Do you ever mix base or foundation products to get the right combination?

Do you ever mix base or foundation products to get the right combination? Whether it’s to get the right shade or to change the finish?

I regularly mix two shades of foundation to get the right color match! Sometimes if I want a more luminous all-over effect, I’ll mix in a liquid highlighter with my liquid foundation.

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Yes, in the wintertime, I mix a tiny bit of Smashbox BB cream with my Revlon Age Defying Honey Beige foundation to approximate MAC C4.5, and in the warmer months ( most of the year here, ugh), I still use the Revlon foundation, but now add a little liquid highlighter to it. But by June I’ve switched to mainly Lumene bb cream in medium.

Rarely. I’m pretty lucky–with my skintone, I can usually find a close enough match, either a fair or light medium with neutral or slightly yellow undertones (no pink or orange). I just hate it when I’m in between 2 shades, because I would have to buy 2 bottles ($$$$) and probably can’t finish either before they go bad, or I see some new product that catches my fancy. If my skin is looking dull, I will mix some highlighter with my foundation.

No, I don’t. I am a foundation snob (since not long ago, actually :)) and I simply cannot have 2 shades of one foundation at the same time because It is costly and I do not want to spend that extra money for this elusive “perfect” match”. Even if I did have enough cash, I would most probably not be able to use them up before their expiration date, which I would consider a waste.

Mixing two different foundations (like, say, Loreal and MAC) is out of the question!

I never mix foundations but I will blend a liquid highlighter (Clarins Instant Light or MAC Strobe Cream) or a drop or two of Boscia Tsubaki oil with my foundation/CC cream for a lighter or more “glowing” effect.

Sometimes I’ve used two foundations both for getting the right color match or adjusting the coverage I want. But usually I prefer to simplify my routine and use only one, even if it’s no perfect.

I do it a lot on clients but not so much myself. I barely wear foundation anyway so I’m not really interested in mixing. Especially to get a match. I’d rather find a foundation that works out the gate. I’m all for adding a few drops of a liquid highlight though!

I mix two different colors of the same formula every day, but don’t usually mix different formulas together. I’m looking forward to trying the new Cover FX pigment that’s made for mixing, though — mixing that with a good all-mineral sunscreen might make a great summertime base for me!

I mix two foundations and a highlighter almost every time I use foundation. I want to get the right color and luminosity. Depending on summer or winter, I apply a little more of one or the other. Right now I am mixing MUFE HD Foundation with L’Oreal True Match Lumi and my NYX Liquid Highlighter. I don’t remember what colors. I try to get less than half a pump of each so that I don’t cake it on.

I often mix two foundations together to get the right shade or sometimes to get better staying power. Occasionally if a foundation is too matte I’ll mix in a luminizing primer – or recently I’ve been trying the Moisturizing Oil Booster from Paula’s Choice – it’s their version of the something like Argan Oil and it just adds a little glow and moisture.

I regularly mix a lightweight foundation/BB (UD Naked, Dr Jart+) with a full-coverage foundation (KVD) to get the mix of coverage I need on any given day. Some days, barely any. Some days, I’m on stage. Most days, I do a 1/3 KVD to 2/3 BB. It’s all good.

Yep. I mix just about every time I wear make up! I usually will mix two shades. Sometimes, I will mix two formulas of different shades if I want to thin a heavier coverage one out. I also regularly mix in luminizers too!

I mix to get the right consistency and moisturizing level. I have very few BB or CC creams I can use on their own. I usually mix my Olay Fresh Effects BB cream with thicker BB creams or foundations to thin them out and make them more moisturizing.

All the time. I’m either very picky or it’s my artists nature coming out in me! LOL. I mix lipsticks, foundation (even brands and types), I mix lotions and make my own shimmer lotions and a regularly mix nail polish.

I’ve been mixing white foundation into my regular foundations to get the correct colour and use them up before I repurchase one that actually matches me. I also like to mix highlighter into my foundation to give my skin a glow. I love the Rouge Bunny Rouge Sea of Tranquillity liquid highlighter. The Becca one in Pearl is lovely too.

All. The. Time. I have about 20 or so different face bases 😐 I know it’s excessive… I’ve never really found my holy grail base between all the tinted moisturizers, bb creams, foundations. I’m finding it really hard to get a good colour match too, so I like having so many options to mix & get the finish I want. I also like to mix a liquid highlighter with either my primer or the foundation. All I really want is one or two different types of bases that I know work for my skin & I would even get multiple shades so I can accommodate summer/ winter changes!

YES! All the time. I’m a bit of a pr**k about this because it’s one of the questions I get the most that forces me to question all of humanity: “Help I bought this foundation but the shade is too light, so I bought another shade and now it’s too dark! What do I do?!”

I’ll wait a moment while your jaw takes time to drop because really… what the what?

If you want a true color match I think you’re almost always going to have to mix two products. People will sometimes argue the cost but if you liked the foundation and were going to buy it again than you’re literally NOT spending any more than you would have anyway (since you get twice the amount of product by purchasing two bottles).

