Do you change your lip color throughout the day?

Do you change your lip color throughout the day? Or stick with the shade you started with?

I change throughout the day! Usually two to three shades, but sometimes if it’s long-wearing enough, it’ll just be one.

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I used to change my lip colour all the time throughout the day. I’d carry several different lipsticks, glosses, etc. in my bag, and whenever my colour had worn off from, say, eating, I’d put on something else. Not only was it fun, but it was a good way to get me to rotate through my many lip products so that as many as possible were getting used rather than sitting at home in a box somewhere.

No. When I plan a “look”, I put a lot of thought and care into the entire thing. Everything from clothes to jewelry, as well as makeup is carefully coordinated, and changing my lip color is no different than changing my shoes or earrings. Even if I’m going from day to night, everything gets completely washed off and redone-I never add new product over what I’ve worn all day. However, if I’m just out running errands, and I’m just wearing “essentials”, I may just reach in my bag to reapply whatever I have with me, although it’s typically just balm, or what I used that morning, as I make it a habit of putting things away as soon as I get home.

Occasionally I do. Like if I had been wearing one shade during the day, but then got dressed up to go someplace later on, then I most likely will. Or I change my mind about wearing whatever color was originally there for some reason, like a last minute outfit change-up. But a favorite lippy I’ll work the clothes around instead!

No, I stay with the same color all day. I typically don’t even touch up my lipstick – I just dab on a bit more gloss for a “refresh.”

I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who’s willing to build an entire outfit around a lipstick!
In fact, I’ve been known to *buy* clothes (as in, an entire outfit = clothes, accessories, other makeup, nail polish, etc.) to coordinate with a certain lipstick.
Yeah, I probably need therapy … 🙂

I usually stick with one. I’ll change lipstick, if needed, if I change my clothes or go somewhere dressy. Sometimes I change it if I’m just not feeling the look after a couple hours, but that’s rare. Sometimes I get a new lip item, and I can’t wait to use it. I’ll switch then, too, if it goes with the rest of the makekup I’m wearing.

Not really, I might top my original lipstick with a different gloss or balm, or reapply the same product, but generally don’t go totally different from the look I went for first!

I change depending on the occasion. If I have a lesson in the evening and I have all the day free, I prefer to wear a vivid shade before, and after I just put on some tinted balm because I don’t like to have lipstick on while I’m teaching.

Yes. My lips are very dry, so i usually don’t use long-wearing lipsticks. I carry one or two tinted lipbalms that i reapply during the day when my lipstick disappear.

That many huh? Do you mean for reviews or really just on a daily basis?

I tend to stick to one color a day. Unless I have a special thing in the evening, then I’ll switch to something else.

Same. Which is why I keep a couple of chubby stick gloss/balms in my desk, so I can at least use something in the same colour family! I have perpetually dry lips so I have to reapply fairly frequently, regardless of formula.

I generally do change it. I have such a large stash of lipsticks that I generally take three or so in my purse (whatever matches the makeup look I’ve done for the day) and change it up as I feel like it. I think that’s a sign of a makeup addiction….

Only if I forgot to put the lipstick or gloss that I’m wearing in my purse. Otherwise, I’ll have to forgo what ever is on my lips and just use what’s in my purse .. lol.


Not usually. If there is something special going on at night, I may. Sometime, on the weekend, I may go from something simple to something for going out if I am going out at night. Usually it’s one a day unless I am just playing and trying things out. I did do that more when I was younger and had more of an active social life,:)

I try and take 2 or 3 lipstick and gloss options with me. My collection is so large, I feel the need to either layer gloss over lipstick or switch things up.

It depends. I wear a lot of tinted balms during the day like Fresh Sugar Berry or something from Burt’s Bees. I will change it out later if I’m going out!

I’m a once-and-done kind of gal. So whatever color I use to begin with, I will only reapply with. More often than not I use the exact same product too, but if I’m running around I bring with me a cheaper dupe for reapplication. Same color, just a different product.

I absolutely change my lipstick throughout the day. I usually mix 2 colors in my initial application and wear them throughout the day. I also keep at least 1 nude lipstick and gloss in my makeup bag that compliments my outfit (either a pinky nude, beige nude, peach nude) in case I have a high stake meeting or have to show up at court and need a more conservative look (I’m a lawyer by day, adjunct professor by night). It keeps me from being bored with my makeup and helps me use my collection. I’ve done this routine for over 30 years since I was a high school student. Back then my collection consisted of only 3-4 drugstore Revlon and Brucci lipsticks (lol).

Normally I don’t but today I did! I started out with the Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in Sheer Streak, then I went to Ulta and purchased the Too Faced Melted Candy, so that’s what I have on now. They’re both gorgeous!

I never do. That’s why I see choosing a lipstick in the morning as such a commitment, haha! If I have an event in the evening, I pick a shade that is both appropriate for the day and the evening.

If I’m out running errands, I’ll mix it up a little. One thing in the morning, something else after lunch and a third color when we grab dinner in the evening.

I will wear the same one all day, to reapply. I usually try to coordinate what I’m wearing with my lipstick, so no need to change, otherwise my makeup bag would end up looking like the size of my purse.

No way. I make a commitment and I stick to it throughout the day! 🙂 Once I decide what color I’m wearing, according to my makeup and outfit colors for the day, I stick with it.

I feel like I’m in the minority, but I carry so many lip products in my purse, I tend to change up whenever what I’m wearing wears off. Sometimes I’ll go from bright to nude to sheer to full on red. I have a lip product addiction, and this way I get to use my extensive collection. There are days that I’ll just stick with one product, or switch to balm when my lipstick wears off.

Yes I do change my lipstick during the day, especially if I change clothes. Also I have a few favourites in my handbag, so when I am out I will use those. I really dislike not wearing my lipstick!

Not usually–if I’m wearing a full-coverage lip product I might use tinted balm as it wears off instead of reapplying, but that’s about it. If I’m going out for a special occasion at night (anything necessitating a major outfit change) I might switch it up then.

I change it up all the time because I carry a few lipsticks and lip glosses. I like to mix and match different shades to see what I could come up with and have fun with it.

usually only one lip color a day for me, too busy to reapply so i like long lasting kind. i really should change it up throughout the day…i got so much lipstick!

I love to change my lip product throughout the day, it makes me happy that I get to play a little in between such a busy day. There are so many lovely products out there that it is sometimes hard to choose :)♥

No. I stick with the same shade day throughout the day. If the shade I have on that day starts to fade, i.e. after eating lunch, I tend to touch it up.

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