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I recently had the opportunity to review and try out some delicious-smelling Cake Beauty products. I’m actually not a huge fan of sweet smells, let alone food-esque smells, but Cake Beauty is turning me into a convert–at least where bath and body products are concerned.

In the photo, you can see the following products from left to right: Sweet Cheeks, Creme de la Creme, Deserted Island, It’s a Slice, Satin Sugar, and Cake Kiss. I’ve used all of these over the weekend, so now it’s time for the verdict!


Sweet Cheeks Sinfully Smooth Brown Sugar Scrub is indeed sinful! This product is meant to be used 2-3 times during the week in the shower (trust me, do NOT attempt to do this on dry land, sugar on the floor–everywhere!!), massaged into the skin with small, firm circles (I used my hands). My legs and arms felt so buttery and smooth after my shower – and they’re still remarkably smooth (I have fairly dry appendages) the day after. This sugar scrub exfoliates and sloughs away dead skin leaving a smoother skin behind. The scent? Delicious cinnamon and sugar smell, and really, every time I open the jar, I get a huge craving for cookies!

Creme de la Creme Creamy Body Buffer is meant to be used after a good cleansing with apricot seeds to exfoliate your skin and pink jojoba beads that also exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Another bath product, as you use it in the shower on wet skin. A little goes a long way – really – so be careful. Just like the sugar scrub, a small fingertip amount for each appendage does the trick, and massage it in. It becomes a bit milky as it mixes with the shower water, but it certainly leaves my skin soft and smooth. Smell is fantastic – maple and sugar, yummy!

Deserted Island Moisturizing Body Glaze is an oil used to moisturize your skin (post-shower), and surprisingly, it isn’t slimy or icky at all. I thought an oil moisturizer would be far too industrial for my skin type, but it’s quite light weight and easy to use. It absorbs quickly, leaving no oily residue behind – just a slight sheen and soft skin results.

It’s A Slice is a shower gel used to rinse away the bad things about your day and renew your skin leaving it fresh and clean. I’m personally not a huge fan of orange creamsicles–even the food–so this scent isn’t for me (I’d love a sweeter smell like the body buffer or sugar scrub!) It feels great though, and lathers extremely well, which is a characteristic I need in my body wash.

Satin Sugar (for Lighter Hues) is an interesting product, very innovative. The concept is that in between washings of your hair, sprinkle some of this into your hair to help reduce the oil that might accumulate. Now, I have dark hair, so lighter hues, not so great for me, ha! Despite that, I’m adventurous, so I sprinkled my head anyway, and it did turn some parts grayish-white, but I ran my brush through those areas a few times, and I was ready to go. My hair definitely felt cleaner than it normally does if I’m going more than a day between washings (hey, I wanted to truly test out the effectiveness of the product!). But heads up – they also make Satin Sugar for DARKER Hues (novel concept, I’m sure, lol), which would be perfect for my coloring.


Cake Kiss Whipped Pink Berry Cream is my favorite product out of the ones I used and reviewed. Why do I love this? Isn’t it sort of boring? No, not at all, it’s divine on the lips. It smells like strawberry cream (plus!), but it feels heavenly on my lips – a great balm “lip butter” that is thick, luxurious, and not at all obtrusive or slimy like vaseline might be.  It has all the perks of vaseline, but a much better texture and smell. I adore this product! It’s going to be part of my everyday routine.

Verdict? cake beauty has done a great job of mixing yummy smells with a lovely line of skin products. Their line is fun, friendly, and youthful – I don’t see my grandmother really gettin’ into the cake love, but me on the otherhand? Totally. My sister? Check! Now, I’m working on my boyfriend, but he’s still managing to stay clear of it all, but ladies, I’m gonna wear him down! Oh, for those jet setters, they even sell many of their products in the perfect travel size!

What to try next? I’m very interested in Satin Sugar All Purpose Treatment Balm, creme de la creme supreme body mousse, and satin sugar refreshing mist.

Check out for all your cake needs!