Do you have a price limit on how much you'll spend on a single item?

Do you have a price limit on how much you’ll spend on a single item? Will you know it when you see it?

I’m fairly price insensitive, though unless it’s something particularly interesting, I tend to stay away from ultra, ultra high-end and allocate more budget towards mid-end to high-end so I can review more of the products that the most amount of people would be be interested in. I do, however, like to have a frame of reference, which is why I will go very high or very low.

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I suppose. The most expensive item I’ve seen that I plan to buy is around $200, I really doubt I’d go higher then that on any beauty product but that’s pretty open-ended since 99% of makeup falls under that amount lol.

I came to make-up fairly late (late 20s) and since then I’ve become more and more price sensitive, mainly because I’ve come to see that price isn’t the end all be all of quality – so often you can simply get great product at lower prices.

Nail polish my limit is now $10-$12, unless it’s one of Chanel’s genuinely unique colors that I know I’ll not only wear but that others will never quite duplicate, like Taboo. I used to be willing to spend more but now I just don’t find it worth it – too many excellent polishes are available without needing to spend more!

Most other make up, I like to hover in the $20-25 mark, with exceptions for things like foundation which I just haven’t found something I like in that range, or the rare palette. Otherwise, I think just about everything I wear I can find something in that price point (or cheaper!) pretty readily so it just doesn’t make sense to go higher.

Other than my two Guerlain Meteorites tins I’ve never spent more than $30 on a single product or $70 on a palette, but if something is really unique and awesome I’d possibly go a little higher.

It depends. For lippies and blushes, I will only spend so much because you can find so many great ones for $5-$10 (ColourPop, Maybelline, Milani, etc). It’s much harder to find foundations and face powders that match the skin, perform well, and have SPF, so I’ll definitely pay more for those, and if there’s one that makes me look totally flawless, the sky could be the limit. The sky could be the limit too if they ever come out with an eye primer that 100% prevents creasing on my oily lids, or an eyeliner that will stay put on my wet waterline all day long.

Not really. I buy high end only now….not because I am a snob….but if I buy low end too, then I will tend to buy alot because it is cheaper. I think all the high end products are about the same in price for that type of item. It cannot vary too much because then no one will be interested. The only brand that I will never purchase is Serge Lutens. A set of four eyeshadows or a set of four concealer in a palette runs $150 or so plus. As for face creams and serums, the cost can be astronomical. Instead of being fixated on the price, I am more discriminate with what I purchase and will either test it at the store or ask Nordstrom to get me a sample.

I don’t have a set number. It depends on my budget, the item, etc. I almost never buy luxury items because they’re so expensive, and the quality is not always better. However, if I absolute loved something and had the money…never say never.

I think the number keeps drifting higher the more interested in makeup I become. In general I stop at about $100 (perfume or palette) but venture over for things I know I love and will use. I’ve drifted into the $50 mark for lipstick, and that’s a weak point for me. As much as I covet every new thing, I can’t even wear all the makeup I have now and I’m much more conscious of that when I buy something new. I’ve created a physical storage limit for my collection that I’ve stuck to for a year now, and that helps curtail my spending.

I won’t go over $15 for nail polish. Other than that, I don’t have any hard and fast price limits on makeup items; I just try to avoid buying really high end brands just for the logo or brand.

I guess it depends on what item – unless I’m really bowled over by the pigmentation or the texture, I can’t see myself spending a lot on eyeshadow singles. I think I stay away from Tom Ford in general and don’t buy a lot of (in my opinion) overpriced MAC limited edition items.

For makeup, I wouldn’t fork out more than $100 (think Guerlain Wulong – $170 – despite everything it’s go going for it)

For skin care, I thought my limit would be about the same but I am quite tempted to ‘invest’ in Ioma’s youth booster serum that comes with its skin hydration level’s measurement device (about $150)

Depends on the item, honestly. If it’s something I know I’ll use often, I’ll go pretty pricey. As a general rule, though, I generally peter out around $75 for cosmetics. Anything more tends to be a little too rich for my blood.

It depends on the products. Like for mascara and nail polish even a $20 purchase is unacceptable but I will spend $60+ on foundation.

