Christian Louboutin Beaute Lip Colour Launches

Christian Louboutin Lip Colour
Christian Louboutin Lip Colour

Unctuous in nature, this formula is the perfect alliance of luxurious colour, sensuous feel and superior wear: Glides on lips with an opulent and sensual feel. A unique blend of ultra-fine colour pigments expresses deep and generous colour with a silky satin finish and soft shine. Medium to full coverage delivered in one stroke with a supple and soft feel on lips. A complex of natural oils and seed butters enhances moisturization for up to 4 hours and creates a protective effect against dryness. Maintains an excellent appearance on lips up to 4 hours without bleeding and with durable comfort. Available in a universal shade palette, ranging from light to deep tones, across mid-tonal and bright hues of pinks to berries, reds and corals, nudes and browns.

To facilitate every woman’s own unique expression, Rouge Louboutin is available in 3 different textures: Velvet Matte, Silky Satin and Sheer Voile. Combining a sleek line with an elegant curve, the bullet shape of the Silky Satin and Velvet Matte lip colours offers the optimal contact surface on lips, amplifying the sensorial experience on application. The Sheer Voile texture, tender in nature, offers equally optimal contact surface through the generous width of its bullet. Each lip colour features a subtle scent evocative of the feminine and glamorous qualities of a woman who enjoys cosmetic products. The colour will be encased in a gold base, crowned with a gold cap and offered with a gold ribbon. Consistent with the jewelry inspiration, they will also be presented in a shiny lacquer-effect jewelry box with a gold reveal. Offered in 3 finishes, each with its own unique design.

Silky Satin Lip Colour ($90.00) (New, Permanent)

  • Sevillana
  • Bengali
  • Very Prive
  • Impera
  • Pluminette
  • YouPiYou
  • Let Me Tell You
  • RonRon
  • Miss Clichy
  • Me Nude
  • Bikini
  • Delicanodo
  • Tututelle
  • Belle Bloom
  • Loubeach
  • Tres Decolette
  • Miss Loubi
  • Farida
  • Torerra
  • Rouge Louboutin

Velvet Matte Lip Colour ($90.00) (New, Permanent)

  • Survivita
  • Diva
  • Zoulou
  • Just Nothing
  • Eton Moi
  • Djalouzi
  • Rococotte
  • Bengali
  • Rouge Louboutin

Voile Sheer Lip Colour ($90.00) (New, Permanent)

  • Loubiminette
  • Escatin
  • Tres Bea
  • Private Number
  • You You
  • Rose du Desert
  • Mexicatchy
  • Petal Rose
  • Rouge Louboutin

Lip Definer ($40.00) (New, Permanent)

To perfect the lip colour experience, Christian Louboutin offers an expert tool designed to highlight women’s lip contour. True to Christian Louboutin’s creative touch, this expert tool is designed yet again as an objet d’art. Unlike traditional lip pencils, the Lip Definer is intended to highlight women’s “lip contour”, define its natural tone without competing with the applied lip colour. And as such can be worn with any shade of lip colour or without any for naturally fuller looking lips. Upon observing that different complexions need specific nudes, Christian Louboutin created the Nudes shoe capsule collection. This was also the philosophy behind the Nudes Nail Colour Collection and now the Lip Definer shade assortment.

  • Ada
  • Leanue
  • Maya
  • Safki
  • Nats

AVAILABILITY | NordstromNeiman Marcus, SephoraSephoraSaksBergdorf Goodman

PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF YOUR FELLOW READER, WHETHER ONE WISHES TO PURCHASE OR ONE WOULD NEVER PURCHASE. This is an open, accepting community where people should feel comfortable with all manner of preferences, whether that’s blue lipstick or beige, neutral eyeshadow or neons, bargain finds or luxury indulgences.

See more photos & swatches!

