Do you compliment others on their makeup?

Do you compliment others on their makeup? Have you asked someone what they’re wearing before?

Oh, yes! Whenever I see someone wearing a cool makeup look or interesting color, I compliment them and usually ask what they’re using! I’m always curious to hear what people “in real life” are using and wearing.

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I do! I’m more likely to notice nail polish than makeup–but I will always compliment someone on her (or his) nail color, and if I notice really cool makeup I will say something, but I live in the PNW, we don’t get a lot of full face looks out here. I mean, dressed up here means you wear the nice jeans and the shirt without the witty saying on it, so. But if I notice, I say something.

Same here! I live near Seattle, and it’s really weird to see people wearing full-face makeup. I get weird looks from people all the time. =P (Full-face makeup at age 17. =P)

Yes! Mostly make-up people because I know they won’t get weirded out by it 😛 I complimented a customer of mine the other day on her eyeshadow and she gave me a strange look. I’m always commenting on the amazing make up my local Illamasqua staff wear though!

I worked as a barista for years, and I found out pretty quickly that complimenting a lovely manicure or great shade of lipstick is a fantastic conversation starter when somebody’s waiting at the drive-through window for their drinks. Starts up a friendly chat, makes them more likely to return to our cafe (“Hey, I remember you! You liked my nail polish last time I was here!”), and definitely makes the time go by faster for me!

As someone who has worked in customer service for *years*, I find it also makes the person waiting not notice how long the order/transaction is taking, making them less prone to being impatient (this is especially true when working for tips).

Yes! As a lover of lip color, I tend to pay special attention to it on others. If I see someone wearing a lip color that catches my eye, I am likely to give them a compliment than ask the name of the shade they are wearing in hopes they will share and I’ll get the opportunity to try it as well.

Yes, I compliment on what is nice…makeup, hair, clothes etc…And I gasp with shock when the makeup is so garish. No, I just stay silent.

I do compliment other people on their make-up if I like it but it’s usually friends, I don’t tend to compliment complete strangers.

I do. That’s my thing in the campus. Especially I notice people that wear great eye make up. I like to give compliment if the person wears a great eyeliner shape or great combination of eye shadows. I see a lot of exchange student in my campus that have great skill in eye make up. I really adore them because I’m still a newbie in terms of make up.

If I see something I like I would, BUT i really dont see many people in person that have anything spectacular on. I click like on Insragram pics that I do love tho. If that counts!

Honestly, I have only seen one woman who I would have complimented. She had the flawest complexion with foundation. She was a diversity instructor and I was a student in the class. I didn’t say anything but her skin was flawless. I was like, “I want THAT foundation”. I have no problem giving props. When shopping at a counter, I do look for the associate with a nice look.

I do (either nail polish or makeup) and it’s funny how people react…as a beauty junkie, I’m always surprised when someone doesn’t know the name of the color they’re wearing.

I’m guilty of this one. Sometimes I’ve forgotten which lipstick I put on that morning, sometimes my nail tech didn’t give me the name of the polish, sometimes she did and I just forgot. Most of the time I know wha’ts on my nails, but sometimes I can’t remember–like I can’t remember what color is on my nails right this moment. Happens all the time, not just to me, but to a lot of women.

I have found that there are times where people just do not want to tell you the color of what they are wearing so they say “oh I dont know.” My bff always says cherry chapstick even though it is a dr pepper lipsmacker–she doesn’t want people sharing/stealing her look!

I like to give a positive comment when it looks like the person has put a lot of effort into her makeup. I also complement nail color choices. I get complements on my lipstick most of all.

I love complimenting people. Make up, hair, scarf, nail polish…. everything. There is enough negativity going on that I don’t need to be a contributor to it. Funny thing is, I don’t know how to take the compliments. I smile and say thank you. I’m not sure if they want to know what I’m wearing, how I applied it, etc.

Yes, but I rarely see anyone with much makeup on! I work in a military treatment facility, and military members’ makeup has to be very natural. My civilian friends rarely wear makeup, but when they do I always try to tell them it looks nice because most of them are a little intimidated and have said they feel too “made up”.

Often, especially on lipstick, with both friends and strangers. Probably my most common comment on and offline is “that red looks gorgeous on you, what is it?”

I do like to compliment make up on others, nail polish, clothes etc. Sadly most of my compliments go to clothes, jewelry or shoes 🙁 . I´m one of the people that use make up on a regular basis in my school and daily life, and I´m also in the minority about it. Most girls in the mall, school, restaurant go bare faced, so I´m one of the few with visible make up on. And even then I only wear lipstick (shades of pink normaly) and mascara. But when I do see pretty make up or nail polish I´m happy to compliment others. I´ts nice to start a conversation that way or simply get a friendly thank you 🙂 .

Never. Try to compliment (or even talk to) a stranger here in Norway and they’ll look at you like you’re crazy. I compliment friends and family, though, most often on nails, but also clothes, hair and makeup.

As one of the very few people in my town that wears colorful make-up I am usually the one receiving them…people are always so thrown off when I can name every color in my look LOL. Maybe I spend too much time with my make-up?

I do try to compliment anyone I see when they have a look I like. It always leads to good conversation and sometimes finding a new product I would never have thought to use!

Yes! But it´s not usual for me to ask what they´re wearing, unless they’re MUAs or people at makeup counters that seem to share my addiction :)!

Yes, all the time! Even complete strangers, and sometimes I get some odd looks, but I feel like 97% of the time people love to get complimented on their makeup! I have a lot of makeup “buddies” too, so I feel like I am always learning from them and complimenting them! Some of the best recommendations I’ve gotten have been after I’ve given someone a compliment too! I especially like people that are obviously having fun with their makeup using bold colors or glittery looks. I compliment on blush too, sometimes I see someone wearing a blush and it just looks gorgeous on them and I have to say something! The only thing I would say I don’t compliment on often is foundation specifically, I usually just say “Your skin looks amazing” or something like that.

Occasionally I do; but I’m a bit shy. I’m more likely to compliment someone’s nails, actually.

I did once see a woman at Sephora (who worked there) with blue lips & matching blue eyeliner who looked SO AMAZING I asked her if I could take a picture of her for inspiration, and she let me 🙂 It was a fantastic look; basically perfect skin, no other makeup, and the blue lips/ winged liner.

I will if they are my friend or I know them. In Germany that is uncommon to just walk up to a stranger and give them a compliment. I will sometimes just stare haha 😀

I love to see someone made up and dressed to the nines! Ooops, I think I am telling my age. Anyone who puts effort into their hair, makeup, nails, or fashion, I will definitely stop and give a compliment. It makes me feel good if I am approached and complimented. I hope that I am doing the same for the person that I am addressing. It shows that they take pride in their appearance.

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