Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shines SPF 15 Review, Photos, Swatches

Bobbi Brown Lip Shines

Bobbi Brown Treatment Lip Shines: Nectarine, Pink Glisten, Raspberry Pink, Moonlight Rose, Berry, & Maple

Bobbi Brown’s Treatment Lip Shines SPF 15 come in twelve lovely shades, with each retailing for $22 and weighing in at 0.07 oz. It’s described as a “lightweight, soft shine lipstick that doubles as a rejuvenating moisture treatment.” It also contains “natural Cocoa and Shea Butters, Jojoba, Apricot Kernel and Avocado oils … Peptides, along with Vitamin C.”

I actually really liked these, and even though they looked pretty, I wasn’t so sure whether they’d be a product I’d enjoy. Coming from Bobbi Brown, I completely expected incredibly sheer, barely-there color. I’m happy to report that isn’t the case here! They’re not even remotely sheer. Each shade I tried was different from the next–these aren’t sheered out shades that end up looking the same on lips, must to my delight!

  • Nectarine is a semi-sheer coral-orange with a glistening finish. It packs good color when applied, and applies pretty even coverage without trouble. I think this one lends itself better for warmer skin tones.
  • Pink Glisten is a lightened, rosy pink with lighter pink shimmer. This one applied beautifully (one of the best applications of the six I tried), and the color itself is semi-opaque. I think this shade is a nice, universal pink.
  • Raspberry Pink is a darkened raspberry pink with gold and pink shimmer. This was my favorite shade. It’s semi-opaque in color coverage, but it’s rich and dark enough to be worn on its own to draw attention to your lips. Like Pink Glisten, this applied smoothly and evenly on lips.
  • Moonlight Rose is a light brown with a little bit of red undertones and golden shimmer. I’m not sure what’s rose about this, to be honest. It has semi-opaque coverage, and it applies evenly for the most part.
  • Berry is a reddish wine-berry with a very glistening look. It looks very wet when applied, and it has a tendency to settle into lip lines a bit, but it’s not too noticeable from a normal viewing distance. The color itself applies semi-opaque but not complete full-color coverage.
  • Maple is a darkened red-toned brown. It has the same application look and feel as Berry: a little uneven, somewhat settles into lip lines, but it still has the semi-opaque color and glistening, wet look.

These are lightly creamy, moisturizing enough to keep your pucker in line for a few hours, and they wear incredibly well. After the initial surprise of more color pay off than I anticipated, I was surprised three hours later when much of the color was still holding on, despite sipping on a Starbucks (the TEMPTALIA Frappuccino, ha!) for the three hours I wore it. Frostier shades like Pink Glisten faded around three hours and seemed a little drier than some of the creamier shades like Raspberry Pink, which didn’t start fading until the fourth hour but never felt dry. The only downside is that some of these don’t apply as smoothly or evenly as I’d like–they can sink into some lip lines a bit, but I didn’t find it all that noticeable when I looked in the mirror (just super up-close!).

They have a very wet, glistening look — it’s not quite glossy, definitely more glistening to me. I also don’t think these are like MAC Slimshines, despite both brands being owned by the same parent company and the packaging looking awfully similar (I checked, too — similar but not identical). Slimshines felt creamier with more slip, a bit more moisturizing, but I found they faded within two hours or so. Lip Shines don’t have the slip-factor, which I think makes them hang on a bit longer. I feel like these are a combination of Chanel Rouge Coco and MAC Slimshines–so it’s a formula that can stand on its own.  These are scent-free and taste-free as far as I could detect!

My favorite shades were Pink Glisten and Raspberry Pink, with Nectarine in third (a little more orange than I like for myself). I was excited to write about these, and I would have totally had this up sooner if it wasn’t finals week for me!

There are twelve shades in total, so the other six shades from the range are: Brownie Nude (warm brown), Desert Rose (rose nude), Papaya (bright pink coral), Plumberry (deep plum), Rosy (warm pink brown), and Sunset Bronze (warm bronze).

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! 🙂

  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation: If you love lightweight, semi-sheer to semi-opaque color that’s moisturizing without requiring reapplicatiion every hour, I think you may find these to your liking.

