Do you have any eating/drinking habits for the beauty results?

Do you have any eating/drinking habits for the beauty results? Which ones?

I try to drink a lot of fluids during the day, which is good all around, including for healthier skin.

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Sharona Avatar

Lots of fruits and veggies, water, water, water and working up a sweat! And limited alcohol. This regimen has done wonders for my skin. I have my skin change as I have changed my eating and drinking habits.

Alison Avatar

I have to steer clear of carbs and alcohol due to health reasons (I actually get very ill after ingesting them) and while I’m not actually doing it for the cosmetic benefits, I can tell you that your health is the biggest contributor to how your skin looks!

Karen Avatar

I love drinking green tea with honey! It tastes great in both cold and hot forms. It’s an easy way to flush the toxins out of your body, stay hydrated, and getting antioxidants.

Tam Avatar

Water makes my skin look better definitely! Water alone isn’t the key though. Water in addition to regular skin care for my acneic skin makes a big difference for me.

Tuba Avatar

The best way of getting rid or reducing cellulite immensely is to drink 2 litres a water every day! It works! I have been doing this for half a year now and my legs looks awesome again! I swear by it. It’s a good thing all round because it keeps your body hydrated which is crucial. Try it for at least 2 months before you see results.

Mistli Avatar

This is so true. I used to not drink that much water & when I started drinking only water & lots of it all day long after a couple weeks I couldnt believe it but my cellulite on the back of my legs was completely gone!!

LJ Avatar

There’s no such thing as a magical ingredient that will work wonders on your skin, but there are things that can help it.
Taking cod liver oil, eating at least 3 vegetable portions and 2 fruit portions a day (avocado is particularly good).
I’m not going to say drinking water doesn’t work, because that’s a load of rubbish, but as a mild acne sufferer who ONLY drinks water – absolutely no alcohol or fizzy drinks, I swear upon it – water alone is not enough to change your skin condition.
A lot of my skin problems are genetic – my mother and father both have very large pores, for example, and my father’s skin burns extremely easily – so there are some things you can’t eat and drink better, in my opinion.

Alyssa Avatar

Trying to limit any greasy and over-sugared food/drinks and swapping it out for water, fresh juices, veggies and other healthy options! Not only is it healthy overall, but with the right vitamins and minerals my hair stays ridiculously soft and shiny while my skin stays clear and soft (aside from the small hormonal breakout which is not that big). There is this one tea I love called get gorgeous tastes great and I notice (not alone but with a skin care routine) it helps my skin out a lot!

mila Avatar

No coffee, lots of veggies and protein, all omegas (from capsules and flaxseed/Udo’s choise oil), no dairy products (cured my “acne” – a really bad one on cheek area and chin, and all doctors say that your diet doesn’t effect your skin), very little sugar and gluten. Now I have amazing skin and wonderful glow.

Em Avatar

Basically just eating healthy and exercising takes care of my skin. It still has some issues, but I notice my skin looks much better when I’m eating healthy. I also do not drink alcohol or coffee and I don’t smoke. Those things are awful for your complexion and body.

Joyce Avatar

I try not to use the front of my lips when I eat and drink?? LOL. That’s about it. I used to just do whatever, wipe away everything with a napkin, and go about life. But now I try to be as careful as possible…except when pizza is involved 🙂

gabriella Avatar

I drink lots of water! But I do things that are horrible for my skin too lol my skin isn’t too bad, as long as I do my skincare routine. But I break out horribly once a month! Still haven’t figured out how to stop it from happening. Lol

Rachel Avatar

I too take fish oil and biotin supplements, along with a daily multivitamin gummy with vitamin C and calcium (although technically that isn’t eating/drinking something for my beauty regimen). Since I basically live off Diet Coke, cereal, and Lean Cuisine and basically never drink water (other than to swallow my vitamins & meds), I can really tell the difference when I don’t take the vitamins/supplements. One of my goals is to start incorporating more water and fresh fruits & veggies into my diet but I can’t get on board with getting my omega-3 fatty acids from fish yet. Although I enjoy sushi/sashimi here and there at a good restaurant, I have yet to find a cooked fish that I enjoy (and I am not one to force myself to eat something just for the health benefits).

CeeBee Avatar

Essential amino and fatty acids. The ultimate building blocks for good health and nutrition at a cellular level. Trace elements such as selenium, zinc, magnesium and both water (B group, C, etc) and fat soluble vitamins (D, E, K, etc) in forms able to be absorbed by the human body (as many degrade or breakdown under certain conditions and/or are unable to be metabolized in the form of certain isomers, eg, l-ascorbic acid is relatively unstable after 10 – 14 days in solution and will degrade to d-ascorbic acid which is then simply excreted from the body without being absorbed at all).

