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Nope! I rarely think about what I’m wearing when I put on makeup. I just do what I feel like needs to be done. But it usually works out just fine, as I’m mostly wearing black as well.

I usually coordinate my clothes with my makeup! I always put on my make up first, based on my mood and how I’m feeling, then pick my outfit. Luckily, 90% of the time I wear neutral makeup and/or black clothes, so it’s not hard. But I think it’s especially important to coordinate when wearing colours on your face or in your outfit.

Of course I coordinate MakeUp with clothes. Wearing brown, making brown MakeUp. Black t-shirt, black MakeUp… Is that weird?! ๐Ÿ™‚

I try not to since it can be a little cheesy and uncreative to match your makeup exactly with your clothing. I like to use complementary colors. For example, if I am wearing something blue, I will do a purple eyeshadow look and try to incorporate a small amount of blue in somehow like in the crease or in either corner of my eye so I wont look completely off lol. If I am wearing a top with multi-colors like a top with a flower design, I will use the accent colors or colors that are not heavily shown in my top in my eyeshadow look to bring those out.

My look is very exaggerated girly. Like Blair Waldorf meets Barbie. I love bows and ribbons and ruffles and lace… I don’t always “match” my FOTD to my outfit, but a look I wear often is ultra feminine: UD’s sin on my lid with lots of mascara, MAC’s so sweet so easy cream blush, and MAC’s creme cup or snob on my lips (or NARS schiap if I’m feeling gutsy). Not necessarily matching, but it “goes”.

When you’re talking about coordinating it makeup-wise, not really. But coordinating it meaning glaming it up when I’m wearing a gorgeous LBD and killer heels, and toning it down when I’m wearing a flowing maxi dress then yes. ๐Ÿ™‚

i usually wear neutral eyeshadow then i match my blush and/or lipstick with what clothes i wear for the day.

Oh, yeah. I don’t think it looks right if you’re wearing cool makeup shades with an outfit that has warm tones and vice versa. If you’re wearing white or black, I guess anything goes.

i wear a lot of black too cuz i’m into the ‘dark’ look:))
i usually just pair warm colored clothes w/ warm eyeshadows, cool w/ cool, black w/ black, colorful w/ colorful. some girls are annoying and tell me when i wear green eyeshadow why am i becuz i’m not wearing green clothes lol. i think it looks better w/ a contrasting color like black or pink? ๐Ÿ˜›

OF COURSE!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
Actually… I coordinate my clothes with my makeup, because I don’t use makeup but I always have polishes nails, so I usually choose my clothes from my mani ๐Ÿ˜›

Yes and no, usually yes somehow. But like today, I have a neutral warm makeup and a purple t-shirt. And I never wear black.

I kind of don’t coordinate, and kind of do. I have to make sure it doesn’t “clash” in both color palette and in style! I don’t coordinate in terms of PLANNING but it’s just gotta match somehow LOL.

Sometimes, yes. I like to spice up my neutral colors with a bit of color that matches my clothes. Today I’m wearing moss greenes to I made a neutral look with green eyeliner.
But especially with bold lipsticks you need to be careful of what you wear so the colors don’t clash!

For me it depends. Sometimes I’ll match the blush and lipstick and leave the eye colors to at least not clash directly with any color clothing I’m wearing, but if I’m dressing up then I’m more likely to have a perfect match in there some where, especially if the dress is in the lipstick color range.

Yes – either pick up a colour or tone in the ensemble, or at least make sure my makeup doesn’t clash with my outfit!

I will also match the style of makeup to the outfit – for example, if I’m wearing a light summer sundress, I wouldn’t do a smoky eye.

I totally do!

First I put on my clothes, according to my mood and to what is required on that day at work. Say, my boss is not there and I am in a super good mood, I’ll wear bright pink and flip flops. Then I coordinate my makeup. If I am wearing a top in a lipstick color (pink or red), I will try to match the lips to the top and take everything else from there. With any other colored top I’ll start with the eyes first and make sure they go well with whatever I’m wearing.

i usually make sure my clothes and makeup don’t complete – like if i wear black i prob wouldn’t wear brown eyeshadow or at least i’d wear a cool rather than warm brown. So basically I wear warm with warm and cool with cool and usually only wear bright colours with casual outfits.

There are times that I will but it depends on the type of look that I am going for. I will do it with my nails sometimes too. If I am going out at time I will usually coordinate as it will be seen it photos after and I dont want anything that will clash.

I don’t necessarily match colours at all. However, I do make sure that the “big 3” aren’t competing for attention. I want my hair, clothes and make up to be in sync. Generally, I do a 2/3 rule. Laid back clothes means nice hair/makeup. Glam clothes/glam hair- neutral old hollywood eye. I basically picture Anna Nicole Smith/Real House Wife of Beverly Hills and try not to be like that.

only for when im wearing my south asian clothes because that gives me an excuse to really go to town with my makeup. If im wearing western clothing, i willl always opt for a smokey eyes, but if im wearing a particular colour then i will try and make that into a smokey look

I thought maybe I was the only one who loves to wear black. Simply because any makeup goes well with black!!!!!

I wear a lot of black/neutrals, too, but when I wear color I usually go matchy-matchy… I know it can look dated but I’m crossing my fingers it’s one of those styling methods that will always come back in fashion.

