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Nancy T Avatar

Not very often, but I will bring along one of my double ended eye shadow brushes if I expect to be out and about for a long time so that if need be, I can t/u my shadow because sometimes my one eye can really tear up from allergies or wind. Also, if I didn’t have enough time to do most of my eye look. As in, only put on liners, mascara, brows and primer, then ran to catch a bus!
I do, however, always keep a mini Bare Minerals Kabuki brush in my bag for t/u of powder.

Gillian Avatar

Not really. I tend to carry lip balm, lipstick and a powder foundation with me most of the time but no brushes or anything. I suppose that if I’m out of clean sponges I might carry a brush for my powder foundation but that doesn’t happen too often.

Katherine T. Avatar

Rarely. If I’m staying overnight at hotel, then yes, a few brushes for blush, shadow, and powder. I keep some brushes at my desk for touch ups at work. Otherwise, I don’t like to carry a separate brush kit around everyday, as it takes up space in my purse, and I rarely have time to use it . I prefer makeup that comes with a powder puff, blush brush, or shadow applicator, for easy, quick, discreet, touch ups.

Lorraine Avatar

Yes. I have a habit of doing my makeup on the car (while someone else is driving) if I’m running late. I also love using travel size brushes for everyday cause I’me so blind without glasses that normal brushes hit the mirror. Because most of my brushes are travel size it’s easy to pick a few to keep in my bag. I carry a kabuki for powder touch ups, a smaller kabuki for blush, an eyeshadow brush and a pencil brush (1 color on the lid and smudged out liner is my go-to quick look). Even when I don’t need to do my makeup on the go or don’t want to carry a lot of stuff I still like to touch up powder with the kabuki instead of a puff.

Marta Avatar

Yes, I have a three mini brush set from EcoTools with a face brush (powder, blush, highlighter), eye brush (I usually add some highlight to my inner corner during the day as this part rubs off) and an eye angled brush (which I use for concealer).
If I have to rush out the door in the morning and complete my eye makeup on the go I additionally grab the double ended duo from EcoTools. I always try to complete at least the face part at home as most face products and brushes are bigger, more messy – I do not want to carry those for the rest of the day.

Ryou Avatar

I used to carry a retractable eye brush when I still wore a lot of loose eyeshadows. Nowadays, I will MAYBE carry a small retractable lip brush, but for the most part, I don’t bother.

Nail file, however, is a must.

Erica Avatar

Not usually. Once in awhile I may carry a brush to touch up powder if I am out for the day but it pointless every day bc I don’t have time for touch ups and I don’t want to lose or ruin brushes. Usually I carry blotting tissues to keep everything looking fresh though

Julia Avatar

No, not for regular daily use. If it’s going to be a long day I will carry a powder compact for touch ups and use the included puff to avoid carrying a brush. Even though I prefer a brush, the puff is much easier to carry and more discrete. I don’t want to feel like I’m whipping out an entire makeup kit at my desk or in a public restroom.

Lacey Avatar

I used to carry a small bag full with me, but I found I never really needed most of the contents. I carry a few lip products, but for tools, it’s mostly just a pack of blotting wipes and a spare pair of tweezers. I occasionally throw in a powder and travel brush, if there’s a specific need for it.


I have a travel set of Chanel brushes that I keep in my daytime bag. They are in a tiny little roll that velcro together and the brushes are small, but effective. I don’t use them everyday but they do come in handy when needed. In an evening bag, clutch or small daytime cross body I always keep a miniature covered lip brush.

Nicole Avatar

I do not unless I’m going somewhere where I may need to touch up or reapply. For instance, my hairdresser loves to splash my face and get color on my hairline. So, I take a travel blush brush usually. But, I hate carrying my makeup. I have had a bad experience with that once. So, I only do this if I have to.

Nicole Avatar

Haha.,nothing like having your makeup washed off and then going to the next place with colored splotches!
I’ve never heard of this primer! I had to jot the name down.

Celia Avatar

Usually not since I tend to carry things that can quickly refresh a look with brush-free application and very clean hands. But the major exceptions come when I have to attend premiers, showings, etc for work. Then I carry whatever powders I need with me plus a brush lightly coated in that powder for touch-ups in a brush case plus a baggie or mini-train case. For auditions I usually pack along extra foundation and a brush plus a brush with finishing powder on it just in case. But basic items like a Bobbi Brown foundation stick, NARS multiple, and a lipstick won’t need touch-up brushes.

Eileen Avatar

If I’m wearing lipstick (as opposed to gloss only), I carry a retractable lipstick brush. Using a brush makes a huge difference when applying lipstick on my ancient lips :-). Other than that, I never carry any tools or brushes.

Sarah Avatar

I keep a pressed powder and a baby kabuki brush for skin touch ups and blending but not much else! Except Q-tips because I never don’t need one of those. Lipstick bleeding? Clean it up. Eyeliner fading? Smoke it out or rub it off. Emergency spot-covering a pimple? Decent at diffusing edges without any other tool.

tugce Avatar

I sometimes put on my makeup after I am at work… so yes, my to go make up bag has (only) one eye shadow brush with a small blush brush. I tend to take duos or quads with me for eye shadow, if they come with a mini applicator/brush I find that I can use that for blending my shadow as well.

Other than this I don’t carry any tools regularly, just my lipstick for the day.

Stephanie Avatar

I carry a travel set of Quo brushes. A powder brush, a blush brush and 3 eye brushes, all decent quality, that come with a nice foldout case.

