Do you remember your first make-up purchase?

Do you remember your first make-up purchase? What was it? Share!

I believe it was a bunch of makeup from Benefit and then a few eyeshadows from MAC – I remember Benefit Show Offs! and an eyeshadow brush (the latter I still have) along with MAC Amber Lights, Antiqued, and Bronze (I think those were the three).

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A crappy foundation from covergirl that was about 5 shades too dark. I looked like a pumpkin. I only got rid of it a couple years ago! Lol

Hmm, probably the Bonne Belle glosses (the clear roller ball ones in different flavors), the Lip Smackers, a Hello Kitty lip gloss. Then this frosty pink lipstick, a Coty lipstick that turned orange on me, and a cheapie drugstore eye shadow kit with like 25 shades. I remember putting on purple eye shadow, thinking I looked great, and some kid asked me why my eyes looked so bruised. I can laugh about it now, but it wasn’t that funny back then!

Probably some junk from the Sanrio store when I was a kid, lol. The first ~real makeup was from Urban Decay when they first launched, Roach and Mildew are still my favs.

Of course. It has been asked several times on this blog. Bonnie Bell strawberry lipsmacker the large size from Walgreens 99cents I around 1978

I inherited my first make up from my mum and bought some drugstore make up after that. However, I do remember going to The Body Shop and buying my first brushes. They stayed with me for many years and only recently did I let go of the last one. Almost 20 years with me! That must have been a sign as I still love brushes!!

I didn’t wear makeup as a teenager but for a farewell party I bought a mac foundation which was so so orange and made me feel itchy. I also bought a bourjois lip gloss which I still recommend because it was so 3d and cool.

My first makeup purchase (with my own money) was revlon lipsticks! They did a sheer balm sort of thing back in 2009 which I went through multiple tubes of..

Mine was a pink drugstore lipstick and then a transparent lip gloss with mint smell. And a small cosmetics bag to wear them with me wherever I go.

Definitely something drugstore since that’s all I could buy when I was 11 or 12. Can’t say I remember what it was, but if I guessed, I bet it was Revlon lip gloss. I bought a lot of Revlon and Maybelline eyeliner too.

The first higher-end thing I bought, when I realized I loved makeup and needed to spend all my money on it forever more, was Midnight Cowboy eyeshadow from Urban Decay. Man I loved that eyeshadow. It’ll always be special to me.

A Maybelline Blooming Colors eyeshadow quartet in shades of blue, green, brown, and buff. I loved it at the time, and wore all four colors at once (with no other makeup, ay-yi-yi).

My first purchase was from benefit as well! Eyeshadow and a fan brush (why a fan brush when I didn’t have any product to go with it, I don’t know!)

Sure do. I grew up in a suburb of Boston comprised of several villages. Biked a few miles to Auburndale…Woolworth’s, yet! I was in the fourth grade. Bought a lipstick…the first of what was to become hundreds. Used my allowance. Chose a shade called Hawaiian Pink. Don’t recall the brand, but it was way low end. I think I must have stalked it by myself, as my mother wouldn’t step foot in Woolworth’s. The tubes were styled with a color-coded bullet imitation cap. It never occurred to me whether or not I had permission to wear it, but I mostly wore in secret, certainly not to school. I do remember all my friends trying it on, then washing it off. Since my mum only had a small # (Cherries in the Snow, Fire + Ice, Love that Red,) I did not immediately get the addiction. First l/s I bought to wear was a 1960s Elizabeth Arden pale Candlelight Pink, around the time of the JFK assassination…wore it to subscription dances + Sunday school. Then got a typical early sixties very opaque pink, which my best friend’s father called the ‘kissing the garbage can lipstick.’ Then Dior’s Tomorrow’s Beige…because I had to have something to wear with red clothes + didn’t think I was old enough for red l/s.
Benefit memory: when B was new + only at Bendel’s, Jane did my makeup. (OOh, owner/creator!) She went very midrange. By that time, that is one thing I was not. I was already nudes + brights + deeps. And her attempts at my non eyebrows were a significant fail. Her twin Jean was there, too, and in those days you didn’t even require a purchase or appointment. I still get the occasional Benefit product, although their cutesy styling is clearly not aimed at my target market. Still like their boxed blushes.

Yes, it was back in 1983 and I was 14… My mom took me to the Lancome counter and bought me a blue eye shadow, a plummy purple blush and matching lipstick. I have no idea why I ended up choosing those colors but I was so proud of my new makeup!

After that, I started getting into Clinique, Ultima II and L’Oreal lipsticks from the drugstore.

