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I’m not generally fond of panned lipsticks and the more products there are the greater the chances that at least one of the colors in it won’t be workable for me for one reason or another. Keep ’em separate!

I generally like palettes with one type of product. if they have powder blush alongside powder eyeshadows, I don’t mind much because they can be multitaskers, but throw creams or glosses into the mix, and yeah, it just turns into a mess.

I don’t mind them, actually, especially if I need to just throw one thing in my bag and go. As for the “messiness”, I’m in the habit of keeping any plastic sheet that comes with the palette, and I’m also always careful to keep the plastic over any cream product when using the powders. The only issue I’ve ever had with “all-in-one” palettes is usually the quality is lacking in one type of product, while the other products are great.

Normally I don’t because i don’t want the powder getting into the cream products and gunking everything up. I do like the Balm Jovi palette because it has covers for those sections so you can keep it neat, though.

Not at all. The Nars Andy Warhol palette ( Sephora ) is going to be a miwx of blushes and eyeshadows what a pity, I’ll pass I think.

My skin is so sensitive that I have to be very careful about what face products I use. If I get a palette with face products, they almost certainly go to waste, unless I can use them as eyeshadow.

Nope. Prefer one per category.
When it has all three categories, the palette is great for traveling away BUT during the rest of the year? It becomes unwieldy in your purse and limiting in your choices (making it boring).

NO. I hate it. All the same product, and powder with powder and cream with cream. I don’t like when sparkle gets on my mattes, and I sure as shit don’t like it when powder gets on my creams.

I love them for traveling, but the downfall is that lip products have shorter shelf-life than the other products and simply get wasted…

I’m ok with palettes that include eyeshadows and blushes (if they’re in similar formulas like powder and powder or cream and cream), but not if they make the blushes teeny tiny. Something like the Giorgio Armani Easy Chic palette you just reviewed is nice, but I hate it when the blushes are just barely bigger than the eyeshadows. How am I supposed to get my blush brush in there?!

Hell no. UNLESS it’s NARS with eyeshadow and blush in it. (speaking of which is it possible to get a NARS pallete without deep throat/orgasm? we get it! “cult classic”)

I do, but only if the creams are packaged in separate tubes – like Benefit does with High Beam/Moon Beam and lipgloss.
I don’t mind having eyeshadows and blush in the same palette, but I’m not too fond of blush-only palettes. I find I rarely use them, they’re often bulky and there’s always at least one shade I don’t like.

Palettes should be focused, thank you very much. I don’t like ending up with bits of teal eyeshadow in my coral lipgloss!

I’m not a fan of lipglosses, so I don’t like them in palettes. I’ll never use them! I do like when other face products(blush and highlighter) are included though! I like palettes because they’re often a better value and I can never use a full size single eyeshadow or blush up anyway!

Hate them. Avoided the Dior Safari ones because they put lip colours in. I don’t care how special and limited edition they are, I ain’t going there!

I don’t want lipproducts in a palette. I like to see eyeshadows and a bronzer blush or highlighter mixed in one palette, but pleaaaase, leave the lippies out! I really love the new Too Faced Glamour To Go palette but I don’t think I will buy it. It has one lipgloss in between the blush and bronzer! What if that gets mixed up? You might get lipgloss on your cheek. Gross.

Not really, I think they look like little girl makeup. Makes me feel like they just dropped all that in a box just for the sake of making a kit, and always bring those little products like lipgloss or eyepencil, that only last for a couple of use. Rather pay for a full size product.

No, I prefer more targeted palettes as well. The thing is I will probably have to touch up on my lip color, but I don’t want to carry a whole palette around just for that!

No, I skipped on the balm palettes for that reason. I have a lip palette from japonesque with creme lipsticks, aside from that I can’t see purchasing a lip palette like say inglot. I think it’s for the same reason I don’t think I’d ever get one of those bh palettes, I can settle with one color of each and don’t like having a lot of anything cosmetic

I prefer focused one because inevitably one type of product ends up being better than the rest ie the eyeshadows are the best part of a palette that include face eye and lip products. BUT if it’s well done, I don’t care!!

Only for travel and for work. It’s a matter of less products to pack or carry. At work I keep an over-flowing make-up bag with nail products, make-up, brush set, deoderant, hair spray, toothpaste and brush, make-up remover etc. For work I keep an ELF palette that has a variety of eyeshadow, bronzer, blush and a variety of lipgloss. Shockingly, it is a really good set. I especially love the lipglosses! For travel I have a couple UNII palettes 1 natural, 1 going out and 1 dark that I put a variety of products in.

Nope, I prefer palettes with one formula for one feature. Like you said, cream and powder can mix, and it’s just easier for me to figure out a look if each product is in a different section of my collection.