I don’t tend to coordinate, but try not to blatantly choose colors that don’t match (or at least don’t match in my eyes) That said, I do actually TRY not to be too matchy matchy.

I don’t always try to match my clothes but I do make sure it doesn’t horribly clash. If I can wear similar colours or nicely contrasting colours I’m all for it though!

Dress code at my job is black and white so I use makeup and accessories for pops of color! On my off days (when I do wear colored clothes) I rarely wear more than foundation and mascara.

I like to coordinate a “look” through my entire ensembleโ€”cute and girly, smokey-eyed rockstar, 40s pinup face and lace, all sorts of different ideas that incorporate clothes, accessories, hair, and makeup for the final look!

I coordinate with my make up! If I feel like blue I find a blue outfit, ha ha. My husband swears I match my shadows with even my underwear, lol….

i dont really try to match my makeup to my clothes in colors but sometimes i coordinate styles. I wear alot of black too, because i look good in black, so i can really play around with my makeup and not have to worry about what i am wearing

Yep, I do. In fact, I have a color wheel in my closet so I can make sure that my makeup colors complement my outfit ๐Ÿ™‚

It definitely coordinates with my clothing but I always keep my eye color in mind. If it doesn’t flatter my eyes, then I go to a neutral with my makeup.

I do coordinate. I’ve heard people saying that you shouldn’t because it’ll look too matchy matchy, but seriously, a coral dress with a black belt does NOT look good with a green and blue eye look! ๐Ÿ™‚

I do, but the degree varies. For instance, if I’m wearing something green, I’ll definitely wear something in the earthy tones, but that may mean something fairly neutral and simple like brown liner and a sweep of tan shadow on the lid, or it may mean something more all-out with green liner and a complex look in shades of green or green-plus-brown on the lid.

I am way into neutrals so I don’t have a problem clashing in a normal day but if I’m going to a special event where I want to go bold, I’ll try to pick an outfit that goes with my makeup. certain eyeshadows just NEED complimenting clothes, like urban decay gash or I have a teal l’oreal loose pigment that I feel needs to match SOMETHING in my clothes when I wear them ^_^ they are just too pretty not to emphasize. I plan my wardrobe according to the makeup when I do bold looks.

Yes! Not always but a lot of the time. For instance, today I’m wearing a purple shirt so I did a light purple eyeshadow. lol I’m just weird I guess.

I don’t necessarily coordinate my m/u with my clothing but I do apply m/u in accordance with the formality or informality of what I am wearing. Like you, I wear quite a bit of black, acutally black exclusively for the most part. Depending on what I’m wearing I usually wear fairly dramatic m/u, even if only wearing a black tee and casual pants. This has been my core look since age 16.

99% of my wardrobe is black. I don’t have any loud colors like yellow or orange, so I don’t really think about it.

Rarely…I am not a matchy, matchy type and don’t like it in my fashion, my jewelry (as in suites of jewelry). I tend to do my makeup often before I even know what I am going to pull on clothing wise unless it’s a special occasion. I might go back to doing a touch of an accent shade that pulls in a shade from my clothing of the day or something that helps pop my eyes more from the clothing I put on.

Yes I do LOL. I had to start wearing more colors on my days off and after work to learn how to better coordinate my make up because I wear all black at work, when I took martial arts the uniform was black..so I found myself just living almost day to day in black. Love the new summer photo of Mellan btw, the pool looks mighty tempting..lucky you. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am so glad to see other people match their makeup to their clothes! lol I’ve been doing it for years and I don’t care if people think it’s matchy or cheesy! It makes me happy when I match. If I’m wearing a teal shirt, for example, I have to bust out some of my awesome Urban Decay Teals too!

What’s the point in having a rainbow of color choices, textures, and shades to go neutral? I love to coordinate my e/s looks w my clothes. And when I wear a neutral outfit, that’s even better.

Well, I don’t want my makeup color choices to exactly match my outfit, but I don’t want the colors to clash either lol! I want them to look good together. I’m a neutral eyeshadow kinda girl anyways, so not much to think about except blush and lip colors

Actually, yes and no. My makeup never competes with what I am wearing but I do try to wear a blush that coordinates with my outfit – like if I am wearing a red blouse, I wear a red-based blush.

I do!
First find what I’m going to wear. Then coordinate my makeup based on the colors of the outfit. I usually go for a neutral eye and do my cheeks and lips to “go” with the outfit. The liner/mรกscara usually match the amount of formalism on my outfit. Heels go with big voluminous lashes, flats & sandals with nice full lashes, sneakers with one coat. Eyeshadow doesn’t match my clothes but compliments them. ๐Ÿ™‚

YES! If im wearing black, anything goes. If im wearing blue, ill stick to the blue family, if im wearing green ill stick with the green family. I try not to go all crazy and wear a green shirt with red eye shadow.

Always! haha… I know I shouldn’t but I love to coordinate and people usually says I did a good job with my makeup.

I do. If I’m wearing black (which is quite often), I always wear a bold lip color. When I’m donning a more colorful outfit, I tend to wear/experiment with eye shadows. I just feel that my eyes should be as “festive” as my outfit. Thank God for blending brushes, though. Hahaha!

I work at a hospital and wear scrubs everyday. That allows me to play with color and match my makeup to my scrubs… as long as it’s not too “crazy” lol

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