Christian Louboutin Lip Colour
Christian Louboutin Lip Colour

Christian Louboutin Lip Colour
Christian Louboutin Lip Colour

Christian Louboutin Lip Colour
Christian Louboutin Lip Colour

Christian Louboutin Lip Colour
Christian Louboutin Lip Colour

Christian Louboutin Lip Colour
Christian Louboutin Lip Colour

Christian Louboutin Lip Colour
Christian Louboutin Lip Colour

Christian Louboutin Lip Colour
Christian Louboutin Lip Colour

Christian Louboutin Lip Colour
Christian Louboutin Lip Colour

Christian Louboutin Lip Colour
Christian Louboutin Lip Colour

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I feel like I *would* blow my budget for one, if there was a unique color unlike anything I own. These colors looks pretty basic though so I doubt I’ll be too tempted.

Exactly my thought. I daren’t even think (of course I do) how much these would cost if they were available here. $90 is a lot.
I do hope Christine will get some to review, and if not, that someone who buys lipsticks from this collection will share her/his views.

Ugh, that packaging is GORGEOUS, but I could never talk myself into that price tag… I hope the formula is just as decadent, for those beauty addicts that decide to splurge!

I’ll just be sitting over here staring at the lipsticks longingly–similar to how I react to his shoes!

Great looking packaging if truly of quality. Pictures can be deceiving. $90 just screams over priced and of course one is paying for the name. A total pass for me.

I can’t, too expensive for me. Beautiful packaging though. i would be scared I would loose/misplace it. Well, I guess with that packaging that wouldn’t be a problem 🙂 I think I check and re-check my purse when I use my Chanel tube – just to make sure it is still in my purse/cosmetic pouch. I can’t even bring myself to buy a tube from Tom Ford, as I am always looking for a dupe.

The packaging is gorgeous and very unique. Some of those colors look beautiful but not in my budget. That being said if I was vacationing in the US I would maybe pick one up as a vacation memory.

Part of the reason why I like regular lipsticks is because they have at least one flat end, which makes it easier to store it. These don’t have a flat end, so how can you store these? They have a loop at the top, so I guess you can put it on a hook or something, or wear it as a necklace?

Someone mentioned how these look like a certain sex toy. Now that’s all I see. I do not want a lipstick that looks like something someone would shove up their behind.

I’m dying over the packaging, it’s gorgeous!! I could see these becoming a status symbol like his red-sole shoes. The price is so crazy this might have to be a Christmas gift

They started their press release with the word “unctuous” …? Ooookay.

Maybe I’m alone in thinking the packaging is extremely unattractive.

Still, can’t wait to hear what how they actually perform, how the colors look!

Yeah: unctuous: (of a person): exceptionally or ingratiatingly flattering, oily. (Of minerals): having a greasy or soapy feel. (!!!!????). Not the best adjective; has a majorly negative connotation! They must have had success with the nail products, or they never would have made this venture. And isn’t this a thirty shade launch? Agree about the packaging, more than a tad OTT (the shoes may be equally as distinctive, but most are far less ostentatious. As to the sex toy comment: OW! Pointy. I also agree w/ Jenny, who doesn’t like product that won’t stand up. Maybe they ARE meant to be worn as a pendant. In that price range, you have to be pretty spectacular to stand out, even as a luxury buy for the luxury buyers. Shades look pretty standard/classic. Maybe these are for die-hard Loubou fans. I wish I could wear Technopagan, but I no way covet these. Be interesting to see how they do.

My thoughts excactly!!! I guess they’re trying to use unctuous to mean luxurious and buttery but does have that greasy connotation too.

Omg! All I can think of is rearranging the letters by adding the c to the beginning of the word to spell a naughty word.? “unctuous” Could they not think of something better to describe this lipstick? In reality, the word means greasy.? Who wants greasy lips? As for packaging, it is totally not practical. It is pretty but looks like it is supposed to be on a keychain or necklace.?That just totally cheapens it for me. I hope all that can afford to purchase them enjoy them and post pics but as for me it’s a total pass.

