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Doesn’t affect me one way or another. I buy products when I have the time, money and interest. Knowing months prior doesn’t mean I will buy !

I have a makeup budget and I save up for larger purchases so I like a general idea of what’s coming out. For example if Too Faced just launched a blush palette but I know Tarte has a new blush palette release in 1 month, I’ll save my money for the Tarte palette. But I agree that only a few weeks notice of a new product is good. It’s wasted marketing to advertise several months before since I forget or loose interest, and the cost of the marketing campaign adds to the cost of the product in the end.

Oh yes, I like at least a sneak peek of what’s coming out way ahead of time. That way, I can start figuring out which products to buy and which ones to skip over. Like as soon as I saw a sneak peek of the Kat Von D MetalMatte palette, I decided to skip over several other palettes in anticipation of getting that one. And if I had known that BITE, UD, MUFE, and Smashbox were all coming out with new lipstick formulas/shades this year, I would’ve waited longer to see who had the best formula for the shades I wanted.

Not too much time before, or it becomes anticlimactic and just not as thrilling. Or if high demand, anxiety provoking. One month max is enough of a heads up for me!
On the other hand, too little warning from a brand may mean not having adequate advance preparation in place, ie; saving or budgeting for it.

I think I do now, yes. I can budget and pick out what I want and by the time the collection launches, I won’t feel like I have to buy everything due to hype and fomo and then shame-return. I really enjoy advance notice of new-but-permanent products more so than limited-edition products. With limited edition, it’s almost like a knee-jerk reaction to be really skeptical and just look for something similar in the permanent line because everything seems to sell out too fast, or there is limited quantity.

I hate it when a new product is announced months before the release, and a company does everything to hype it up. Some products sell out way too fast because of that marketing strategy, because people are afraid to miss out (especially when it concerns a LE). I prefer it like Anastasia does “Hey, well, we got this product it’s new and out.. NOW. Surprise! Oh and there is enough in stock!”. Products selling out too fast (like within minutes, an hour or a day or so) are such a disappointment, so when product is announced way before its release date I see it as a bad omen.

Nope. Frankly, I was blissfully unaware of “limited edition” hype or “holiday” collections until I started following the industry more closely. Most of the time I could care less.

If news of products comes my way, I am more interested (usually) in new permanent items than being manipulated by LE hype. But sometimes things like that EL Modern Mercury highlighter gets me. 🙂

Sometimes it’s good if there’s a long time, since by the time the item hits the store, my frenzy to possess it abates considerably. But sometimes, it is just plain frustrating, as with the newer shades of Buxom eyeshadows – I wanted to see them in store and even in the US, they hadn’t arrived at Sephora stores by August. It’s almost October now and they’ve only just arrived.

Yes and no… Usually I prefer to see the launch information and then be able to buy the product within a reasonable amount of time (a few weeks). On the other hand, when palettes and sets are dropping left and right for the holidays, I wish I knew everything that was coming so I could plan my purchases better; how to narrow down my choices.

I have a tendency to forget releases if promos are posted months ahead. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Out of sight, out of mind, dollars saved. If I am really keen, I will set up a reminder on my phone. I used to get so p/o’d at missing out on LE items but find I am less and less affected by companies who promote this type of madness. I have for the most part, a really good collection of core products and at this point not too much is a dire must and I usually have a dupe…or two.. 😉

I think advanced notification benefits you, Christine, in your executive functions (planning and organizing.). It must be massively difficult to organize your time and get the info out in a timely fashion…before the product has evaporated due to hype. Your task is the oddest combination of fun….and onerous. I look forward to certain brands’ offerings, and like to plan acquisition, so it can be helpful. Must admit I google sneak peeks for debuts, esp as I don’t follow brand’s IGs, Twitters, Facebooks. The hard part is not knowing what not to get, until we hear from you. But I really try to avoid the competition and insanity brought on by LE madness. I cannot believe that I signed out from work to drive an hour to acquire MAC, at my age! No wonder my favorite Disney princess is Goofy.

I like to know either before the beginning of the moth or before the end of the month so I can make room in my budget for the surge in beauty purchases; especially during big seasonal release times like the holidays (which apparently happen in Sept now??). Too far of an advance notice and I get bored, but I’m also disappointed the holiday collections are happening earlier and earlier. What am I suppose to look forward to in Nov/Dec now??

