Do you like getting beauty makeovers?

Do you like getting beauty makeovers? Whether at a counter or by a friend!

No, not usually. I have a hard time just sitting there, and my eyes blink like crazy when other people do my makeup. I’ve only liked a handful of makeovers, most notably when Nicholas Lujan @ the Vegas MUFE boutique did my makeup. I like it when the people are really knowledgeable, and the majority of the ones I’ve had have been people just selling and selling to me and telling me how much makeup I need to cover all of my supposed flaws. Having a salesperson tell you that your natural eye color is awful and you absolutely must use the following eyeshadows to make them look decent is not my idea of fun!

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NO! Ok, I’m done shouting now. I prefer to do my own makeup. If it was a celebrity make-up artist or someone who really knew their shit then sure, but otherwise stay the f*** away from my face.

Only if it’s something I’m doing with my friends.  Professionally?  No.  My eyes are very sensitive to touch, so I tend to have problems with reflexive twitching and blinking when I do my own makeup, and it only gets worse when other people put their fingers in that area.

I’ve never gotten one and don’t plan to. I don’t trust other people to do my makeup, especially sales associates at counters or stores. I can’t even count how many times I’ve gotten some of the most ridiculous color matches, shade suggestions or just completely terrible advice. Plus, I don’t want anyone else near my eyes with pencils, mascara wands and eyelash curlers. I wear contact lenses and have partial blindness in my right eye, so I have to be careful not only with products, but also with techniques (tugging/pulling & pressure are big no-nos, as well as anything on the waterline). It’s easier, safer and more effective to just do my own makeover. If I want outside advice for something new to try, I’ll occasionally ask SAs that I’m familiar with what they think…but I always do the actual makeup application myself.

nacacijin It’s hard to find the right person who’s knowledgeable and honest enough to point out things that will work for you. Too many are focused on sales, and while it’s part of their job, it’s a total turn-off as a customer.

I like getting makeovers. I should note that I steer clear of counters if I haven’t planned to buy something. I’m very patient and relaxed most of the time, I like being pampered, and I love seeing other people’s perspectives (i.e. what colors someone else uses on me vs. what I use). I recently got a face makeover (hoping for full face next time) at a Bobbi Brown counter and it turned out great 🙂 sorry to read your experiences haven’t been so good.

Me too! I had great experiences, but I also steer clear of counters if I’m not looking to buy. I also make sure I like the SA’s own makeup before I consent to or ask for a makeover. I make sure to steer clear of SA’s who don’t seem to communicate well with me or understand what I want when I speak to them. Makeovers got me brave enough to wear red colors and bright eye makeup.

I have to say Christine–I really appreciate your eye shape and color. It’s somewhat similar to mine and your looks always give me nice ideas.

That Las Vegas MUFE makeover was beautiful.  I like getting makeovers, but no one knows how to do my monolids.  They do it as if I have a crease and mimic that shadow on the crease….I end up looking like I have two black eyes.

In my 20’s after graduating from university I modelled part-time for a designer in Toronto and I was in most of her print work for quite a few years. It was a fun time, but I was also very serious about building ‘my real career’.  I had the benefit of having my makeup done by some serious professionals and in my opinion most SA’s do not fall into this category.  Here’s the weird part:  I’ve never even done a ‘let’s do each other’s makeup’ thing with friends.  I did not grow up with any sisters either.  As much as I love everything cosmetics/beauty related, it is part of myself that I have not shared with the people around me…and Harald still will not let me do him in drag…  I’m outraged at some of the insults hurled at you, Christine and I can feel my blood pressure rising regarding people’s incredible ability to choose to insult and undermine in order to feel they have the upper hand or to gain a sale.  Ugly eye colour??..what a load of crap!!!.  I do want to share a quick story which is similar and it devastated me for a loooong time.  In my 30’s, I started to develop superficial spider veins on the back of my left calf and on my left upper leg.  They were concentrated in very specific areas and were really noticeable as a result.  I went to a specialty clinic to have saline injected into the veins to reduce their visibility.  I recall another woman walking into my treatment area one day and I was lying on a lounge type bed in my bra and panties.  This woman marched in and looked me up and down and said ‘you have such a lovely figure, and you know, you would make a really good candidate for breast implants’  I think my mouth hit the floor.  I am not flat chested and in fact, I think a lot of flat chested woman are sexy as hell..I’m your average 34C.  She then turned to my technician and muttered a few things and flounced out.  It didn’t really hit me until I went home that night and I actually cried.  I rarely cry.  I do not think she meant to insult me in all honesty, but nonetheless, she did and I let her get to me!!!.  It felt so intensely personal.  I, of course, got over it and implants have never been or ever will be part of my plan for myself, but I can see from this experience how this could simply be a way to make a money grab;  Hit people where they are most sensitive.  I wonder if plastic surgeons point out every single flaw in the same manner?  Anyhow, the department store scene and makeovers are just not my schtick.  The good news, you can get FREE advice on-line in the PRIVACY of your own home and there are tons of video how to’s as well.  I would much rather come here and share info than have really bad behaviour and sales tactics hurled at me.  

