Bobbi Brown The Nude Library 25th Anniversary Palette for August 2016

Bobbi Brown The Nude Library 25th Anniversary Palette
Bobbi Brown The Nude Library 25th Anniversary Palette

Created in celebration of Bobbi Brown’s 25th anniversary, The Nude Library features the most-loved and best-selling nude eye palettes from Bobbi’s archives. Inspired by the colors Bobbi sees naturally in women’s faces, this limited edition palette includes 40 base, lid and liner shades designed to flatter all skin tones.

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The Nude Library 25th Anniversary Edition, $200.00 (Limited Edition)

The Nude Library features the most-loved and best-selling nude eye palettes from Bobbi’s archives.

  • Nude on Nude
  • Navy & Nude
  • Nude
  • Tortoise Shell
  • Desert Twilight
  • Neons & Nudes
  • Stonewashed Nudes
  • Nectar & Nude

Bobbi Brown The Nude Library 25th Anniversary Palette
Bobbi Brown The Nude Library 25th Anniversary Palette

Bobbi Brown The Nude Library 25th Anniversary Palette
Bobbi Brown The Nude Library 25th Anniversary Palette

Bobbi Brown The Nude Library 25th Anniversary Palette
Bobbi Brown The Nude Library 25th Anniversary Palette

Bobbi Brown The Nude Library 25th Anniversary Palette
Bobbi Brown The Nude Library 25th Anniversary Palette

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I was thinking this might be great for someone just new to makeup but then I saw the price and thought “Would anyone new to makeup have or be willing to drop $200 just on eyeshadows?” (taking a sizable bite out of their makeup budget and leaving little for concealer, foundation, etc.) Those of us who already have reasonable eyeshadow collections probably have multiple dupes for many of these shades and a healthy wariness about the quality and pigmentation of some of Bobbi Brown’s glittery shadows. Now, if someone gifted this to me, I wouldn’t be too sad about it but I wouldn’t buy it for myself…

Exactly! My first thought was “man, I wish I could win this in a giveaway.” Also, “This would be a great gift for someone starting in makeup if you were independently wealthy and liked to spend lavishly on gifts..” Haha

The mind reels… 40 shades? $200? Makes the new MJ palette @ $100 look small when just yesterday that seemed the uppermost number to me. Perhaps this will be the season of the eyeshadow palette, as summer seemed the season of the lipstick mega-releases.

Groan…..ANOTHER neutral palette from Bobbi, to add to the 50,000 shades of brown that have already flooded the market? And $200 for 40 shades that most of us have 10 dupes for? Uh, no thanks! Bobbi, did you not get the memo? Color is back!

On your page, as usual. Cue the Kimberly Clark music. Not only don’t I need it, I don’t in the least want it. Liked the old BB lips and some blushes. WTF, are they 25 years old? Big moved on. Not a popular opinion, but I DO think there’s such a thing as too many neutral palettes. (From everyone….)

Oooh kjh, you just earned a spot in my heart forever! I adore Kimberly Clark and was just singing “I’m not gonna buy it” to myself while looking at the A review of the Mac bowling theme highlighter. I already thought it was adorable but had I seen that B.K.C. (Before Kimberly Clark lol I just made that up) I would have bought it in a heartbeat.

I read an interview where she claimed that bold colors make you look like a clown. (She was the beauty editor for Yahoo, they were “Bobbi’s top 10 tips” or something silly like that years ago… all I remember thinking is that philosophy totally makes sense with her makeup line’s aesthetic, completely neutral…

LOLOLOLOLOL my sentiments exactly! What a boring way to go through life as a makeup artist and makeup brand creator! Can you imagine? Just brown, taupe, more brown all day everyday for DECADES.

$200………………… This better have super stellar reviews across the internet/critcs (that’s the only way I would consider purchasing it)

Hmmm, I remember a few of these palettes at the time they were initially released getting some mediocre to bad reviews (either here or elsewhere.) Unless the quality has improved I can’t see getting this. Plus too many of the shades look too similar to each other.

Impressive! This is one that makes me think “I really wish I could win that!” I could never justify adding it co my current/ridiculous collection of nudes (especially for the price, although It’s certainly warranted for the quality and quantity), but I just want to have it… I mean, look at it!

Drool. I wish BB shadows were better/more consistent quality though. It’s a bit risky at $200…

But I’d happily own 100 nude palettes. I don’t even care lol.

It’s not something I need, but the packaging is very cool. It looks like it has a great variety of shades. I’m still trying to understand the “Neons & Nudes.” I can’t imagine BB doing anything neon.

Lovely but I already have many neutral palettes, Viseart being my favourite brand ! And 200 $ ? Would make it 260 Canadian $ + 13% tax….l ouch ! No thanks !

Hi Ginette! I’ve bedn looking into Viseart and have heard GREAT things about their shadows. I’m in the market for a really really GOOD neutral palette. (No Urban Decay please….been there, done that?). Would you recommend Viseart….or anything even more than Viseart?? Thanks!!

