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No, because if I couldn’t find the right thing within my collection, it would only be because my collection was too big to find anything efficiently 😑 The only exception I could see would be false lashes, because I don’t tend to use those day to day anymore.

Agreed the only thing I usually need is lashes. But I also tend to use any excuse to buy new makeup. For halloween I will sometimes. I also really enjoy getting my makeup done for my birthday since I usually get mac gift cards. So I buy stuff then too.

I have enough makeup to cover all bases when I’ve got a special occasion on.

However!!! In the past, for example when I was hired for a drag queen photo shoot, I needed to go out and get some products (to block eyebrows) and colours that she’d requested for her makeup.

Not really, I’m pretty well prepared but if I needed to restock on something like UDPP, I might make a sephora run and perhaps pick up some falsies if the occasion is really fancy.

i told a friend of mine that i would do the makeup for her wedding party. now i have an excuse to buy an airbrush system πŸ˜›

Yes I do! My sis is getting married soon and I am assigned to look for bridal makeup. I am frantically collecting foundation, blush, primers, lipsticks and eyeshadows for my family. Let’s not forget those lashes, nail polish and the like.

I don’t really need to. My kit has everything I need, but it there was a color that I’d want to try out but have been saving for a certain occasion, that’s when I head out to buy it.

Nope never. My makeup collection has been ruthlessly streamlined to cover virtually every occasion possible for an outgoing and active college student. That’s why it takes so long for me to find HGs in every single category of makeup. For example, I’ve finally found my favorite concealer, after trying 30+ different ones. I haven’t found my favorite 2 foundations yet, though I’m leaning towards the Laura Mercier Silk Creme and the Chanel Lift Lumiere; I’ve tried about 40+ liquid foundations so far and I have about 20+ samples left. I haven’t even begun looking for the best loose powder and powder foudation, though I have complied an exhaustive list already based on reviews, ingredients, availability, reputation, and many other factors. I’ve found my favorite powder highlighter, but not liquid highlighter (after trying about 10+ of each.) I’ve found my favorite brow powder and contour powder out of sheer luck as I’ve only tried 5+ contour products, and 2+ brow powders and I am super content with both. So yeah.. I have to say that I’m very, VERY satisfied with the HGs that I’ve found because I’ve put so much effort, time, and money into creating an unbiased, thorough, and scientifically stringent process of weeding out the underperformers in order to allow the “cream of the crop,” so to speak, to rise to the top.

Wow, that was definitely too much information. Haha. :]

Wow, I’m just reading this over and it has a ton of typos. After switching from Firefox to IE, misspelled words are no longer underlined in red for some reason. Christine, do you know if there’s some setting that I can tweak in order to fix this, because I’m pretty sure that this problem is exclusive to Temptalia.com.

Anyways, about halfway through my post, I meant to type “powder foundation (not foudation)” and “compiled (not complied).”

Just clearing things up.

Wow! Well done for the effort! Can you share some other favourites? I’d love to see your list!

Sure Renata.

Foundation: Like I said before, I haven’t finished testing but I’m leaning towards Laura Mercier Silk Creme and Chanel Lift Lumiere.

Concealer (Undereye and Face): Estee Lauder DW Concealer and Lancome Maquicomplet if I’m taking photos. The DW concealer has SPF in it (specifically titanium dioxide).

Powder: Haven’t started testing.

Powder Bronzer: I forgot to mention this. NARS Laguna. I’ve tried about 30+ bronzers and this one matches my skintone perfectly. For me it’s the perfect balance of red, orange, and brown.

Contour: MAC Sculping Powder in Sculpt

Powder Highlight: Dior Shimmer Star in Amber Diamond

Brow: MAC Brow Pencil in Stud to define and Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Cream Shadow in Ash to fill in.

I think that’s it. I hope I helped. If you want to know my actual process, let me know too. Expect a long post if you request that. Haha.

Wow I keep failing at typing the correct information. Bahaha.

The MAC Brow Pencil is in Spiked, not Stud.

Also, I forgot to mention that I don’t plan to search for a liquid/cream bronzer because my skin type doesn’t suit those. The only reason I want to find a liquid highighter on the other hand, is because they look more natural in the sunlight and up close.

