Can you think of three products you could (or should) declutter right now?

The new MAC Starring You lipsticks! A slew of holiday eye and cheek palettes–I don’t typically keep much from the limited edition holiday palettes these days (I donate if I can) as they just aren’t worth keeping for the long-term. The only ones I keep are if I really enjoy them personally or the formula was so fantastic/it might sellout and be “the one that got away” fors some later on.

— Christine


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Seraphine Avatar

These are all “shoulds,” not “coulds”:

• ABH Moonchild Glow Kit (because I don’t really like it)
• My entire collection of ColourPop Ultra Satin liquid lipsticks (because they’re old)
• Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette (because it’s awful)

If I could find a good home for the Glow Kit and Too Faced palette, I’d be happy to give them away. The CP liquid lipsticks should be tossed.

Lauren Avatar

Funny enough this morning while doing my makeup I just set aside a mascara that I don’t like for my friend to try, tossed my Rhianna foundation (it never worked for me and is definitely past expiration and looks separated in the bottle – such a shame, that was expensive and difficult to actually let go of even though I didn’t like it), and I cleared out two CP lip glosses that changed texture and got too sticky so they’ve hit the expiration point. At least those I got really good use out of!

kjh Avatar

Altogether too many, and I’m doing it. Tossed all of my nail polish last week, as I will never be able to use it. Tossed most cream products, and am giving away most pink/coral blushes. For the few rimes I use them, there are enough in NARS palettes. Many e/s singles will go, if they are difficult to depot and not suitable to give away, due to use. Actually, I’m doing the same thing with clothes to Goodwill.

Mariella Avatar

Three that I “could” declutter (but I won’t) – MAC She Who Dares mineralized eyeshadow (a combo of blue on one side and green on the other); Guerlain Lingerie de Peau foundation (just because I rarely use it) and MAC Impassioned lipstick (again, I don’t wear it very much).

Celesta Avatar

– MUFE Artist 15 pan eyeshadow palette… I’ve had it for years, but I just can’t seem to give it up because of those beautiful pearly shades. I’m afraid to depot them because I don’t want them to break!
– Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Dark Magic palette… again, only keeping for a couple of shades. I really love the cool toned browns in this one and don’t want to depot them for fear they’ll break in the process. I got that palette SUPER cheap from Ulta because of a sale and some rewards. I think it was less than $5.
– A couple of CT Matte lipsticks. I don’t really like her matte formula. I got Pillow Talk in hopes that it would be a good nude on me, but it’s a little too gray. I may keep Red Carpet Red because I do like the color and it’s matte so it won’t budge.

Yvette Avatar

I rarely declutter but I just threw out the Naked 1 palette. I purchased it the year it came out and feel that I got my money’s worth out of it. Other than some samples and mascara minis I can’t think of anything else I need to declutter.

AJ Avatar

I’ve got an ABH palette that I never use (can’t remember the name of it) and tried to get rid of once but none of my dance classmates wanted it at the time. I should try again.

There’s this indie liquid lipstick I bought on Etsy that was supposed to be a cool metallic teal but it’s sheer AF, I should finally throw that away.

Probably a few other liquid lip products that have gone bad — I’ve been working my way through them. If I go to wear one and it seems gross, or I put it on and hate it, it goes right in the trash.

Deborah S. Avatar

1. Whole Fenty Holiday 2018 release. Not sure why I am still holding onto them since I never use them. The release was worse than bad.
2. Several lipsticks as I mentioned yesterday. I have so many and just don’t find myself reaching for many of them. Some are past their prime and I wouldn’t wear them even if I liked them.
3. I have several older foundations that I just don’t reach for anymore so those need to go also. In particular ones that I have had to buy a couple of shades to mix in order to get my shade. I also have several that I purchased thinking that they would give me a “glow” which didn’t happen. Specifically, I am thinking of the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation of which I have 3 shades trying to find a shade that would work for me.

Rachel R. Avatar

1. Most of my nail polishes. I’ve been getting traditional acrylics or dip powder acrylics done at the salon for many years now, and so rarely paint my nails any more. This is actually the #1 issue on my “declutter” list.

2. I have a little makeup bag with cream eyeshadow primers and cream contour products that never worked on me, and need to be given away or thrown out, depending on age.

