How would you describe your makeup style?

How would you describe your makeup style? Share!

I like to think of it as “wearable.” I don’t mean that in a “just neutrals, please” kind of way, only that I try to wear any color in a way that I feel comfortable wearing. I’ll still wear all brights on the eyes or mix bold eyes and lips together, but I try to do it in a way that doesn’t seem too over the top. That probably makes no sense!

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I know exactly what you mean Christine. I bought that coral melted too faced lipstick today and decided it was just too bright for me. I also realized I’m a pinky orange kind of girl (Mac Lady at Play is my fav) not a bright or lighter orange type. I love a bold eye but one you can still get away with at work. I’ve definitely passed the stage of buying things I already know I’ll barely wear.

Um, I’d say “all of them”, because I change it up all the time according to what I feel I want to wear my make-up that day. My favorite style would be “themed” or “conceptual”, because those are the most fun to do for me.

Most days, though, it’s either “nonexistent” or “lazy”. 😛

I think it’s very situation and even mood specific. I’m not afraid to go bold. However, I don’t wear super dramatic makeup to the mall, but I may when going out with friends. In some cases, I think I wear the max amount of makeup I believe is acceptable for an occasion. For some unknown reason, I avoid super bright matte colors in favor of satin, smokey or metallic like finishes (mac gold mine vs goldenrod, Mac coppering vs. orange).

My style is very natural and almost “no-makeup” makeup most of the times, especially in summers where multiple products on my face irritate the hell out of me! Cream blush and sumdged liner works best!

No indeed, it makes perfect sense! I have essentially the same philosophy, with the addition of ‘less is more’ for any face products ( like foundation, blush etc). Even though I will wear black/purple lipstick, I still want it to work with the outfit and the rest of my makeup. Unless I’m at home, in which case I will put on whatever I feel like 😀

thinking.. I’m not certain I can pigeonhole myself because I go for fairly natural looks lots of the time, but then I snap and have to have something more colourful or something more dramatic and edgy. I’m not into really big complex or stagey makeup looks at all, but can admire the artistry on others.

I guess my style would be “classic”. I don’t go in for over the top looks or things like blue lipstick or very “Cirque du soleil” type eye makeup looks and while I don’t always stick with neutral eyeshadows (which are my first love), if I am using something more bright or “primary”, I’ll use it in small amounts or toned down with a neutral shadow (a prime example is MAC’s Birds & Berries with Wedge).

I would describe my makeup style daring, spontaneous and unpredictable. I don’t wear the same looks a lot because I like to change It up (which is why I don’t have a “everyday look”) I think every color is “wearable” for my skintone……I just make sure to put it with the right colors and adjust it to my liking and make sure its decent. I also I think my style is spontaneous and daring because I like to wear brights and neons but I make sure I blend it or wear it with the right colors.

Spontaneous & girly…my work environment is pretty laid back & I can have a week of red lips lots of mascara or a month of pink lips & lots of mascara. The only thing I don’t like is a smokey eye, but I always sport a bright lip, always!

Definitely minimal. Not meaning none, but for me it’s all about what you can take away (I think it was Coco Chanel that said to “remove one thing before you leave the house”). If I do a bold lip, it’s lashes and brows only, and I rarely wear eyeliner and eyeshadow together. But my whole style is kind of artsy/minimal too. Some women can go over the top and it looks good on them.

I would describe my look as contoured. I love the play of shadow and highlight to make the eyes the focus of attention. Large doe eyes with a soft cheek and lip is my go-to look. When I was first learning to “do my face”, models like Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy, with their beautifully contoured neutral eye makeup and barely there lips and cheeks, were my makeup icons. Although I keep up with the trends and fashions, I still feel most comfortable in a modern variation of The London Look of the sixties.

Risk free and “basic”…even minimalistic, but trying new things little by little. I mean, got really excited when I received my first ever pair of false lashes…in one of the beautyboxes earlier this month. Haven’t tried them yet though!!!