I enjoyed this part

“Each lip colour features a subtle scent evocative of the feminine and glamorous qualities of a woman who enjoys cosmetic products”

Um, okay. So what does that smell like then?! That’s not a description, that’s just a bunch of words thrown together.

Yeah–it almost seems as if the whole description was translated from French, and nobody checked if “unctuous” was really the word they were going for. Personally, I’ve never heard that word used in a positive way! 😛

A day or two after I wrote this, I asked my boyfriend what he thought of the weird unctuous. He said soft or oily, but in a good or luxurious way. I stared at him as if he had three heads and asked our other roommate, also a man. He was more divided in his opinion but similarly agreed unctuous could possibly be positive.

So now I know who wrote the copy for this: men! Which might explain also why they think “a woman who enjoys using cosmetics” wants to smell and taste of soap. Heh.

I wouldn’t personally be able to afford these, but I think if you could, and they were good enough quality, they’d be a nice luxe gift for a makeup lover! You could even gift it like a Christmas ornament with the little loop on top. The packaging is certainly stunning. I’m glad that at this price point they really put a lot of thought into packaging, and that there’s different packaging for the different finishes/products.

That’s such a cute idea! I would be so thrilled to come downstairs on Christmas morning and see one of these lipsticks hanging on the tree. 😀

I hope the formula is dead on. The first thing I thought was, is that tube meant to go on a necklace? It looks like there is a thing for the tube to wear on your chain. Would make sense at this price point? I will be passing.

Nicole, I tried the Burberry Kiss lipstick in Military Red, and it’s very nice! It’s opaque in 1 swipe and has a beautiful satin finish. It hugs the lips well but is very comfortable to wear and hydrating, without being slippery. I really like the formula. Not cheap at $ 33, but hey, a bargain compared to Louboutin ! The color is pretty classic red, so you might have some dupes in your stash already.

Lip Velvet is really nice too! It’s matte-but the satin matte kind,opaque with one coat. It must be an older formula because they were reviewed by Christine. I’m thinking the reviews are a couple of years old for some reason.

This price tag – wow. Just wow. I’m not sure how I feel about this packaging…there’s something that feels unpleasant about it. I guess I’ll have to see it in person some time to see how I really feel about it!

I feel I can say with certainty that I drop more money on makeup than most people, but I think $90 on lipstick is more than even I’m willing to spend.:-) I own so many lipsticks already, and there are some fantastic formulas out there for half that price or less. I think the packaging is stunning, but it’s likely not that practical (I feel like it would roll around when I set it down and I’d be worried about stabbing myself on the pointy end if I was rummaging around in my purse). I splurged on the Rouge Louboutin nail polish, but nail polish doesn’t really expire, whereas lipstick will, and I can’t honestly remember the last time I finished a lipstick. Although if I received one as a gift, I’d probably be ecstatic!

I looooove the Louboutin nail polish packaging, but this packaging just doesn’t do it for me – I wish they had done something that could be stood up to display rather than the necklace-style. Still, I’m very curious to start seeing reviews about the lipstick – hopefully the quality of the product matches the quality of the packaging.

I’d love to try one of these, but I need to see how much they’ll be in Canada. With our currency in rough shape, they’re likely to be over $100. I do wish that they’d provided colour descriptions as well as the pictures. If you have to order “blind” every bit of information helps, and given the price, I think that it will be harder to find swatches of all the colours on line.

I really wish the lipstick came as a refill and the packaging was separate. Seems like such a waste when you’re done with the lipstick to just toss the whole tube.

Also their product write-ups reach cringe-worthy heights of pretension.

The packaging is beautiful and original, but I’m not wowed by it.
I’m waiting to see much more creativity on lipsticks packaging.
But if this can make a revolution on the boring common lipsticks packaging, and make designer re think about it, it would be really great and fun !