I think mine was from a dutch drugstore brand, an eyeliner and mascara. I’ve used both completely up! Too bad it wasn’t the best look on me…

Yes! I was 13 at the time and wasn’t really allowed to wear make-up unless it was my birthday or we were going to church or some other special occasion. I bought a pale gold eyeshadow from Rimmel, I believe that it was the Starry Eyed edition.. it was really soft and had a nice sparkle to it. I also bought two lip glosses : one was a muted rosey pink color and the other one was a raspberry pink with sparkle in it, and both of them were also from Rimmel and I think that they were the Vinyl ones.. Anyway, I never went through the blue eyeshadow and black eyeliner phase that most girls went through at my age, my mom said that my make-up either looks good or I’m not wearing it – which was a really good deal I guess, and I think that that’s what really got me into make-up.

Jane cosmetics lipstick in Really Raisin and eyes shadow in a dark blue that I think was called Denim. They also had a display with a bunch of pamphlets how to do your makeup and that’s how I initially learned to apply makeup. It was 90’s makeup at its best.

It was a Maybelline eyeshadow quad in matte brown neutrals, a cover girl eye liner and blush, and a Revlon lipstick. I was 13, going into my Freshman year.

Maybelline retractable eyeliner in black back in ’07, all a 7th grader could afford, I mostly used it for my waterline.

At age 22, MAC Prrr and Desire Lipglass. 3 Weeks later I was working for MAC lol, the quick addiction and artist skill landed me a job. Now 17 years later I’m a pro mua and yt blogger and I have tons and tons of makeup. I also give back to women in homeless shelters.

My first purchase was a Clinique power compact. I don’t use the brand any longer though. I probably chose the wrong shade entirely and packed it on wayyyy too heavily! My mom used Clinique almost exclusively so I think I naturally followed her ‘make-up lead’!

MAC Steamy followed by Arena a year or so later. My obsession took a while to take root. It wasn’t until my second year of university, then I was a gonner.

It was in the 1970’s. I was probably 12 years old. I snuck into Woolworth’s and bought a cheap blush. Blush is still my favorite makeup item.

I remember buying Maybelline Expert Wear eyeliner pencil, it was red and you would burn the tip with a lighter to get the eyeliner to work. I also remember buying Cherry Jubilee lipstick from Avon.

I don’t remember exactly, but I know in my early teenage years I used a lot of Cover Girl foundation and Coty Airspun face powder. Speaking of Benefit Show Offs, I still have a tube of that, in the Bambi shade. Can’t bring myself to throw it out!

A Wet ‘n’ Wild silver-blue metallic eyeshadow in a tube in the early 2000s.

… and that tube of eyeshadow is the first thing I thought of when I saw YSL’s new awful blue metallic eyeshadow.

Christine, I remember those BeneFit Show-Off’s! My first makeup purchase was probably something small from the drugstore, but my first department store purchase was a Clinique eyeshadow duo and brown eyeliner that my Mom bought me. Once I could choose my own items, I gravitated towards Urban Decay. This was back in 1999/2000, when they had awesome Lip Gunk’s like ‘Kiss’ which was cherry coke flavored, and they had temporary hair color in a tube with a tiny brush. I had the blue hair color. Their nail polishes were in different packaging then, too. I liked SkinMarket as well, which has since gone out of business.

Whoa, back in the 70’s! I bought a pot of gloss, which was getting popular then, in a shade called Brick, I don’t remember who made it, but I loved it! I wish I could still get it today..

Oh, at the end of the eighties, when I became a teenager, we used whatever we were able to get our hands on, there was not much to choose from where I lived (Rusian Far East) back then, so I don’t really remember the very first purchase.

However, when we did start getting all the fancy stuff like Lancome and Dior freely available shortly after, I was lucky that my family could afford expensive brands when I started regularly wearing makeup, plus, I did not wear much of it (no foundation, etc.), so it did not put much of a strain on my mum’s wallet πŸ™‚ One that I clearly remember buying was a Dior eyeshadow quint and I remember our friends gasping at the cost of the thing πŸ™‚ I also remember that we hadn’t the slightest idea of how to properly use the shades and had no notion of makeup brushes.

