Do you feel compelled to keep up with or purchase new releases?

HAHA, of course!! This question is less for me and more for readers to answer. Newer releases, whether limited edition or permanent, tend to take precedence over older/existing products, but there are some permanent ranges that are important to have covered. It is, though, easier for me to cover a newly-released (but permanent) line-up of products–say NARS’ lipstick–because that content will last for awhile but is still fresh for readers when it goes live initially.

— Christine
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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

I absolutely appreciate that bloggers/reviewers do so that it’s easier for me to find something great. But honestly, with make-up I’m not as compelled to “keep up” if only because not every color works for my skin tone or is of interest to me so it takes a trifecta of color + great formula + marketing gimmick to really get me to that point. And sometimes theme does sucker me in even if not all the colors work (see also: UD’s GoT collection). But for the most part, I’m just interested in finding what works for me (new or old).

I find that I tend to get sucked in way more to the “new and fabulous” thing more with perfume and bath and body products (like Lush or indie perfumers). I’ve never been a “just one signature fragrance” kind of person and I have at times gotten really carried away with new releases and limited collections. However, I’ve gotten to a point where I almost start to resent companies that seem to have constant new releases or limited editions because it is easy to get sucked into that mentality and I feel like I never have the money and opportunity to go back to or try out general catalog stuff that is also pretty great. So I now try to avoid limited stuff as much as I can and stick to things that won’t make me feel like I’m “missing out” or need to keep up or want to stockpile.

Sometimes I do. If it’s something new or different that has come out (which is rare anymore) then I feel compelled, but honestly, the Dupe List on this site has helped me curb that compulsion tremendously, so THANK YOU, Christine!

No, not at all. I love being part of the Temptalia community and reading the reviews and comments. It’s not about a compulsion to keep up with the latest releases, I just love reading about makeup, old or new.

I like to keep an eye on what’s new in the makeup world out of interest, but to feel compelled to buy something … well, that depends. My makeup collection is based on themes such as astronomy, places and things that personally mean something to me, etc. so if a new product fits in with any of those categories then I might just take the plunge πŸ˜‰

I don’t think it’s practical for anyone who’s not an influencer to keep up with purchasing new releases! Maybe someone could keep up with a single brand, if it was ColourPop, and if they didn’t feel like they had to buy, say, all 100 lipsticks when a brand decides to reformulate and relaunch.

I don’t even make much of an effort anymore to keep up with news on new releases… I’m trying not to buy TOO much new makeup, so I mostly just watch reviews here and follow a couple brands on IG that post really beautiful artistry in addition to their products.

Yes, from my preferred brands. I’m always on the lookout. Sometimes it’s a relief if I’m not interested in the latest and greatest or ‘next best thing’. I have purchased from last year I haven’t gotten to yet.

No, I don’t feel compelled in any way. I like though to be able to have a glimpse, in advance, of the upcoming collections/launches. This allows me to add certain items to my wishlist and keep an eye on the actual launch, in case I want to purchase an item that I know will sell fast.

Brands like Chanel and Dior happen to launch in Canada at the same time when they launch in Europe (usually UK). It happened more than once that by the time I wait for the reviews, items I want tu purchase may be gone (especially the e/s palettes).

No, not really… While I do enjoy “following” trends & upcoming releases, particularly from the handful of brands I primarily buy from, I never feel compelled to buy something I don’t want, or won’t wear. I personally can’t justify spending more than $10 on lipstick, but I still like to see swatches of new products. I’m not at interested in the “bronzey glow & coral lip” that is ubiquitous for Summer collections, but I still look at reviews/swatches. Even with brands I know I won’t purchase from, I still enjoy seeing what they offer. Every once in a while, something will surprise me, and I’ll change my mind; I never paid much attention to Marc Jacobs Beauty, but I fell in love with one specific highlighter, although I have no interest in the brand, overall, and wouldn’t have known about had i not saw the review here. It took several years for me to pull the trigger on Melt Cosmetics, and when I finally did, I ended up hauling most of their shadows, but spent about another year and a half contemplating the rest (I did end up getting the Radioactive palette because of the new shades, the yellow & green, as I couldn’t justify the stack with the orange & pink). That said, I will automatically pick up UD Naked palettes, and buy WnW blindly, LOL!

