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Well, yeah, lol. On a regular basis, I correct my brows. They just have always been two totally different shapes; one is higher than the other, one is longer than the other, the arches grow differently on both, etc. I try to even them out as much as possible and fill in sparse areas. I use techniques to correct and enhance my eye shape because they are small and the upper lashline curves downward…it’s like a rounded almond shape or something, so I use techniques to elongate and lift the eye. Sometimes I will contour and highlight. Of course I conceal, haha. Also, when I do brighter lips, I have to correct my lip shape on bottom because on the right side it goes up more than the other AND there’s two scars there from when I bit through my lip, so super noticeable with bold lips unless I correct with lipliner.

The only thing I don’t really correct; my big, beautiful, Roman nose! LOL.

I correct my dark circles, and I put a bit of concealer on my facial birthmarks. I can’t be bothered with contouring, I’m pretty lazy.

i like to highlight, conceal and after i conceal i like to add pink back into my face.

i always only use a blush whether it be a natural light pink or a peachy pink. I haven’t found a bronzer that looks good with my skin tone yet and that’s one of the reasons i don’t contour.

also because i don’t have any signs of natural shadows under my cheek bones so when i contour it just looks like a flat blended swipe of bronzer.

i hate filling in my brows because it shows off how uneven they are and because my brows are so dark anyways it just looks bad if i try to fill them in.

Nevaaaa! I love makeup to add color and have fun! I personally never use it to correct. I’ve felt compelled to cover up zits… but get distracted with trying to come with new color combo for my eyes! Makeup and ADHD can be fun!

I think all makeup could fall into this category! I lengthen my lashes with mascara, thicken their appearance with eyeliner….

I want to find a good concealer!

Concealer is a god-send for me. I have an endocrine disorder (PCOS) that, despite dozens of topicals and two courses of Accutane, results in a constant smattering of spots. I use MUFE Full Cover Concealer, which is $36 where I live. It’s the only concealer I’ve ever tried that stays put and matches my pale skin perfectly without being too orange, so the price doesn’t bother me one bit. There’s a lot of societal shaming around acne, so polishing my skin is essential if I want to be taken seriously as a professional.

i have to fill in my brows, because their are naturally very thin!!.. i also try to make my eyes look wider by highlighting the inner corner!

No. I don’t like my nose (it’s a bit big, I think) but by emphasizing my best feature (my eyes) I take away the attention from my nose.

I almost always apply some sort of lipstick to make my lips look soft and really pop. I have full lips so putting even a little color really helps them stand out.

I highlight my cheekbones to make them visible, and occasionally use bronzer to define my cheekbones and jawline. I apply lipstick and gloss slightly beyond my top lip boundary because my top lip is much smaller than my bottom lip. I also fill in my brows to make them even!

Brows – They are sparse and I fill them in with a liner or brow pencil and set with a brown e/s and then dust a corrective powder over the area.

Lashes – My right eye lashes are longer than my left eye lashes, so I use a lengthening mascara on my left eye and then use my regular mascara on both eyelashes.

Under eyes and the area between my nose and eye – I have semi-dark circles under my eyes and I have very thin skin between my eye and nose and it looks like a seam of green running up the area (if that makes sense).

Acne scars – CONCEALER!!!

Hollows of cheeks – Even though I have a fat face, my cheeks have hollows and I contour/bronze the heck out of them.

I think that’s about it.

I really try to, but I’m not sure if I’m using the best products for it. I use a highlighter down my nose to try and thin it, with a darker concealer at the sides, and highlight at the nostrils. It isn’t that noticeable but I was wondering about switching to Laura Mercier conealer to achieve a more natural look, if anyone had any ideas about this I’d be very grateful!

I also have an unsymmetrical face so I try and balance it out with highlighting my brow bones and cheeks at the very tops, subtly. It is the same with my lips, I’ll use concealer around my lips to try and make sure that when I apply lipstick or gloss my top lip looks even.

The main thing though in my opinion is to love the way you look, accept it, don’t try and correct everything. Become comfortable with yourself or else it’s a horrible battle everyday between your mind and your reflection.

I use some foundation (MAC NC15), fill in my eyebrows. That’s the correction I do. The I finish it with some blush & mascara. Not too much make-up, I still look like me but better 🙂

i should…my cheeks :)) they’re a bit chubby-ish considering how skinny i am but i usually forget to even apply blush 🙁
i also try and try to correct my dark puffy eye circles…even tho i put a ton of stuff on them they’re never covered well. maybe with an expensive full coverage concealer(tho i doubt it’d erase them)..but i can’t for now. 🙁

My biggest “flaw” is my dark circles so I conceal the daylights out of those. I’ve only recently started filling in my brows and only do it occasionally because it hasn’t really become habit.

