Are there cult classic beauty products that everyone should own?

Are there cult classic beauty products that everyone should own? Share!

It’s hard for a product to be universal, and even if you ignore color, you have price, accessibility, and just plain ol’ preferences that come into play! I certainly think that there are some great, cult products that are worth checking out, but even some of the major classics (NARS Orgasm always comes to mind) have 239847234 iterations since their creation where some of the “dupes” are better.

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Me too – I do not like NARS Orgasm on myself. Makes me dislike NARS a lil bit since they manage to put that & Laguna bronzer in every face/ cheek palette.

I’ve never liked Orgasm that much on me, either. Too glittery gold. I do love NARS – it’s one of my favorite brands – but there is that “Ooh, a new kit…oh hey Orgasm and/or Laguna…what a surprise.”

There are definitely items on the lower end of the price scale that everybody should try. Products like Wet n Wild’s Comfort Zone palette, their Mega Last lipsticks, or Milani’s luminous blushes should be on everyone’s radar since they perform so amazingly well for the price point. But I really do think that everyone should own some Real Techniques brushes; they’re so good and so affordable that I can’t actually imagine a better starting point for a brush collection.

The basic I make sure all of my friends at least try is Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick. It works on so many people and is such a subtle look.

I don’t have Orgasm because one of the first brands I got into was Benefit and I got Coralista, but maybe when it runs out, I’ll probably try Orgasm next.

Suqqu cheek brush. Urban Decay Naked 1, 2, or 3 shadows,
I consider it a classic when everyone talks about that item or bought it due to blog of mouth or word of mouth.

I haven’t tried it yet but I’ve heard a lot of bloggers say that if you are a lipstick junkie, you must own a Lipstick Queen. I’ve been wanting one but it’s way too expensive for a poor college student like me 🙁

I consider myself a lipstick lover and I bit the bullet and purchased my first lipstick queen lipstick a few months ago. I decided to go with medieval and even though I enjoy it quite a bit, I don’t think it’s different enough to justify the price point. I have yet to try one of their “regular” lipsticks, but after medieval I’m not sure I’m particularly moved to. Maybe ask for one of the trios as gift? That way you can try the different formulas, as I understand there is definitely some variety in the line.

No. I’m usually very annoyed when I read a blog that says “you NEED this!” about a beauty product.
Everyone has different needs, a different skin type, a different coloring, a different budget. There is no universal product. Things that I love might not work for some people, and I’m often very disappointed when I finally give in and try “cult” products (as I was with Nars Orgasm).
There are some basics that most people would find useful, but I never suggest a product to a friend just because “it’s a classic” without trying to understand what they’re looking for first.

I think Mac’s Coffee eye pencil is a beautiful universal brown! also spice lip pencil may be? you can alter the intensity and make it work on a lot of skin tones!

The Lorac Pro palette. I own tons of eyeshadow palettes, but this is the one that is ALWAYS in my makeup case when I travel. The versatility, quality and portability can’t be beat.

It is indeed hard to stamp the word ‘universal’ on beauty products but based on what I have read these could come pretty close. From those I own:
– MAC Lingering brow pencil
– Chanel Le Volume mascara
– MAC Nymphette Lipglass

Those I don’t own (…but wished I did) and that many people seem to rave about:
– Clinique Black Honey lipstick
– Revlon Cherries in the Snow nail polish
– NARS Smudgeproof eyelid primer

See, this is exactly why I think that talking about “universal” products is a mistake. All the products you list are popular and enjoyed by most people but I don’t think a single one of them is a “must”.

– Mac Lingering: I don’t use brow pencils but powders or tinted gels exclusively
– Chanel le Volume: I don’t like volumizing mascaras – at all.
– Mac Nymphette: very sheer and easy to dupe (a lot of glosses may look a little different in the tube but completely similar on the lips)
– Clinique Black Honey lipstick: I own it and just never wear it. It’s an ok lipstick, but I don’t understand the hype.
– Revlon Cherries in the Snow: nice both in nail polish and lipstick but not a color that will appeal to everyone, and easy to dupe.
– Nars Smudgeproof: with the amount of good primers out there, I don’t need it. When I finish my current primers I might try it but it’s not a unique, life-changing product.

Beauty classics? Probably Coty loose face powder – it is one of the few things I can think of that’s been around for decades and DECADES and still has a huge loyal following! I’d probably say the same about Erno Laszlo face powders (the pressed and “loose” – which is still “pressed”). These have all remain unchanged for a long time (so far as I can tell, anyway) for a reason. Beyond that, maybe a Chanel lipstick just for the “icon” status. Beyond that, I can’t think of anything that has been around so long that it’s become a “classic” except maybe a few Revlon lipsticks (Cherries in the Snow, Wine with Everything) that I also think are still available and, again, it’s for a very good reason. Oh, and German-made Nivea cream!

