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Heh. I was just thinking last night that I was reorganizing some of my lipsticks (needed more room for them) and just playing with them made me happy, like I took all my Rouge Diors and swatched them on my arm, and then I organized all my lipsticks by X, Y, and Z brands in one bag and A,B, and C brands in another, and it was totally silly but it made me happy to do it. (Also I ran out of room in the bag I was using so some of it was necessary.) So no, I’m not tired of it yet 🙂

That’s so funny, I do that too! Like sometimes when I’m bored I rearrange all my palettes or sort through my lip glosses just for fun. What I NEED to be doing is finding a proper method of eye shadow storage. I just have bags and bags of the stuff with nowhere to put it. :/

grrrrl get a set of muji drawers, the container store makes a similar product as well, and both are available on line. it changed my life!

I don’t so much get tired of it, but every now and then I get a bit of an annoyed phase where I’m all “why should I conform to society’s expectations and waste so much time on makeup?”. They mostly come when I’m running late for work or can’t get something to work, haha!

Not really… Sure there are lots of days when I don’t feel like wearing any or I’m just too lazy to put any on, but I love makeup just like I love jewelry or fashion or music or art. It’s beautiful and a form of expression!

Well, sometimes I just don’t want to wear them, like, at all because I felt like too much a hassle for that day. And there are also times when I don’t feel like buying or even looking at them, but after a few days I’d come back to my makeup-loving self 😀

When I was writing my diploma thesis I was the least interested in makeup that I’ve ever been. My thesis was just much more important and stressful and I didn’t have to leave the house. So I thought “why bother” and didn’t put on any makeup nor did I purchase much.

After it was done and I began working as a freelance music teacher my love for makeup has come back in full swing. I have to look the best I can 🙂

For that first minute after I wake up, as I make my way to the bathroom. I think to myself “I could be sleeping instead.” Then I wash my face, look in the mirror, and thank the greater powers at be for every last item in my caboodles case that’s about to cover my puffy, red and dark circle covered face. Nothing makes me happier than covering up 4 hours of sleep.

Oh yeah, totally, there are some months I am super enthusiastic about buying makeup and wearing makeup, and months that I’m like… I’ve already seen and worn everything that’s under the sun, I’m so bored of it! Currently I’m in a transition from the second step to the first one againg, in fact I’m following you more often again!

Yes. Seriously, sometimes I just want to walk out the door bare-faced and let my skin breathe. I have no problem going out like that to the store or the mall or whatever, but I mean for work.

Makeup gives me pimples. If it goes on my face, I will breakout. I get sick of that. I’m in a phase where if I’m not going somewhere important then I’m not wearing makeup. I am more into skincare and perfume lately.

I think we all go through life cycles when you don’t have time and/or motivation to keep a makeup regimen. My love for makeup never wanes, it just adapts to my lifestyle.

The only time I get tired of it is literally when I’m tired.

If it has been a long day and it’s time to take off my makeup and do my whole night time skincare routine sometimes I feel kind of “over it”

But it usually passes by the time I’m halfway done hahahaha!

I don’t really get tired of makeup. I do have days where I don’t feel like wearing any (like today haha). But, I have been finding myself in a bit of a hair rut. I tried dying it a shade lighter (7R instead of my usual 6R), but I don’t know.. I think I need some new products & stuff like that.

Definitely! All of January I wore makeup almost every single day. But in the fall I’d wear a full face maybe once a week. It depends on my skin and the amount of time I have to get ready.

I don’t really get tired of makeup, but I do cycle between what kinds of makeup I’m most interested in. Like sometimes I’ll be more interested in eyeshadow, or lipstick, and sometimes when I’m busy I stick to natural foolproof looks.

The closest I get to being “tired” of makeup are days where I feel depressed and bad about myself and I think “I feel like shit so I might as well look like shit. I don’t need to put on these powders for anyone.”, but I usually do end up putting on some stuff before leaving the house. The process of putting stuff on usually cheers me up too, at least temporarily. Only once did I feel bad enough that I actually did leave the house without putting anything on. (That is, to do something significant. I usually don’t put anything on if I’m just going to the grocery store or the mechanic’s or just lounging around the house.)