Yes, as I can decide which is better deal for my money as well as with so many produxt laiunches all r not good. I wait for reviews (but now i trust less the YT as most of videos are sponsored but there r still few who r honest. so its better to know the upcoming launches :)\

Yes and no. A head’s up / sneak peek is one thing — it gets me thinking, helps me plan. Heavy early promotion to generate drama and demand, and thus shortage, has become a turn off to me.

It’s a I do and I don’t situation. I often forget or I plan because it’s good enough to leave an impression. It’s harder with holiday stuff being pushed in August though.

I like a general idea of what’s to come from the standpoint of trends and color stories, but I don’t care about the promo pictures and details until 3-4 weeks before release. We have so many options nowadays, it’s nice to know what is on the horizon but I become bored with advertising and sneak peeks that appear too early.

I do when it comes to products that are a big splurge for me, because I’m afraid I might regret it when I buy it spontaniously, so considering buying it for like two months will make me feel more confident about it. For example, I wanted the UD vice ltd reloaded palette as soon as I saw it (which was long before it released) and I only bought it right before it went out of stock in the Netherlands (which was like half a year later)

I like to know what’s coming out so that i can decide on if I’m passing or not. Like this year for holiday, there isn’t much I want and knowing before hand helped me to budget my makeup budget and I know that I really only want two items that doesn’t cost much so that’s helpful.

It can be kind of boring to see everybody swatch it, wear it, review it then BOOM 8,000 days later it’s released, sells out in 2 mins, and all the hype of the product I saw I’ll never get to experience lol. it’s a toss for me.

I like a head’s up, maybe 6-8 week look ahead so I can plan and prioritize what interests me. I do appreciate r reviews at least 2 weeks ahead as that helps to determine whether the item is dropped from consideration or prioritized as a potential purchase.

I see MAC just dropped their Nutcracker-themed holiday collection. It’s too early. I’m not interested in holiday items until October and by that I mean a preview. There’s a Tom Ford complexion palette coming out in October sometime and I would like to see swatches as it is expensive and may be the one holiday item that I buy. Seeing other holiday items out now leaves me overwhelmed and unimpressed that we can’t enjoy the season that we’re in.

I like to know, particularly about holiday launches, as that way I can budget and figure out which ones I want to get. As it is, I end up going for the ones that are publicized earlier as by November my budget is set and gifts/thing I want for myself are already picked out.

Not so much. I like knowing in advance but then I wait … and I wait … and three weeks later I ask at Ulta or Sephora and they look at me like I’ve grown a third eye or something. Then I wait some more and finally, about a month later, stores in my area have it. The wait probably helps my budget, tho, because some of the things I see that I think I’d buy generally drop off my want list by the time they actually show up in my area.

1-2 months is good if it is LE release by a brand that is good with keeping up enough inventory (like urban decay). That way, if I need 2 months to save up for it, I can be still assured that the product is available. I do not bother with LE releases by brands that have a history of selling out within a week.

Anymore than 2 months and I am likely to not buy. I knew about the star trek release WAY before it was released and honestly, ended up not getting anything bc the hype for me was over. If it is permanent product line-up, then 2-4 weeks.

I guess maybe one month tops is all I’d really need, if even that. I like at least a little bit of notice so that I can decide whether to keep money saved if I really want something, but I don’t need months and months for that kind of thing. Knowing super early won’t make me much more excited than less early.

Not necessarily. When the current season hasn’t even officially come to the end yet, I don’t want to think about it. We were right in the middle of summer when I started to see Christmas sets.. I still want to enjoy my summer and not think about the cold weather just yet!

I tend to forget about it if I get the news months in advance. I might also lose interest in the product when it arrives as some other product is advertised and I’d rather have that one. Generally we get launches weeks or even a month or two after the US it’s even more likely that I forget about it. I guess it’s counterproductive as I buy less instead of more this way. So maybe I should say yes instead of no to this as I actually save money knowing months ahead.
I should not answer things at this late hour, I suspect this might be by far too confusing to understand. Sorry if so. 🙂

I do like to know ahead of time – it’s fun to wait for the releases but a month would be a better wait time than months : )

I agree with you! I love new products, but one month in advance is enough. Too long a leeway and you start to buy similar products to quench that thirst and when it finally arrives, it’s not that great. Maybe start showing it in September magazines for a September release, because the magazines come out a month ahead.

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