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Do other people's opinions on your makeup influence you at all?

Years ago, they subtly influenced me – perhaps I’d wear less of that in front of them if they did not like it, or I’d reevaluate whether xyz color was flattering on me (not always someone saying, “Wow, that’s not flattering on you!” as it could have been a color I did not like on me that someone else did). In the last two or three years, I’d say that I rarely take them into account and just enjoy what I’ve decided to put on at a given moment.

— Christine


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Nancy T Avatar

For me it is usually in the sense that I can be an unwitting victim of a less than honest sales rep! If I try something on that is quite a departure from my usual, I ask SA or MUA if they think it’s too this or too that, they say it looks beautiful or really good on me, I will likely be swayed, get it home, put it on the next day, and be utterly perplexed looking in the mirror! And then I feel like a dodo. And sheepishly exchange or return it, because I know I’ll never wear it again. I’d really appreciate it if SA’s would just tell me the truth if something looks bad or off!

Deborah S. Avatar

No, not really. I do not have any friends or family who wear makeup and I have worn makeup since I was 13 and I am now 63. I have always loved makeup and through the years I have developed enough confidence to feel secure in my makeup choices. I get a lot of compliments on my skin but no one has given me unsolicited advice or made any disparaging remarks, at least not to my face, LOL.

Denise S. Avatar

Well I must admit I do admire the compliments people give me, lol, I tend to like the complimented product a lot more. Rarely has anyone had the nerve to say something insulting about my makeup. A while back my oldest sister and niece inferred that wearing bright red lipstick suggested I was up for some lurid sex act. I just LOL’ed at them. When beauty bloggers whose opinion I trust, negatively review an product I was considering purchasing that really makes me reconsider buying it.

Mariella Avatar

Sometimes it will. Yesterday, for example, I was at Sephora and as I was leaving, a saleswoman commented on how much she liked my eye makeup (which was the OLD Too Faced Natural Eye palette) and how good my skin looked. I happened to be wearing IT CC Cream and, to be honest, many days, I do not bother with a foundation or CC cream and it made me think that perhaps I should make a point of wearing it more often. And it really brightened up my day! So, positive comments do, indeed, influence me (I’m using the same e/s palette again today!)

Sarah Avatar

Yes, but only when I get compliments. Like if someone comments on how fantastic my skin looks, I tend to favor that foundation (.MAC FB does it all the time). Or when someone compliments my lipstick. I pull off bright reds and pinks well, get complimented all the time, so those are the ones I gravitate to.

Linda Avatar

Interesting question. I don’t think I’ve ever given the opinion of others re my makeup a thought, now that I think about it. But I do like it when someone comments that my makeup, or I, look nice.

Denise Avatar

WOW Linda I feel the same way!!!!I never bother with sales reps because I know they are in it for the sale and thats it. I never thought about others and their comments or opinions about my makeup. One time, back in the day (younger years) someone did make a remark about my red lipstick. I still wore it, never cared what any one said. One thing is I do feel at my age, I could never wear my favorite reds again UGH. But also like Linda said, it makes me feel good when someone comments that my makeup looks good and what am I using.

Debbie Avatar

I am at the point of my life where I wear what I like. If someone does try to direct me they had better have some credentials to be able to do so. I do, however listen to my daughter…if she says something along the lines of what is that on your eyes, you look like some one punched you or if she says I look pale, then I will re-evaluate my look.

AB Avatar

No, not really. To me, people’s opinions on things this personal are so rooted in their own perspective on what’s right/wrong/better/worse that I while I’ll consider comments, I won’t take too much to heart.

Wednesday Avatar

At this point, absolutely not. I was theatrical 80’s pale in my 20’s, scant in my professional 30’s to mid 40’s, awkward in later 40’s experimenting more as I retired from my profession. So now In my 50’s I feel I can experiment to my hearts content and even better, I actually have a skill set to do it so much better. If someone doesn’t like my makeup, they should stick to what they like.

chris Avatar

No, not really and I hope it is the same for my very-brown skinned daughter. She loves to wear her lipstick. A friend made a comment she was “too dark” to wear a certain shade. I told just told her, you’ve got to own it, rock it! Unfortunately, teenage girls sometimes have no filter.

Leslie Avatar

The only remark I’ve ever gotten was once when I expressed interest at a job at a Dior counter. IMO it was kind of a backhanded “compliment” but….anyway. The girl told me that maybe I was more fitted for a job at the Bobbi Brown counter because they require a more natural look for their associates. I took it like she thought I wasn’t wearing any makeup (or enough makeup) or something, when actually I was wearing full makeup, just a more classic neutral face for a job interview. It wasn’t a day to choose something daring lol. Right after that, I asked her about a collection that was about to come out and she had no idea what I was talking about. So….it seemed to me that I was more qualified for the job than SHE was. 🙂 Otherwise….my niece asked me to do her makeup for her wedding and I was so flattered and excited. So, that was a nice compliment. Finally, to answer your question….no, I’m not influenced at all. I wear what I want.

Anne Avatar

I’ve learned to trust my own opinion and the opinions of a few select others.

One example: The manager of my local Sephora has been so helpful to me the past 5 years. She always remembers me and offers her help. (I’m not in the store more than every 8 weeks or so. She’s just unbelievably good, and yes, she really and truly does remember me personally — it’s no BS sales gimmick. It’s part of what makes her so good at what she does.) And, she’s got an eye. Some people never have that ability. On many occasions, I’ve had numerous swatches on my hand, lost in my own little world debating which to buy, and she’ll approach to help. She ALWAYS (and I mean ALWAYS without fail even once) chooses the best one for me — for me personally. She’s uncanny that way. (What’s astounding to me is that we don’t even share the same coloring. So many, many sales people recommend what looks good on them or suits their preferences or sales quotas.)

