I would not call myself a collector, as I intend to use makeup and am not trying to save it or preserve it. I don’t regularly pull out pieces to admire or look at them in any way. There are times where I want to own all of a certain formula, if it’s exceptionally good, more because they’re all so good and want to have them all to use.

— Christine
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I agree with Christine, I am makeup user who has a “collection” of makeup for I use most (if not all) the products I own.

I understand why people collect makeup, and I love watching YT makeup collection videos, but I am too pragmatic and practical to collect makeup just for the sake of collecting makeup.

I don’t collect makeup as I do plan on using every item I purchase, even if I initially didn’t like a product, I will still attempt to make them work out.However, I will acknowledge that from an outside perspective looking at my drawer full of (some)slightly touched makeup items, it gives the impression that I’m collecting all these products.In reality I have used every single product from my beauty drawer, albeit some way more than others.Rest assure that nothing goes to waste.

I have more than above average makeup but I don’t “collect” for the sake of packaging, engraved powder or just for looking. I like to use them – lol. I’m lucky to have female family who appreciate makeup and love to take what I regret.
I’m giving away limited edition makeup as we speak because I discovered I don’t like the colour or the formula.

I like to collect colours I suppose. If I don’t have a violet lipstick, I’ll try to find one (that I’ll likely wear, I’m pretty brave though). I’m not into dupes or having 10 different black eyeliners or pink lip glosses.

I hoard, not collect haha. I have most of the Tarte Amazonian blushes but just because I like them all not because I wanted to complete the set (I only don’t have one). I use everything, otherwise I can’t justify buying it…I don’t have money to throw around like that.

I hoard make-up, mainly because most of the make-up I bought in the past year or two are in another country with my husband, along with the rest of my possession. ^^; I’d definitely use them once I can move over there though!

I think I’m more of a “wow this is REALLY cool and one of a kind! I’m going to use it up until it’s ALL GONE!” kind of guy. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do with stuff you like? I have a hard time spending money on something I want that badly only to keep it in the box and never use it. WHAT KIND OF A LIFE IS THAT?!?!

I DO have products that I use sparingly though – limited edition stuff that I can’t get anymore – so that I don’t use them all up right away. Off the top of my head:

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Liquid Bronzer, Aveda’s old double-ended jumbo pencils (were SO AMAZING!), MAC Air Force Blue Cream Color Base and various older MAC lipsticks like Grid (one of my all-time favorites). I’ve bought enough backups of Feline pencil and Bubbles lipstick to last me awhile so I don’t worry about those so much anymore 🙂

Whenever Christine reviews a product with A above, I tend to pick up atleast one piece from that collection which suits my skin tone…but i dont keep it for show..i defn use it.

Not at all in the sense of collecting them to keep. It’s makeup, not sculpture or a painting – it’s to be used (and much of it goes bad if just kept and collected). I may feel a pang at getting near to using up a LE product that is a favourite but still, it’s a favourite because it makes me look nice so what’s the point of keeping it in my drawer?

Nope, not at all! If I get something it’s because I want to use it. I wouldn’t buy something just because the packaging/product looks pretty. I have even held back from purchasing certain products (for example Paul & Joe cat lipsticks) because I wouldn’t know how to start using them.

I buy makeup that I want to wear. I don’t buy something just to have it, that seems like a waste of money to me. Since most products have an expiration date it would just make me sad that I didn’t use something because it was too “pretty” to mess up. It’s supposed to make you feel pretty, not the drawer you keep it in!

No, I don’t. I buy makeup to use it. And almost two months ago, I realized I was slowly and unintentionally moving towards ‘collecting’ because I was beginning to have more makeup than what seemed reasonable to me so I have stopped buying makeup. Initially it was going to be a project 10 pan but after two months of not buying and finishing up loads of stuff, I think I’ll just stay on a no buy for a year or so and see how things go. I have bought enough makeup now to know what I like and what I don’t so I really want to use up things I don’t like in order to reduce my makeup to specific quality items.

I’m going to go with yes. Now I do use the things I own and like you I don’t take it out just to look at it. But truth nobody needs as much makeup as I have. And there are certain products that I am slowly Pokemoning(gotta catch em all) nyx single eyeshadows, nyx jumbo eye pencils, MUFE aqua creams, and I already own all the elf studio blushes(at least all the ones you can get at target. I hate buying stuff online)

I am not exactly a collector but i do own some Chanel pieces (i.e. topaki eyeshadows and the holiday 2011 highlighter) that I avoid using because I just love the way they look. I do sit in front of my makeup drawers and pull out products to look at. I just treasure piece in my collection. That said, I only buy things I know I will use. I avoid getting extravagant colors or crazy textures if I know it will never find its way to my face.

I can also say I collect blush as it rarely touch mine (need full coverage foundation to pull them off).

I can also say I have a collection of eyeshadows and pigments as I don’t touch a number of the shades very often but like having the colour variate.

If you really break it down all a person needs is a proper everyday palettes of neutrals with a few colour shades popped in, 2 foundation maybe 2 blushes, about 2 concealer, 1 mascara, 1 face primer, 1 eyeshadow primer and/or base, about 6 lipsticks.

Anything more then that is superfluous really. lol

Nail polish is another story as it’s more of an accents. I’ve amassed a number of shades this year going from 5 to over 40+ but 20+ of them are texture based glitter, cracked, and magnetic. lol

I’ve been getting away from pre-designed makeup palettes and been buying ones that are interchangeable like Inglot and Yaby as I can put together a few looks for travel with them without needing to bring the whole set. I still however have two naturals palettes I still love the Naked palette and Estee Lauder Extravagant Gold Eyeshadow Palette (perfect for the fair completions).