Hope the formula is the Dior and Guerlain level.
Hope also to see more jewel packaging lipsticks !

My dream lipstick is the Dior Addict Extreme or Guerlain Rouge G formula, with an amazing/breathtaking design, that I can wear maybe as a pendent !
That would worth a 100$ price tag.

My current favourite lip product is the YSL tint oil, it’s so much better than a gloss, a lipstick, and I looove the applicator, it made the application gesture really elegant ! This one with a more jewel packaging (wearable like a pendent for example) would be really awesome !

I can’t spend $90 on a lipstick, even if someone gave me gift cards to buy it. And I don’t like the narrow tip at the end, as it’s hard to get firm grip on the outer tube. I can totally see myself trying to apply the lipstick, and the tube slips out of my hands and drops bullet first, onto the ground. As for hanging it as a necklace, I think the design is interesting but for me personally, it seems like an ostentatious display of wealth, and I’d be too embarrassed to show people I paid $90 for lipstick. For those with the money to splurge, I sure hope it performs well. I’d be interested in seeing some swatches/reviews to see if these live up to expectations

I was thinking the same thing about displaying the lipstick. I do not want to hear, “you spent $$$$$ for a lipstick!!!”. I wouldn’t use it as necklace either because for me, it’s gaudy.

This is a “keep it on my vanity” type packaging, but honestly most perfumes are this price range as well for that reason. I’ll have to think on buying one in 2 years once I get financially settled again, but they shades better be good as well!!!

I don’t like the packaging (not a fan of “bling”), but I can see why they made it wearable, like jewelry. It really is jewelry, and clearly not meant to be laid in a drawer. I also don’t carry a purse, so wearing my lip balm/lipstick/etc. around my neck seems like a very practical idea.

I’m definitely curious about these, especially the mattes. I do love the packaging, and if the formula is exceptional, I would buy one (or two…). As for the price, it definitely pushes the envelope, but there are others that are pretty close ( Serge Lutens, at $75 comes to mind). I’m not a huge fan of Louboutin shoes, I think there are others that are much more interesting at that price point, and the nail polish I thought was very underwhelming (the bottle design is lovely, though). So, I’ll check them out, but I’m definitely not swayed by the name.

Oh, that Rose du Desert shade is very, very lovely. Since nothing about Louboutin seems practical, I actually like that the brand ran with a very unique design that feels more like a piece of jewelry than a lipstick. Is it practical? Of course not. Is it opulent and over-the-top? Yes, and I’m sure that’s the intent here. I’m very curious as to how these perform. If the quality and performance is there, these would definitely make a luxurious gift. Or, maybe an elegant weapon?!? Hard to say.

I like the black cases much better than the gold…but I won’t be getting any (too expensive for me!)

The press release is odd. It reads as if it were sent through Google translate, and not actually written by a native speaker. I have infinite patience and sympathy for people who make the effort to speak and communicate in languages other than their first one, but it would seem to me that a company that is selling $90 lipsticks could at least write decent copy in the target market’s primary language.

Not a native english speaker here but for me the press release reads like adapted from a french text.

Specially the word “Unctuous”. In french it doesn’t have that “greasy” connotation – more like rich/decadent texture – and it is often used to describe cosmetics.

That’s about what I’d expect for CL, though he’s at least delivering on the packaging. I hope the formula is up to par with Serge Lutens and similar in that range. (I would also hope these show up refillable at some point because what a waste otherwise!)

Honestly, I’m obsessed with lipstick (especially red!) and I could see myself purchasing one of these if the formula is up to par. The packaging is beautiful and luxurious. It looks like a collector’s item. I love how it functions as a necklace because I’m always digging through my purse for some lipstick. I rarely leave the house without it. Tom and Donna from Parks and Rec said it best: treat yo self ??

Well at least “up to four hours” seems like a far more honest claim than most companies make. Whether “up to four hours” is worth $90? Noooooooooooo.