Around $50 for foundation, eyeshadow (palettes), good quality skincare, etc. And around $30 for mascara, lip product, eyeliner, and blush. ๐Ÿ™‚

It really depends what the item is. I am willing to spend more on a foundation that delivers because it’s will last me quite some time. I am not willing to spend the grocery budget on an eye shadow though. I have discovered that just because a product is very expensive it doesn’t mean it will perform well, like the Dior quints. They are beautiful in the palette, but I have had nothing but poor luck with them. They apply terribly, they aren’t very pigmented, they fade quickly. I can buy 3 UD eye shadows for less and I know the UD will perform better. I also don’t mind spending 30 bucks on a NARS blush, they last forever for me, and I have a few in rotation. I also have a few of the discontinued blushes from UD in rotation. The UD blushes are quite nice, but I wasn’t going to sell the family silver to get my backup stash complete. I do spend more on some skin care products that work very well for me, I have discovered when my skin is in good shape, I don’t need to wear as much makeup. Skin care items also last longer for me than many other things. I have also been quite disappointed in some very expensive foundations. I love Chanel Vitalumiere, it was great for me, discontinued, and the new formulation just doesn’t work that well for me, nor does NARS Sheer Glow. I have been using UD Naked Skin foundation and it performs better for me, it has a better color match, it’s less expensive, and I get the finish I want without giving up coverage.

I almost never purchase without either a coupon code or ebates code. There used to be no deals available for cosmetics, but since the market has become really saturated in high-end vendors, there are more deals to be had. The last products I did buy without a code were Charlotte Tilbury lippies from her site. I did however buy them in sets, saving me about $10. It turns out the that three shades I really wanted were available in sets. I would have probably skipped the purchase if they weren’t. And as it is, while the colors are gorgeous (Amazing Grace, Sexy Sienna, Lost Cherry), I”m not entirely sure $32 per is reasonable. I don’t think I will repurchase at that price.

It depends on the product. Fifty dollars is probably my limit overall (not considering things like palettes), I would only spend that on foundation, though, not a blush or lipstick.

I’m always looking for a deal, and I’m always looking for quality. I’m more willing to spend on a high performing staple , like a moisturizer or foundation, than poor performing colorful eyeliner that I won’t get as much use out of. I can be swayed by completely unique colors or products though If I can’t dupe it with a cheaper product.

The Louboutin bedazzled bottle of nail polish is a really good example going over a limit. Personally, I will never forget that post. I found it hysterically funny. For the most part, I do not have a price limit and I buy from all price ranges. If I were me when I was young in my 20’s buying my first house, hells no. I would have many limits and an overall hugely restrictive budget. But for me now, I have more of an issue (I’m talking within the confines of my own head space, and obviously not towards others) of moving into high end territory on items I use infrequently or do not feel they are worth the price differential; lipgloss and nail polish seem to be areas where I do not like to spend more than say 30 bucks.

LOL! Yes, I remember the Louboutin Nail Polish post! That was so funny. I can’t wait until they come out with the $ 500 “matching” lipstick, that post would be even more hysterical.

It really depends what it is. Skincare I am ok with more (I’ll go up to 75 per item) and even that depends on what the item is, what it’s purpose is. Cleansers I stay under 30 generally, but will spend more on my serum/moisturzers.

Eyeshadows I tend to get uneasy over $25, lipsticks pushing 30, lipbalms I won’t spend more than 10. Mac’s prices 5 years ago I found reasonable, now they are starting to ask too much.

I don’t really have a price limit for a single item really. But, not long ago, I found myself talked into a very high end skin care line( well-very high end for me anyway) . I was averaging $250-300 per product and then they brought out a more “innovative”line and the products were more. I had to stop myself and realized it was no different than the mid-high range priced stuff I had always used and I went back to that price range and I’m happy with it. I generally set a weekly budget on what I can spend on everything including beauty items. So,if I want to spend $44 on a Tom Ford mascara, I have to consider that chunk coming out. I just research every beauty product that I buy because for years I did not and I wasted so much money.