wwendalynne I really want Shaun to do my makeup for a post, but I haven’t been able to convince him yet…I’m glad you were able to get over that comment – but I can imagine it was brutal at the time. It’s like when you think everything is just fine, or it’s your favorite feature, and somebody goes and turns your world upside down, even if only for a moment!

Oh no! mainly i have had ok experiences but I have had makeovers which have been disasters and I want to wash my face….*ahem* benefit! But sometimes i have booked myself into MAC , Dior, Chanel etc before and it s nice to learn new tricks but sometimes I am made to feel pressured into buying or made to feel the makeup I use is awful..Nobody does the makeup how I do..but it is sooooo relaxing having someone touch my face! xxx

I’m sorry, but someone actually told you that your natural eye colour is awful?!!!!for God’s sake…!I have heard and heard of disrespectful salespeople but I think this one pretty much tops them all…I feel angry just hearing about it…! but more on topic, I feel very uncomfortable getting makeovers, I feel that no one knows my face better than me or that they do not try hard enough or that they feel bored..

yes i like it but i never really like the result. I like the way i do my own makeup. i only do makeover to feel different brushes and learn different techniques so normally i buy some brushes instead of makeup after makeover.

I hate having my makeup done–but I want to let it be known that I’ve never had a professional do my makeup, only SA’s. But they never listen to what I want–they always do a super dramatic smokey-eye in a bright shade (like green or bright purple) and HEAVY blush for some reason. The makeup never fits my particular eye shape and the blush is always garish.. I guess I’m just not going to the right people 

I like having my makeup done by friends, but I have given up on having it done at beauty counters. I don’t know what it is with these people, whether they really have no idea, or they only want to sell their stuff, but I always feel like they cake on tons of stuff on my face. One lady tried to sell me three different concealers, one for under the eyes, one for my blemishes (I haven’t had one in years, I have a few very faint scars) and one for MY FRECKLES! I LOVE my freckles, why would I want to cover them? When I told her that she told me that they are unaesthetic and people would never take me seriously in the profesional world with them. Um … Excuse me? At that point I was debating whether I should just walk out or have her call the manager…  

@CatherineM Friends are always good, if only because it can be rather amusing, too ;)”I’m sorry, we can’t hire you.” “Why?””You have freckles. Haven’t you noticed?”I can’t even imagine this ever happening.

This is a timely question as I am getting one today. I got an email offer from Sephora the other day and since my daughter is getting married, I figured “what the heck? Let’s see what they come up with as an idea for my “Mother of the Bride” makeup.” So I might be able to answer this question better later today. The last “make-over” I had was awful. She put some frosted magenta lipstick on me and also did my brows and I left feeling that I looked like Groucho Marx!

wow! hard to believe thatas waht they told you? you must have been very upset! I had a very good experience for my wedding makeover. I had such a fantastic artrist it was a joy. And it was so good that I looked my best on that holy day. Otherwise I had it twice at mac. It was from two different people. One has painted my face yellow. the other one was so heavy handed she threw a lot of dark shadow on my fair complexion. I looked like an emo. When she saw I did not particalry like the result, she threw loads of heavy glitter (reflects pearl for those who are familiar with it) on my face. She complemented it with a bold lipstick. LOL! This is when I bursted out laughing.  a dark dico ball AKA my face ws ready to shine !!!So i think the moral of it is if you have someone who is motivated to sell you the most products, you might end insulted like you or overpainted like me. If you have on the other a real artist interested to play out your best features it can be a great expereince.BTW Christine it was a wonderful post with Nicholas Lujan! I keep looking back at it to copy that eyeliner shape.

No, I hate it. I like eye makeup and lip makeup, but my skin is very sensitive and a lot of things break me out or irritate me. I do not wear foundation or blush, and I’m very picky about powder and concealer – I have to be, or my skin ends up a hot mess. I’ve found that it behaves best when I keep most products off of it, and my skin is nice so why not? People who are trying to give me makeovers rarely listen to me when I say that, and insist that this “super light cream foundation won’t irritate sensitive skin”, or they’re wiping primer all over my cheeks before I can blink. No thanks. Just let me do it with the products I know my skin can handle. 