The packaging on these is amazing… If the formula lives up to the price tag and there’s a unique enough color I could see picking one up. I think this is the best looking beauty product they’ve put out yet.

I actually find the packaging gaudy. I’ve splurged on a Rouge G before, but at least the expensive packaging is functional with the built in mirror.

It is a shame that they must be so pricey, because the colors really do look plush and gorgeous….the packaging is definitely unique, too. I would love to see a “dupes list” for these for sure, since some of those colors (especially the mattes) really do look pretty!

It looks like a rattlesnake tail, and snakes scare me! D:

Regardless, I’d want a dupe for Just Nothing, texture included because that finish looks so nice . . .

Really *interesting* and lux packaging, but for $90 I can buy 4 UD Revolution lipsticks, or 2 Guerlain Kiss Kiss or Estee Lauder lipsticks, or…..yeah, this is just too much for a lipstick for me. Interested to see how they perform even though this is a pass for me.

I’m surprised so many people don’t like the packaging. To me its like a fusion between a beautiful christmas ornament and an arabic perfume glass, and I think it’s stunning. I think it’s a little bit of a stretch of imagination to think it looks like a sex toy (in that sense, every “bullet” shaped lipstick can resemble a suppository). It’s ostentatious, but for 90$ it better should be – I would find it absurd if the packaging would look like something I could get for 40$ or less, at least this is unique. Like another reader said before: it’s like a perfume bottle – something luxurious that’s meant more for looking pretty in your vanity than to be practical. If the formula is good, I will definitely splurge on one shade, most likely a red.

I love the black packaging on the Rouge Louboutin lipsticks and would love to own one of these, but talk about sticker shock! And a storage nightmare, to boot.

I just need 2- Rouge Louboutin and a nude one (still need to figure out which color). One matte and one silky finish. Love the packaging ❤️❤️❤️

The packaging is incredible and the colours are very pretty but I don’t think I would personally feel comfortable spending 90$ on a lipstick. (These will be significantly more with the Canadian exchange rate so I don’t feel so bad passing these up) I’d love to see swatches though!

Okay, these are gorgeous. But when I see launches like this I picture a group from the company in a meeting laughing over the price tag and the fact that they know they will get people to purchase it. I like high end beauty products and own way more than I need, but at prices like this, it is beyond ridiculous to me.

if i can’t afford those cute tom ford’s what does make me think i can afford these. the packaging is very interesting and luxurious and I HOPE that these are the kasdjasdk best lipsticks because for that price it may produce heart attacks… i’d love to see the swatches though!

I was trying to put my finger on what the lipstick packaging reminds me of, and I figured out that it looks like the potion container from the 90’s movie Death Becomes Her, lol. (Don’t mind my crazy ladies). The color selection seems wonderful, but I just am having a hard time coming to grips with $90 for lipstick. Granted, I will drop some dollars for makeup I adore, but that price just gives me pause for a lippie. Hope whoever indulges loves it!!!

I took the plunge had to order you only live once figure it would hurt more to get the shoes rather then the lipstick my lips better feel like heaven on earth.

That is incredibly, incredibly gorgeous packaging, wow. Also rather impractical, as you can’t stand it up! I wonder how secure the closure is? The little loop at the top of the cap suggests you could stick it on a chain and wear the lipstick as jewellery. Easy touch ups! ;-D

These lipsticks must have the best formula for the lips at this price point. Tom Ford lipsticks are long lasting for me depending on the shade. So far Guerlian, is the best formula imo. CL must be at platinum level.

For the right time in my life and event, I’d totally do it. Especially if I could wear it as a necklace for that event. There are several shades I love, i’d have to see swatches and actually try them on to pick one. The packaging on the sheers makes me happiest.

While the packaging is incredible I can’t help but feel like the price tags make these lipsticks frivolous. Still fun to look at though! 🙂

the colors are so pretty. But that price. Whew. These make the nars audacious line seem like drugstore prices!! I could never talk myself into buying one at that price. I can’t wait to see swatches and see how they perform! Have fun with these, Christine!!