3. Some bareMinerals loose powder blushes that I just don’t use any more.

Jenn Avatar

The idea of throwing away nail polish makes me so sad! I have 20 year old polishes that are just as good as ones I bought last week. There are collectors out there who would be happy to save your old polishes from the trash.

Nancy T Avatar

Nothing I mention has bad quality or anything like that, just not items that look all that wonderful with my coloring or just aren’t products I use often enough to warrant having them take up space:
1.) UD Naked 1, I’d like to give this one to my daughter, as it works beautifully with her coloring.
2.) A drawer full of old Nyx trios, singles, 10-pans and other likely expired items.
3.) Two KVD ELL’s and other dry-down liquid lipsticks. My lips HATE them.
Honorable mention: CT Cat Eyes To Hypnotize in Silver Leopard (horrible quality!), UD Naked Smoky (a lot of finagling to get it to work on me!), most of my CP SSS’s because it’s a pain in the butt with opening and closing those lids, but they’re also too pretty to throw away!

Ana Maria Avatar

Not right now, but soon I have to declutter a couple of eyeshadows from my custom made palette, since they reach in December the 3 years mark from manufacturing (I’m very due diligent with tracking expiration dates and batch coded).
Otherwise, since I mostly have one product of each category, I don’t need to do declutters.

Ana Maria Avatar

Although I make sure to keep my bathroom as dry and cool as possible, I don’t store make-up and skincare in the bathroom.
The 3 years limit is something I limit myself for powders, I’m sure people use them without issues way longer and I could do the same. It’s just a personal limit. 🙂
Since I have a smaller collection, I actually use products quite often; my custom made palette which I use and open everyday, exposing the powders to external factors. There’s a huge difference (from my experience) between an eyeshadow in a palette you use everyday and an eyeshadow in a palette you use maybe 1-2 times a week (maybe even less for people who have huge make-up collections).
Most of those eyeshadows when they hit the 3 years limit have a huge pan on them, they are beaten up and abused, and I can really tell they don’t perform as well; although I do feel face powders tend to `expire` faster than eyeshadows.

Cheryl Avatar

I agree with Nancy t. About CT silver leopard eyeshadow, it was horrible.
5 eyeshadows from UD, I can’t seem to find one that looks good on me from UD
Some Mac eyeshadows To need to go.

Blue Avatar

Oooh this is a fantastic question. Hm. I recently decluttered Bite Lavender Jam because it went bad so it might be good to make sure my other Bite products are also still good. Besides that, it’s definitely time to Back to MAC a few things I never ever wear anymore like Viva Glam Miley, Le Vie en Rouge (the texture always sat kind of thick IMO), and a few powder blushes that I’ve replaced with creams.

Sometimes I think about decluttering Anastasia Subculture, but for now I’ll hold on to it. I’m just always disappointed by how Anastasia shadows apply more muted than pan and fade further with wear. I think I’ve finally learned and won’t buy any more.

c.m.berkers Avatar

UD Born to Run palette – just doesn’t do it for me.

ABH Mario Master palette – ditto. It’s shoved in a drawer somewhere, IDEK.

My Beautyblenders and assorted other makeup sponges – they’re a pain in the @$$ to wash and keep clean, they degrade quickly and I just can’t be bothered with them any more.

Kuávsui Avatar

I could (and probably should) toss all my liquid lipsticks (except for the purples, which I actually use for parties). Some of them are bound to have gone bad and I really don’t wear them, ever – and still I just bought more from Pat McGrath’s Lab sale, I honestly don’t know what I was thinking! I just find most of them drying and as I approach 35, that look is doing me no favours at all.

I could also probably part with most of my eyeshadow palettes. I love them all but I just don’t wear eyeshadow. And YET. I got another one. ??‍♀️ I just wear neutrals with a few pops of colour for special occasions and mostly not even that, just bronzer blended above my crease. I need to LEARRRRRN!

Evi Avatar

I had a huge move and decluttered a lot as I packed. so I probably will hold onto some for now.
mine are:
I bought the nest wisteria perfume tester and while I love the scent on its own it does not mix well with my body chemistry. So I should probably see if a friend has better luck.
I have some lipsticks which I like but don’t use as much I could probably sort through.
and my mascara is reaching its 3-month mark so I probably should chuck that.