Those were the days πŸ™‚

if I think back to elementary school my first purchase as an eye shadow pallet from the dollar store. after that when I got older the drug store near me used to hold “teen day” at the community center. you paid 10$ had your make up and nails done and they gave you a coupon for a free swag bag if you went and purchased any makeup at the drug store afterwards. I remember purchasing a Revlon lip gloss and eyeshadow, of course, in brown neutral shades as was the trend at the time. My mom was never really into makeup though she had some. I wasn’t allowed to wear any out in public till highschool even though by the 7th grade I had amassed a bigger collection than her! My first “high end” purchase was at makeup forever when they were in Eatons (doesn’t exist anymore). I had gotten my makeup done and I was blown away. I was addicted before but that just pushed me over the edge. I bought a red and yellow eyeshadow and white foundation stick for my goth-y self. I still think the red and yellow eyeshadow were cool and make a interesting fire effect. Though I’m past the whole goth look now. I liked this post… really made me smile. My, how a lot of us have come a long way!

My first makeup purchase was in the 90’s and at the drugstore. I bought clear mascara and pink lipgloss. My first department store purchase was at the Clinique counter, in which they gave me dark, brown-ish lipliner with a milky pink lip gloss to cover. Dark lipliner with very light lips? Very 90’s, and I wish I could find a picture of myself in it. Hideous. My most memorable makeup purchase was at a San Francisco MAC counter. An awesome male MAC makeup artist picked out 3 eyeshadows for me based on my skin tone and eye color (seriously, he was awesome and took about 2 seconds to recommend these for me): Brule for the eyelid, Sable for the crease, and Embark as eyeliner/outer V. Still have the original Embark eyeshadow–just a tiny bit left!

There’s such a place in my heart for that 90s lipliner. My big sister was a teen in the 90s and I remember seeing her with her lips lined in what might as well have been an eyebrow pencil, and thinking she was the coolest, most beautiful lady ever. She often wouldn’t even fill it in, or would pair it with clear gloss.

I remember that girls my age in junior high were actually using brown eyeliner as lipliner. The current 90’s lip trend is nowhere NEAR as brown as it was back then!

And oh my gosh, I still have 2 Benefit Show-Offs! I have a silver one in a tube-like container, and then a white/gold-ish color in the pot. I guess they were my first pigments!

It was Maybelline black cake mascara (c. 1959). It came in a slip-sleeve type of red plastic case about 2 inches long. It contained a slab of cake mascara and a small red brush.

Eileen, I remember that stuff. And I can remember reading a Harper’s Bazaar interview/tips thing with some makeup artist (maybe even Way Bandy) who said that from his personal experience as a makeup artist, that was the BEST mascara ever!

I was late to the makeup scene; I didn’t really wear makeup until I was almost 30. I purchased a few drugstore products when I was younger, but nothing memorable. My first non-drugstore makeup purchase was a Bare Minerals foundation, I believe, and my first foray into color was a MAC holiday pigment set from maybe 2009 or 2010, around there. I remember stumbling upon the Temptalia blog and seeing Christine’s swatches from that MAC pigment set, which prompted me to buy it. That’s how I got started following beauty blogs and how my interest in makeup really started to take off (following this blog and a few others). Now, I love purchasing pretty, luxurious, high-end makeup items that catch my eye, and I love seeing beautiful photos of makeup products.

Beyond lip glosses ike the lip smackers, my first makeup purchase was an eye shadow in maybe 1981? It was from the drugstore and pretty much exactly the same shade of my skin because I was terrifed that people would be able to tell that I was wearing makeup.

Some Almay foundation that my mom picked out for me was technically the first makeup product I OWNED, but the first thing I bought for myself was a Covergirl lipstick.

Amber Lights, wow. I remember having that one too. I think they used it in a Viva Glam IV promo image I loved, and I remember it as a well pigmented, creamy shadow. It was a must-have back then. πŸ™‚

My very earliest makeup was a really oily dollar store lipstick. it was a buildable red-burgundy. I loved it with all my seven year old heart and would slather it on in my room. Then, the dog ate it and I found the remains all over my floor. I indignantly asked my parents to replace it and they refused. In retrospect, I think they were glad it was gone. lol.

My first real makeup was actually a Clinique makeover. My mom took me to get it done when I was in middle school. She allowed lipstick or gloss, blush, concealer, and mascara. No other eye makeup, which she thought made girls look too grown up (and almost certainly saved me from wearing reeeally garish eyeliner and blue eyeshadow, like a lot of the girls at my school loved). I’m pretty sure I got a black mascara, Bamboo Pink lipstick which is super frosty, and Mocha Pink Blush. It was very early 00s and pretty cute, looking back.

I received a Caboodle filled with makeup for my twelfth birthday. The first makeup purchase I remember is MAC Oyster Girl lipglass. MAC Creme de Violet followed shortly after. Then my MAC addiction. (I frequently saved my lunch money in high school and bought makeup.)