Is the Coty powder still around? They were on clearance not too long ago (and I picked up 2-although one will last me a very long time!), so I assumed it was being DC’d… I agree, though, it is an amazing powder. I used it in my teens when my skin was on the oilier side, and it still works on my 40+ drier skin!

Wow! My grandmother was using those when I was a baby, and then in turn, of course I started buying them. Coty powders I’m sure have been around forever because I’m 41 now lol

I’ve never owned anything from coty, but I remember the brand from I don’t know how many years ago. I think if something’s lasted that long itäs a real classic.

I think everyone should at least test a MAC lipstick, an Urban Decay eyeshadow, a NARS blush and a Chanel or Guerlain perfume. Not necessarily buy one but just try them because those seem to be the categories that each brand does exceptionally well.

I’ve tried a couple of particular ‘classics’ (NARS Orgasm and the Guerlain Meteorites), Orgasm wasn’t for me, but I have (as Christine says) drunk the Guerlain Kool Aid so I do recommend those if you’re up for a splurge. Another old classic I’d recommend checking out is Revlon Cherries in the Snow (there are a couple of their lipsticks that are truly old classics Fire and Ice is another) because it’s been around for ages and is a good quality, affordable gem.

I’ve tried a couple of MAC lipsticks, and don’t really care for them. Yes, they have great colors, but as you mentioned, Revlon does a great formula, and there are sooo many “dupes”, which Revlon actually did first!

Funny that you should mention Guerlain fragrances. I cannot wear them – any of them. But I love the mystique of L’heure Bleu and its history so I console myself with Guerlain’s Rouge Automatique in L’heure Bleu instead.

Guerlain perfumes are a classic, but as much as I wish I liked them, they smell absolutely disgusting to me. And I’m really into strong fragrances (like those from the 20s through the 60s), there’s just some ingredient/note in every single perfume of that brand that smells horrible to me 🙁

Absolutely not. I agree with Christine. And really most of the times what works for someone might not work for me at all. Also, I don’t want to look like everyone else. Sure sometimes I fall in the frenzi, but most of the time I keep myself away from over hyped products.

I honestly think something like Les Voilettes, or even a Master Corrector for under eye by Armani, are pretty handy and somewhat cult products to have on hand. I know for me, those are two products I’ve bought in the past year that literally changed my life, and I must have shown a dozen people the difference with and without those two products on my face.

This is such a loaded question, especially considering everyone’s skin and everyone’s taste is so different! I’m sure some would say ‘owning a classic red lipstick/MAC Ruby Woo’, for example, but what about people who hate lipstick and prefer eyeshadow?

I would probably say ‘the foundation which works for you’. A lot of people hate foundation, but it’s all in the product and the application. I think having a smooth and flawless face can work wonders for one’s self-estem. That, and your-cheeks-but-better blush (I vote for just using a lipstick you have that lying around).

I don’t think there’s any true “universal” product out there because our skin tones, preferences, finances, etc. are so different, but I do think Guerlain’s Meterorite formula would work on pretty much anyone.

I think everyone who likes cream eyeshadows should at least give Maybelline Color Tattoos a try! Also, I get the hype about NYX Jumbo Pencils, although I know they won’t work for some…

I also think NARS Multiples & blush should be tried-there is a color for everyone, and they are great products. While they are a bit pricey, I’d personally rather have 1-2 great blushes that I can always count on to work with several looks & different climates than 15+ cheaper products, most of which end up looking quite similar when applied, anyway!

I think there are several things! Mostly tools and brushes. I will agree that Black Honey looks good on everyone. I think that NARS DV probably does too.

Hmm, the only kind of universally workable thing I can think of is Diorshow mascara. But not everyone wears mascara– I myself avoided it for many years, because I didn’t know about Diorshow!

I’m not sure about cult classics specifically, but I believe everyone needs a good waterproof dark brown matte eyeliner 🙂

My favourite is Urban Decay’s Demolition (a cult classic eyeliner brand, maybe?) but I’m sure a zillion brands of all price points and availabilities have a good option for dark brown eyeliner! 🙂

I cannot think of one thing that will look good one everyone, plus account for variables in skin chemistry, individual tastes, allergies, etc.

“Everyone” and “should” are just too absolute of qualifiers for something as personal as makeup.