I agree with the mess from powders getting on the lip products. I’ve owned a couple of pallets like this in my lifetime, and I never used the lip products because they got dirty.

I think eye or cheek or lip specific pallets are better as someone might buy a pallet for the eye colors and find the blushes are totally wrong for their skin tone, and therefore a waste.

I typically do not go for mixed palettes. I have the Armani #2 palette which is one of the few where the whole package and packaging appealed to me. The eyeshadows are separate from the blush/face powder and they represent a really nice grouping of highly wearable neutral colours.

I don’t care for palettes with multiple features. I find that I often won’t use the extra stuff, and I buy the palette specifically for a certain type of product.

I would like a palette with both blushes and eyeshadows but I can’t stand the idea of lipglosses in my palettes. I only have eyeshadow palettes and some blush duos and trios that I love.

I have a weakness for mixed palettes that have everything in them. I like the idea of having a whole coordinating look in one cute container, even if the lip product often gets mucky!

No. I don’t even like eyeshadow palettes that have too many shades, because I’m overly picky and mostly only like a few shades in the palette. And I go from very picky to extremely picky when it comes to blushes and lipsticks!

I would like a palette that has everything I need for a full face make-up, as long as the lip product is in a tube and not in a pan where all the eyeshadow dust can reach it..

I want a palette like this thats easy to grab when i’m in a hurry or I’m travelling, but I haven’t found many that I like yet.

I love eye palettes, they are irresistable, however I hate eye palettes mixed with lip and face products, because I would much much prefer lip products in lipstick format than some pot in a palette. I also like to buy face products individually. So whenever I see a combination palette and I like the eye shadows in there…. it’s quite a debate on whether to buy or not.

I hate lip products in any palette, period!!! I have some beautiful Dior palettes I just wony use cause of the lipglosses. I have a lot of Inglot freedom “EBP” palettes- eye, blush, powder- and they’re fine but IU think I do prefer just one specific product in a palette. those holiday kits are irresistible sometimes though!!

I didn’t realise they made palettes like this. Could never find them on the UK website – apparently I wasn’t looking hard enough. I realllllly want one now… Never tried inglot before though.

There is also another palette by a japanese brand called Ipsa. It includes a unifying powder, contour, blush and highlighter all in a travel size case.

I prefer more focused palettes – though the idea of an “all included” palette sounds practical, I would never use everything in it and would hate that the powders mixed with the lip products.

I do NOT like when palettes include any lip products. Those are the first to go bad and then they smell.
xo Michele

I’ve only ever purchased focused palettes. I currently only have eyeshadow palettes. I’m completely lusting after Bobbi Brown’s Starlight Night Collection, which has 4 lip colors and 6 eyeshadows. I probably won’t get it though. It’s online only and it’s something that I would like to see in person before investing in the product.

P.S. Does anyone else remember Physician’s Formula’s Lip palettes? I used to love those. I wish they would bring them back.

I don’t even like lip-products in their own palettes… I’ve owned a couple of lip palettes and they always ended up as a gross, sticky mess. I only like lip products in tubes. As for powder blushes being in palettes of eyeshadow it doesn’t bother me but I don’t really wear blush/bronzer so it wouldn’t be a great selling point for me. Basically I second every criticism of mixing cream and powder in one box that other commenters have pointed out.

I don’t like “everything” palettes because they make such a mess. Like you said the cream products get dirty with powders and little brush hairs. I got a Laura Mercier palette that had 3 lip glosses, 3 eyeshadows, and two blushes and I ended up scooping out and discarding the lip products because they got dirty. It’s just a waste, and designed by someone who doesn’t use it regularly enough to know how a palette will work in real life.

I HATE palettes with lip products that are connected to them. If I can’t take it with me and throw it in my makeup belt for easy application at work, its not even worth it for me!

I will buy an occassional eye palette but mixed palettes usually do not contain shades that flatter me for eyes and lips or whatever combination the palette is

I like when the palettes have products for only eyes and the face. Otherwise, I don’t like when they include the lip products because I don’t think they will go to good use and I’m always afraid that the excess eyeshadow will go into the lipgloss/lipstick pans. Ew!

i like eye shadows and powder blushes together. They are good for traveling and easy to use in the morning.

also, my favorite composite palette is a traveling Guerlain palette – bronzer in 2 shades in one part/level; below: 4 lovely eye shadows.

in terms of mixed palette, i had a very small Bobbi Brown palette with lipstick on a level and eye shadows on a different level. There is no messiness then and the lipsticks are not full of dust fromt he eye shadows.

I hate those palettes!! I don’t usually end up using the lip products because i’m paranois of cross contamination with the powder products

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