Availability: Bobbi Brown, Nordstrom

Bobbi Brown Lip Shines

Bobbi Brown Lip Shines

Bobbi Brown Lip Shines

Bobbi Brown Lip Shines
Bobbi Brown Lip Shines: Maple, Berry, Moonlight Rose, Raspberry Pink, Pink Glisten, Nectarine

Bobbi Brown Lip Shines
Bobbi Brown Lip Shines: Nectarine, Pink Glisten, Raspberry Pink, Moonlight Rose, Berry, Maple

Bobbi Brown Lip Shines
Bobbi Brown Lip Shines: Nectarine, Pink Glisten, Raspberry Pink

Bobbi Brown Lip Shines
Bobbi Brown Lip Shines: Moonlight Rose, Berry, Maple

Bobbi Brown Lip Shines
Bobbi Brown Nectarine Lip Shine

Bobbi Brown Lip Shines
Bobbi Brown Nectarine Lip Shine

Bobbi Brown Lip Shines
Bobbi Brown Pink Glisten Lip Shine

Bobbi Brown Lip Shines
Bobbi Brown Pink Glisten Lip Shine

Bobbi Brown Lip Shines
Bobbi Brown Raspberry Pink Lip Lip Shine

Bobbi Brown Lip Shines
Bobbi Brown Raspberry Pink Lip Shine

Bobbi Brown Lip Shines
Bobbi Brown Moonlight Rose Lip Shine

Bobbi Brown Lip Shines
Bobbi Brown Moonlight Rose Lip Shine

Bobbi Brown Lip Shines
Bobbi Brown Berry Lip Shine

Bobbi Brown Lip Shines
Bobbi Brown Berry Lip Shine

Bobbi Brown Lip Shines
Bobbi Brown Maple Lip Shine

Bobbi Brown Lip Shines
Bobbi Brown Maple Lip Shine


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Alexis Avatar

oooh very pretty. I want this and I still want the Dior version too. I am hoping these keep my lips moisturized and flaky/raw free!! I feel like they are calling out to me personally.

AmazingRaquel Avatar

Maybe you could take some pictures of your whole face without smiling.. You have a beautiful smile, I just wonder how it looks without it.

Kathryn Avatar

Please don’t stop smiling in your lip swatch photos! It always make me feel happier when I see you smiling in pictures 🙂

alex Avatar

I dont think its necessary because besides the fact that she does give u a closed-mouth smile, I think its important to see what it does to your teeth. I have had some beautiful colors make my teeth look horribly yellow!!! As much as I want to wear them I cant live my life without smiling or talking! Also, I am surprised u find the time to even do the whole face swatch! This is great…keep up the good work!

Mandy Avatar

It’s not hard to imagine her not smiling with the lipstick on, especially when you compare it to the up close pic. :/

Virginia Avatar

Thanks for the review! I’m looking for a lightweight, moisturizing lipstick for everyday wear, but I’m still not sure whether I should buy the Bobbi Brown one or the new Sheer Lip Treatment by NARS…will you also review these?

Nora Avatar

Really gorgeous! Exceeded my expectations, actually. I love how they’re so pigmented!

The Nectarine and Pink Glisten colors are right up my alley!

Ashley Avatar

I love Raspberry Pink and Pink Glisten, so pretty! I will most likely not indulge though, as the price point is just a bit high for me. Although I have to say, trying to stay at the under $15 price point makes me miss out on all kinds of fantastic lip products!

Amber Avatar

oooo – i love nectarine and raspberry pink looks delicious! I need to branch out of my coral/peach/pink addiction a litttle bit – i cannot think of a better product to start me off! thank you so much for the swatches!

Vanelle Avatar

Hey Christine,

Do you know which colors would be good for a darker skin tone like NW45-47? Like a nude color, I noticed you didn’t swatch those cos you don’t have them yet. Thanks.

LuvJ Avatar

I’m glad so glad you reviewed these.. it’s a toss up between these and the Nars ones.. looks like BB beats Nars out of the water when it comes to the lip treatments!

Erin Avatar

How gorgeous! I was afraid that they’d be too sheer as well, but these look glorious on you! I may have to buy my first Bobbi Brown product after reading these. :]

Kaylynrenee Avatar

Hi Christine! I’m so relieved that finals are almost over for you! I really don’t know how you’re doing this and finals! Amazing…

Okay, no surprise, I love Pink Glisten!! Thanks to you, I’ve learned just how weak I am for a pretty pink lip!

