How do you bring out your eye color?

How do you bring out your eye color? Share your eye color and tips!

I’ll usually use golds and plums, as it warms up the natural brown tones while making them appear more hazel.

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I… don’t? I don’t think about that stuff, really. I have green eyes, so I know purple, gold, and bronze brings the colour out, but I don’t ever think about that when applying makeup.

I have warm green eyes and purple is my go-to color, either for full on color or even a purple smokey eye. With purple and the right lighting, my eyes look like they glow 🙂

i find coppers, golds, purples and deep pink almost burgundy is the most complementary to my eyes. i seem to have dark blue to dark grey eyes with a bit of green. however dark green shadows are my favorite.

Black and warm purple eyeliner! The purple contrasts against the green in my irises and black just makes them stand out somehow. For this purpose I usually grab Urban Decay’s 24/7 pencils in Perversion, Rockstar, and 1999.

My irises are pretty dark–so I don’t really think about bringing out the color. It’s actually convenient to have dark eyes, dark hair, and neutral toned skin if you really really love to wear color like I do.

I don’t, it’s a losing battle with my brown-black eyes. Nothing short of wearing deep black smoky eye would help, sadly. So I just take advantage on the neutral hue of my eyes and wear all the different colors. 😉

It’s usually deep cobalt blues – my eyes are a very warm tone of dark brown and in certain lights they turn literally orange. I love bringing out this feature in all environments by using blue shades.

I have bright hazel eye color,so earthy brown,warm green,gold or bronze are a colors for me, I like black eyeliner as well because make my eye color more bold

I wear colored contacts – usually green or brown. With my green contacts, I love warm metallics like bronze and copper. Plums and purples also look fantastic. With browns, I love using gold, chocolate brown, bronze and copper shades. Jewel tones in blue, green and purple work great with brown eyes too!

Love lilacs, warm purples, warm greens and copper for my brown eyes! (Ofcourse gold too..but I like a dirty gold/antique gold).

Reddish bronze colors work really well with my dark brown eyes. I have a few which look amazing, MAC teddy smudged on both top and bottom lashlines, Chanel Ebloui and MUFE Aqua eye pencil in 2L

I have grey/green eyes. I use eyeshadows in cool brown almost purple tones. And I’ve learned from Lisa Eldrige that blush, bright pink blush, can make your eyes stand out and it really works.

I have dark brown eyes and prefer to keep the lid colour a light neutral and use a colour in the crease as well as coloured eyeliner. The liner colours I usually use are teal and purple.

Purples and greens on my eyes really make my hazel eyes pop. If I want to bring out the warm gold flecks in my eyes, I wear golds.

I have neutral brown eyes, so they can take different colors. Purples make them look more golden, greens make them look reddish/mahogany, and blues make them look more amber. I also like a wash of silver or white. What doesn’t work are the much-loved matte browns!

I too have hazel eyes, but the iris is predominantly dark khaki eyes can appear to shift colour. I like, in order of preference: burgundy and reddish tones, red toned browns or even navy blue, charcoal grey, black and even pewter for really bringing out the green in my eyes. Other colours, particularly those on the really warm side not only make me look sallow, but also tend to make my eyes fade and look like baby poo kaka brown which is two good reasons to avoid.

I have hazel/green eyes, I like to say that they are green, and I LOVE burgundy and reddish tones!!! Luckily they were featured in the Fall Runway, I actually called Bobbi Brown to see if they had a burgundy color, since it’s hard to tell online, and she said “if you aren’t dark in color that will make you look dead”, like what…I love the new YSL Couture Palette #9, make my eyes look beautiful, I also tightline upper lashes in black and wear a nude in the waterline 🙂

I’m all over reds and I know a lot of people stay away from them. I even have a darkish magenta eye pencil from Illamasqua that has been DC’d that is just gorgeous and freaking phenomenal. For some reason, I can pull it off really well. I tightline in black as well to create a bit of separation so you don’t end up looking like a case of pinkeye. Instead of a nude waterline, I’m been using MarcJ pencils in a pale mauve (Lunatic) and silver (Nice) which have a bit of a sparkle, but are pale and brightening so essentially serves the same purpose.
Oh, and I’m seriously overwhelmed by the huge new MUFE eyeshadow offerings..there are a ton of red tones ranging cool to warmer and..the tough part will be picking and choosing without going expensively and insanely overboard. That comment from Bbrown is ridiculous. Will check out your YSL recommendation.

