Butter London Color Launches for Fall 2013

Shake up your every day look and disturb the peace with butter LONDON®’s new ROCK YOUR COLOUR Bespoke Colour Cosmetics collection, in stores August 2013.

butter LONDON® has become a cult phenomenon within the nail industry since its inception, bringing custom colour palettes in boisterous shades to a passionate, prismatic allegiance of nail enthusiasts. Founded by British entrepreneur Sasha Muir in 2005, butter LONDON® – which ranked #2 in the nail colour category in 2012 (NPD data) – remains dedicated to bringing carcinogen free formulas to the market so clients don’t have to sacrifice quality for safety: it’s colour without compromise. So much more than nails, a paramount effort has been made in expanding its reach beyond the signature lacquers to include a range of hand and nail treatments, lip products and a pedicure collection. butter LONDON® continues to stay true to their rollicking invasion of bold colour and their dedication to excellence as they unveil a new collection of Bespoke Colour Cosmetics.

“We are an irreverent brand full of contradictions,” says Leslie Freytag, President and CEO of butter LONDON®. “Known for products that consistently deliver beautiful, fashion-inspired results, this new collection of cosmetics ensures our clients continue to experience the level of quality they have come to expect and in a way that lets them showcase their own individual personality.”

Never one to play by the rules, butter LONDON® has worked diligently to create a brand that defies stereotypes while simultaneously paying homage to the trends on hand in both beauty and fashion. butter LONDON® takes initiative to forge new ground and take high-pigmented, long-lasting beauty products to their most vivacious. Their inspiration lies in the audacious, commanding street style of Great Britain and the all-encompassing glamour and reckless abandon of the rock ‘n roll lifestyle.

Carefree, dynamic, and kaleidoscopically colourful, the Bespoke Colour Cosmetics Collection will deliver unparalleled, lasting formulas in a variety of fashion-forward shades that will speak to butter LONDON®’s core audience. This chic-conscious consumer is ripe with defiance for the ordinary and has long been exemplified by her adventurous nature and willingness to play with high-voltage hues. Using colour to express herself and escape the mundane, this collection will provide a new way to do just that – whether she’s going all-out or just adding a pop of colour to her everyday look.

Feeding off impulse from the trends and styles she’s detected from London to New York to Los Angeles, Katie Hughes – the brand’s Global Colour Ambassador and celebrity make-up artist and manicurist– worked closely with the product development team to keep continuity with the innovative formulations that have led the trends in colour and texture. “butter LONDON® is all about fashion driven colour,” says Hughes. “The shades that you’ll see in this collection are true to the brand in that they’re vibrant, unexpected and on trend, whilst simultaneously maintaining the same quality of paraben and phalate-free, highly pigmented shades we’re known for.”

Cheeky Cream Blush ($20.00)

This ultra silky, sheer formula delivers a burst of cheek colour by way of these perfectly portable compacts. The buildable shades can be dabbed onto the cheeks and blended seamlessly for a subtle look or layered for a look that’s a bit more fierce.

  • Naughty Biscuit Rosy nude cream
  • Honey Pie Peach-pink cream
  • Abbey Rose Rose pink cream
  • Pistol Pink Fuchsia pink cream

Lippy Tinted Lip Balm ($20.00)

LIPPY Tinted Balm delivers the moisture of a lip balm with the finish and colour of a lipstick in six subtle shades to highlight the glow of every skin tone. These creamy balms are the perfect accessory for women-on-the-go.

  • Toasted Marshmallow Medium coverage nude cream
  • Axis Kiss Medium coverage punchy pink cream
  • Apricot Sunrway Medium coverage coral cream
  • Abbey Rose Medium coverage rose cream
  • Strawberry Field Medium coverage red cream
  • Black Cherry Medium coverage wine cream

Nail Lacquer ($15.00)

Inspired by butter LONDON’s new WINK Mascara and Eye Pencil shades, these stunning nail lacquers take the guesswork out of matching your eye and nail look. First seen on the runways, the matching trend now takes center stage on the streets, as butter LONDON girls rock their colour.

  • Jaded Jack Opaque, lime green cream
  • Pistol Pink Opaque, magenta pink shimmer
  • Brown Sugar Opaque, copper shimmer with gold glitter
  • Inky Six Medium coverage, deep blue glitter
  • Indigo Punk Full coverage, indigo-purple glitter
  • Union Jack Black Opaque, glossy jet-black cream

Wink Cream Eyeshadow ($18.00)

The lightweight formula in these velvety cream shadows delivers a vibrant wash of colour that dries into a smooth, shimmer finish. The WINK shadows are available in a variety of blendable shades that can be layered to deepen the intensity for a bold burst of colour.

  • Alabaster Gaze Silver shimmer
  • Sun Kiss Muted gold shimmer
  • Jaded Jack Grass green shimmer
  • Pistol Pink Rose-pink shimmer
  • Inky Six Baby blue shimmer
  • Indigo Punk Lavender shimmer

Wink Eye Pencil ($18.00)

This extra soft pencil glides on effortlessly to deliver stunning colour in a precise line that stays put for up to 24 hours. With a high intensity colour payoff, WINK Eye Pencil delivers a stunning flare to any makeup look.

  • Jaded Jack Lime green cream
  • Pistol Pink Magenta pink shimmer
  • Inky Six Cornflower blue shimmer
  • Indigo Punk Violet shimmer
  • Brown Sugar Chocolate brown crea,
  • Union Jack Black Jet black cream

Wink Mascara ($20.00)

With four bright, look-at-me shades, and two basics, this refined mascara delivers perfect application from root to tip adding drama to any makeup look. The highly pigmented buildable formula results in long-lasting, brilliant colour.

  • Jaded Jack Lime green cream
  • Pistol Pink Magenta pink shimmer
  • Inky Six Cornflower blue shimmer
  • Indigo Punk Violet shimmer
  • Brown Sugar Chocolate brown cream
  • Union Jack Black Jet black cream

Availability: August 1st @ ULTA, butterlondon.com

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