Do you have any tricks for weather-proofing your makeup?

If I’m going to be outside for a longer length of time, then I tend to use less base products and then use waterproof or more resistant products on the eyes. For blush, I might opt for a cream or liquid product. I’ll often use a primer under my base products and then a setting spray at the end.

— Christine
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For at least half of the year in Montana, I don’t have to worry too much about weatherproofing my makeup. When it is freezing for weeks on end your makeup doesn’t budge. However, you do have to have a strategy for dealing with the extreme chapping that can occur. I use multiple moisturizers throughout the winter and use hydrating masks on both my face and lips almost nightly. My feet also get really dry but I just slather on a good moisturizer and put my socks and shoes on right away. You have to put your moisturizer on fresh from the shower and without really drying off.
In the summer I tend to cut back on my foundation, usually preferring a BB or CC cream. I use a sunscreen with at least SPF 50 +++. It stays light really late in the north and so I have to make sure I continue to apply sunscreen all evening. I always use waterproof mascara anyway and that is about all I have to worry about. I don’t spend much time out in the rain as I am retired and generally just stay in when it is raining.

Oh joy, it’s monsoon season again, where one really needs all the staying power of duct tape here! So, basically, whatever I can put on that is waterproof, I do. Mascara, liners, etc. And that Lancôme Teint Idole Foundation doesn’t play! UDPP in Eden has been keeping my eye looks on fleek from application till removal. Some days, I opt for my It CC Cream with powder and concealer, but it doesn’t hold like my Lancôme. Remembering to spritz a little setting spray helps out immensely!

I powder my face before applying foundation. It makes my foundation last longer and keep oil away longer. Carry blotting sheets with me. I also wear waterproof eyeliner and mascaras as well as liquid lips which all work well in various weather conditions

Here in S. Ontario, “weatherproof” can vary 180 degrees because of our extremes of weather. In winter, it’s a matter of trying to get makeup to withstand a blizzard with temps well below zero (and the dangers of water in moisturizers actually freezing on your face), with blowing snow and sleet. In summer we have hot, humid temps and very high UV index, so avoiding sun damage and not having everything melt off, crease and smear are issues. In summer, when it’s really hot and humid, I try to wear less and wear products that combine sun protection with either coverage or primer, for example. Eyeshadow primer is a must, both summer and winter, as is a waterproof mascara if I’m wearing mascara. Also, a drop of Inglot Duraline mixed with foundation helps to make it water/sweat-proof.

The Inglot Duraline added to foundation is absolutely genius, Mariella! I’m going to give it a try with my It CC Cream to see if that helps it to not pool into my pores and expression lines.
S. Ontario weather sounds identical to Northern NJ and upstate NY weather. Something I was very used to for my 1st 43 years. Perfect! 😉

I can’t claim originality for it. I was at the Times Square Inglot store last summer buying a bottle (coincidentally, in the middle of a blistering heat wave) and the sales assistant there – who was just wonderful – gave me the tip and I’ve used it a few times. The added benefit is that, just like adding a drop of serum or facial oil to foundation before applying it, the Duraline makes the foundation so much smoother and silkier to apply. I hope it works for you. I’ve used it with IT CC cream with wonderful effect. As for the weather here – it’s very similar to Upstate NY except that our winters are that much colder and our summers just as stinkin’ hot and oppressive.

Wow, this is a cool tip I haven’t heard of before. Thanks!
I used to live in upstate NY and can attest to the brutal winters that freeze your face!

Base: No foundation. Just primer and concealer and powder and I’m ready to roll!
Color: I’m going to opt for cream blushes instead of powder, and I wouldn’t wear bronzer at all. I would wear a cream shadow, and I wear waterproof mascara anyway.

Only 2 things come to mind (excluding primers, powders and setting sprays):
1. I take a several minutes to press my foundation into my skin with a BB. Then blotting with a tissue removes excess oil. For me, this helps my wear time.
2. Warm weather separates the men from the boys when it comes to the wear time of a foundation. For me, if the formula is too watery or thin, heat will break it down in short order. I prefer a thicker formula that is thinned by application, and then well-pressed into the skin.

It’s mainly about the products I use. On a day when it’s hot and/or there’s a chance I could get caught in the rain, I’ll wear MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof foundation. I use NYX Proof It waterproof eyeshadow primer and waterproof mascara. Oh, and setting spray. I’m not an outdoorsy type, though, and prefer to stay indoors when it’s too warm. So this isn’t often an issue.

But a few days ago, I got caught in a heavy tropical downpour without an umbrella. In the minute it took to run to my car, I got absolutely drenched, as if I had just stepped out of a lake. Hair dripping, clothes completely soaked through, etc. When I got into my car and looked in the mirror, my hair was a sopping wet disaster, but my makeup still looked great!

On the other hand, if I know I’m going to be outside in the heat for a long period of time, like at Disney World, I’m still trying to figure out the best thing to do. Spending many hours sweating in waterproof makeup can make me break out, even though I’m not prone to breakouts in normal conditions. My face just looks awful without foundation—lots of discolored spots, little veins, ashiness, and black circles under my eyes. I’m not comfortable in public with a bare face—especially when there’s pictures being taken—so I don’t have a really good solution for Disney World yet.

If you’re open to suggestions, I would highly recommend MUFE Full Cover Concealer for summer heat. I use it in a way that borders on foundation style application (a LOT of it if my skin is bad, over moisturizer with SPF while it’s still wet for slip) sometimes and it’s never failed me. I have very fussy, acne prone skin.