My mom occasionally bought me lipgloss from Avon when I was a tween. The first thing I bought myself was a brown Covergirl eyeliner pencil with a smudger on when end. I was 13.

I think the first thing i bought by myself was probably a clinique powder that was waay too dark and made me look orange haha and a Mac lipstick which i belive was “Lickable”, i remember i lost a week later and i was so sad, but then months later i found it at my boyfriend’s car hahaha ohh memories πŸ™‚

I think my first makeup purchase was a couple of Kissing Potions roll on lipgloss (wow that stuff was disgusting). I had Cherry Smash and Fruit Flip. I probably bought some eyeshadow roughly around the same time–1975 so we’re talking intense light blue and maybe some sort of pastel purple.

I think it was a bright, almost neon pink, loose eyeshadow from Viva La Diva. Should be like 7-8 years ago, when I was 10. Or maybe it was a black glitter liner from the same brand? I’m not sure, but I remember that my dad did not appreciate it haha. I’m glad I started with eyeliner back then, practice makes perfect. Especially after this many years.

Forty-two years ago I bought a dark blue, frosted nail polish from Revlon at the drugstore where I worked part-time while in high school. I’m pretty sure that was my first make-up purchase! Prior to that, my mother had bought me a bubblegum pink lipstick with a (to me) nauseating scent that her Avon lady had recommended as appropriate for a teen. I detested it!

It was Cutex Peppermint Pink Lipstick – it had the flavour of peppermint too. Shortly after, I bought a caramel one (colour and flavour). I can’t remember too much after that except for some Yardley lipglossy things that had Jean Shrimpton as the “pitch-model” and then, after that, it was Mary Quant – an eyeshadow set and a contour/highlight compact that I used SO badly to try to make my face look sculpted and angular!

I do remember it very well, actually. I rode my bike up to the local drug store because I had about 5 dollars burning a hole in my pocket, and I bought a Revlon nail polish (hopefully that still fits into the makeup category, since it is also in the cosmetic isle). My neighbor friend saw me leaving the store, asked me what was in my bag, showed him, and he called me a spend thrift. Lol.

It was almost definitely Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, either in Strawberry or Watermelon. Those things smelled so yummy, even my guy friends would use them.

LoL..I’ve always been obsessed with makeup like most of us girls lol…but when I was actually way too young to wear it (didn’t think so back then though) I remember getting my hands on an eyelash curler & curling my lashes to death & then using vaseline on my mom’s lash comb…my lashes were hitting my eyebrows & I thought I looked beauuutifull…I was only about 10 years old….but, my very 1st legit purchase was maybelline mascara in the white tube (way back lol) & any fruit flavored lip gloss I could get…..good question, loved reliving the memory lol…

I actually do it was a Revlon lipstick back in the days they did plain plastic refill cases that slipped into a sold separately fancy cases…it was a pale beige pink called nougat …like the candy and I loved it….

I have so many makeup shopping moments! I was so excited to buy the Dior hair mascara and the Dior Plastic Shine lip gloss. It was the late 1990s to early 2000s. I was still my glossy lip phase and wanted to see what my hair looks like with blonde highlights. Only one phase lasted, the blonde highlights.
I don’t rock glossy lips anymore.

At 13 y.o. I was given permission to wear makeup out of the house on the regular. My Mom brought me to our pharmacy in Tenafly, NJ. It was NOT like a CVS, but had a lot of HE and luxury too. She picked out some stuff for me. But THAT summer we went visit her side of the family out in the L.A. area, my cousin Debbie was a beautician and makeup pro ( she taught me me how to do a cateye!). Well she had this lipstick on that I just fell in love with! She and I convinced my Mom to let me go use my allowance on it. It was called Argentine Extra Dark made by Taboo by Dana. It was soooo vampy and dark!!! Still don’t know how I got away with getting that one!!!

Absolutely! I didn’t pay for it myself, but I got to chose exactly the colour I wanted. It was my first lipstick. It was blood red, it might have been a Revlon I can’t be sure. I never wore it outside, but I loved that lipstick so much. I think I was like 8 years old.

Other than random cheap black eyeliners, the first one I remember buying was a silver lipstick by urban decay, back when they still made colors like blue, green and silver…

I actually still have the tube, I keep it around for nostalgia’s sake.