I spotted these lipsticks today on the Nordstrom website and went downtown to Seattle to check them out. I swore I wouldn’t purchase, just look and play. Oh well……. A gorgeous display greeted me as soon as I stepped through the door. A super salesman named Cory encouraged me to play and we had lots of fun trying the different colors and formulations. I ended up buying two lipsticks, one in satin finish and one translucent, a lip pencil and a Scarabie nail polish that I have wanted for a long time. Everything about these lipsticks is the height of indulgence and a celebration of what it is to be a feminine woman. The packaging is gorgeous, the boxes are like buying a pair of the shoes, all black and lacquered. The outer lipstick tubes are incredibly gorgeous and indeed are beautiful pieces of jewelry. The formulations of the lipstick are even better than Guerlain’s Rouge G’s and Tom Ford’s (IMO). No icky taste, just smooth, creamy, moisturizing, and leave the most beautiful finish. They were even put in two special Louboutin bags, one a creamy pale color and the other a shiny black that could be keepsakes on their own. I am an older woman and can afford the things I want, and these are truly a lovely indulgence of my favorite kind. I am so happy with my purchase that when I got home, I ordered 5 more lipsticks online. Happy birthday to me! I know most of the readers here are probably young women, in school and working, so a $90 lipstick wouldn’t make a lot of sense at this stage in your life, but I encourage you to check these out and if it’s love, either save a few dollars here and there by skipping the Starbuck’s, or hand washing items you would normally take to the dry cleaner and save up for the one perfect color for you. These are permanent so no need to rush. Christmas is coming too. Anything is possible if you plan and work and be patient for your goals.

Melissa29, I bought Rose du Desert and Miss Clichy. They feel incredible on your lips, so silky! You must check these out ASAP. There are so many gorgeous, wearable colors for women of every shade and taste, from dark to light, shy to bold, and everything in between. You won’t be disappointed!

Lovely choices Mimi, especially Miss Clichy. I am weak when it comes to lipstick. I ordered Very Prive and Farida. My local stores do not have them yet. So I am taking a chance on these. Thanks for the review 🙂

Melissa29, I went back today and got Sevillana a gorgeous dark purple with a little fuchsia cast to it, and Let Me Tell You, which is a very unusual color. I don’t have anything like it but it’s really pretty. I saw Cory there again and he said it would be good on me. It’s a little hard to tell in the store with artificial lighting but when I checked it in natural light, I really love it. Tomorrow, 5 more will arrive at my door. I picked Bikini, Very Prive, Loubiminette, YouYou, and Petal Rose. I wish I could wear Farida but it’s too brown for me. I think you’d really like Let Me Tell You as it’s a bit more red, which normally I can’t wear due to redness in my Irish skin and broken red veins from the sun, but this color works on me. It may be a bit more colorful than Farida, if you want that. I hope you get your lipsticks soon and love them as much as I do. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed in these. I’m ruined for anything else now!

Hello Mimi, funny you mentioned Sevillana because I was trying to decide between Miss Clichy, Very Prive and Let Me Tell You :). I kind of regret getting Farida but I wanted a neutral color to wear everyday. I probably end up giving Farida to my mom if it’s too boring. I prefer plummy, raspberry purple shades…pop of color. I may end up getting Sevillana for my next order. It is a unique shade. Sevillana reminds me of TF’s Black Dahlia and Black Orchid. I love Black Orchid, beautiful shade. I am weak when it comes to lux lipsticks. I don’t think I will be disappointed. I read a few reviews and customers were in love! 🙂