I agree that not every cult product will appeal to everyone, but I do think it’s something to at least try.
Dior lip glow, MAC lipsticks, Nars blush (wouldn’t necessarily say Orgasm though, I prefer Deep Throat my self), Nars Dolche Vita lipstick, Clinique Black Honey, Hourglass Ambient light powder/blush, Wet and Wild eyeshadow palettes from the core collection, Maybeline color tattoos, Revlon lip butters, Bobbi Brown concealers/correctors, UD and Too Faced eyeshadow, Beauty Blender.
Obviously I don’t think every person on the planet must own these, but it’s something to consider. A friend once asked me what 1 blush she should own. She wanted to own a single product to do it all for her. To me that was a bit like asking what 1 pair of shoes she should own to do it all, I was puzzled. So we ended up by the Nars blushes, of course, and she did like Orgasm. I later found affordable dupes for her, which she really liked. Some cult classics are a nice starting point in the “what do I need?” process.

Cult classics that have been the best for me (porcelain,cool-undertones, blonde, greyish-blue eyes)…

Revlon Cherries in the Snow Lipstick (perfect fushia/red)
Guerlain Meteorites
Cle de Peau Concealer in Ivory
MAC Riri Woo or Ruby Woo Lipstick (they are almost identical on me)
Seche Vite Nail Polish Top Coat
bareMinerals Eyecolor in Nude Beach

Clinique Black Honey
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream
Shu eyelash curler (Shiseido is a decent one too)
Mac Spice Lip liner
Benefit Kitten eyeshadow

I think everyone needs the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. It works well for full and sparse brows and the color range is pretty nice too. Everyone likes full, polished brows so it’s a product many can appreciate

I think everyone should treat themselves to a Guerlain eyeshadow palette – these are really beautiful. Another treat would be a UD holiday or vice palette (unfortunately not the most recent one). And I think a high end lipstick in your favourite colour.
For a budget treat I think Revlon and Rimmel have the best lipsticks (Revlon Sandstone is my favourite) and the Natio range in Australia have the best bath and body range by far. Very inexpensive – especially during sale times and wonderful products. I have really sensitive skin and can use these. They are great for splurging on yourself.

MAC Ruby Woo, because it seems to be almost universally flattering, but only if one likes matte lipsticks. I personally don’t believe there’s any products everybody should own, since our needs and tastes and budgets can be so vastly different. I’m extremely pale, for example, so I can’t wear most foundations and concealers as well as color powders. My tastes are more vintage-inspired than sun-kissed modern, so even though I own a dupe for NARS Orgasm (NYX Pinched) I rarely wear it, it’s a bit too sparkly and I find red blush more flattering on me. Same for lipstick, I wear reds (more opaque or translucent depending on occasion) 90% of the time, pinks and nudes are definitely not for me!

No. The idea that the same product can suit any and everyone regradless of colours, complexions, skintypes and personal tastes is ridicolous. Even more laughable is when they market some (absurdly expensive) products to make you feel *unique*, and you end up seeing armies of women all using that very same product, whether it suits them or not.

Probably an UD Naked palette, Guerlain Meteorites, UD Perversion liner (maybe not quite a classic yet, but certainly better than Zero) and Seche Vite (aka the 30 minute manicure game changer!)
I know there are plenty of lip tints out there but I do still love Benetint. MAC Shroom and Satin Taupe are hard to go wrong with and I feel it has been forgotten but Benefit’s Smokin’ Eyes is a great little palette for a fool-proof smokey eyes along with eye brightener and brow wax. I think it was one of my first higher end purchases too so it stays close to my heart!

I really can’t think of anything except perfumes. I’m not saying everyone should own them, and they have changed over the years, but I do think it would be worth it to try Shalimar and Chanel no5.
Oh, and I read somewhere that Ponds Cold Creme is still around. That must be a classic. I’m not sure any of these are quite cult, though.

Guerlain meteorites!! I slept on these for so long b/c I didn’t think they’d work on my brown skin (NC50ish). I was so wrong and I am now obsessed. Also, red lipstick in general. There’s one out there for everyone. I was always afraid of the red lip and now at age 32 I’ve finally gained the courage to wear red lipstick and I love it. Sometimes I’ll throw on red with a bare face just to go to the grocery store, lol.

No. It makes me uncomfortable to suggest beauty products unless I know that person and their preferences.

Even more so for skin care. I don’t want angry people getting mad at me for a look they don’t love or a product that doesn’t agree with them.

What I would suggest are beauty accessories: Salux body cloth is dirt cheap and crazy effective at exfoliation and the Shiseido 131, which is a cheap dupe of the Shiseido Perfect Foundation brush.

Mmm, I wouldn´t say everyone “should” own them, but I do believe Guerlain Meteorites are a worthy product in every way – they make skin more luminous in a subtle way, they last a lot, they’re simply fun to use and I find the pastel colored pearls a treat for the eye. Meteorites are everything that makes a product irresistible for the makeup addict in me 🙂

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