Erica Avatar

I recently decluttered so I don’t have much currently I’d give away. What I passed along , I gave to my daughter not because I didn’t like it but because I thought she could get more use out of it! I decluttered…

Laura Geller Glam on the Run Travel palette
Milani Most Used Nudes
Benefit Dallas

Genevieve Avatar

Yes, I can think of 3 beauty items I can declutter right away, as I did so this week:
1. Estee Lauder’s Emerald Oasis – chalky, poorly pigmented shades that never really worked on me.
2. A Lancome quad of minty shades that were the same as for EL.
3. An EA lipstick, Cayenne Pearl – beautiful shade, but it broke in the tube.

Brenda Avatar

I recently decluttered all of my ABH eyeshadow palettes, Venus 1 and Venus XS Silver from Lime Crime, a Tarte Blush, Nars blush palette and a Too Faced bronzer. My daughter took it all but the Nars. In all honesty I decluttered the eyeshadows because I’ve completed my Pat McGrath collection (until she releases more) and needed to make room.

I need to declutter lipsticks but just can’t seem to pull the trigger.

Arena Avatar

Besides clothes, books and horse-related equipment:

Milani Bold Obsessions palette (sorry Taylor Wynn, it wasn’t for me)
A hundred thousand million perfume samples ( I’ll just use up as part of my project pan ?)
My 2nd favorite Mascara – Pretty Vulgar Black Swan (its at the end of it’s life….)

Zora Avatar

1. My ColourPop glitters and palettes with glitters. I read one too many horror stories and now I’m petrified to use them.

2. A variety of Revlon lipsticks. There are others I like much more.

3. My Essence This Is Nude lipsticks. They have a scent that I don’t like at all.

Karen Johnston Avatar

It’s time for me to go through my entire collection and pull things that I haven’t reached for and won’t miss but I can think of a few off the top of my head.
Jouer Tinted Moisturizer-last year it worked ok because I got enough color in the summer that it worked. This past summer, not so much. Even for a thin tint it is too dark and it will have expired by next summer.
Laura Geller blush in Pink Grapefruit. I used to love it, now it is too shimmery for my taste.
Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I was a late comer to this palette. I really liked one or two shades but it seems like I have to force myself to use it.
I have high hopes that my next declutter will be life altering. I know that if I had someone to pass alot of this stuff onto it would be easier.

Violet W Avatar

1. Liquid lipsticks ( Mostly CP and Kylie ) and lip tints because they are old and I rarely wear them nowadays.
2. Large eye shadow palettes especially Morphe. I don’t use them.
3. Some face palettes that I never use.

Kirsten Avatar

I have some single eye shadows that I need to get rid of (so I can buy more, of course!): Colourpop, Sydney Grace, Inglot and ABH, 2 or 3 of each. Also one or two of the Sydney Grace cream shadows that weren’t quite the colors I was looking for. As someone mentioned below, I have Colourpop liquid lipsticks that are pretty old and should go away. And I have a Sugarpill liquid lip that I inherited from someone else and I haven’t been able to bring myself to use for sanitary reasons. I should just toss it and just buy a new one, but it feels too much like throwing money away instead.

Jill Avatar

I’m hitting the bottom of the barrel for decluttering but I still have a few things:
Kevyn Aucoin neo blush – I love the color but the formula doesn’t like me, I’ll probably give it to a friend.

Shadow singles – I have some I never used. I’m really on the fence about this. I use cream shadows daily because they’re so easy and powders make my eyelids look dried out, but the colors are so gorgeous.

One powder bronzer – it was so hard to find this bronzer but I’ve since found cream “bronzers” that work better. I should probably let it go, I haven’t used it in almost a year now.

Nail polish – I’ve been chipping away my stash for a few years now, I had enough I could’ve started my own blog. I’ve got it down to less than one Helmer and I’d like to keep going. It’s getting HARD now though. I still actively polish my nails, I find I get in moods so I’ve been filling a small basket with polish and picking from that basket until I get tired of the choices and then rinse/repeat. But I’d like to get my core collection down a bit more. I give my cast-offs to a friend and her tween daughter.

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