Not counting items from palettes and other products that include more than one item or color for a single price, $30 seems to be my limit for lips, eyes and cheek products and $40-$45 for foundation. That doesn’t mean that I don’t occasionally splurge beyond that but really I find that I often regret my purchases that exceed those amounts as I rarely end up liking and using my high end items enough to justify what I paid for them.

I do have a price limit for pretty much everything depending on whether it’s drugstore or high end. Like drugstore lipstick, my limit is $7 for one. But higher end lipstick, my limit is $36. Drugstore foundation is $10, higher end foundation is $42, etc… I pretty much always stick to that unless there is something exceptional that I just have to have.

I don’t have a set price limit for single-item purchases, but I do have an overall budget I have to stick to. This pretty effectively limits what I’m *likely* to pay for a single item, thanks to Christine’s helpful reviews of lower-priced dupes.

(Really, thanks a million.)

For makeup, I tend to draw the line at $100 per item (the MUFE Flash Palette is the only thing I’ve bought at that price) and for skincare, I think I’d be willing to pay $175+ if the product were REALLY good.

For skincare I tend to spend more money on one item, but I’m okay with it because those are products I use on a daily/weekly basis, or I haven’t really found cheaper alternatives that I like. For makeup it depends. When I think I’ll get a lot of use out of something I’ll go ahead and buy it, f.e. I bought my first high-end foundation last year and it ended up being my favourite foundation so for me it was definitely worth the splurge!

Anything over $50 will give me a pause. If it’s an eyeshadow palette or even a foundation I might be ok with it, but for any other kind of product, I probably wouldn’t. I will also question my need for a lipstick over $30.

In general I wont go higher than $60 and that is a rare event at that. On the whole i’m willing to pay more for skin care, foundation, and concealer, but everthing else is $20 or less with an occasional exception. I’ve splurged on a few guerlin products and some midrange lipsticks.

I think that I have some sort of unwritten limit pretty much stored in my mind. But actual concrete numbers, not so much. The makeup that I really love tend to run the gamut from DS/LE brands like Nyx, Essence, and some Maybelline and L’Oreal through to mid-end and lower HE brands such as MAC, Urban Decay, Nars, and now MUFE. Now when it comes to skincare and anti-aging products, again it has quite a price range, but definitely more mid into HE.

I hover around $50 for eyeshadow palettes, $30 for foundation, and $10 for lip and cheek products.

I can’t help it, I’m cheap. I do splurge from time to time outside of those categories (*stares at Becca SSP Liquid*) but usually I’m pretty good about sticking to it. And I am very firm about sales/coupons; I absolutely refuse to buy something if there isn’t some sort of deal. For me, it’s a matter of self-control for drugstore products, since I know that if they’re not on sale, they will be, and it’s stupid of me to not wait. for mid-range, I’m a little more flexible, and will buy during an event like Ulta’s 3x points for Platinum members events, so that I feel like I’m not really spending as much. I don’t mind spending a lot in a trip to Ulta or the drugstore (the only places near me), but I absolutely refuse to spend anything close to $100 on one item/palette. I refuse to believe that it is so amazing that it’s worth it.

An Ambient Lighting Powder for 57 CAD + tax was the most I have ever spent on a single makeup item, and I tend to stick to the lower end and drugstore brands (love e.l.f., they saved my face), but it was a purchase I had researched and considered for a while so it really didn’t feel like a splurge. I still don’t expect to go over that or even match that price for a single item any time soon. Generally if a mascara or a lipstick costs more than 15โ‚ฌ I am not going to bother; pens and pencils, 10โ‚ฌ; for foundations and other face makeup my limit is usually around the 25 โ‚ฌ mark, but I will go over these limits for quality items that I know I will use and love.

The truth is though that there is a lot of excellent makeup available even in the drugstore price range these days and I am not entirely convinced that more expensive brands surpass the lower end’s quality even nearly often enough to justify paying more, especially on my budget. And I already have quite a lot of makeup to use up so more of it wouldn’t really help lol!

For actual products – $35 is about my limit unless it’s a palette like Naked or some such. For brushes… I haven’t been able to stomach going above $55 yet. I really, REALLY want some of those Chikuhodo brushes but I’d have to stop eating for a week to afford even 1.