Oh, where do I begin? I do my brows like Christine. I also sculpt my nose to make it thinner and contour the sides of my face and neck to make my face thinner and lessen my double-chin! Hopefully, it works!

Lol everything i can! Contour, Highlight, Fill in my brows, I line my lips with a brownish lip liner and blend into nude lips to sort of give a perfect defined plump pout, and if its a special occasion, i will use false lashes and also wear coloured cosmetic lenses.

Hmm this question is a bit tricky. I suppose putting on makeup counts as “correcting” in one sense or another. My eyebrows are SUPER sparse (not even as a result of overplucking. I just have VERY little body hair in general), so they need to be filled in. I have very short and straight lashes, so they have to be curled and lengthened with a good mascara. I also have chubby cheeks, so I contour the sides of my face. And of course everyone has some concealing to do!

Lucky enough to have good skin but I need to correct the uneven skin tone and redness so some type of foundation is a must. I like to highlight my checkbones since they arent so prominent. And I for sure like to add atleast eyeliner because it brings out my big brown eyes.

I like to think that is one of the points of makeup. Accentuate what you like and and conceal what you aren’t too fond of.
I can’t leave the house without filling in my brows. Brows are a must for me! I contour sometimes but not daily-same thing with highlighting. I do conceal and wear foundation.

highlighting, contouring: Yes I have a very round/oblong face and not features. If i don’t go it o look very pale and flat in photos

Concealing: dark pure blue circles.

fill in brows:not every time but they are sparse and bland but I hate the shape of them so I don’t like drawing to much attention to them either.

I have a bit of a hooded eyelid on one eye! Not severe but I notice!So I also have to look at both eyes carefully to make sure they are uniform !

Oh yes. I have to conceal a lot (bad undereye circles and acne scarring), and I pretty much never skip contouring- I have almost no cheekbones (when you feel my face, you can’t even really feel them) so it’s a must. I also fill in my brows because they’re kinda flat-shaped and more grey than brown.

I also fill in my brows, and I contour my cheeks and my face, so I guess that’s in a way ‘correcting’ my features. 🙂

I love filling in my brows as well! Really completes my look and makes my makeup seem more polished. I adore contouring as well…my face is round and therefore lacks prominent cheekbones. And who doesn’t love concealer?! Great for my dark circles!!!

I shave my brows because over the years I plucked and shaved them one too many times and now with my age, they grow in sticking out every which way and NOTHING will tame them, nothing. I’ve tried everything. So I just shave them off and draw them in, which I hate, but it’s the best I can do. Therefore, I’m constantly watching Youtube videos on brows and drag queens who draw in their brows. :))))) I’ll perfect it one of these days, I hope.

Have you watched Michael James? He used to shave his off and has a few on drawing them back in 🙂

That’s what makeup is for! 🙂

But to answer the question, even if I’m wearing absolutely NOTHING else, I fill in my brows, since they’re sparse and naked-looking due to years of overplucking, shaving, etc. As for the concealing, I always do that, and lately have been highlighting every day and contouring probably 4/5 work days a week.

I also fill in my brows! I use concealer on my dark circles and if I have any blemishes I use concealer there as well. And I definitely wear foundation everyday along with primer to perfect my skin. I also wear highlighter on my cheekbones, browbone, and inner corners of my eyes and a tiny tiny bit on my chin and forehead lol 🙂

Can anybody give me some tips on making my face look more even? My face looks like it is kinda pulled to the right, my left side is better.. It is not noticeable in real life, but it is noticeable in pictures. How should I contour my face to achieve an even result?

I lightly contour and highlight my cheeks (not too much because I think it can be a bit much for everyday) because I have a round face shape and need a bit of help in the cheekbone department!

Oh yeah! I fill in brows, I color correct tone, I highlight to get rid of bags – I like that makeup can act as an equalizer that let’s us show what we want and hide what we want.

i feel like i don’t have the skills required for actual correcting! i would love to be able to apply bronzer strategically for more glow and maybe some contouring.

I’m so excited to see my question posted here! Thanks, Christine, for choosing it!
Anyway, I’m really pale, have genetically dark undereye circles and my face is very thin, so I make my best not to look sick. Than involves concealing my dark circles, blushing and highlighting the inner corners of my eyes. Once this is done and I start to look “alive”, I can play with colors! 😀

Yeah! I contour as I prefer my face very elflike, you know with glorious cheekbones and delicate, pronounced facial bone… I also fill my brows and do my best to hide under-eye shadows which are quite strong, it goes in the family… And does covering your coupe rosa count as correcting a facial feature? 😀 Ah man I feel so flawed. But I love how it can all be fixed with make up, hehe.

I countour with Hoola or Chocolate Solei everyday because I have a very round face. I fill in my brows, conceal my undereye circles, highlight my cheek bones etc etc. Thats what makeup is so great for! Not changing your face drastically, but enhancing your features!

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