Do you change how you wear your makeup around family?

I’ll make sure I am matching/cohesive if it’s extended family I have not seen in awhile (or don’t see often) and we’re spending a chunk of time with, e.g. going to a cousin’s wedding and seeing all of my extended family for three days. If it’s my immediate family, then I test as usual.

— Christine
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I have some very stereotypically “New Jersey” extended family, and all my life I’ve just felt more comfortable during holidays if I do my makeup to match theirs, even though I think it’s garish.

Thank you for sharing. This is probably my biggest issue right now while finishing the formulations on my makeup brand: I’m so self-conscious around my family and almost never test or wear makeup around them. They’re literally my biggest supporters and some even help me with testing so my issues don’t really make any sense. Did you ever go through a stage like that, or were you pretty confident from the get-go?

I think if they are helping you test and are very supportive, all I can say is just… keep trying hard to do it and face the fear because they love and support you. I did not experience that, but I did tend to joke a bit more (and likely as a defensive mechanism!) like “Oh, I know this is chaos!”

Makeup is mostly something I wear at work or for special occasions, like a wedding or a big party. Other than that I don’t really feel the need. So I don’t usually bother wearing makeup for family. My aunt and uncle were just visiting me a couple weeks ago and my aunt usually wears no makeup except for lipstick, so I mimicked her and did the same, though, to make the excuse to chat about lipsticks. 🙂

My makeup only changes according to my mood or situation. My going-out-to-a-bar-with-friends look is different from my going-to-work look or my hanging-out-at-someone’s-house look. I never worry about what my family or anyone else thinks about my makeup. I know when to be professional, when to tone it down, and when to go all-out fun with it. I have a non-makeup-wearing sister who has said negative things to me, but I don’t care. If she doesn’t like my makeup it’s not my problem. My makeup is part of who I am.

I’m pretty much the same. If I feel like it, I wear what I want. If I feel like going without, I do. Maybe the one exception is morning makeup. I tend to keep it simple or pass entirely. I’m retired but always wore makeup when I worked.

No never. I wear makeup for myself because it is something I enjoy and I feel creative when I apply my makeup. What total strangers think is irrelevant and as for family, if what makeup I wear, when I wear it and how I choose to do it is a concern to them then that is their problem. “To thine own self be true.”

I seriously do not alter anything very much, no matter who I’m around! The only thing I may do differently would probably be not wearing purple lipstick (ie; UD Jawbreaker) around my 2 very elderly aunts and their husbands. But I haven’t seen them in years, anyway. Basically, I am who I am, take me or leave me just as I am.

No, unless it’s an event such as a wedding or funeral. I tone my looks down, even when not family. Those aren’t appropriate times to attract attention to myself.

I don’t change my makeup at all around family, I always wear a full face and they have been conditioned from birth to see me with my makeup face on all the time. I just co-ordinate it with my clothes.

I don’t now, and the only time I did was shortly after my daughter was born. From the time she was only a couple of months old, she would get upset when I wore lipstick, and would smack my mouth & cry. It just occurred to me that was when I pretty much stopped wearing lipstick on a regular basis… Lip products used to dominate my stash, but I started focusing more on eyes, since no other makeup seemed to bother her. Ironically, now that she’s 12, and is allowed to wear some makeup, she’s on her way to becoming a lipstick junkie, LOL!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any sort of relationship with my family other than social media. Where I make no secret about going from full-on glam to mascara and moisturizer for no reason other than it was what I wanted to do.

Although when my granny was still alive, she would always give me a playful, good-natured scoff when I would wear lipstick that isn’t considered “natural or nude”. Every time I apply a vibrant color, that scoff comes into my mind and it always makes me smile.

When I’m meeting my family, I usually wear my boldest or most eccentric make up looks because I want to show them how my technique has improved (I was a bit of a tomboy growing up and didn’t dabble in make up until a few years ago) and because it’s usually the most eccentric looks that we discuss via phone (and my mum is highly skeptical of). I guess I could send her a picture instead and meet my family wearing something that’s -not- a magenta highlighter or a mustard yellow eyeshadow look but where would be the fun in that? Unless I’m running late or get lazy and then I meet my family barefaced because that’s fine too. They love me in all my shapes and forms.

I always wear the makeup I feel like doing, as I do it for myself.
I do however not wear anything bright on a funeral, I do wear a full face of makeup, only in neutrals. The last one I had to go to I even had to buy an appropriate lipstick for.

No sunset palette for one eye and ocean blues for the other around the cousins, Christine? 😉

Yes, I change my makeup — I go with my neutral weekend look. For my mom and sister I’ll often dress normally, but for anyone beyond that I even dress more neutral and avoid jewelry (as I have a Christian midwest family,and a lot of them don’t understand my skull rings or femur necklaces, and would avoid talking to me in my standard garb … even though it’s not “over the top” by any means).

Nah…sometimes they laugh at me because no one else in my family is into makeup, but I don’t care. We’re still family, and I’m still me. Sometimes they compliment me too.

No not at all! As I wear pretty much anarural look I might even have highliter but very subtle. Most times they’ll ask me where is my makeup since I live to talk about it. Lol! I guess if I go to Florida I’ll iust change my routine since it is humid over there like wear water proof mascara and less foundation less if everything unless is a wedding, so it won’t melt off my face. Overall, not really not much.

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