings where I really don’t want to bother with any make-up (even though my morning routine does only take 5 minutes). But since I don’t usually wear that much on a day-to-day (though I wear more than the people around me) I try to talk myself into wearing it more often, for instance this week I’m going to try to wear eyeshadow all week from the Coastal Scents Neutral Palette.

I try to wear make-up on the weekends just to try something new that wouldn’t be appropriate for work, but that’s likely only one day out of the weekend and the other day I go without.

nat Avatar

Makeup free days are pretty much everyday for me! I have so much makeup and I’m trying to get into the habit of actually using it now.

Rebecca Avatar

water park trips, the beach, and the occasional day I dont leave the house on a weekend. If Im leaving just to pick up some food or run an errand Ill at least wear some powder and mascara. I feel like I look so different without mascara on lol.

Rach Avatar

Taking a break for me is just wearing the same pink/brown or some other easy neutral combo that is super easy and low maintenance. Otherwise, no, I never do. I live by the motto of what if I meet a celebrity, employer, get pulled over or end up in the hospital: I want to look my best, or at least mildly presentable.

dolce aria Avatar

I never wear makeup at work, so I usually don’t wear makeup for long stretches. I may intentionally take a few days off if I’m not feeling well, or am in the middle of a bad allergic reaction, that I don’t want to make worse…. I do wear makeup at LEAST 3-4 times a week though, usually more. I may have ONE day that I don’t wear makeup at ALL.

Even so, right now I haven’t had a makeup free day in WEEKS. I’m trying the cargo Lash Activator, and didn’t want to post it until I had solid before/afters of a months use. So until then, I’m using it twice a day. I can’t wait to post it, and let my usage slack off a bit. So with no other makeup on at work, I still have that. If i buy the full size, I’ll probably get teh “night” formula, so at least it’s clear for work days. Mascara and nothing else is NOT a good look for me, even if i worked in a field where it was acceptable for me.

Lena Avatar

I generally skip wearing makeup if I won’t be leaving the house or if all I’m doing that day is walking the dog or taking a super quick walk out to Dunkin’ Donuts or the grocery store. However, I generally try to at least do my brows and throw some concealer under my eyes on the latter occasions.

Goldie Avatar

Usually, Sundays are no make-up days. I spend the day doing errands, and house chores. And just laze around the house. But the rest of the week, it’s full on makeup, baby!

Jess Avatar

I’m on my makeup break right now! (its been weeks) I honestly only wear makeup when I’m in a playful mood, for events, or when I need a pick me up (ex: when I look like a zombie from stress and lack of sleep)

hababkuktwofour Avatar

Yes I take forced makeup breaks. During the summer I suffer from severe eye allergies and a skin disorder called eczema. These force me stop wearing eyeshadow of any kind. I also have to be careful with the foundation when I’m having a flare up.

Esperanza Avatar

I dont deliberately plan any breaks from makeup, it just happens. There are triggers like when my skin gets irritated or I have a very busy schedule and I am lacking sleep or vacation.

Jessica V Avatar

If I know I’m not going anywhere, I don’t put on concealer or shine powder, but I almost always do my eyes, just because it’s fun for me.

Violet Avatar

I wear makeup every single day, unless I’m really sick or if I have a *really* lazy Sunday where I sleep in and clean all day and never go anywhere – usually even on lazy Sundays I put on a full face.

For me, it’s part of getting dressed… I wouldn’t go to the grocery store or gas station without brushing my hair and changing out of my pajamas, so I don’t go without a full face of makeup on – it just doesn’t feel like I finished getting ready for the day without it. I’m not afraid of being seen without makeup, though… I’ll take it off before I go to the pool, for instance. It’s sort of like how you wouldn’t want to be seen at the grocery store in a nightgown, but it’s fine to be seen at a sleepover in a nightgown.

Once I went to work without makeup on just to make the point to my coworkers that I don’t have some paralyzing fear of being seen without it (most of them don’t wear any and I wear a LOT!) and it was like going to work without any underwear on would have been… other people don’t notice it but I was really aware of it all day!

CeeBee Avatar

Yeah, I usually don’t bother during the weekend unless I’m going out or something (not just to the supermarket or whatever) or if I’m sick, I tend to go with the bare minimum, if any at all…

yasmini Avatar

Yes, sometimes I don’t wear make up, most part on weekends when I go to the beach or running…
During the week I always wear make up to go to work…always…

Brenda Avatar

The summer. I deliberately plan to cut back or go to nothing because it will melt, clog my pores, fell uncomfortable, etc. I change shades so much as well, in the sun, that I’d have to own way to many foundations to worry about it.

Charlene Avatar

I used to only wear make up when I went out. Maybe 1-3x a week. But since I got addicted to high end make up I must wear it every day to justify it to my husband. LOL

Pang Avatar

I rarely do. Makeup is a must monday-friday when I go to work. It makes me look fresh and awake. Without makeup, I am pretty pale and I feel like I look sick, lol. On the weekend, I may wear more than I normally do or none, depending on how I feel.

Jakara Avatar

I take break from makeup but it is not plan. I don’t wear makeup everyday. Since I have been out of work I typically wear a full face 3x out of a week. I go bare face about 2-3x a week.

Alli Avatar

Well since im only 13 ( LOVE your beuaty blog!) I try to take breaks and not wear makeup. Some days I have lazy days. Those days I usally wear sweats and a T. I usually top those days off with no makeup!

LENI Avatar

i spend most of the day not wearing makeup because at my job your not allowed to, which is a fate worse than death for me because i love makeup, so as soon as i get home i put on my face and head for school, lol.

Morena Avatar

I have days that I want to go natural and wear just a lip gloss. But I have so much makeup and eveshadows that i refuse to let them sit in my room. I want to actually use it, and use it up so that I can toss it and buy newer products. Sometimes natural is better though

Naheeda Mohamed Avatar

I dont use make up, completely free if i’m home even go to supermarket – sometime dont bother to put up!

Wear make up when go out!

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