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Interesting question…but how would I even know if I did have any? It’s not like I’ve sat and watched all my friends and family apply theirs and therefore have *some* point of reference or that they’ve watched me and have seen me do something”quirky”, either. ?

I don’t think I have quirks, but other people might. Like I’m the only person in my circle of family and friends that really wears makeup (everyone wears either none or very minimal amounts), so I guess I could be considered quirky if I show up with a full face and bold blue shadow or a smoky eye. Or if I walk around with gray or black lipstick, which I’ve done, I can see other people looking at me as quirky.

Every once in a while I talk through my makeup routine in the mirror as if I was talking to an audience. And I’ve done this since my teen years, way before Youtube channels existed so it’s not influenced by that. Am I the only one?

I do this too! I’ve been doing it since the 80s …and more often than not my cat’s my (unimpressed) audience.

Not that I can think of!
Well, one thing is that I like my makeup products to look perfect, so I’m always very careful about using them gently so they look as good as new for as long as possible. Sometimes I see pictures of other people’s used palette and I’m horrified at how beaten up they look, lol! I can’t stand when makeup products look messy or dirty. I also tend to have a very light hand and use very little product each time.

I am the same way. I keep my collection and palates very clean. When I decide on my makeup look for the week, I often go through and clean the organizer that is holding my makeup just so that everything looks new and clean and ready to be used.

I put my depotted eyeshadow pans in color-coordinated Zpalettes: Purples in purple palettes, yellows and oranges in a yellow palette, greens in a peacock feather print palette, Looxi duochrome shadows in a holographic palette. Blushes are in multi-colored print Zpalettes. And so on. It’s weird, but I can find stuff easily. It also makes me stupidly happy inside.

That sounds SO cool! Much better than what I did with a ton of MAC Pro pan singles. I stuck mine in those e.l.f. empty quad palette thingys, which are all white, so I usually have to open each one up to find a shade. It’s a PITA!

I bought all my Z palettes when the first came out and didn’t have funs colours….. I so Want Fun Colours!!!!

I have my warm eyeshadows in cheetah print and my cool eyeshadows in Zebra for my mix brand palettes. Blushes in red and they rest are in black but I slap on a brand sticker if I get one that matches the products inside. lol

The Mercari app allows selling of used makeup items (I know, the thought of buying some grosses people out), BUT if you buy a $60 palette and find you only like one color, depotting it and selling it for less is better for me than more bulk. Sell the old ones and buy new!!

Is the Mercari App similar to selling on Glambot? I tried selling on Glambot once and was very disappointed. They offered next to nothing for my used (some of it brand new still in the box) makeup and their turnaround time was so slow. It was a total rip off.

Rachel R:
That’a great idea. I never even thought about colorizing my eye shadows. But you are right. Once you accumulate so much of one color it makes sense.

I think the way I do my lashes may look a bit weird to some. Instead of brushing the mascara onto my lashes I just continuously close my lashes on the brush. I don’t know, maybe other people do it too?

Not really a “quirk” but I can’t wear certain textures of lip products because I have Sensory Processing Disorder and they upset me. My eyes also water a lot and sometimes, eye make-up is impossible — So there are days where I’d only wear lip products and nothing else.

🙁 I sweat a lot due to medication I have to take so sometimes I sweat so much that I have to do my makeup in the kitchen standing in front of the freezer while it’s open otherwise I’ll sweat on my face only and nothing will get done.

Wow. You make me feel better. I’m going through the same thing with sweating. I’ve tried everything. I’ve turned down the shower temp, left the bathroom door open while showering, left the bathroom window open while showering. It seems like my moisturizer makes me sweat worse. It’s horrible. Any other time I don’t sweat when putting on makeup. It’s weird.

Sweating in the face is the worst. I’ve learned to take my time lol. I do everything slowly so I don’t sweat but sometimes I could just be sitting there and BOOM, sweat. It’s horrible. But you are not alone….

I never do my makeup in the bathroom. I always do my face on my couch with a TV tray and lighted mirror, watching TV and drinking coffee! Usually takes me 30-45 minutes to put my makeup on, but it’s one of the best times of the day for me!

I have my fav shows Seinfeld playing on Hulu every morning as I do my makeup. It’s like a must…I have to watch it because I don’t need to “watch” it, I know every episode already and still laugh.

About the only “quirky” thing I can think of is that I always wear eyeshadow primer, even with powder shadows that claim to include primer or be long wearing, etc. I often wear it with cream shadows too but always, always with powder ones!