And speaking of pink lips and Slimshines, my favorite of those is Intimidate, but as you know (and wrote about here), they’re not so long-wearing. It’s like my HG color but not an HG formula. I keep a list of all the pinks from your summer season posts to try but our lips are so different, they never make me as happy on myself as they make me on you! Lol. So, do you know of any lipstick dupes for Intimidate? Any brand/price point is fine.

Thank you! Hugs from Sac again! :0)

Ryan Avatar

These are fabulush!!!!!!! I must get nectarine, pink glisten, moonlight rose and maple! Thankyou so much christine for posting this!

Mandy Avatar

I’ve never had the Papaya lipstick, but I have the Lip Treatment in Papaya and it is GORGEOUS!

I’m not affiliated, but has complete swatches!

Holly Avatar

The first three look great on you! Not many people can pull off that nectarine shade, probably, but on you, it’s very pretty!

Susy Avatar

These look gorgeous! Thanks for reviewing them, I want to get some of them now! All the colors look so pretty though it’ll be hard to decide which 😛

Amy Avatar

I love nectarine and raspberry pink!! They are both very pretty shades!
I always wanted to try Bobbi Brown lipsticks… should definitely get them some time

Leslie Avatar

Thanks for the photos, Christine! I also think Pink Glisten and Raspberry Pink look best on you. Do you know what the active ingredients for the SPF 15 are? 🙂

Catherine Avatar

Ooh. These look great!

Could you post the ingredients for these Christine? I can’t seem to find them on the internet. I’d love to try these out but I’m allergic to chemical sunscreens (and especially so on my lips =/) so I’m just wondering mostly where the SPF 15 is coming from in these. Thanks!

mar Avatar

These look great on you!
I wonder if they wear off in < 1 hour looks like they do?
Any thoughts on that before I buy it?

Almus Avatar

Uh, I am loving Nectarine but I am not sure I got the right skin tone right now for it! Maybe in a couple of weeks if I manage to spend some time in the beach =)
In the mean time I will just love Raspberry Pink … Poor me!

Amber Avatar

These are gorgeous. I always loved how every bobbi brown product I see looks wearable to me. I’ve yet to see one thing she’s come out with that made me say “I wouldn’t wear that”. On the flip side, I just can’t pry my wallet open to spend 22 dollars on a lip product.

avroys Avatar

I’m so glad you finally reviewed these and that the review is positive! I can’t wait for these to be released in South Africa. Winter is approaching in the Southern hemisphere and a moisturising lipstick is exactly what the doctor ordered! Pink glisten and Raspberry pink already look like must-haves

Mandy Avatar

I bought both Papaya and Pink Glisten. You’re right, the texture of Pink Glisten is amazing. I prefer it over Papaya’s texture (which is still really nice!) and it feels like a lipbalm. It’s not overmoisturizing or hydrating, but it definitely doesn’t dry you out a bit!

To compare them as being the texture between Chanel Rouge Cocos/MAC Slimshines is EXTREMELY accurate!

My biggest complaint is the stickers on the lids. When you go to peel them off, they leave a nasty sticky residue that you gotta scrub off with an alcohol swab.

Christine…you being the coral lover you are, you NEED Papaya. NEED!

Christine Avatar

Hey mandy!

Yay! I couldn’t believe I was comparing them to Rouge Cocos–they just SEEM so different–but yet it felt totally right on the money. I feel the same way about the texture — not super moisturizing but it’s not really drying either. It’s like it just maintains a good status quo (though for those with drier lips, I think it’d add a little moisture, but still not a ton).

I didn’t have stickers on mine (I don’t remember having to do a big fingerprint wipe down before photographing), but mine were PR samples and didn’t have boxes either. Sucks about the residue though 🙁

Definitely will check out Papaya!

JayJay Avatar

*Sigh* I keep coming back to this post, and part 2, because I want them ALL!! They seem perfect for summer. Too bad they’ll be around $25 CAD each. If I see them at Holt Renfrew, I will pick up one or two 🙂

NIKKI Avatar

i just picked up the nectarine one on saturday
it’s my new favorite lip product for summer
it looks better on you than me though
you have such a pretty smile:D

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