I kind of went through that recently. I wasn’t really tired of the makeup, actually, rather just too tired to put it on in the morning before work. =P But now I’m back to doing a full face in the morning.

I got really tired of doing the full-face, cut-crease eyeshadow type makeup. Now my routine is pretty simplified and I feel like I’ve designed my own sort of makeup style now, and it’s good because I know for sure which makeup items I’ll wear and which ones I won’t when I go shopping now.

cada cierto tiempo me aburoro del maquillaje, pero es relativo, a veces me pasa con los cuidados capilares, otras con el maquillaje, otras con cuidado de las uñas y así, siempre me pasa que por un periodo de tiempo corto me aburro de una de esas tres cosas, pero, despues vuelvo a retomarlo!!! =)

Not entirely, mostly I just get really really sick of the colors that come out. I’m not very much of a neutral girl so those are always boring…another is that I’m so pale that a lot of colors doesn’t give me that bright or pastel look I want…so both new drugstore products and high end products/colors tends to disappoint me, a lot. ~sigh~ Like the L’oreal Infallibles. I want to try one so bad, but I don’t like any of the colors and I know they’ll look quite dark on me anyway. Not that dark colors look bad, just not what I’m looking for right now. Similarly with Maybelline Color Tattoos…love the bold colors…but isn’t bright on me at all >.> Edgy Emerald looks bruise-y on me.

Sometimes I get tired of buying, and I ave long stints where I don’t have the effort to wear makeup every morning, but otherwise, nope.

My wallet WISHES I grew weary of it but alas, no. Never. I am excited whenever I hear about a new release, or product. I love looking at it, touching it and playing with it. Even just wandering around Sephora/Ulta/Nordstroms makes me happy. I am an addict.

I never get tired of make up or anything to do with beauty. I started wearing make up when I was 12 years old and still do after all these years! (more than I care to say!) I have loads of it. Love trying new colors-don’t care for the nude-natural colors much-otherwise love every bit of it!!!

i get tired of new things coming out that really aren’t new at all, especially when it seems like the brand has run out of ideas.
i do a full eye nearly every day and sometimes i put a little more or less effort into my facial makeup, but this gets tiring every so often. i skip makeup completely at least a day every week and keep it light maybe 2-3 times, too.

Yes. I’m tired of Illamasqua releasing boring collections. I’m tired of MAC’s really cruddy collections. I’m tired of Estee Lauder copying MAC. I’m tired of Urban Decay and MUFE not being in Australia. I’m tired of the inflated prices…I’m tired of putting it on in the morning…and I’m tired of taking it off at night…but really, I think I’m just a bit tired!

Tbh, no I don’t. I wish I had to more time and opportunities to explore makeup. I’m not able to wear much makeup at my job, so the only time I really wear it is on the weekends. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of makeup!

ive stopped even going to look at makeup if im in town or anywhere near a beauty supplier, and im not that interested in keeping up to date with the latest collections. I just feel as though its all the same things to me, there is definately a dupe out there for it, and there are hardly ever any unique products that i should be rushing to buy. Im more interested now in keeping fit, changing my lifestyle, trying to concentrate on my driving so i could find better job oppurtunities. I only catch up a few of the makeup blogs just to catch any products that have been released in the past and i still want, and may be re-promoted

Only time I really get “tired” is when I’m looking for something ‘different’, something that I don’t already have in my collection. But I do go through phases between makeup. Like one week, or weeks at a time (depending on what is released), it’s all about eye makeup, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara–you name it. Then it will shift to something else, like as of right now I’m in a lipstick and foundation phase.

Such a late comment but I’ve only now come across this post (sorry!), but I just have to say that yes, I am tired of makeup at the moment! I used to be obsessed about it, but now, meh. I think I own too much makeup (not a whole lot if you compare to other people, but for me it’s a lot!) and I barely ever have an occasion to wear something more elaborate. And when the occasion finally appears, then I never have the time to do it anyway 🙁 My makeup collection looks slightly sad just sitting pretty there barely ever used, kinda like Rapunzel waiting for the prince to come to the rescue! LOL

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