Do you make impulse purchases?

Not really. I buy a lot of things as soon as they release, but I typically already went through my decision-making process on whether to buy or not to buy.

— Christine
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All the time. I will go into Sephora for something and come out with several more products than planned, or get the sudden urge to have something while online shopping.

I need to go on a no buy.

Very rarely anymore – I have a pretty good idea of what types of products suit me and what brands I like. If I do impulse buy, it’s usually from a preferred brand and I’ll make it work or donate if it’s not up to par.

Not all that often but from time to time, I do succumb. This applies mainly to items that you don’t review, Christine, because that’s when I feel I’m “buying blind”. In fact, tomorrow, I plan to make one such “impulse” purchase – a new Lise Watier eyeshadow palette. However, I did see it in store a few days back and was able to swatch the shades (there are several colour selections and the one I thought I’d like most was disappointing but “French Trench” looks to be just my sort of thing and with good colour payoff). Even so, I delayed a bit to think about it (and to wait for a 20% off/20X the points day) so I didn’t give in entirely to the impulse.

Every makeup purchase I make is well researched! Each palette and product is backed by wayyyy too many hours on youtube watching every little thing I can making sure it will be worth it!

Yes, but I’m trying to get better about it. I reaaaally want to buy the new aspyn x tarte palette because it looks like a perfect everyday palette for travel, but I know I should wait and see if I still really want it in a few weeks/months from now. (Will you be reviewing this, Christine?)

My last impulse purchase was the marc jacobs summer eyeshadow palette which I ended up returning. At least on that one I was able to return because I realized I didn’t need it/love it enough to justify the price, whereas I feel like I sometimes end up hanging on to impulse purchases (or just purchases in general) because I love the idea of a product rather than the actual product itself.

On Muse, everyone is saying this is almost a shade for shade dupe of clay play 2. Idk, but see if you can compare the palettes here.

Just call me the Impulse Queen! 😀

While standing at the makeup counter getting ready to buy something on impulse, I usually look up the product up on Temptalia on my phone, so it’s not a totally blind buy. But there have been plenty of times when I’ve allowed a sales associate to talk me into buying something that I’ve later regretted. Thankfully, those experiences are pretty rare these days.

With make-up and skincare I do a lot of research before any purchase, I don’t do impulse buy shopping. That’s why I try to buy online as much as possible, it gives me time to think the purchases. I’ll just go in store to test the product, if I need, and try to think out the purchase at least until I get home.
Except for eye shadows or lip colors in a formula I already know and like; if it’s unique to my collection and suit me really well in store, I’ll probably impulse buy it.

I have in the past, but not so much anymore. However, I do think it is very fun to make impulse purchases and I look forward to the point I have reduced my collection to the point where I can occasionally make an impulse purchase without feeling guilty.

Seldom, but occasionally. Mostly shop online, and do significant investigation of ingredients, as I’m so reactive to odd stuff, and want to avoid ingredients that could be provocative, per Cosdna, EWG, and the Paula ingredients dictionary. right now, trying to cut back on everything, so impulse stuff is pretty much out…including highly marvelous sounding K skin care! Very seldom fell for LE MAC, etc. By the time you check them out, they’re gone. Current attitude: So what? No great loss.

Only very rarely do I ever give in to an impulse beauty purchase. And I do mean RARE. 99% of the time, I wait for your swatches and reviews, plus watch a few trusted YT’ers for their take on a product I’m eyeing, as well. Sometimes, I can go 100% on your swatches alone in order to make a decision, ie; Smashbox Rosemantic Highlighter. Again, even that is rare. Hey, I’m picky!

Yes all to often I have succumbed to impulse purchases but I am pretty good about making sure that those impulse purchases are actually products that will work for me. I don’t purchase just willy-nilly. My weaknesses are lipsticks and finishing powders, even though I pretty much only use a couple different finishing powders. I have several that I purchased because I wanted to try them and see if they would knock my HG finishing powders out of #1 and as yet none have. That doesn’t mean I don’t love them and use them.
Another reason I find myself impulse buying is to try a product that is nothing like anything I have tried and I am curious about the product. If I spot it on IG or YT and I recognize it as something different and unique I will usually pick it up right away.

Nope!! I have a unreliable income right now, what with my surgery being in 8 days.
Add In, my old job payed me in one large sum once a year.

I have never been one to make impulse buys!

Sometimes with drug-store priced brand products. I very rarely do with mid-range to high-end products, though. If I’m spending more, I want to research and think about the purchase.

I would not call it impulse. I think it is more likely acting on something that’s been in the back of my mind for awhile but that I didn’t consciously want. When wandering through Sephora or Ulta I will have impulse items in my basket but I am likely to put them back before I reach the checkout counter. I have much more trouble with indie products that I see on YouTube. If I click on that link, I am done for.

Generally, no. Even if I see a great deal, I do some research first. I very occasionally buy things on clearance without looking it up, but it’s only a few dollars here and there.

Unfortunately yes, I still do, and far too often, but I think that I’m better at resisting temptation, waiting for swatches and reviews (preferably from you), and trying to shop my stash for similar products. Swearing off eyeshadow palettes has been a lifesaver in that respect. I have an entire Excel doc with sheet after sheet of palette dupes. It’s made resisting palettes SOOO much easier because 9 times out of 10 I have a dupe that’s close enough to satisfy my needs. I know that buying singles can get expensive, but it saves me from having 30 matte blacks/whites/creams because it seems like every palette has one (case in point, I was able to entirely dupe the new Huda Coral Obsessions palette with shades I already had). Now if only I could un-discover how much I adore the Bite Multisticks . . . 😛

Very rarely nowadays – I generally know what I like/want/need and look out for those items, particularly if they are on sale. Lipsticks would tend to be my most ‘impulsive’ buy.

I used to and the desire to is still there, though I don’t think impulse buying is always a negative for me. I have a tendency to stick to a narrow color range/product type so buying on impulse helps break that habit and discover things that I like that I wouldn’t have bought otherwise. I don’t buy more product than I need as a rule so as long as impulse buying isn’t too frequent or a way to cope with stress I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

Not typically. Only things I remember buying on impulse over the past 6 years are ABH Modern Renaissance (I went in to get the Tarte x Grav3yardGirl palette, but didn’t want it when I saw it in person), Fenty Killawatt Highlighter in Metal Moon, and Urban Decay Naked Heat. Luckily, those all worked out well for me!

Not really-I try to limit my purchases to things I actually want and will look good in, and I usually check my credit card balance before making a purchase to make sure I have enough money to buy it.

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