No it bothers me to have makeup going unused and getting all old. I enjoy going thru a whole pan and going out and buying more. I’m really just trying to find my HG for every catagory. The only reason I’d have more of one type of item is if it came in a value set like mascaras and eyeliners or eyeshadow palletes I do really enjoy collecting Mac brushes!

I’ll collect the stuff I know will last a while. I tend to back-up mascaras and foundations when there is a sale and only open one at a time, but when it comes to eyeshadows I can’t help myself! lol. Lipsticks and lipglosses I collect as well, but I tend to go through those rather quickly once I open them. My make-up goals have always been if I buy it, I have to use it. I hate throwing stuff away 🙁

I don’t collect makeup, but I do buy a lot of makeup though because I like trying new products and colors. I only buy something I think I am going to use.

I don’t collect makeup but I’ve amassed quite a bit of it. That said, I make a concerted effort to
use different products like blush, eyeshadow & lipstick every day. I just LOVE the stuff!

yes i do collect makeup, but i find now collect things i actually would use rather than something just pretty to look at.
i esp love MAC limited edition products and collection, although 2011 wasnt a great year for mac..
wish they brought back the hello kitty and barbie again..

I don’t like to collect makeup for the sake of collecting it and I will sort through and get rid of products that I don’t like or use or are old. I would rather have a small/medium size collection of makeup that I use and enjoy than a large collection of things that I don’t.

I collected NYX single e/s for a while there, especially the ones named after places in Hawaii. Mostly because I love the way the vaguely Chanel-like quilted shadows look in their sleek little black pods, and also because I love blue and Hawaii.

I used to collect the more beautiful artistic palettes (first one was YSL), but that was when I had more disposable cash and the palettes were less costly. I purchased them and store them, don’t use them. Now, I just have too much makeup, but I do use it.

When I think of collecting makeup, I think of someone who keeps the makeup in its original packaging and doesn’t use it. While there are some beautiful packaging and designs in the makeup products themselves, I buy makeup to use it, not to look at it or collect it.

I guess you could say I’m a collector! Have way too much, but I love having all the colors and I do intend to use MOST of it. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to as I have as much as many make up stores do(or more)!

I will feel very, very bad if I don’t make use of what I buy. Unless I see something interesting and giftable to my friends and family, I absolutely don’t buy things on impulse, let alone just because of admiration. Anything that I stop using, I give them to my friends in need or mercilessly throw them away. It creates a turnover for me to buy new stuff without being a hoarder.

This is an excellent question for myself as I USED to collect make-up. I still have a nice collection but I no longer keep it to ‘admire’ but now I use it. I used to collect any LE or GWP items. Then about 2 years ago I gradually started to use up my very old stash of goodies. Some was in perfect condition, some had to be thrown away. I sometimes will keep packaging after an item is used up (I keep some boxes and all MAC boxes) but I would say for the most part all my make-up will be used up.

The only exception to my collection would be my old/antique/vintage pieces. Those I will never touch as most of those are unsanitary and previously used by someone else.

I collect my favorite color eye shadows like purples, greens, oranges and a small stash of blue. I only buy stuff if I really love and not because it is on sale unless I have been wanting to try a product. I don’t buy makeup for the packaging. If I don’t love it and will use it I ain’t buying it. I have to be this way in order to prevent me from having too much makeup that will eventually go bad if I don’t use it. I also collect neutral colors I mean you can’t go wrong with those because I use them for eyebrow powder and transitional shades on my eyes between colors. I see peoples collections on YouTube and some of them are just to me a waste of money. Why would a person own over 100 lipsticks and over 50 lip glosses and not be a makeup artist. That stuff it going to spoil in a matter of years and she is going to be dumping all of that stuff in the trash weather it pretty or not.

I would purchase a collectible of something that has really beautiful packaging, is of great quality and is a great colour. I don’t tend to collect to complete a collection though. I do stop myself when I don’t belive it would be something suitable for me in the long term.

I don’t collect make up, but I like to have varieties of a color and I like to play with color.

Over the last year I have implemented a few rules to ensure that I use what I have:
I don’t buy make up, I won’t wear-no matter how lovely the packaging is.
I try to use everything I buy.
If I haven’t used it in 3 times over 3/4 month period, it goes.
Project 10 pan all products that are 50% to 75% empty.

Last year I also decided to research all the make up trends and then I shopped my make up collection for dupes. I was amazed to find that I owned similar colors used in the catwalk shows, hence I just used what I had.

This year I have decided to continue shopping from my makeup collection and re-investing my money on improving my health (losing weight) and skincare

Yep. I collect. There are those that I would buy to use. Then there are those that I would buy two of the same and use only one of the two……because I know that product no matter what it may be will one day be discontinued….like the Chanel Dragon, UD Book of Shadows etc., I have brands that are now extinct in my collection and I have more makeup than food in the refrigerator. And I collect brushes….brushes that were once made in France or USA are now made in China…so I cherish these brushes with a passion. Right now, Tom Ford is the focus. Let’s see how long that last for me or how long Tom Ford cosmetics stays around, because the products are so so expensive.

I do think I have a lot of makeup but I use everything I have in rotation eg I have 7 foundations depending on my skins needs. If i got something really pretty like MAC’s LE To The Beach Seahorse highlighting powder I would never be able to use it cause theres something special there although im sure I’d pull it out every now and then just to admire it!

I certainly have a love affair with lipsticks and eyeshadows. Eyeshadows are my favorite to apply and play with, but lipstick is the best way to enhance the look on my face 🙂

I was raised in a financially pragmatic household, so while I do collect, there’s always an element of utilitarianism to what I buy. I always use everything at least once, and I’ll make sure it gets into the hands of somebody who will if I don’t.

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