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I usually take tried-and-true basics when it comes to foundation, mascara, blush, primers, brushes, etc. For eyeshadow, it usually depends on the location/reason I’m traveling or even the length of time. I usually then build the lip products around those. For skincare, it’s really whatever I have that will fit in a quart-sized bag, LOL!

— Christine

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I travel all the time. Personally I like to take whatever my favorite foundation is at the time. For mascara I always take deluxe samples/trial sizes. I do the same thing with primers and highlighters. I feel like it’s a good way to try out new products while saving space. I got into freedom pallets (I prefer Unii Pallets for travel even though their heavy) almost a year ago and I love them. I load mine with a matte neutral, a shimmer neutral, a couple of pinks and browns, plus MAC satin taupe (I like it when I’m doing a one color eye), then I choose a lush that’ll work with all of them. I pick brushes that’ll do double duty and an eyelash curler. Everything fits into a Vera Bradley small cosmetic bag!

Hair and skincare is a whole other animal, there just isn’t the space for that here lol. 🙂

It depends on where I am going or the time of year. But I tend to pack products that I know work for me. Also, I don’t like to over do it with products, because I don’t want to spend my whole vacation putting makeup on.

Basically I do travel with the same products, five or six lipsticks, a neutral lip liner, two blushes, concealer and mascara. I don´t think I would have time to apply more makeup anyway and for skincare I will take my daily essentials anywhere I´m going.

Yes, and no; I have a bag that I have on hand at all times at home, and in there I keep whatever mascara, concealer, liners, & foundation-type product I’m using at the time. I also keep UD Naked, Naked 2, & Naked Basics palettes in there, along with Revlon Pure Pearl single eyeshadow, e.l.f. Bronzer in Golden, UDPP, and some sort of bronzer/contour product I’m using at the moment.

If I plan to be at a specific event, then I’ll pack additional products specifically for that, which can possibly include a different foundation, additional eyeshadows (which could also include a different primer), various lip & cheek products, etc.

My hair is “wash & go”, so I’ll juist grab a smaller bottle of shampoo & conditioner (or a 2-in-1, if I have it, but I’ll sometimes just grab my daughters, if I need to conserve space). As for skincare, I’ve managed to find a simple, low-maintenance routine that includes minimal products, and I just pour product into travel-sized containers, which I keep in another bag that’s pre-packed and ready to toss into a suitcase.

I always pack the same damn things, but I have a very regimented way of packing. First go in the skin care, then everything else:

If I’m going to a theme park or something that I’m going to get all sweaty and nasty at, All I grab is Holika Holika Peach Girl BB in #01 (HG status, guys. So amazing, but you need a good moisturizer with it) and my Maybelliene color tattoos and NYX lip butters. These things are pretty much sweat-proof, humidity proof and roller coster-proof.

If I’m not going to travel to sweat, like if I’m visiting family or whatever, I throw in
MAC eyeshadows in Beautiful Iris and Vibrant Grape
UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle.
Naked palette (that I put my Naked 2 double-ended brush into, as I feel it’s superior to the original Naked brush)
Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon
MAC Warm Soul blush.

I can do my full face for a month with these few products and not get bored.

Do you like the lip/cheek tint in the cap with the BB? I’m guessing you’re quite pale or Asian, because 01 in the Peach Girl BB is super light. I want to try it, but pale with pink undertones makes me iffy.

I usually take my current favorites with me: Foundation, concealer, powder, way too many brushes, mascara, up to 5 eye shadows 2 liners and about 5 lip products.
I fill my skincare into smaller sizes or use samples. I don’t want to carry too many poducts / weight with me.

I bring the same face makeup, same mascaras, same primers, etc. For eyeshadows I try to mix it up. I’ll bring my Kat Von D Sinner and Poetica palettes, and basically whatever else I feel like. Usually a couple small UD palettes and some Tokidoki eyeshadow singles.

I love the tiny UD palettes too. I got mine on sale at Nordstrom Rack when I was visiting the mainland I have three of them. I depotted them and they’re so tiny, I can fit all three into one Unii pallet (and they’re not that big). They’re probably the best brand to travel with.

Usually, I try to take only what I’m planning to use when I’m traveling. This usually includes the following:

Brow powder
A neutral eyeshadow palette
Dark brown eyeliner
At least 2 blushes (an everyday wearable shade & a pop of color shade for special outings)
At least 2 lipglasses (to coordinate with each blush)
Shader, crease, brow, and highlight brushes for eye makeup
A face brush that can do double duty to apply foundation and blush

When I went to the beach last year I took notes on the makeup I liked and what I didn’t like, so that came in really handy this year when I went to the beach. I just brought all the makeup that I liked from last year. But I should have brought also my tried and true products, instead of bringing cc cream and other new-to-me items. I majorly missed my foundation. I try not to travel with a lot of makeup and brushes.

For skincare, I’ll take anything that I have a sample or find a travel-size jar/pot of and doesn’t have anything I’m allergic for… for make-up, for the most part, I’ll take trued and true basics – but stuff that are multi-purpose and room-saving!

I save sample packets of creams, serums, sunscreen, etc and I stash them in my suitcase pockets. It’s never the same stuff twice! If there’s an eye cream all the better–I use them on my cuticles/heels. I travel with a makeup bag freebie from Bloomie’s with concealer, decanted foundation in a sample pot, blush, bronzer, setting powder, and a bunch of eye pencils. I really love the Laura Mercier eyeshadow caviar sticks–you can pack a bunch in a tiny space and they’re all TSA friendly, they do double duty as eyeliner and eyeshadow and no need for brushes. For lips it’s tons of lip balm and gloss, for some reason my lips get so dried out with any form of travel and I always lose them. For skin care— a must are baby wipes or makeup remover wipes, can use on the road or on a plane if I feel gross.

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