Melissa29, I have Sevillana, which will be spectacular on you since you love the same shades that I do. Miss Clichy looks dark but actually it’s middle of the road color wise and good for daytime and/or office. Let Me Tell You is not plummy but more of a reddish/brown/pink. Very pretty, like your own lip color but better. Usually, I can’t wear anything with brown in it as it drains me but this works. Another thing to love about CL lipsticks, the colors work and are flattering, not cheap or garish looking. He must have done a lot of research on various skin tones. Sevillana is thrilling, a gorgeous deep purple with fuchsia undertones so it won’t make you look drained like some just plain purples can. It is not a brownish purple. You will love it! Farida is beautiful, understated color, good for morning when you may not want a lot of color but want to look finished. You could try to put some gloss over it to deepen it perhaps if you feel it’s not jazzy enough. I would call it a safe and tasteful color, on it’s own. I am waiting for the truck to bring my other 5 colors and Very Prive is among these. If I recall correctly, this is also a plummy/berry color but is brighter and has more fuchsia than purple. Can’t wait to mix Sevillana, Miss Clichy, Very Prive, Bikini (if it goes) and one other, I forget, maybe Louboutinette?

Hello Mimi, you picked some beautiful lipstick shades! It was hard for me to choose. The Eton Moi matte was another choice but I decided to stick with Sevillana. I ordered Sevillana last night. I am happy to hear CL lipsticks are flattering. Farida looked safe but like you suggested I would put a gloss on top. I can’t wait to feel the texture of the lipsticks. I hope the color stains the lips but even if it wears off, I do not mind reapplying to whip my lux lipstick 🙂

I need to stay FAR away from any Louboutin counter, because I’m afraid once I start playing with these, I’ll be too tempted. Glad you are enjoying the lippies !

Mimi, I have desperately been looking for someone who has actually seen these in person. I can only find swatches online for the 3 red shades. I live in a location which makes it difficult for me to get to a store that sells them. Like you, I earned my right to buy these. That being said, I want to start with just one (9/1 was my birthday btw so it’s a birthday gift to myself as well!) I have narrowed it down to Silky Satin in Impera, Miss Clichy, or Ronron or the Sheer in Rouge Louboutin or You You. I have 6 red lipsticks already and don’t wear the color often so the matte and silky reds seemed “out”. I am fair-light with neutral undertones with brown hair with cool red highlights (and freckles I usually try to cover). Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!

Happy birthday to you, Michele! Mine’s coming up on the 7th. Miss Clichy looks dark but is actually a medium plum with a bit of cool pink, no brown. Kind of like a lip color but darker, stronger but it is not a dark shade, really. It is not a bright shade and it would be good for daytime or evening. Very wearable for Fall/Winter, office, etc. but I wouldn’t call it a jazzy, party shade. You You is one I just got and haven’t actually worn it yet but it is a sheer, rich plum with cool pink, super beautiful if you go for the shades that Melissa29 and I do which are the purple, fuchsia, raspberry (not red but pink) type of lipsticks. The Sheer Rouge Louboutin is most definitely a red, bright, very cherry red but not purplish. It is a beautiful, pure, true red which will be lovely on many complexions. It does not tweak brown, orange, berry, pink, or purple etc. I cannot wear red due to Irish skin with broken red veins but if I could, this would be the one I would pick. I did not sample Impera because I would consider this a brown shade which always drains me, but from the picture on my computer it looks like it has some pink in it and will be lovely on the right complexion depending on your personal undertones. Hope this helps.

Mimi, thank you and Happy Birthday to you as well! I tend to gravitate toward the same shades you and Melissa29 do so Miss Clichy and YouYou sound perfect for me. I have taken to wearing reds recently but after a recent “inventory” realized I already have at least a dozen so I don’t need any more. I took another look at Impera and thought it looked brownish – glad you confirmed. That’s just not a color for me. Sounds like I now have 2 winners – thanks so much for your help!

$90 for a lipstick? I’m sorry but packaging is not that big an issue for me and status matters just as little. M. Louboutin can keep his lipsticks and I’ll stick with MAC, UD or Bite, thanks!