I just wrote up a post on this!!

I spent a week in early July, in 35 degree heat! Which is 95 F for any Americans!
I was up at 7am, and didn’t get to take off my makeup until the earliest of 9pm.

So what I did, to keep things easy. Was:

Do my usual skin care, so wash, spray with hydrating/pH balancing toner. Then I applied a super light gel moisturizer, then I applied half a table spoon of SPF too my face!!

Once that dries (which, with my favourite spf it takes about 2 minutes to dry!) I went in with a silicone free redness correcting primer, to neutralize my face. I adore MUFE’s green primer! Then to “spot prime” I tap Cover FX’s mattifying primer onto my T Zone and inner cheeks. Once the primers set, I LIGHT dust Cover FX’s matte setting powder over my oily areas to “set” and lock in the primer, and further mattify.

For coverage, Ill pat a peach corrector under my eyes and inner corners, then I apply a High coverage concealer lightly under my eyes. Using the same concealer, I then press it into any redness, and scarring on my cheeks!
I NEVER do foundation when I need my makeup to last all day. A good concealer is all I need!

Next, Ill apply a cream/liquid blush with a duo fiber brush!

After that I take my laura mercier loose translucent powder and press that all over my face.

Now the KEY part to keeping my base! I set my face with Cover FX’s matte setting spray, let it dry. THEN RE POWDER. this is HUGE. And it really helps lock in my base, and keep me looming fresh longer!!

That’s all of my base tips/tricks. For eye brows, I suggest waterproof eye brow gel or pomade. For eyes I suggest a good eye primer, and waterproof mascara if you feel you need it.

After everything is applied and I’m done. I’ll spray my face with a SPF50 setting spray. And re-spray that through out the day!!

What SPF 50 setting spray do you recommend? I would love to be able to reapply sunscreen without disturbing my makeup!

When I need my eyebrows to stay on all day through truly world class humidity, I use an eyeshadow primer (NARS or UD) as a base through the tails and fill with ABH Brow Powder Duo. Dip Brow and Brow Wiz slide right off me, but I’ve done the brow powder over primer combo in some of the most humid places on earth and my selfies speak for themselves. My profile picture was taken after a hot, sunny, face sweaty day in Patong, Thailand!

MUFE Full Cover Concealer (not necessarily set with anything, but it couldn’t hurt) and Kevyn Aucoin concealer set with Laura Mercier translucent powder both wear incredibly well. The MUFE wins best all around wear-it stays even and unoxidized all day no matter how much I sweat. The KA doesn’t stay quite as even, but nothing compares to the coverage. I wore it over fresh red scars during a really sweaty 14 hour shift yesterday. By the end of the night the finish wasn’t perfectly even anymore, but it was still darn good. IME foundation is too much hassle for sweaty or wet weather unless the coverage is really important to you.

For cold weather, on the other hand, my priority is making my skin texture look smooth, even, and well moisturized. In winter, I get religion about moisturizing at night, and use Paula’s Choice moisturizing mask about once a week. If my skin is looking flaky or uneven when I put on makeup, I’ll gently exfoliate by softly massaging the mask off with a damp muslin cloth. Then I moisturize AGAIN to make sure I’ve got a good protective layer going.

The less the better! As if training for a marathon hated to carry any small extra stuff. Gatorade and nasty goo is enough and chapstick. I mousterize always with my beloved Cera Vé and perhaps a B.B. cream from L’Oréal I love that one. Or skip foundation all together if in the morning and super hot. I change my blush into cream instead I’m liking how natural they show up. If too light then I apply a slight brush of powder blush on it or a bronzer. Chapstick saves the day I always wear under anything makes everything go smooth over and is less likely to melt even on my purse. When running lots others have melted away such as Burts Bees and other few. Totally a melted mess and loss of protection on my lips.

Winter is generally not the big problem here – you just have to keep looking after your feet and lips with moisturiser. Summer is a different matter – lots of sunscreen – I use the La Roche Posay Ultra Light SPF 50 now that I have discovered it. Using a setting powder before foundation can help keep your foundation in place too.
However, I don’t sunbake or stay out in the sun at all during the hot part of the day at all.

Some really great comments here. Do any Canadian posters know where I could buy Supergoop SPF 50 setting spray? Their online store won’t ship to Canada and Sephora Canada doesn’t carry Supergoop:(

It’s the hot, humid, and miserable Monsoon where I’m at.
The only thing I’ve found that absolutely won’t budge in this humidity & heat is good old Estee Lauder’s Double Wear line. The foundation, the concealer, the lipliner- it all really lasts through whatever you throw at it! It is a bit drying but when perspiring buckets who cares.
A good budget dupe for EL DW foundation is Rimmel’s Lasting Finish 25hr foundation. It’s not full coverage like it says on the bottle but it can go up to high medium. It does last for a good 8-10 hrs & has a very similar finish to EL DW. The shades aren’t as pink as Rimmel’s other foundations too- I found a great match for my light skin with yellow undertones with 103 True Ivory.
Other than that I wear as little makeup as possible and powder up frequently.

My big weather-proofing problem is hot weather combined with my oily skin. Wearing powder under and over a powder foundation works best for me when temps get 85F and hotter, or else Lancome Teint Idole if I need high coverage (it withstands the heat like no other liquid I’ve tried). Primers and setting spray are in order year-round for me, and hot weather makes them especially important. I try to avoid creamy products that will just melt on me.

The other big weather issue here in the PNW can be heavy rain and wind. Waterproof mascara, and eyeliner are in order, as well as setting spray.

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