No, I don’t like them.  I like to play with makeup, but I still always have some kind of natural look, and I hate the feeling of wearing a lot of products.  I always feel like the use WAY too many products on me and I feel cakey and greasy.

I love doing my own make-up and someone else’s make-up, but I don’t like to get my make-up done. Can’t stand someone else touching and rubbing my face and being all rough with me (lol). And (and this is a bit OCD) but I also worry about unhygienic make-up and dirty brushes. I personally keep my kit super clean and I’m very precise when it comes to cleaning and desinfecting my brushes, but I don’t trust other make-up artists 😉

I got a makeover from a brand representative at Ulta once (I won’t say which brand), and she actually said, while looking for a foundation or concealer shade, “Now your skin is sort of sallow… .”  When she saw how offended I looked, she tried to walk it back: “Oh, I just meant you’re very fair-skinned!”  Nope, not the same thing.

I’m sorry you’ve had such bad makeover experiences 🙁 I personally love getting them. I’ve never had someone insult me while doing my makeup. The people that I’ve gone to (various stores around the world, sorry I can’t be more specific) tend to focus on my best features. Occasionally I’ll mention something that I think is a flaw and they’ll look shocked and try to give me a different way to look at it. I’ve probably just gotten really lucky, though. For me, getting my makeup done is the ultimate in pampering, so I try to do it every once in awhile.

That’s rude and it’s rule of thumb that you not tell anyone about their flaws! I work in cosmetics and to read this is disturbing that sales people have told you that. How would they like it if you turned around and told them about themselves, I’m sure they wouldn’t like it. You are beautiful and I admire your skills and knowledge about products. I check your site  everyday to see what’s new or what your rated the new products. 🙂 I hate going in for a beauty makeover, they’re overrated and uncomfortable especially when I have sensitive skin.

That sounds like a horrible experience Christine!  I LOVE getting makeovers.  Everything I learned, I learned from the girls/boys at MAC.  I would regularly pass their store on my daily walks and one was sweet enough to always powder my face before I head out the door.  I’ve had countless makeovers over the years from them and they’ve NEVER insulted my eyecoloer or my eye shape(my two eyes are different from each other).  I can’t imagine what I would do without them.  Any time I had a question about how do you use this thing or what would you match it with, they give me heaps of ideas, but they never oversold me.  I’ve never bought a primer from them besides paints/paintpots and one of them was more than free about telling me which lipsticks she thought were horrible(dazzle).  I have seen workers who are clearly not MUAs and just sellers and they really do diminish the experience.

Honestly, at the time, I was so taken aback by it that I didn’t even have the presence to be offended. I think I was like, “Oookayy.” I inherited my grandmother’s eyes (both my parents and sister have dark brown eyes), so I’ve always quite liked them!But no need to be upset on my behalf – it was a long time ago and I’m no worse for the wear 😉 I’ve heard worse, LOL!

That is not only sad but unprofessional and down right dirty, Christine! Your brown eyes are stunning. I am super jealous of your session with Mr. Lujan!
I don’t ‘like’ getting make-overs but if I am invited to get one, I usually will take the offer. I like to see how others do my make-up. Most of the time I’m like “Meh, it’s okay. Sure I’ll take that lippie and that crease colour.” Rarely do I not buy anything. I know that the sales that come from the make-over are why they do it but sometimes I wonder if they really want you to look good or are they just telling me what I want to hear?
I have not had any bad comments to my face (Yea, I know they do it to your back or after you leave) but I am sure they have wanted to 😀

I had so many MUAs pick out pink to dark foundation for me because I’m ultra fair and it was all they had to cover my skin. Generally they just don’t know what to do with me at that point they don’t bother sitting me down for one. lol l so got the “tough luck” speech about eyeshadow too often as well have small eyes.

I’m the odd one out, I guess; I like having my makeup done and I like getting makeovers. But the thing is, I haven’t really had a bad experience doing it. I had someone do my makeup for my wedding day, and honestly, I really looked gorgeous. And the last time I went to the Chanel counter to ask about foundation, the SA did a total makeover on me but I liked the way it came out and she didn’t try to hard sell me anything. I’ve never had a SA or a MUA tell me negative things about my appearance while doing my makeup, either; usually I get a compliment on my skin tone or my eyes or something. It’s probably just because they’re trying to sell, but it makes me feel better about myself 😛 

I’ve had relatives give me makeovers and not liked it. My mother unintentionally made me look like a drag queen and friend decided she’d practice her hairdressing skills by giving me an uneven fringe that took forever to grow out. As for sales assistants I’ve always been too worried that they’ll pressure me into buying stuff that I either won’t like or won’t be able to use as well as they do. I think I’m better off just doing my own makeup. 