Pami Avatar

Even though I hardly ever use it, I always keep an eyelash curler in my bag. I used to carry the Jane Iredale Retractable Handi Brush, but rarely used that either, so I only grab it if I think I’ll need it. Same with retractable lip brush and small e/s brush. Generally I find I can do most necessary touch ups with my fingers.

kellly Avatar

Not really – but since I have 2 big, sheddy dogs and frequently get DOG FUR trapped in my eyelashes and hence scraping along my eyeball every time I blink, I now carry the perfect fur-removal tool – one of those freebie mascara brushes from Ulta or Sephora. When I get fur caught in my lashes, all I need to do is whip out that baby and brush my lashes and it picks that fur right out! It only took me years to discover this, but it’s such a great tip, I thought I’d pass it along. Now it’s a tool I won’t be without!

Dianne Avatar

I have two small powder brushes– one from an It Brushes for Ulta travel kit, one was a Bobbi Brown freebie from a Sephora coupon code– that I alternate in my purse makeup bag on a daily basis. I keep a MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural on hand to reduce shine on occasion, so a brush is needed.

Rachel R. Avatar

I carry blotting papers, powder compact with a mirror & powder puff, a Sonia Kashuk lip brush, and a folding lash/brow comb in my makeup bag. In my purse, I also keep a l set of four bhCosmetics travel-sized double-ended eye brushes (I don’t think they make it any more; it came in a hot pink zippered case). I added a small no brand crease brush that I love, and the Real Techniques Mini Trio Brush Set (powder brush, foundation brush, shader brush). I used to carry tweezers, but I need to get a new one with a case to protect the tips.

Bon Bon Avatar

I’m always on the go. I carry a mini powder/sponge sample in my purse. A full size powder and brush in my car and my entire makeup line in carry case in my trunk when I leave home as it’s usually for an over night stay.

Glenda Avatar

Nope, only a compact with a sponge applicator. I use an eye and face primer so it should last. I just touch up as needed, which is only going to be lipstick anyway. Everything else stays put pretty well.

Katharina Avatar

I always have this little angled (blush) brush with me when I go out. I usually use this for my blush, as it fades pretty fast regardless of what I do haha, but if I feel it’s needed I could also use it to apply some powder. I tend to reach for blotting paper first though, rather than immediately putting on powder again. Sometimes when I have a long work/school day I do take a few eyeshadow brushes with me too, because my eyes tear up soo easily and I just like to be able to touch up my eyeshadow just in case it gets really messy. I just put them in one of those cases you get with Zoeva brushes, so it barely takes up any space.

Jenifer Avatar

Yes! In my makeup bag that I keep in my purse there are: the mini kit from real techniques that comes with a powder brush, a concealer brush and a shade brush, I also carry a small brush from Nars, one that came with the Narsissist Face palette. So I carry this 4 brushes with me on the go.
I also have a small bag and when I´m wearing that I just carry a compact powder with a sponge applicator

Denise Avatar

I put on a full face when I leave for work in the morning. Call me crazy,but I carry a makeup bag in my car. Bring it to work every day. There are days when I work late,so I like to be prepared for events. When I am out for the day or evening I carry essentials in my hand bag. Such as lipstick,liner,concealer, small bottle of foundation and powder. Along with some small brushes. I do use Ben Nye final seal,but there are days when I am so stressed, that nothing helps me. LOL

Amber Avatar

The only makeup products I carry at all are lip products. Right now, there are 2-3 Buxom or Bare Minerals lip glosses in my bag. Occasionally, I carry an actual lipstick. That’s it.

PRNoir Avatar

I only keep blotting papers, lip balm, and whatever lipstick I happen to be wearing that day. Unless I’m traveling I don’t need anything else. I like to invest in products that last all day. My normal work hour is usually 8 hrs, but sometimes that can end up extending to 12-16 hrs. In that case I might bring some setting powder, and a brush, and maybe a setting or refreshing spray, but usually I don’t need anything else. The exception would be if I’m staying overnight somewhere, then yes, I’m going to pack a lot of stuff lol

Lea Avatar

Talking solely tools? Lip brush, Guerlain meteorites brush, blotting papers, small shadow brush (in case I skipped shadow that morning but have a meeting get on my schedule) and small tweezers. Tweezers seem ridiculous, but you never know what you might catch in random lighting or realize you’ve missed something egregious. I don’t pull them out often, but it’s a small safety net.

Laura Haslam Avatar

In my make-up bag I carry a mini concealer, powder pact, twist up pencil eyeliner, eyelash glue, hand sanitiser, hand cream, tissues and then whatever lipstick I’m wearing for that day. I don’t usually need to use the powder, concealer or eyeliner but you never know!

Dana Avatar

My makeup bag in my purse has enough stuff for any minor emergency or set change….I have a nice mini brush set, tweezers, a pocket knife that has scissors, blotting papers, safety pins, bobby pins, floss, toothbrush, sharpener, nail file…. 2 dif kinds of eye drops(redness, dryness), 3 eye liners, concealer, blush, powder, mascara, brow kit, 6 lipsticks/pencils and 1 gloss. Some days I wish I had my cuticle trimmers but that would be overkill. lol

Connie Avatar

Usually I take with me a makeup bag with the things I think I may need for touch ups, like lipliner, lipstick, gloss, and my hourglass edit ambient palette… Also some concealer just im case and tweezers. I also bring a real techniques brush holders with a few brushes, although I almost never use them ?

Tracey E. Avatar

Only if i’m not going home before an evening event. On a typical day, carry lip balm, a few lipsticks, and a Bobbi Brown foundation stick. In the summer, I add blotting paper due to tne humidity.

Cat Avatar

The only things in my makeup bag are hand lotion, a pressed powder, and (usually) half a dozen lip products! I always carry lipgloss in various shades because my lips start to feel dry after a few hours, and I’ll put whatever lipstick I’m wearing in my bag… then forget to take it out. =)

RMW (Rose) Avatar

Not really, but if I do it’s a powder compact with the brush, a compact blush with a brush and my lipstick. All incase of those long day touch ups.

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