Does anyone remember Aziza eye shadow pots ? I used to wear an aqua color creme eyeshadow by
them when I was in the 9th grade . Thought I looked so beautiful LOL!
Ha! Sometimes I would have to put it on after I left my house because my dad would have a fit.
My mom loved it though . She also had a makeup addiction and that is how mine started .
As I got older My mom and I would shop for makeup at Jordan Marsh (Estee Lauder ,
Lancome and Clinique were my first high end products . )

My first significant makeup purchase that sticks out was when I was 13, my mom took me to the Clinique counter to buy some makeup that I needed for a fashion show I was in ( I went to Barbizon modeling school lol) I got a tinted foundation, mascara and a red lipstick and the eyes and lips makeup remover that I still use! I’m pretty sure that before that I had some wet and wild lip glosses.

My mom let me wear makeup when I went to junior high. In one trip got Covergirl foundation, powder. Maybelline great lash mascara, blush, wet n wild lip liner 666, and some dark lipsticks from cover girl. It was the 90’s, lol

Well it was awhile ago now, but I think it was a Revlon lipstick and one of their little quad eye shadows. I then bought a Rimmel mascara and I thought I was in heaven.

This is a true story – I went to a Catholic girls high school and on one of our free dress days (we had to wear uniforms), my Year 9 friends and I wore a ton of makeup to school. The Principal – Sister Helen, asked one of my girlfriends if she had put it on “with a trowel”. After that day she decided that we all needed makeup lessons. So every Wednesday afternoon we had lessons in applying makeup, colours, hair care etc. It was really helpful. No matter how sick you were, you never missed Wednesday afternoons. The other year levels were completely jealous. Now I look back and think how progressive Sister Helen was.

I don’t think I remember! My mom would buy me little bits of makeup as a teen, and then I started working at Merle Norman at 15 then Shoppers Drug Mart around 16, so I don’t recall the first thing I bought myself exactly.

Hmmm, I could have sworn I remember purchasing CoverGirl Lashblast Mascara sometime in the late nineties or early 2000s, but I was just googling to see when it launched and it says 2007/2008. Whatever product I’m thinking of definitely launched way before that. It was a mascara I bought many times. I don’t know how I’m remembering this wrong. It’s like I just created a fake memory. Maybe CG Lashblast was originally called something different, but the same design??

Pond’s Angel Face compact powder, it came in an Aqua blue compact. Does anyone remember it? Back in the 80’s. Gosh I’m old!

Mine was a collection 2000 brown/pink lipstick to supplement the loose powder, old mascara and blush my mum had given me. I remember thinking 2000 was so cutting edge as it was only the late 1980s/early 1990s. I think it’s now just called Collection!
I didn’t have a make up bag so carried it around in a freezer bag which was very practical as I could see where things were and the powder kept spilling. I took it to my grandparents house and my grandad was shocked I had it. He said he only let my grandma wear a little touch of powder and a hint of lipstick on her wedding day. Even as a ten year old I remember thinking there is no way I am letting a man tell me what make up I’m ‘allowed’ to wear!

My first *ever* was clinique air kiss gloss(in the little jar, with the included lip brush). I was like…ten, i think. My first with money from a real job and as a teen when I could pick it myself was a NARS set that included Striptease gloss and some kind of bronzer or blush. I miss old Nars palettes and sets, actually.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget! The Maybelline clear mascara and a sheer pink covergirl single shadow. It was all my mom would let me wear! hahaha! I still have the eyeshadow πŸ™‚

I think it was MAC Odyssey, which I got for prom when I was 16. Such a mistake! It wasn’t dark enough to be vampy but it was too-dark and didn’t look too flattering. In retrospect, I should have gotten Rebel instead.

Yup! Neutrogena foundation, powder, and “skin-clearing” concealer. My mom got that stuff for me when I was around 12, the first thing I bought for myself was a 10-pan eyeshadow palette with all the colors of the rainbow from Claire’s. And I used the hell out of it, too! Yikes! (I was really into matching my eyeshadows with my clothes when I was 13…….)

i think it was a mac mascara, but the one i remember the most is my bobbi brown brownie pink lipstick which is still one of my favourite formula for lipstick

Probably chapstick, if that counts, if not bonne belle lipsmacker. I loved them as a kid. First higher end purchase was Clinique black honey lip pot from the 90’s. Which i still use the almost lipstick version today!

Bonne Belle lipglosses and eyeshadows. Max Factor blush, mascara and clear brow tamer. and a bunch of covergirl lipslicks (sheer lipsticks) – I think i had every color

I dont know if this counts as makeup, but my first major purchase was Bonne Bell flavored lip balms. I saved my weekly pittance allowance for weeks until I had enough to buy a set of 5 balms for $5. At the time, it was an outrageous amount! I was ten years old, and my parents had a fit. They thought it was a complete waste of money. But I loved them.

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