I have to tilt my head up whenever I apply mascara, otherwise I poke myself in the eye with the want.

I usually apply liquid lipstick to my bottom lip, then always the left side of my top lip. I can’t do the right top lip first.

Interesting… One person’s “particular” is another person’s “quirky”. I don’t know if this constitutes quirkiness, but I do particularly lately like to store favored eyeliners, lip products, brushes in antique glassware on my countertop. Just a little pleasure that others might find inefficient or something.

I carry enough makeup in my purse, every day, to do many different looks. We’re talking two or three eyeshadow palettes, several blushes (or a blush palette), and something that can be used for contouring and highlighting. I also carry a small makeup bag of lipsticks and all the brushes I need for anything I could possibly want to do.

So basically I’m the makeup bag lady.

Hahaha, I love that! I have about a half dozen lip colors on me at any given time. Before I switched to a very small purse it was even worse…

Ooh, I do have a couple things that I do differently than friends I’ve seen apply their makeup!

I line my upper waterline with liquid eyeliner, because I find everything else ends up transferring to the lower lashline.
I do my eyeliner from left to right on both eyes, so I start on the outer edge of my left eye but on the inner corner on the right. And rather than using the tip I lean side of the felt tip on my lashline.
And lastly, I almost never carry makeup for touch-ups even though I wear a full face most days.

I have a bit of organization quirks:

My Zahra spinning lipstick tower is organized by brand and if that brand has numbers for names then the numbers have to go in order from least to greatest. I can’t have a number upside down even if it’s in the right place it has to be right side up. On the top of my tower are holes for more lipstick/gloss etc. so I organize them by height and width. In my standing lip gloss holder for my ABH/Jeffree Star/Milani they are all right side up and because they are always in the same place I can grab the right brand/color without really looking.

I never leave an item out when I’m done with it, it has to go back into it’s home (I would never have two palettes out at the same time even if I plan on using other palettes, I have to use one first then put it up and grab the other).

I use the same brushes for the same color schemes. Ex; I won’t use my eye shadow brush for dark colors on light colors. Each brush I own is for a specific color family; pinks, greens, reds, blues, blacks, etc. and certain brushes for blush, highlight, primers, etc. so they are only used for those colors and never color crossed. It also helps prolong cleaning time frame.

Everyday I get home I put that day’s lipstick/gloss/stain back in it’s place and leave my makeup bag on my vanity table until the morning so I can add the new color in the morning.

I choose my lipstick first

My liner has to match my lipstick near perfectly or I can’t wear it. I get visions of 90’s dark liner lip and can’t go there LOL

I can’t use a wedge more than once like I have to have one for foundation and one for concealer, etc.

OK, I think that’s it LOL. I am anal retentive….it’s been a life long thing that I just deal with. My entire house used to be alphabetized and food organized by label and heights, luckily I was able to let that go.

Guilty too!! I love organization and alphabetizing. Have you seen Sleeping with the enemy…that’s me, but without the psycho part LOL 🙂

I like glitter fallout from eyeshadow-I think it’s cute and kind of rock n roll.

I wear my most intricate makeup when I’m not planning on leaving the house. Even in college, when I had no spending money at all so makeup took a comparative back seat, I would put on a coat of red lipstick before starting my homework.

I often feel compelled to wear outlandish makeup in times of stress or when my life feels out of my control.

LOVE. So, Blue, do you like to touch glitter ornaments at xmas time and then touch your face? I do this and hope it sticks for awhile. Is that a “makeup quirk”?

That is awesome! I can’t say for sure I’ve never done it, but it isn’t something I can remember doing specifically. It makes perfect sense, though.

In our house the lights were the overwhelming focal point of the tree. It was such an ordeal that no one could be around my mother when she was putting them on, except to be in earshot to be told to go buy more Christmas lights. I don’t know how long it took, but it felt like hours. lol. But in the end she would have her huge tree, densely covered in perfectly distributed rainbow lights. If I could capture the lights on my mom’s Christmas tree in makeup, it would be hard not to wear it every day. Thanks for the idea, by the way. 😀

I agree…the glitter fallout is very rockstar. As for wearing makeup just to stay home, it reminds me of the characters you see on tv, especially soaps. They are always dressed and made up, even accessorized, even if they aren’t going anywhere. They come to the door all camera ready. (The men even wear suits!).

I have an order I apply makeup and rarely ever deviate from the routine. It helps me remember all the elements now that I suffer from the occasional senior’s moment.

