Contest – September “Swatch It!” – $100 in MAC products!

Don’t forget that Temptalia’s September contest is still going on! Enter today!

If you haven’t noticed, in the past couple days, I have posted swatches of various products I own by MAC Cosmetics, to help everyone learn what color I mean or how it looks. I’d LOVE to make Temptalia a more comprehensive site with even more swatches and product photos, because I definitely do not have all the bases covered.

This is where you come in! Submit your product and swatch photos of MAC Cosmetics products to us.

What’s the incentive? The person to submit the most usable product/swatch photos from now until September 30th, 2007 will win ~$100 worth of an assortment of MAC Cosmetics products from In 3D, Painterly, Blue Storm, and/or Smoke Signals. If enough people enter the contest, there will be 2nd and 3rd place winners as well!

Keep reading for the details and requirements of your photos.

1) Photos must, first and foremost, be clear and of good quality.
2) Photos must be of reasonable size (a good rule of thumb is roughly 400px in at least one directly, width or height)
3) Photos must be labeled with the product name
4) Multiple submissions are allowed. You can submit five photos today… and then forty next week. We will use the comprehensive total at the end of the contest to determine a winner.
5) Photos must be your own. Please provide at least one photo with your e-mail or name handwritten on a paper with a product photo/swatch as proof (we just don’t want to be involved in any photo-stealing!).

Additional information…
1) Please include your name with your entry so that you may be properly credited.
2) We reserve the right not to use a photo, but we will let you know and give you a valid reason as to why, as well as give you time to attempt to bring your photo up to standard.
3) If you have questions, feel free to ask! If you want to submit one photo to ensure that it conforms and meets the requirements, go right ahead!
4) Submitted photos can and may be used by or on

1st place prize: ~$100 in MAC Cosmetics products from Blue Storm, In 3D, Painterly, and/or Smoke Signals collections.
** If 10 or more people enter the contest, there will be a 2nd place winner with ~$30 in prizes; if 20 or more people enter the contest, there will be a 2nd AND 3rd place winner (~$30 and ~$15 respectively). All prizes will be BNIB MAC Cosmetics products.

Submit your product and swatch photos to [email protected]!

Legal mumbo jumbo
Contest conditions, terms, and rules are subject to change without notice. Prize packages to be determined by