The packaging is amazing. You’re not just buying a lipstick, you are buying a lipstick and a piece of designer jewelry. It is the designer version of lip smackers on a string. I suppose it could help people justify the purchase. That being said, this is not my style, but I would really like for this to be the start of a new makeup trend. It could be interesting.

Just for fun, I should buy a few of these lipsticks and some of his nail polishes to see if I can make it through TSA security. =)

On a more serious note (if I can be serious about these ridiculous products), some of the colors are nice and the packaging, although intimidating, is very… decorative. (I changed that last adjective three times…) I wonder if you could buy one of these lipsticks, use it up, then plop a $4.57 Maybelline lipstick in the tube? That would greatly amuse me. LOL

LOL!! As someone who’s metal foot file got the TSA’s attention, I was wondering about that too.

The idea of a refillable case would be wonderful.

These look like (expensive) Christmas ornaments to me. They look nice but even as ornaments, I’ve seen nicer and cheaper alternatives, so I can’t justify shelling out that kind of dough, even if it does potentially serve two purposes!

I may purchase some of these, but I have to first see if they have a fragrance. I can’t wear a lot of high end products because of strong scents. Also I would love to see the lip definers.

These comments have been fun to read! First thought: here comes Louboutin to raise the bar for acceptable cosmetics pricing up another notch! That’s some next-level sh* there, Loub! Literally!
Also thought the press release was bizarre, possibly the longest I’ve ever read

Too rich for my blood, but that packaging is truly amazing. I like that it comes with a ribbon and can be worn as jewelry, because for that price it should do double-duty. Who would buy that and not want to show it off a little?

This is so pretty. I ended up buying one, the Rouge in the Matte formula. Its super expensive, but honestly, they look like wearable art. I was going back and forth between that one and the Rouge Sheer lip color because I love the pattern on that bullet, reminded me of one of Daenerys’ eggs on GoT … lol

These look so luxurious. I might buy one just to see if it’s extraordinary. Would make a great gift for the gal who has everything. Hint hint to my hubby!!

As with the nail polish I would only buy one just for the packaging for display. The packaging looks like it could be a pendant. So pretty!!

Has anyone bought any of these yet? Christine, will you swatching any? I would like to buy one and have narrowed it down to Silky Satin in Impera, Miss Clichy, or Ronron or the Sheer in Rouge Louboutin or You You. So hard to pick when you can only see a little square online! Any thoughts? Thanks!

I don’t love the packaging, just because I think it’s be hard to store the way I store my other lipsticks. But packaging alone won’t stop me from buying a product, I just think these must be the most outstandingly amazing colors and quality to be asking $90 each for a lipstick. I’d love to see swatches/read reviews to see if the quality holds up to the price, but I’m not sure I could drop that much money on a lipstick unless it was just perfection.

I bought the lipstick and love the packaging from the box it came in to the beautiful pendant shaped lipstick. I personally wouldn’t wear it as necklace as it is way too big.
The lipstick applies like a dream and stayed on for several hours before I did a minor touch up after lunch.
It is a splurge but is fun to have in my collection.

I was skeptical on purchasing the CL lipsticks especially because of the price. I caved in to all the good reviews these lipsticks have received. I just received Rose Du Desert from the Sheer Voile collection. It is absolutely beautiful on!!!! I wanted a neutral, professional looking lipstick for work but I think this will be a lipstick I can wear with many looks. It glides on (like most lipsticks! lol) and it’s a color that doesn’t require a lot of effort to wear. I applied it right from the bullet without any make-up or lip liner on and it makes my lips look amazing. I’m fair (olive) skinned with brown hair and brown eyes. I would describe this color on my lips as a delicate pinky, brown color that’s not too glossy or too thick or too shimmery….it’s just perfect. It gives my lips the color I should’ve been born with. I will most likely purchase another one of these lipsticks in another color once I restock on my Nordstrom gift cards! Oh and the packaging really is amazing too!

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