So yes, proper nutrition is important but simply saying eat lots of fruit and vege and cut back on fats, lollies and booze (while still good advice) without understanding exactly where your nutrients are coming from isn’t a panacea.
High fat and nutritionally dense foods such as walnuts, avocados, certain oils such as flax seed, eggs (eat the yolks!), etc are all incredibly rich sources of essential nutrients and should be included in your diet if possible.
And a little bit of dark chocolate never hurt anyone 😉

Drinking huge amounts of water just makes you pee a lot.
It does not dissolve or get rid of cellulite (which is just bumpy fat within muscular or connective tissues), it just plumps up the epithelial layers of your skin and makes them look smoother. The fat is still there.
Drinking water is certainly preferable to drinking litres of soft drink and high acid juices, excessive amounts of stimulants and such like, but other liquids can contribute quite happily to your daily fluid requirements.
Alcohol damages your liver (which will cheerfully repair itself) and your brain by the formation of aldehydes (not so cheerful to deal with) but it has very little impact on your skin or face – most “effects” after a big night are probably a result of other causes or behaviours while under the influence of alcohol.

I’m undecided on the dairy issue – there’s a great deal of anecdotal evidence but no independent studies that prove anything one way or another.

Kelly B Avatar

Hi CeeBee…I have not educated myself as thoroughly as you regarding the absorption specifics mentioned in your first paragraph…I look forward to learning more from your input. Everything else you mentioned from that point on is in complete agreement with what I’ve been told from countless doctors.

I live at medical appointments for disability issues (nasty accident resulted in both hands and wrists being reconstructed, not successfully but they put me back together as well as possible, plus other major problems) then my recent cancer diagnosis, surgeries and complications which I have bored people with regarding sunscreen posts. I stopped counting after 8 MAJOR surgeries in the past 8 1/2 years.

I agree that it is critical that people don’t just avoid certain calories and fats. The foods you mentioned (nuts, avocado, eggs especially including yolks, flax seed, etc.) have all provided building blocks needed to heal and are things I have been told specifically by physicians TO MAKE SURE I INCLUDE in my diet. I fully agree with your water comments. While it is CRITICAL to drink a lot of water it is just as important make sure you have the correct balance of vitamins & minerals so the cells can process the water properly…all of which happens naturally with a BALANCED and healthy diet. We get in trouble by fads and eliminating certain items without looking at the details of why that item or class of foods was a staple to begin with (of course I’m not referring to things like yummy french fries…I mean the building block foods as mentioned above) I sure wish a bunch of water helped cellulite and the other things that are not life threatening but mess with the self esteem. I agree with your comments regarding plumped up epithelial layers of your skin looking smoother which makes it seem like the water was the cure rather than the masking effect. Since I also ended up with lymphedema as a result of cancer surgery, I can attest to changes in appearance when liquids (overfill in my case) skin layer cells and other cellular tissue in the body. Areas can look smoother (or in my case large and lumpy) due to fluid. Thank you for the information you provided us!

CeeBee Avatar

Thanks for your comment Kelly, it sounds like you’ve had a tough time health-wise for a while so I wish you all the best health and happiness for your future. 🙂

Safyre Avatar

About 1.5 years ago I started on a “healthier lifestyle” kick for health and weight-loss reasons. I eat a lot more veggies, whole grains, fruits, and take a multivitamin almost daily. I noticed my skin has cleared up considerably. I’ve usually never had to deal with anything awful, but I was always a victim of those nasty under-the-skin type clogged pores/acne on my chin and that’s nearly completely disappeared. do notice that when I steer of-course that I end up with a breakout or – if I’m real “bad” for a few weeks, I get a cystic acne bump here or there and I also feel sluggish – all of that motivates me to keep up with it. 🙂

Sarah Avatar

Lots of water, avoid processed/fast foods, anything super fatty, high salt, or sugar-laden. And definitely limit alcohol intake. Doesn’t sound as fun, but it certainly makes a difference in how you feel and look. (Have you ever seen a celebrity with good skin in a DUI mug shot? Exactly.)

Thomasin Avatar

I will not touch dairy with a ten foot sword. It breaks me out every time. Same with any kind of soy product. There IS a connection between diet and acne for a lot of people. It’s usually not junk food – more often it’s some unrecognized intolerance.

Lauren McCarthy Avatar

I actually had to stop taking biotin based supplements. They were making me breakout. I’m making an effort to drink more water.

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