No, not really. I have so much make-up that I can always find what I’m looking for for any occasion.

My makeup collection is quite extensive in colour selection for eyeshadow and lipsticks (not size, particularly though). So I don’t find I need to buy colours per se. I have foundation with SPF, with SPF but photograph well, and no SPF.

Usually my special occasion look is gold or neutral smokey eyes with red lips so it’s all covered in my collection.
So no, I don’t buy makeup for special occasions. πŸ™‚

I might do. If there was something I’d been wanting but putting off buying and it was right for this occasion (like a new lipstick, for example, or waterproof mascara for a wedding where I figured I would probably shed some tears), then I would use the event as “an excuse”. Other than that, I’ve pretty much got everything I need (and then some!).

Yes about three years ago when the only thing high end i owned was my mac foundation and powder. I bought two mac lipsticks (faux & hot gossip) a mac blush in pinch me and benefit bad gal mascara. It was to a family reunion, but ever since then i havent because my high end collection grew and i just use what i already have.

I don’t but once my mother was going to Algeria for my cousin’s wedding and she fancied some glitter mascara and glitter eyeliner,weird isn’t it ?

Normally I would not because I have a decent supply of versile make up which I could make work for just about any occasion although I did purchase a small shaddow pallete and a gloss from clinique prior to a military ball last year because I wanted to try and coordinate with the colors of my dress a little better and the browns that I had in my collection were way too dark and not really shimmery. So on that note yes I did make a purchase for a special occasion πŸ™‚

I used to if I had a specific look in mind for a special occasion and it was something I didn’t wear everyday (like a very light pink lipstick for a sixties inspired look) but now, no, I have so much make-up I never need to buy anything.

I do have way too much makeup, but occasionally I’ll buy something for a specific outfit that I want to wear for a special occasion. For example, I was in Las Vegas 2 weeks ago. I go there 2-3 times a year and every time I do, I go to the Beatles LOVE show at the Mirage, I always dress kinda bo-ho, hippy-ish for it. This time I wore a minty colored top and just for it I bought Illamasqua creme in Bedaub. Worked perfectly! So yes, I do occasionally buy makeup for a specific purpose, but I do make sure it’s something I can use regularly if I wanted.

i usually work with what i have in my collection, which is (compared to most normal people and not makeup addicts) quite a bit, so the fun part for the special occasions is putting together a look with the products i have.

once in a while i purchase things for special occasion makeup — like for my wedding, when i needed waterproof mascara, foundation (i don’t wear it daily), and spend quite some time looking for the ‘perfect’ lipstick. (which ended up being up the amp…)

I don’t go out specially and buy any for a special occasion, but I do buy makeup I know I’ll only be able to wear on a night out (a little guiltily, hehe).

Sometimes.. but its very seldom. My collection has grown rather big over the years so Im pretty sure I can find the things I need πŸ™‚

depends on what the occasion is…if it is not that big of a deal then i usually just go a little heavier on the foundation and eye makeup

I buy makeup for special occasions…especially my b-day, Halloween and Christmas. I love adding to my collection. I don’t usually buy foundations, but I do like to buy a new lipstick, gloss and eyeshadow or two (or 5) for a special occasion.

I might!!! It really depends on the occasion and what I’ll be wearing! Although usually for really special occasions I’ll get my makeup done!

I use what I have unless there is a certain product I’m wanting to use and don’t already own. An exception to this would be false lashes. I don’t keep them on stock so I have to go and buy them if I’m going to use them for an occasion.

Other than character makeup for a fancy dress or costume party, I’d have to say no. It is a great excuse for justifying some new makeup, though, isn’t it? ;-P.

I splurged on a foundation for my wedding day! It is the ONLY foundation that matches my skin tone and it’s also way too expensive for daily use. Blahh

I went out to buy Chanel Dragon for my boyfriend’s company party. I’ve only worn it one other time since that day, but it was SO worth it just to admire the color.

A special occasion is THE excuse I am usually waiting for to buy some new and not suitable for every day makeup:) I usually go for limited editions items and palettes. And I am not very picky: Christmas, a wedding of a friend, a big birthday, a new job… – those occasion count all.

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