I have greyish blue eyes so oranges make them look bluer. Usually I wear copper eye liner (which matches my hair color and looks neutral) which brings out the blue no matter what color eye shadow I wear. If I really want them to look blue, I wear orange and copper shadows as well.

My favorite technique (I have amber eyes) is to wear black eyeliner on both my upper and lower lash lines, but then add a goldish liner just underneath the black liner on my lower lash line. The black draws attention to my eyes and the gold draws attention to my eye color. My favorite combo: UD Perversion and Scorch.

I have blue eyes so if I want them to pop I will wear a very rusty copper shade. I actually find a blue liner in the waterline helps too but blue shadow doesn’t. If I am wearin the right thin and use the correct tone of yellow gold I can get them to look slightly green but for the most part they are blue.

I have jet black eyes ( I know technically they are black, but unless you are shining a flashlight in my eyes they are essentially black) and rather than “bring out the color” I just like to make the black stand out, if that make sense. I like to do it with really black eyeliner, which makes the whites of my eyes look whiter. Sometimes I like to find a very cool toned deep navy blue (with purple undertones rather than green). I think this is a beautiful color for almost-black/brown eyes.

I have dark brown eyes and definitely consider navy/cobalt my go-tos for making them pop. But I also wear almost any color eyeshadow – I especially love greys, greens, bronzes and taupes as well. Purples I have a complicated relationships with.

I love that brown eyes can get away with pretty much anything. Really I just pick colors I like!

I hate my eyes. They’re topaz. So bluey-grey with yellowy highlights. I stick to plums/taupes/greys/browns. I love blue eyeshadows to ring the changes, but they just make my eyes look green and the whole thing is a mismatch. If I wear anything too green, then they just look blue. I can’t win. I can wear something like Chanel Tisse Venitien quite comfortably as it’s a bluey-green, but my eyes pop more with plums and browns. I also have slightly hooded eyes and blue eyeshadows never look good, really.

Hi Cathy, I am sad to read your comment that you hate your eyes. They sound really pretty and unusual to me. Try playing around with colours you’ve not tried before (I find Fyrinnae is a great way to experiment with different colours as you can get minis and there are so many to choose from.Quality is amazing and the finishes are stunning) I hope you learn to embrace your eye colour, we are stuck with them after all unless you go for coloured contacts of course. x

Oh, aren’t you lovely! Unfortunately, Fyrinnae doesn’t seem to be available in the UK, but you’ve made me think and I’ll have a look at ELF which are really inexpensive. You are absolutely right, of course, we are stuck with our eye colour (I don’t think I’ll go down the coloured contacts road). And sometimes, rules are made to be broken: sometimes the makeup gurus CAN be wrong!

Ah thanks for your reply Cathy. I am in UK too and have ordered from Fyrinnae several times successfully. The website can be tricky to get onto though so I would just keep trying everyday until you get there, it is well worth it. Really pleased you are going to try something different, you may well surprise yourself! Good luck and have fun experimenting. x

I did manage to get on it, but it really is the most awful website. It’s hard to find anything or see the packaging of the products and that black and white is so dazzling to read. The categorisation is very odd, too. I’ll keep my eyes on it, though. In the meantime, NYX have got a sale on with eye creams at £2.50, so I’m going to have a splurge there!

I have lightish blue eyes and verrry pale neutral-pink skin. I don’t really like eye shadow on me (haven’t figured out how to apply it, more like!), and I don’t wear mascara. My favourite lipstick, MAC So Chaud, contrasts with my skin tone and eyes and regularly gets me comments on how blue my eyes look. If I’m not up for alarming lipstick, I’ll wear a red-brown eyeliner under my eyes, quite low, with a red pink blush quite high. Makes me look a bit like I have some kind of Victorian wasting disease, which perversely I like, but also very blue eyed. Lipstick works best, though! The contrast is really high – I wouldn’t personally wear anything that red on the eye. I’d make it look like conjunctivitis (which, eh – ALSO works!), but that’s not a kind of ill I want to emulate.