I love, love, love doing my friends and family’s makeup (I do my one friend’s all the time for her dance shows as well as just for fun sometimes). However I never let just anyone do mine because I have small asian lids that are almost monolids but still have that lid area for the most part. I refuse to let anyone at Sephora put anything on my face and i don’t really like any of them at mine, as a teenager some just make you feel uncomfy in the store and I’d just rather buy from MAC or the Shoppers Beauty Bar.
However I do love the people who work at my MAC. Especially this one lady who is just amazing and always encourages us to you know, swatch as much as we want, she recomends things if we find something we like but maybe there’s one thing about it we don’t like (too much glitter, too pink, doesn’t compliment skin tone, etc.) and most of all, they’re not pushy. Especially her, they encourage you to not break the bank all the time and its much better to slowly build up your collection with items you’ll love rather than unopened impulse buys. And things are very sanitary there, which I love so I don’t do a full face but I do let them do maybe concealer tests, eye makeup, etc. Depending on what I’m looking to buy.

I’ve sworn off makeovers. Not to sound egotistical, but I do my own makeup extremely well and the last few “makeovers” I had were awful. I get ideas from different magazines and websites and experiment on my own. However, I would make an exception to have a makeover with a truly renowned MUA.

I love it, but more if it’s a friend than an MUA, because I’m uncomfortable having people that close to my face unless I know them well haha. one of my friends in high school did my makeup for our homecoming dance, and it was really great, then an MUA at Sephora did everything but my eyes a few months ago, and while it turned out lovely, it was horrifically awkward. the worst thing ever is other people putting eyeliner or mascara on me. like you Christine, my blinking hits overdrive, and it makes it nearly impossible to get anything on without stabbing my eye.

another thing I thought of that I think people might’ve already mentioned here: MUAs don’t always know what they’re doing. as I put on concealer just now, I was reminded of the hilariously bad experience I had at a Clinique counter very recently. I went in and asked if I could get color-matched because I needed a concealer. before I could get another word out, the woman pulled something out of a drawer, said “oh, I bet you want it for that redness in your cheeks,” and had started slapping it all over my face. first thing, she was putting concealer all over my face. second, while redness in my cheeks is a problem, I fix that with foundation and the “redness” in my cheeks that day was painstakingly applied and layered blushers. when I left there, I beelined for the nearest bathroom and washed it off my face. she’d put it on in such a thick layer that it took 10 minutes and lord knows how many paper towels to get it all off.

I don´t usually like makeovers, for some reason I feel my skin kind of  sensitive afterwards…To my experience, its rare to find a knowledgeable SA at beauty counters,  the majority are just people trying to sell products they don’t seem to know much about to begin with.  Of course I also have had my share of rude people pointing out my defects for the solely purpose of selling stuff…. I remember this one time at a Benefit counter, one of the SA told me I have very large pores and I that NEED to use the poreless primer. Have I ever gotten back to that counter?, hell no! On the other hand, I’ve always had lovely experiences at Laura Mercier’s, maybe I am partial to the brand, but the SA’s are always nice, never pushy. My other favourite is Mac, I always have so much fun shopping there!

@Monica Its a shame, because the ladies at my local MAC Counter are SCARY. Every single time I’ve been around, they’ve fit the same mould: Piled on foundation, heavy purple and green eye makeup, bad attitudes and a manner of “JUST BUY SOMETHING, DAMMIT!” or even, “We’re doing YOU a favour” – it makes the counter really scary to approach! 

Alison Cole I know Alison!! beauty counters used to scare the bejeezus out of me,   that was way back when I didn´t know much about make up, but now I let them know who is the boss….LOLAnother thing I hate about Benefit (sorry!) is that the ALWAYS want to mess around with my eyebrows, they may not be perfect but I much rather have them as they are, than having some crazy ass lady leaving me brow-free or something. Brows are not to be fooled around with!

Alison Cole Same happens to me at my local MAC store. They have such a bad and rude attitude that you just want to go out of that store and when as them for a good product for yourself, most of the times they ignore you.