No more than $60 on a palette, or $30ish on individual products. I won’t pay more than $10 for a nail polish though.

When it comes to makeup, I don’t have a limit. If it makes me feel beautiful and gives me pleasure, then it is a good price. I certainly don’t throw my money away, but price is not the first thing I look at. In fact, it is the last. Beautiful, well crafted cosmetics have an esthetic component that makes an emotional connection with the customer. That is what I look for first. As for skin care, I don’t pay attention to those prices because I get the bulk of my skin care from my dermatologist. It is far superior to what retail has to offer, if is selected by my derm to meet my specific needs, and it is based on sound science–all at a fraction of the price of retail products.

OOh lala I would be interested in what kind of stuff your dermatologist recommends. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m skincare fascinated!

I feel as time has gone on, I have become more and more price insensitive. I remember getting the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders (I got the palette and two separate ones) after some hesitation, but then I really liked them. I have acne, and even when my skin is behaving I have discoloration and scars. Let me tell you, the high end complexion makeup was so worth it. When I need to look top notch, I use Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide ($48) set with Bare Minerals Original Foundation ($28), use Bare Minerals Concealer in ($18, covers acne scars very well for me), then finish up with Bronzer, blush, finishing powders, contour highlight.. et etc… It sounds crazy when you type it out, but I go from never wanting to be seen in public to confident. That’s so worth it to me.

As for eyeliner and mascara? I find Maybeline makes awesome stuff that stays put all day and is really black. Tavel sized mascaras are fun because who doesn’t love a fresh mascara.

Now, I’m getting more and more into high end skin care. Whatever it takes to get this acne clear!

For everyone struggling with acne, I have been reading the blog Skin and Tonics, and think her reccomendations regarding skincare are legit. Also check your hormones, but I digress..

I liked this post it was thought stimulating.

Depends what the product is. I’m happy to spend more on decent skin care but I’m not going to pay ยฃ60 (about $94) on a cleanser! Then again I might stretch that far if it’s a seriously good foundation, perfect colour match, etc or a really effective serum. I don’t spend lots on lipsticks or eye shadows as there are plenty of decent cheaper ones around, and I don’t wear lipstick enough to warrant it. I have a bit of a thing for indie nail polishes at the moment but they’re no more expensive than “high end” ones, which I never buy unless discounted. We have some really good budget nail polishes here in the UK so there’s just no need to splurge!

I don’t find it necessary to purchase anything that is more than $30, except maybe a palette. There are too many brands that make high quality items without the high end price. In fact, there are only two foundations (Maybelline Fit and Revlon Naked) that I will use. Both under $9. I used to use Laura Mercier and Urban Decay but I prefer Maybelline and Revlon’s coverage better and they don’t feel as heavy as Laura’s. I always felt like I was wearing a mask with that one even if I mixed it with a primer to thin it out.

Yes! When I stop to consider that it is only a cosmetic item I’m so lusting after, the amount of money that it being charged for say, a single tube of lipstick, and wonder how much better my life will be if I buy this tube of lipstick, I’m hard pressed to even go to $16 – $18 dollars and going above that amount is an insult to my own intelligence

Yes and no? It isn’t a specific number, but I need to feel like I’m getting value for money, and with a lot of the luxe HE brands, I don’t. And in many cases, they don’t even tempt me, because luxury brands tend to come with luxury fragrance and that aggravates my skin and/or allergies. Mid-range HE and higher-end drugstore are where most of my money goes, and I try to buy when there is some kind of deal on – extra loyalty points, 10% off, 3-for-2, Gift with Purchase (with items I would actually use) are common sales options that might convince me to part with my cash.

Beyond that, it would have to be something really special, if it were really expensive. The item that comes to mind is my personalised Ambient Lighting Powder palette. It’s three pans, as with all of them, but the Hourglass counter at Liberty London had a thing on last year where they would create your custom palette on the spot. So I got the three shades that suited me best. It was ยฃ60 but it’s unique to me, I use all three powders, and I have nothing else like it, so that makes it worth it for me.

No. If I want it I get it. I have discovered, obviously, that spending more doesn’t always equal “better” but, that said, I don’t really care what the dollar amount is, low or high. If it does what I want/need I buy it.