Keep up with, yes. Purchase, no. I often find inspiration in new ways to use my existing collection when I look at new things, though. Like, I am always rearranging my eyeshadow singles to imitate new palettes I am drawn to. I don’t need more stuff right now, though.

To keep up with? Yes, I try to. Because it *can* be fun and exciting, basically. Or, at least it used to be. Now, the new product releases come at us far too rapidly, with no time to savor them and breathe before another slew of new hits us.
To purchase? No. If I did, I’d be living in the streets! But, I realize that I do buy a decent enough amount of beauty/makeup products as it is.

No, I really don’t. Just because something is new doesn’t mean I will feel compelled to purchase it. It has to work for me, be something I am interested in and receive a good review. Even things that I may feel like I am going to buy, based on a review here on Temptalia doesn’t mean I will actually purchase when I go to the store page. Sometimes that is because I “wise” up between here and the actually purchasing page and realize that I don’t really need the product or I find something different that appeals more.

No, I wouldn’t buy it because it’s the latest release. There was a time in years past I would buy almost everything put out by Urban Decay, but lately, I’ve developed some self-restraint. Also, I seem to be in some kind of slump, and not much of anything is really grabbing my attention. Maybe if I see some nice gift sets before Christmas I might treat myself.

I like keeping up with new products, which is why I’m on your site every day. 😍

I don’t feel the need to buy any new products, except if they look unique or fill a hole in my collection. I tend to be more into buying new releases of clothes if it’s a particularly favorite brand/style that’s updated each year in a new color or print or something.

Absolutely not!
While I’m following new releases (for make-up fun), I don’t feel any need to purchase anything.
When I need to purchase a new make-up item I’ll sometimes go to a newly released item (if it catches my interest), but usually I’ll actually purchase an `older` release with multiple reviews (that are not first impressions).

And just as a side comment, I think that this year there were more foundation releases than actual foundations I have purchased and used all my life. πŸ˜†

The only time I felt compelled to keep up was last year when I was the makeup writer for an online magazine (it went out of business last January, sadly). Otherwise, I just like to, but don’t feel that I have to. If money is extra tight, or I just don’t see anything I want, I feel no pressure to buy. Makeup’s my hobby, so I place a little more importance on keeping up, but pressure would take away the fun.

Since I have a limited amount of space I’m more picky about my purchases. So I don’t really feel the need to “keep up”. I just focus on curating my collection, and I only add to it when it’s something that will nicely fill in any holes in my collection. I’m also a big Sales hunter, so I usually wait for a deal. LE doesn’t really tempt me.

I like looking at new releases but I don’t want to buy them. I can’t keep up. There seems to be dozens per day. Even if I had Bezos levels of cash, you’d need a whole new house to store all of this stuff. Most of it seems like a waste because it does expire.

Not at all, as most of the new releases just don’t work for me. It’s about knowing what suits you, the gaps in your stash and what impresses you the most.
For example, I was really hoping that the UD Honey palette would be for me, but sadly it isn’t – far too many matte leaning orangey shades to work with. I love the shimmers, but when 50% of the shades are ones you won’t use, then you have to leave it.
The dupe list is one of the most important features of this blog (next to your honest reviews and the Temptalia community) and it helps to rein in any impulse temptation by reminding us of what we already have.

I take a look to see what’s out there. If there is a gap in my stash, I might consider it.

I bought the Chanel basics neutral palette back in the summer because it was a nice small size and ideal for travel or my handbag. Along with the bronzer/highlighter duo. It met a need. Wasn’t a large bulky product.

I do have a soft spot for Dior limited edition eyeshadows and sometimes lipsticks and liners. Especially the holiday ones. Sometimes the Bay has a promo bag so I can probably meet the minimum spend threshold and get the nice bag and if I am lucky, some good samples!

If a product I am using is almost used up, I might be more inclined to buy a new release. I also do not need everything. If something catches my eye, I might get it. And if it doesn’t duplicate stuff I already have.

Compelled, no, absolutely not.
I do like seeing what’s new and reading the reviews here as well as looking at the swatches as I know they are true ones.
I sometime look at various you tubers to see new products ans I follow a few brands to keep up with their new.
Makeup is a hobby so it’s for fun I keep up as much or as little, as I do. I now have so much makeup I absolutely don’t feel I have to buy anything and can just get the few really interesting things that catches my eyes. I also do like to buy some permanent makeup, mostly MAC, and mostly lipsticks as I find their permanent range very good.

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