I hate when they tell me I have amazing skin & not really needing a lot of coverage then proceed to sell me a full coverage foundation and concealer to hide all my flaws. What happened to having amazing skin?

ugh,i dont like the Sephora makeovers… i had a girl tell me i needed to cover up my blemishes and uneven skin tone but there was no use in buying an expensive foundation if i had oily skin because it was going to slide right off… i havent been back there in about 6 months! i knew exactly what foundation i wanted and didnt even walk out 1 thing! >:-/

Never had one me neither. I think I know my face too well and having others putting things on my face scares the hell out of me. Plus, I’ve seen some very unhygienic practices that I don’t want to experience.

Christine-Temptalia I really hate when I ask for a foundation sample to the SAs at my local Sephora (I’m from Spain btw) and they say “we don’t give samples, but we can try it on you”. NO THANKS, I’ve seen your brushes with the hair stuck with dry foundation/concealer/dirt and I don’t want an allergic reaction or a breakout because of it. Moreover, I’m a makeup artist myself and when I look at their makeup it’s like… no way.

Cris Sanchez Yep! A lot of places are like that, and it’s not usually the fault of the artist/salesperson.  I always get the urge to wash my face after a makeover because I’m never sure how clean the brushes were 🙁

I agree with all the ladies below. I loathe them. My last experience was at a LM counter, and after shelling out major $$ to buy all the products from my make over. I caught/over heard their employees whispering about all my skin flaws-felt like HS all over again. I decided that was my last trip for a make over. Now I just read reviews 🙂 and decide if the product will work for me. It use to be fun having someone do my make up but I feel like the internet is way more honest then the sales people anyway and less hurtful.

I love getting my makeup done for photoshoots, but I guess that is different than a makeover. I have a favorite artist who has done my face for a few shoots, and she usually does something fabulous and editorial that I have never seen, so she always gives me good ideas to copy! 😀 I don’t think I would like it as “Here’s how to do your day to day makeup,” however… I like to experiment on my own.

Makeme I think senior artists, national artists, and makeup artists that aren’t tied to a cosmetic line can be really fantastic.  I’m tired of makeovers by people trying to sell me things, but when it’s by someone who is a true artist, I love seeing how they’d interpret a look on my face!

I don’t bother with applications at the counter because I usually know more about products and current techniques than the SA’s or freelancer MA’s do and I certainly have a much better understanding of my facial features. I love having my makeup done; however, when the counter is having a major beauty event and national/celebrity artists are brought in. I’ve had some gorgeous applications done by some of the best MA’s in the industry and have always come away with some new tip, trick, or color inspiration.Ladies, don’t ever let any SA or MA insult you. Tell them that their comment was rude and inappropriate, then get up and leave. Be sure to report their behavior to their manager/supervisor. At 68, I have a lot of issues that could easily be fodder for negative comments, but I find that most pros want to help me and they go out of their way to compliment me and make me feel beautiful while addressing my concerns. Don’t let a rude individual spoil what should be a pampering and fun experience.

Hi Christine,I think you just had a very bad experience, I enjoy having makeover at Sephora and MAC stores. I always learn something new or they remind me of things I already know and completely forgot about. Always a happy experience for me.

As someone who actually went though training classes in Make-up, Hair, and nails it’s so funny to me when I went to get my eyebrows done for free at Ulta for my birthday and it was horrible…. The shape came out nice, it wasn’t a bad experience like she ripped off my eye brow.  It was bad like, I’m just going to throw you into the chair and tell you that  “Wow! you have really horrible eye brows.”  Then she proceeded to take of the wax, but didn’t put her finger over it after the rip to calm the exposed nerves. Nor did they have any after treatment lotion to calm the skin… I left Ulta with horrible red blotches and on top of that she didn’t have a color to match my brows to fill them in.  I have DARK brown hair, why in the world would you fill them in with red?  That’s what she did.  Free doesn’t always equal quality.  Sorry for my crazy rambling. I could go on more about a experience at Sephora, but I’ll stop here.  At least you live and learn from all experiences, good or bad… 

KarlaW07 this is why I only go one place for waxing…it’s more expensive than I can find elsewhere but I trust them, they use high quality materials including after-treatment cream and such, and my esthetician is fantastic. I have a relationship with her and I’d feel guilty going elsewhere 🙂

Usually not when it’s a sales assistant. I’ve had good experiences with real makeup artists though, like one from Nars a while ago. Once I had a MUA at MAC do an amazing job on my eyes, but then she did my face… she chose a foundation at least 3 tones too dark, I was orange, with white ears!!I usually don’t listen to sales assistant, because they tend to know less than me (the other day, I talked with a sales person at Nordstrom at the Thierry Mugler perfume counter…. she didn’t even know the brand carried a makeup line. She was trying to convince me they don’t. *sighs*), so I wouldn’t let them touch my face!