I keep all my palettes in their original cardboard boxes because I don’t want them to get banged up in my makeup case. I have to use a hand mirror to apply makeup because I’m so nearsighted without glasses so I usually don’t take the plastic film off any mirrors in palettes because I don’t use them.

I keep all my make-up in original cardboard boxes. These boxes are so beautiful ans i know that i waste time every morning but i can’t throw them

I didn’t know what to expect, but I love all the answers to this question! It’s even brought me out of lurkerhood – here’s mine: I don’t wear any powders – blush, eye shadow, foundation, etc – I use all creams, sticks, or liquids of one kind or another, and I finish with a spray instead of powder.

The thing is that I like to put my makeup on while I sit in the car in the parking lot at work – that way I don’t waste time doing it at the gym after I shower while traffic gets worse and worse – and any powders would end up all over my clothes!

I do own some powder products, but they certainly don’t see much use =)

I use bronzer everyday as my crease color no matter what because I find it so much easier to blend and tie a look together. Putting on makeup helps me de-stress and take my mind off real life, I guess that’s a quirk.

I’m left handed so I do my whole face with my left hand, except mascara. I use my left hand for my left eye and my right hand for my right eye. Only mascara though, can’t do eyeliner, eyeshadow, brows, etc with my right hand at all; only mascara!

I do that too with mascara! If I try using my right hand to do my left eye, I end up with mascara all over the place! I also warm up my lash curler at the start of my makeup by putting it under my thigh lol. It works brilliantly and is never going to be too hot like using a blow dryer!

I too am a lefty and I had to sit here and think this through. I am fairly ambidextrous but still the world is entirely backwards to me in many respects. I find I switch hit and swap hands by side frequently, but when it comes down to the fine detail, only my left hand will do. Oh, and I apply lipstick with left as well.

I cannot apply mascara without opening my mouth in a most unflattering way. .. even if the mascara wand is in my left hand.. 🙂

You are all so great, I have actually learned some tips and tricks here!
Ok, here’s mine….
when applying liner or mascara, I take a deep breath, then let some of it out, then hold it to apply. That way, my hand is very steady. I also prop my elbow on something solid.
It’s the best I can do.

My teeth have to be super brushed before i apply lipstick,its a routine.That makes my makeup day perfect. If I dont do it initially i end up feeling ugly. Maybe its a quirk?Having a clean mouth before makeup is necessary. I hate brushing my teeth after foundation too. Minty clean breath before full face.

My I makeup has to go with my outfit in some way it really bothers me if it doesn’t. And I don’t know if other people do this but I apply my eyeliner bottom lash line first.

I keep my collection in pristine condition. The display cases, my palettes, everything. I like it to look clean. I also don’t like to leave for work with any makeup still left on the counter. I put everything back in my organizers so when I come home my counter top is clean and everything is in its place for the next time I use it. Cleaning and organizing my stash is a de-stresser for me and I often do it as a way of relieving stress or anxiety during tough times. I didn’t have much of my own when I was a kid, so I am really protective of my stash – I don’t really show it to my friends because I don’t want them asking to use it or touching it. I have a really cool shelved tower organizer that you can spin it around and it is a wall length mirror. No one is any the wiser that there is a glorious collection behind it. I feel like these are some of my quirks, although they might not be to others.

Pearl do you happen to remember where you got your shelved tower organizer that spins around to a full length mirror? That sound like something I must have!

I keep my shadows, blushes, etc in the little material sleeves a lot of them come in these days even if it takes me a little longer to find the color or quad I want. That’s probably a bit quirky. I also apply my whole face before leaving the house except lipstick, which I always do in the car (only at stop lights). I haven’t always decided what lip I want when I leave, so I decide on my 9 mile/60 minute commute. That also leaves me toting around a billion lip products most of the time, but I always have options lol.

I love organizing my makeup stash which has grown quite a bit since beginning this Summer. Like another lady mentioned somewhere above, I also hate to see messy makeup, broken or spilled I keep my stash neat and organized. I have the Ikea cabinets in each side of my sink in the bathroom one for me, one for my daughter (but she graduated from college and moved near us with her boyfriend). It has thre glass shelves and three drawers. On the top shelves, I have my eyeshadows, my blushes, and lipsticks on the bottom in that order same as I apply it in my face. When hubby interrupts and wants to use our bathroom I warn him You have entered a woman’s delightful world and should leave me the hell in peace! And don’t interrupt! Lol! (while applying makeup). I love the process. Although I apply lightly everything and blend since I’m pale but love it just the same. My daughter does also we live discussing latest purchases and discoveries. 🙂
I wish I had a large dresser instead though I’ve heard is not a good idea to keep makeup in bathroom due to humidity although I keep the glass doors closed. Ikea sure has some cute cabinets for our girly things. In the drawers I put my headbands, cotton, rest of beauty supplies. Under the sink daily after showering lotions, creams, deodorant, day/night creams, powder, etc. I’m kind of an organizing freak. I think!