So yes, certain people’s opinions on makeup have influenced me quite a bit. I’ve been fortunate enough to have known and trusted at least one such person at every make-up stage of my life. And, I’ve respected each of their opinions so much; they’ve known what they’re doing and have been totally honest with me.

The other opinions? Not so much. I filter those out fairly quickly. (But, when I get unexpected compliments from several different people about the same thing, I do take note.)

Shannon. N Avatar

Short answer: NOPE. i wear my bright lipstick, And heavy eye shadow for Shannon and Shannon only!

Long answer: it used to influence me! My father used to tell me “only sex workers wear red lipstick” (which is SO misogynistic and horrible to say to a young women!) And would get ANGRY with me if I would wear it. I also used to be friends with this guy, and id wear not a stitch of makeup just to make him “happy” and not make a mean comment! Like how horrible of a “friend” to treat me like that. Ugh!

I’m so happy now that iv grown more of a back bone, and I stick up for myself and say “hey! I love how my makeup looks! F U!”

Kylie5 Avatar

No. But the people around me mostly do not wear any makeup and do not comment on my makeup because of that I think. They just have no interest in makeup.
so when I get comments they are mostly from people I have no close relationship with and these comments have no influence.

Glenda Avatar

Normally, I just go my own way. I do receive compliments on my makeup but I don’t let that, or even unkinf or unspoken comments (to me), get in the way.
There’s too many rules on what women say, do, wear, makeup, beauty, and I’m just beginning. So it may not be an “appropriate” look for someone in my age range, but if I feel I can pull it off, I do. If I don’t (glitters, too much shimmer) I just wear those looks much less.
But my face, my rules.

Bon Bon Avatar

Only those of my close friends and family. I don’t take acquaintance opinions to heart but know my friends and families opinions are looking out for my best interest. Being told my new lipstick isn’t very flattering on me by a close friend would have me tossing it right away. Being told that by an acquaintance would get the opposite response.

Maria Avatar

No I am usually my worst critic but I will ask my husband to see if he sees what I see just for a second opinion especially for foundation if I see it doesn’t look right; I will ask him but usually he doesn’t see it unless I bring his attention to it.

Donna E. Avatar

I’m a little different. I have no one to test my makeup with so on occasion I will go to Sephora – usually I do get compliments on my eyes. I like to hear positive feedback and appreciate it when it’s honest. I have found out about some wonderful products thru my relationship that I develop with a SA that is around my age and even younger. I’m 58 and don’t want to appear garish, while I do experiment quite a bit.

Deborah Avatar

I’ve never had anyone comment on my makeup unless I asked for their opinion. I would think it rude for someone to comment without being asked. But then again, I was raised in an entirely different generation.

Erin Avatar

It did at first with my husband, now I don’t care. He made the mistake of telling me I wore to much once when we were living in Germany, I did a smoky eye and a nude lip with kind of a rock chick look, I told him to shove it. Since then I haven’t cared a single iota.

Sophie Avatar

Hell no! I wear makeup for me, no one else! If someone told me that they didn’t like my makeup and I should change it, I’d ignore their comment! If I was feeling particularily sassy that day, I’d tell them to go to hell! I enjoy putting it on, and how much you can play around with your look and how it makes me feel. I’m not trying to impress anyone but myself!

Lulle Avatar

Random people, definitely not. However if people close to me make a comment, then yes I’ll take it into account. For example if my husband says “You look washed out today”, it’s a clue that my foundation might be too light or the wrong undertone or that I didn’t use enough blush/bronzer to add color back to my face.

Genevieve Avatar

No – I don’t really get comments about my makeup. My husband loves me wearing makeup and has always encouraged me in this pursuit, and my twin sister has made either positive or negative comments (which I either accept if it’s the former, or ignore if it’s the latter), but apart from that there are no opinions.

As far as purchasing products are concerned, I really trust this blog and a few others.

Silvia Avatar

Not at all I always have being strong headed as a bull (Taurus). My mom thinks I’m crazy when i show her new stuff while my daughter also strong headed and independent does claims I have too much stuff which makes her dizzy to see but agrees with Mom to wear whatever I please. We have tons of fun shopping together with all the different points of views. Lol! I like to have my fun and don’t think whom will like it while applying my beautiful beauties.

bibi Avatar

Actually I get complimented on how beautiful my makeup is all the time. (Maybe that’s an underhanded insult? Don’t care I’m wearing what I want anyway.)
Nearly all of the negative comments I receive are from SA’s trying to sell me something. I’ve fallen prey to this less than honest sales tactic before & ended up purchasing a few crappy products I didn’t need.

Alexandra Avatar

Even just last year I wouldn’t wear much makeup around people because they didn’t like me, as a thirteen year old, wearing makeup. Now I wear whatever makeup I like, but it usually ends up as a warm smokey eye with flawless, bronze, glowy skin, and a nude lip.

atsuko Avatar

Absolutely. I think it’s the best part of applying makeup! I love trying new things or stepping out of my comfort zone as per comments/suggestions and feeling like a different person. It may or may not turn out well but much like trying new food or switching through media channels, my peer’s opinions help me expand my palette. Of course I have my own “daily” and “girl’s-night” look but it gets even more entertaining when my friends help me try new things.

Emilie Avatar

My extended family usually doesn’t tend to comment on my makeup, but I’ll regularly wear grey lipstick, red eyeshadow, etc. when I’m at home just because I like it. If I’m around them, I use a bit of discretion because I know they would be judgmental. I keep it more conventional mostly just because it saves me a lot of trouble. No desire to deal with weird looks and offhanded comments!

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