I have hazel eyes that lean toward green. For eye shadow/liner: I wear burgundy, purple, navy or sapphire blue, radiant orchid, olive or gold-greens, and copper to bring out the green. If I want to bring out the gray, I wear violets or violet-tinged grays. If I wear silvers, blue-grays and lighter blues, I bring out the brown. It’s kind of fun to see my eyes change color! About the only colors I can’t wear are sky blues and bright emerald greens — they distract away from my eyes. For mascara: The last of my Almay Raisin Quartz stash (discontinued), but at least they still make the eyeliners. Also, plum or purple, navy or sapphire– always over black.

I’m intrigued by others here mentioning non-eye makeup. I hadn’t thought about blush or lipstick bringing out the eyes. I’ll have to start paying attention to that.

My eyes are blue-green so I have a gamut of colors to go by. Purples and pinks if I want the green to show up or bronzes-coppers if I want the blue to pop. It’s great but hard sometimes to make decisions.

I have grey-blue eyes so I usually use shades of grey. At other times I use blues or greens. I never use purples. Sometimes I use my UD 1 palette colours with a cool toned colour.

My eyes are green/hazel that border turquoise sometimes… I swear they look that way in some pics of me… Bc they’re on tgegreen side greens & purples, as well as coppery reds, like cranberry ES by MAC just makes them POP! and appear even greener 🙂

My deep brown eyes only appear so when compared to my pupils which means basically they look black except up close. Thankfully that means I can wear most colors. Making my eyes pop is about using blues like cobalt and teal, purples, pewter and black. Coppers, oranges and dark browns are the least favorable so I have to be selective about shade with those colors.

I don’t tend to worry about it too much, but I do notice that turquoisy and gold colours look particularly nice, and bring out some green in my blue/grey eyes.

My eyes are green with a bit of gold, so burgundy, bronze, and copper bring attention to them. Those shades have enough red to make the green pop, and any purple/violet makes the gold stand out. Find your eyes’ contrasting color (I had to use a color wheel no judging :p) and apply it as close to your lashlines as possible. Eyeliner’s the best for that, but eyeshadow and mascara work too.

My eyecolour changes a bit depending on light. They are greyish green, or greenish grey. In some lights they are steely grey and in other they are a bit like grass green.
I wear all kinds of coloured eyeshadows, I do prefere the purple tones and also plum, burgundy and pink. I love to incooperate some gold or copper.

My eyes are blue, with some grey and green on the inner iris. I find purples really bring out the green, I use peach, oranges, coppers browns and golds for the blue. I also like using grey, silvers, yellows, pinks and greens too occasionally. In fact I will try anything. Thanks to Fyrinnae for allowing me to experiment with an array of colours cheaply! Their eyeshadows are truly phenomenal for anyone who hasn’t tried them, don’t let the loose shadow put you off they are really easy to work with 🙂

My eyes are light brown with some green and some gold – bronze, if you will. The colors that look best are pewters, warm grays and teals/turquoises. I’m also having a lot of luck with the colors in the Naked 3; the rosy undertones make my eyes look greener/brighter.

Most people are talking about eyeshadow, but I actually find that a crimson/blood-red lipstick brings out my eye colour the best, even if I’m not wearing any other makeup. Somehow the red colour on my lips brings out the warm, golden, rich tones in my brown eyes, brown skin and black hair! I hardly notice the lipstick, only how it brings out the rest of my features.

I use the color wheel technique I learned in first grade! To make a color pop, you surround it with its opposite. My eyes are green, and the opposite of green is red. Red eyeshadow might be a bit much for every day, but pink is totally wearable! I surround my eyes with pinks and pink-based browns to make them look their greenest.

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