I have really enjoyed this thread. Didn’t think I had anything to offer but then I remembered…

For years now, every night before I go do sleep I run down the order of how I apply my makeup –what goes on first, what I plan to use the next day, order of shadows, zzzzzzzz….. Sometimes I don’t make it through before I fall asleep. 🙂

It’s not an application quirk, but it’s makeup related and definitely quirky if not downright weird. 🙂

Mascara is my very first step. Ich am painting my lashes from both sides and very close to the roots. Afterwards I clean up the mess I am usually produce with this “technique”, put eye cream on and do the Rest of my makeup.. . 🙂
I am practicing this since starting with makeup as a Teenager, which is 25 years ago now. I have long and dense lashes, which are very blonde and quite hooded eyes and this happened to be the online way to get them really Black…

I really enjoyed reading everybody’s comments. I can relate to the full face and minty clean. Lol! I guess that my quirk is my eyeshadow has to match my outfit for the day. I’ve always wondered why ppl want to interrupt our makeup routines. That’s our time and we’re in our zone. Lol!

Just wearing makeup was a major quirk in my family among my aunts, sisters and cousins. I didn’t think about that until just now!
My daughter loved makeup but is not into it right nw. My granddaughter, 22, loves it. Among my friends of all ages, Im considered a go to person for advice so I must be quirky to some extent. Im willing to try many different styles but don’t stay with those that are to extreme for my age. That is by my definition however.

I don’t like being interrupted, which isn’t easy with a 3 1/2 year old and 10 month old so I’m usually up doing my makeup before the kids wake up in the morning. I also don’t want anyone to watch me do my makeup, it makes me feel anxious for some reason.

I like to switch hands when I do my mascara otherwise my lashes will look different on each eye. Ever since I started my YouTube channel, I also do the “talking to a non existent audience” thing sometimes in my head so that I can improve my tutorials and teach better.

Hi Christine & Temptalia,

Well, some people might call it OCD. Lol. I just call it taking care of what I have. I see what other people’s pressed powder, eyeshadow palette’s, lipsticks, ect look like and I wonder what the heck they are thinking! I mean you wouldn’t leave your make-up on all night, while you slept. You’d want to start off with a clean and moisturized face, with primer on it and then start to apply your make-up routine from there! Having to work with dirty brushes, or dried up, globbed up foundation between the lid and bottle, just makes me want to throw up and then throw it all out! Talk about germy contamination of God knows what!? Ugh and yuck! It takes literally a few seconds to wipe down your pallets with a Q-tip or a cotton ball with some rubbing alcohol. When you’re done with an application brush or sponge, wash them right away and let them air dry. With pressed powder applicator’s, same thing..or you can even throw them in the washing machine on gentle cycle and then let it air dry! I take a spray bottle and I use distilled water and a teaspoon of alcohol or even white vinegar, and lightly spray on the actual product like blush, eyeshadow, pressed powder, ect. I don’t drench the products. I just hold the spray bottle about 4 inches away from the product and give it a little spritz! With that said, a few seconds or minutes that it does take to keep your make-up, brushes,sponges, ect..clean and sanitized, you don’t have to worry about the oils from your hand’s, or if you have animals in your home, the pet dander, pet hair, or even just everyday dust, from both inside of your home or outside of your home, like tree pollen, ect. Besides worrying about clogged pores, you also don’t have to worry about getting a sinus infection or anything else. While you CAN’T control some of the germs, bacteria and other things..you CAN keep everything down to the bare minimum. They say,”Cleanliness Is Close To Godliness” (or as I like to say Godessness, wink). I hope this helps Temptalia Goddesses!!!! ?

I definitely have a makeup related quirk! I became serious about makeup application, and I had a few makeup brushes that had come as a gift with purchase. I used them and as time went on I realized I needed better brushes. Better brushes were ELF brushes at that time. In the last year I purchased quite a few brush sets that are excellent quality. But I’ve discovered, when I get these brushes, they are so soft and pretty, I don’t want to use them and get them dirty. I will still use those old brushes that do not work the best. I cannot tell you why I do this. It makes no sense. When I’m doing my makeup for a really nice event, I have to force myself to use the better brushes. But I still have a drawer full of brush sets that I don’t use. Lol.

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