Yes I do – I rarely buy single eye shadows (apart from the L’Oreal Infallible range), but lipsticks, mascaras, blush – I always look to find the best deal.

Hmm…around $20 on a lipstick or mascara, $60 on a nice eyeshadow palette. I generally only use UD Deslick for setting powder, but I go through it slowly that I never buy it without a 20% off sale of some sort, so about $20 for that.

I tend to get on better with Asian BB Cream and drugstore foundation, so I won’t spend more than about $15 on base product, though I generally spend less.

I have so much eyeliner, I won’t buy a new one unless it’s on sale.

Since splurging on too many Dolce & Gabbana items, Dior palettes, and Chanel products that underperformed and underwhelmed me, and having beautiful results with brands like Urban Decay, MUFE, and Kat Von D, it’s EXTREMELY rare for me to spend a lot on high-end brands. Except Guerlain. Guerlain makes some amazingly flawless cosmetics.

I don’t have a limit for any single item but I do have a monthly budget. For some reason that’s easier for me to stick to than setting a limit for any single item.

I’m more likely to spend more on skincare than any makeup. That said, I have spent $80 on a palette from a company that sells its duos and singles for around half that. The quality is always excellent. For certain brands I might even go a little higher but that’s about it. If you really want the color or love the quality fine but if you can find an acceptable dupe for less I’ll frequently go with it because makeup has to be replaced frequently.

Of course I do. How can I not if my budget itself is pretty much limited ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, I will go as far as to say that everyone should ๐Ÿ™‚ The first rule of marketing is “A product is worth as much as a customer is willing to pay for it”, so being price conscious and not shelling out money just cause you have it is always advisable (Captain Obvious here).

As everyone here, I would probably like to have more freedom to go a bit higher with skincare (like $50 moisturizer and $80-100 serum), but it is not achievable at present.

How much I’m willing to spend depends pretty much on a product in question (if it is THAT good, I will search high and low for the reasons to justify why I need it and I’ll find them ๐Ÿ™‚ ), but I cannot justify paying $50 for a lipstick for the life of me, even $30 is too steep, would not even consider foundation or a powder if it is not within $30-50 range or buy drugstore eye shadows or blushes (sounds strange a bit, I know, but they last sooo long that I think if it will stick with me for years, I should, just as well, have it fancy).

It varies. I spend money on products that are tried and true. For eyeliners I spend between $6 on L’Oreal Lineur Intense Liquid Felt Tip Liner to my “splurge” of $30 for Lancรดme Artliner felt tip Liquid liner in Noir. As for eye shadows and lipsticks, I spend between $21 to $25 on products from Make Up For Ever and Nars. Eye shadow base is a budget of $25, lash primer is $30. Base and Primer courtesy of Nars and Dior. Mascara is $25. I love how the Dior Diorshow Mascara volumizes my lashes. As for my lip pencils, no more than $16. MAC fills in my “prescription” for great lip pencils. Last but not least, I only spend $1.29 on my Chap Stick moisturizing lip balm with 15 SPF to moisturize my lips before I fill in my lips and apply my lipstick.

Depends on the product, of course. For an eye product, I wouldn’t pay more than $25. For a face product, $50. For a lip product, $20. For a palette of usual size, $70, maybe $80. That’s roughly my limit.

It honestly really depends on what the product is. I’m willing to spend up to about $50 on a palette or something, but for singular items, my limits more like $25.

Once in a while I’ll go for something higher-end when amazing enough or really unique. Otherwise with brands like NYX and Colourpop and lots of mid-end greatness (UD, Too Faced, Mac, Etc.) that it seems unnecessary to spend the big bucks on something no one will see but me. That being said, I will buy luxe items to go in my makeup bag or clutch for nights out, even though I have cheaper dupes, like my Dior powder, Chanel lipstick and gloss, etc. Not because they’re necessarily better than lower end, but they do make you feel special and up the elegance factor quite a bit I have to say. They are a fun indulgence.
Christine, I really wanted to ask you – which are the brands you consider “ultra ultra high end”? I’m super curious!!! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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