This question makes me need a drink. 10:15am here… that’s almost lunch yea? LOL

All the time! Recently I’ve been mixing my primers with my foundations and applying the mixture solo instead of putting each product on separately. I found that it went on smoother than applying the two individually and helped me to avoid some of the patchiness I tend to get after applying numerous products to my dry skin.

Right now I mix a pump of e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer in the green color correcting shade with my liquid foundation and it evens my skin tone out very well. 🙂

I often mix foundation or tinted moisturizer with my regular moisturizer(s) to change the finish, make it more dewy, easier to apply.

Rarely, I will mix foundation colors to get just the right shade, but only with the same foundation product, not across brands or other foundations by the same brand.

Most of the time I have to, since my skin is MAC NC15 or lighter (even in summer…). So most of the time, I just take a drugstore foundation and mix it with my MAC Face and Body foundation in white!

Almost daily- while I love my Nars Sheer glow foundation, there’s nothing sheer about it. So for daytime I mix it with a brightening primer to create my own tinted moisturizer. Also, I only keep two colors of foundation in my personal stash- my lightest and darkest shades. So everything in-between is a custom blended color.

Every single day I mix Covergirl 3in1 with a Maybelline BB cream because the Covergirl foundation is way too dry and cakey, and the BB cream on its own is too greasy and transparent. Together they are absolutely flawless.

Yes, I mix two foundations together everytime I do my makeup. Typically, I mix my Loreal Lumi foundation with my Becca Ultimate Coverage creme. I like the coverge the Becca foundation gives me but I have dry flaky acne/skin . So I like the Loreal Lumi for adding luminosity.

Yes! I’ve mixed fountations in the past.
After seeing a Goss makeup video on mixing foundation with a drop of oil I recently started mixing one drop UD Naked skin foundation with one drop Holika Holika Naked Face Balancing primer because I didn’t have an oil on hand. I love the result!!

The way I mix things, one would think I was a chemist! 😉

I’ve mixed foundation with other foundations, BB cream, liquid highlighter, moisturizer, serum, concealer, and even powder pigments. I don’t, however, experiment on days when I plan on leaving the house. Unless a concoction has performed perfectly during a test run, it never sees the light of day.

Yes, all the time! I love mixing foundations to get the prefect shade and finish and experimenting. And I love to mix Armani LS with the Armani fluid sheer in the summer. The LS just doesn’t work for me in winter, it just highlights all of my dry areas! Thus far my favorite mixture is the by Terry cover expert with laura mercier illuminating tinted moustirizer. It provides the most beautiful finish, has great coverage and lasts all day!!

No I don’t – my foundation shade is the right one for me. Even in summer – as I don’t go out in the sun if I can help it due to my fair skin. So I stay the same skin colour all year round.

I haven’t for a long time, not since back when we mixed clown white with the palest foundation we could find to imitate Elizabethan makeup. These days, I’m fine with a good match–it doesn’t have to be perfect.

I use mineral foundation as a concealar, and I usually have to mix two shades to get the right color. If I’ve been in the sun at all, then the darker shade (light) is just right.

Yes I do! It’s more of a necessity rather than a preference though. I wasn’t so happy with the 2 highly recommended products I purchased – Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer (no coverage at all!) and Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid Foundation (too dry!). I didn’t have any issues with shades, it’s more the coverage and application. So instead of using Nars first (as moisturizer and spf) then Estee, I just mix them up. This way, it’s easier to apply and at the same time the coverage is just right.

I try not to. If I can’t find a match, I just move on to another brand and/or formula. There are just far too many options available nowadays to worry about one brand or another having something suitable. Also, as long as I can find something close, I figure I can camouflage anything with the rest of my face products. Fortunately, I’ve found pretty good matches in Maybelline Fit Me in 110; both formulas work for me, as well. However, I do have some foundations that don’t quite work, so I have been experimenting a bit so as to not just have to throw them away. I guess if I find a good combination, I’ll stick with it, though. I used to layer Revlon ColorStay in Buff over Maybelline True Illusion in True Ivory, but the TI was sadly DC’d… That was a combination I discovered by accident. I had forgotten that I had applied the TI, and grabbed the CS, realizing after half my face had both products. The finish, color, & coverage were perfect, and I didn’t have to apply setting powder!

All of the time! This winter I’ve been mixing MAC Prep & Prime Essential Oil with the new NARS foundation – All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. I have dry skin and this helped to keep the NARS foundation from being too matte and dry for my skin.

I use a mineral foundation made by hand from Beauty Bliss Cosmetics. The owner of the company, Lynn Stammer, will send you samples of different colors for you to experiment. In addition, if you tell her the formula you like, she will make it for you. I mix mine myself, using 2 colors, a highlighter and a corrector color. I can vary it from season to season and adjust the color as my skin ages and needs more umph somewhere. The minerals keep forever, so no spoilage.

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