Lulle I think this is likely a good point of difference – even though you can definitely get great artists who work at counters (I know many artists start off that way), there are definitely some who are more there to sell than work on their artistry.

Back from my Sephora makeover and it was a MAJOR SUCCESS!  I asked if using the new UD Naked foundation would be a good idea and the SA said that as I love Guerlain LdeP, the Naked one would probably work well for me too.  The whole experience was amazing and informative (and I found a new-to-me lip gloss from Nars that I might wear in place of lipstick!)  She used Diorshow mascara on me as a finishing touch and it did, indeed, finish the look beautifully but, as I warned her, I always get a grey shadow on one under-eye area almost no matter what mascara I use or whether I set my concealer with powder or what….and, sure enough, I did some shopping, had lunch, got home and there’s the tell-tale, grey smudge!  She did suggest trying Blinc tubing mascara and to return it if it doesn’t work out for me.  Anyway, it was all such a positive, pleasant and learning experience! (and she left my brows alone!)

I rarely ever let other people touch my face. I think that’s leftover from having such bad skin in high school. However, there is one SA at my local sephora that I will let do my makeup because I trust her. She is nearly always there when I go in (which is quite often) and I know she has as much knowledge and passion about makeup as I do. There was one time, however, that I was going to let a SA at a Bobbi Brown counter do my makeup. I had gotten to know her as well and her makeup is always beautiful. I got there and she told me there was a Bobbi rep who was going to do my makeup instead. It was horrid. The foundation was streaky and not blended, the eyeshadows were haphazardly slapped on and, again, not blended. I have quite a bit of red under my eyes and she used red based purple eyeshadows…it looked like I had two black eyes. Never again! I can do my own makeup better than that in the dark with no brushes.

i had one about 20 years ago at an Aloe Charm dem (anyone remember them?), she used too much cover-up and foundation in my opinion but otherwise she was ok. i wasn’t crazy about the finished look. I would never have one now because I can’t stand the idea of anyone touching my face now, lol!

I’ve had it done by both SAs and MUAs, but I don’t think I ever would again. All the SAs I have encountered are useless: I went in for a foundation match at CoverFX because I had heard of them and asked for a little bit of my jaw to be wiped off and matched and she removed half my face. All of it. My forehead, the concealer under my eye, half my mose. And then proceeded to slap on their foundation WHICH WAS NOT THE SAME COLOUR. And they didn’t have blush at that counter. And she had removed the eyeshadow I had placed under my eye. Like, what. I don’t even  -.-I’ve had my make-up done by Lebanese MUAs, and they’re all Haifa Wehbe style. They put on so much foundation it’s a 1cm layer. It’s HORRIBLE. Most of them are totally unhygenic: once, the sponge used to apply foundation on me was used! The only eye style they do is heavy lined, which is okay, but I can now do it as well. And they always line my lips outside my lip line and insist on slapping on 3kgs of gloss. 3 times is 3 times too many, and now I refuse to look like a stolen truck and I just do my own. Youtube tutorials all the way!

This is kind of funny – Sephora is doing free makeovers now for VIBs, and I was going to sign up for one on Friday, but now I’m like “um…now I’m scared.” I think I may try it anyway, though.

My first moakeover was at a Clinique counter when I was younger (the MUA actually did a nice job, I still use some of the products she recommended) and once at a Dior counter, after which I immediately left and wiped off everything she put on because she made me look like I had two purple-ish bruised eyes. Went to a NARS counter to try a nude lip (have a hard time finding a flattering nude lip color) and the MUA applied a gloss that was so wrong for my coloring… it looked like I had elmers glue on my lips. AND she was rude when I didn’t show an interest in purchasing it. However, I looked for the same thing at a MAC counter and the MUA was excellent. Guess it depends on the individual you’re dealing with. 

I’m going to get all OCD and say that I don’t think I could do a full makeover just for hygiene reasons.  I’ve only had mini sessions (matching foundation, trying on blush, or quick eye product applications – but only with newly opened testers!).  At many stores and counters, people come and swatch all day and who knows how often (if ever!) that stuff is disinfected!  And when I see professional makeup artists with messy/dirty cosmetics, I cringe.  Also, as you said, they can be too pushy for a sale – awful.

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