I would define my look as retro classic, meaning I wear the full shebang- foundation, concealer, e/s, blush etc. to work everyday. My inspiration are classic stars such as Lena Horne, Dorothy Dandridge, Diana Ross, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Lana Turner, etc. Those women wouldn’t leave the house without lipstick and mascara (and neither do I esp on weekdays lol). Some days my classic look is neutral, some days vampy, depending upon my mood and my schedule that day. BTW, I think your description of “wearable” makes absolutely sense.

I love makeup but I’m always drawn to neutral colours. I admire people that have the confidence to wear a bold lip but I’m very conservative.

I change it up daily. Sometimes it’s ubergothy, other times full of glitter or totally classic or neutral. I’m lucky enough that I can wear whatever I want to work makeupwise, so if I feel like black lips or neon eyes or crazy lashes during the day, it’s all good.

Most days I wear pretty natural make up that’s light on the eyes and is geared toward looking fresh, youthful and awake. My favorite way to make a look fun on a daily basis is to go for a bright lip because it’s quick and easy.
However, other days I will do a really dramatic eye look. Yesterday I wore double winged liner in light blue and navy blue and today I’m wearing mint on the lid with a chocolatey brown duochrome in the crease.
Basically I will wear anything depending on my mood and the occasion. I never wear anything above a medium coverage foundation and 95% of the time I go for sheer to light coverage. My way of keeping things wearable is keeping my skin as natural as possible!

My look is similar to Kica and Kristy. I do not use any eye products (not even mascara because I have not looked into any affordable ones that length well), I wear foundation with blush (blush can be natural looking or bold) and any lipcolor that is not close to my own lipcolor ( I’ll wear nudes to bold/dark or bright shades). My brows are okay natural; I may in the future use product to make them a little fuller.

I guess I’d say that mine is “polished but fun.”
My overall look is fairly conservative, and my approach to makeup is to enhance what I have naturally – neutral shadows and liners to play up my bright green eye color; sheer, skin-matching foundation just to even things out, etc.
However, I get my lashes just as long as I can, and I’m not above wearing red lipstick *and* [a touch of] red blush, together, so I have my “daring” side. 🙂

I don’t know how to describe it… I like my skin to look naturally flawless and luminous. I like blush bright pink but sheer and soft. I use my lips but better color lipstick. for the eyes i always go for a matte brown/black smokey eye with thick black liner smudged all around the eye into a cat eye shape and lots of mascara. basically angelic face with sexy eyes. I dont know what to call it!

I would describe my style as natural, fresh, and classy. Most days, I rock a “no makeup” makeup look with a light foundation and neutral blush and gloss. My main goal is to enhance my natural features. I like to save color for special occasions.

I typically go minimal, but it’s more out of necessity than personal choice/aesthetic. For one thing, I iustddon’t have the time, and another is my lifestyle simply doesn’t allow it. Having said that, if I had my way, I’d opt for a vampy/goth look most days, which I do when I can.

It all depends on my mood. Some days classic Hollywwod in the 40s, some days closing in on Goth/Vamp. Smokey eyes is probably what I do most of the time, be it in neutral colours or bold and bright 🙂
The thing I do is completely disregard all “don’ts” like”when in your whatever age don’t use”.

I would describe my make up style as bright and colourful. While I don’t mind going out bare faced and only use concealer and powder on my skin when putting on make up I absolutely love colourful eyeshadows like teal, blue or purple and also bright lips like pink or red.

Here’s my word: “CHANGEABLE”! b/c I get a fixed look that I wear for a while and then I look at a magazine or see a new product or just think something would look cool and I wear that for a while. I have large, round, deep set eyes so generally my makeup focuses on them – always, always concealer b/c of the shadows from them being deep set, and always half a truckload of volumizing mascara. The rest is up for grabs.

I would say my makeup style is natural with a pop of color. I’m not afraid of a bold lip or bold blush. And I sometimes like the challenge of making colored eye shadows more natural or wearable.

