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Sort of. I the same way that I have to eat, so cooking is a hobby (or an interest, I guess) as well as something I feel I have to do, so it is with makeup – I am very interested in it, have enough to qualify me as a “collector” just as avid as a coin collector; it’s something I wear every day (because I feel I “have to” in the sense that I want to and like to, the same way I like cooking and eating good food rather than grabbing a Big Mac – if I’m going out, I want to wear makeup and like wearing makeup). So, yes, hobby/interest, I guess. I need to keep reminding myself that I don’t have a makeup blog or youtube channel so I really shouldn’t feel the need to keep buying more stuff the way I would if this were the case.

A hobby, a passion, and an art! Not many people in my life understand this. A lot of people think women wear makeup to get a man or because they’re insecure or vain, but I see makeup as fun, creative, and as a form of self-expression. This reminds me of a great article on Revelist written by Alle Connell about how she wears makeup for herself and doesn’t care what anyone else think about it. (Warning: There’s some salty language in it.)

Seraphine I’m so glad you mentioned that article & wish I had a place other than in my phone to note the name & author as that’s basically my entire Esthetic! I’m not interested in anyone else’s opinion of my Eye Makeup, Clothes, Hair Color/Length/Style,…I do it for ME! Yeah, I’ll dress or do my (mostly eye) Makeup & Hair Style for my Guy on Special Occasions but that’s often private or just Fun! I’m a little Hippie-ish w/my understanding of Skincare & making about half of my Regime my own recipe. But at almost 57 & ( thank the Universe) got some great genetics as I grew up in a Shore Town & everything was centered around the Beach or Ocean & Zinc if you could force me to wear it was ALL there was, NO SPFs! & I managed to age pretty well!) I am a Skincare Fanatic but my Eye Makeup & Hair Color is FOR ME! I’ll use blush occasionally if I want & although Highlighter is redundant on my sharp, angular features I’ll play with it if it grabs my interest!!!

Judging by the hours I spend on Youtube beauty videos, how I obsessively refresh Temptalia.com and Trendmood’s insta page, and how Sephora.com’s Beauty Offers is the first URL I check every morning – more of an obsession than a hobby, LOL

Also yes and no: At one time I was more into creating “looks” with real consideration to the overall effect, and putting a lot of thought into more complicated eyes, but I’ve gotten lazy over the past year and am going mostly one-color eye, with emphasis on my cheeks and lips. In other words I used to treat it like a hobby, and I’ll certainly end up back there someday, but for now it’s just something I do to get ready for the day.

Like you Yes and No, as it began as one and technically it still is because I don’t earn an income from it, but that may change sooner than I thought, and even while it has been a hobby, I’ve always treated it with the same effort, seriousness and implication as work (or other things of importance in my life). And not to flatter you, but to state a fact, you’ve created a site that is very pro and has taken into consideration what those who enjoy or work in the MUA domain need. Example, sorry if I inondated your systems last night, but I finally used the vanity feature and it’s a great tool to better organize and take inventory of what I have (and that is a lot of makeup). So kudos for this service to us!

Yes and no. No, in that all my life it’s been a tool or means to an end — to help improve my appearance and therefore confidence. Over last few years, it’s also become more of a creative playground, yes.

I went to “Cosmetology School” but I was only interested in Hair Coloring & Skincare! So I got the Color Wheel & a basic understanding of Latin, Chemistry & the body & it’s needs, etc, so I LOVE COLOR ON EYES, SKIN & HAIR! But I don’t like the feel of foundation & anything other than Eye Makeup has to be light enough that I can’t feel it. Glue Crystals to my eye area, dye my hair funky shades of my Brunette/Auburn hair & I’d say it’s my favorite Hobby. I just hate finding out the ” perfect non creasing, no or minimum set Concealer is a fraud! With deep set eyes & very high cheekbones the shadows aren’t dark circles they’re shadows that only a light reflecting product or someone with a light constantly walking backwards & making my personal lighting perfect, lighting my eyes & cheekbones & casting the shadow that makes Contour/Bronzer unnecessary anyway, I’ll probably search for the elusive”Perfect Concealer”, so that’s another part of the Hobby! LOL

For me, it’s an Art! And a passion on top of that! Making it one very expensive addiction and fun “hobby”, I suppose. Not something I can see myself giving up doing anytime soon, so there’s that. Every now and then, I do have a slight dry spell where I don’t feel as inspired, but it always comes back to life eventually. Also, I see my face as a canvas, a rather imperfect canvas, but a canvas nevertheless. Fun to see how I can transform it, sculpt it, add artwork to my lids!

My initial response to the question was no as I think of it more as an artistic outlet but I guess in the purest sense of the word hobby, then yes it is a hobby for me. It isn’t something that I have to do regardless of whether I enjoy it or not and I don’t apply makeup because I am vain or feel like I can’t be seen without makeup on. I do just enjoy the process well, except for brows, LOL.

Yes! It’s something that I enjoy and am not forced to do, so that pretty much fits the definition of a hobby.

I suppose it is a hobby, although leaving the house without it doesn’t feel good whereas if I haven’t t picked up my knitting, for example, it doesn’t really bother me.

Yes I do – I have always been interested in makeup and now that I am older and have ventured into to different shades of eye makeup and lipsticks, I find it’s a creative outlet as well.

Love make up. Have a double dressing room in my bath , flanked by a double walk in closet…Recently I did a massive review and disposed of everything in my 4 drawer makeup cabinet that had been purchased before January 2018. I’ve been merrily refilling ever since. Updated my skincare routine with some fab new (to me finds –cie de peau lip serum, Tom Ford lip lock balm ,Tom Ford Fusion Oil , etc. Every day read/subscribe to 3 blogs I’ve grown fond of -especially Temptalia!

For me it’s an hobby. I love make up and I feel myself like painting when i use colours on my eyes or my lips and I change look everiday, not to bore it

It’s a passionate obsessive hobby – both collecting and creating – that I wish I could turn into my career. (I sneak onto this site and so many others while I sit at my boring job).

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