Cassic and sophisticated with a youthful twist. For the office, I rock medium coverage with a pop of color on the cheeks. I define my brows with an emphasis on the lips. The youthful twist might be a pop of color on the lower lash line. I have always tried to “stay in my lane” and be age and work appropriate. Can’t rock spider-length lashes on the Hill 🙂

I’m more on the natural side with a pop of color. I don’t wear much makeup outside of my eyes on a regular basis. I’m good with my brows, liner, falsies and a bright lip

Subtle, comfortable and elegant, is what I always try for. It’s quite hit and miss – sometimes it goes wrong and I spend the whole day feeling wrong, and sometimes a look comes together and looks like a subtle but noticeable enhancement of my own natural skin / eye / hair colour. It’s all about how different products work together and knowing when to stop rather than adding more and more and ruining a perfectly good look, for me.

Today was one of the good days – NARS Torrid blush, well-blended, a wash of dusty pink eyeshadow, subtle winged liquid liner, smokey brown pencil liner on the bottom lash line, a light pink pout paint from Sleek with a neutral pinky brown gloss on top – and all the impact coming from the rather intense gold highlighter I added as an afterthought. It might sound a bit much, but it looks so natural with my warm skin tone and dark eyes – even in the sunny weather we’re having today!

I would say my day to day make up style is classic, everyday, wearable look. Winged eyeliner, lots of mascara to thicken my lashes, they’re long, not thick. I make sure my eyebrows are arched and filled in. The majority of color is on my lips and cheeks and I’ve been wearing red lipstick a lot lately.

Depends on the day.
On week days I mainly use lot of neutrals. I am a lawyer and my job requires more “serious-classy-fancy” makeup style.
Sometimes when I´m not in court, I try more daring colors in lipsticks..but in a daily basis I gravitate towards to neutral eyeshadows and reds/nudes/light pinks lipsticks..

On weekends, depends on the mood, event, season..Now in Brazil we´re on fall, I like to use a rocker makeup: black smokey eyes, dark lipsticks…
But my style varies.. girlie princess kinda day, sexy bronze goddess on another.. hahaha

It’s very difficult to pinpoint one style.. When I sit to do my makeup I just go with the flow – put on whatever feels right – I experiment with different colors and such every time I do my makeup. I probably never have the same look twice in a year. I have hundreds of lipsticks which are my favorite part of the makeup process. It’s usually bold. 🙂

I would describe my makeup style as feminine. I’m big on long, curled super dark eyelashes, cool pink flushed cheeks, soft eyeshadow (cream, champagne, light pink, lavender), and rosy lips.

I like coordinating my makeup with my outfit–so “wearable” makeup is a perfect description for me. Like, a bold lip will help with color-blocking an outfit or just doing cool tones all over. Nothing too dramatic like avant-garde or glitzy showgirl or any cirque de soleil look–where the point is to look nothing like yourself.

Boldly nude. I’ll rock super intense lashes, with a beige monochromatic face, or toss a neon lippy in with an otherwise workday normative eyes and cheeks. Or I’ll go very natural aside from a super flush on my cheeks.

Seasonal! I even divide my makeup collection between Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter instead of face/eyes/lips etc. My berry lipsticks and matte foundations are not coming out until September!

I think that makes sense. You want your makeup to be wearable, instead of it overpowering you and looking extreme. So even if you have sunset-colored eyes, you want it to look wearable and not too over the top. I think that’s a pretty good description, actually!

As for my personal makeup style, I’d probably just say minimal/polished and slightly smoky, but with an alter ego. I love neutral makeup and contouring, subtle makeup that’s difficult to see, adjusting my look to warm me up in the cold months and looking well groomed but I’d feel suffocated or bored if I did that all the time because I do have an edge to my personality and a wild side, so the occasional theatrical false eyelash, themed look, bold eye, super vampy lip, color blocked look, rich color, blackened violet eyeliner flick or black smoky eye in there and I’m good.

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