Try Morphe! I saw the 35o palate on a bunch of YouTube videos, and decided to try it – it’s fantastic! Nice mix of neutral and warm shimmers and mattes, and best of all, under $25. Great quality, very rich pigmentation and can’t beat the price.

Looking at this more closely now, I can’t really understand the description for “Neons and Nudes” – I don’t see anything there that you would really consider “neon” – just one dark purpley-brown glitter shade and that’s hardly “neon”. Also, almost all the shades on the right hand “page” look really alike, with just a few different shades tossed in here and there and the “all the same shades” just rearranged in each row. And the left hand, warmer side, seems to have suffered a similar “curation”. For 200 smackers, I’d want a bit more than these subtle/imperceptible differences.

I actually like Bobbi Brown’s eyeshadows. I only have the greige palette though and I vouch for it 100%. The formulation isn’t extremely pigmented but highly pigmented eyeshadows aren’t always good. I would rather build up the color than to have to take it off, but they blend really smoothly and wear forever. One of the best palettes I own. If this is anything like that one, I might have to bite the bullet and get it (unless Christine’s review is bad – if she reviews it). Thank goodness for sales!

I like Bobbi Brown, and I don’t think most of her eye shadows are meant to be super pigmented, as they are generally more about enhancing natural beauty, than making a color statement. I have several of her palettes, and to me, many of the “nudes” are rather indistinguishable from each other, which is my biggest beef. The Desert Twilight and Stonewashed Nudes look nice, and almost make me wonder why I didn’t get them in the past, but the “Neons” made me LOL!!! I know $200 seems like a lot of money for an eyeshadow palette, but when you consider that you are getting eight 5 pan palettes, it comes out to only $25/palette, $5 each eye shadow. Still, every time I buy a new BB e/s palette and use it, I always end up wondering why I bought another one. Again.

On the other hand, If it was a gift, I’d still be thrilled. ๐Ÿ™‚

I just remembered that Neons & Nudes was a collection, and the palette and the blushes were the Nudes. The collection had a couple of very bright single eyeshadows, and I think all of the lip colors were very vibrant too, hence the Neon. Now it makes sense ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s a gorgeous palette. I don’t care for so many neutrals in one place, I have enough of them to last a lifetime. However, this looks like a gorgeous product and packing combo.

I am a sucker for nude subtle eyeshadows like these but so many of these seem similar to each other. I have never tried Bobbi Brown eye shadows myself but from reading so many readers question the quality that is a concern, considering the price. On the other hand, I prefer eye shadows that don’t go on gangbusters. If the quality is there and each color is unique its probably worth it.

Not my cuppa, but BB is known for these lightly pigmented natural shades. Not exactly statement makeup, but it will appeal to many, esp if some of these palettes were LE or d/c’d. If I want a no makeup look, I wear no m/u. Have only bobbi’d @ CCO in the past decade, and not for neutrals. They may look different in the pan, but applied, very little differentiation. I got a sand and aqua colored palette a few years ago that was the same way, even for the colored shades. Not even in my top ten for e/s. And, yeah, neon?

Need to wait for a review by Christine on this one. Bobbi’s singles are always good in my experience but her palettes can be truly awful — I’m still annoyed at myself for buying Surf & Sand a couple of summers ago. Looked so good in the pan and so nothing on the eyes.

I’m sorry, but this palette features 3 colors: light brown, medium brown and washed out purple. Multiplied to reach a number of 40. Three of the same colors! 200? No thank you, BB, keep it for yourself.

Regardless of my opinion on the shadows themselves, this would have been sooooooo much better if each palette had been removable from the larger case.

If I were spending that much on a palette, I would rather spend the extra $39 and buy one of the 28 color Natasha Denona palettes. It’s less colors, but I know the quality is there. I love the colors BB has, but unfortunately her shimmery and glittery shadows often don’t translate as such on the skin, even with primer and using them with a damp brush. Her matte shades can feel powdery and are hard to blend sometimes too. I wish her formulations were more pigmented, creamy, silky, and buttery, like many Urban Decay, Natasha Denona, Makeup Geek, and Becca shadows are. Sorry but if I am spending that much on an eyeshadow palette of neutrals, most of the shades should be at least an A- in my book.

I have a number of BB palettes that I quite like. I bought them years ago when BB’s shadows were more pigmented. I love neutrals and would love a large palette of incrementally more nude shadows. The color I wear would be considered bland against popular palettes on the market today. But, I hate BB’s shimmerwash metallic shadows because the fallout all over my cheeks and her eyeshadow pigmentation has been poor of late, so this palette would have been for me 10-15 years ago.

Since the brand is celebrating its 25th anniversary, it would be unusual to release a colorful palette this year, even if that’s on trend.

I used to love BB nude eye shadow palettes and would buy at least one or two every year, but about five years ago, the quality went way down. They used to be richly pigmented and easy to blend; now they’re dry, powdery and (especially for the lighter shades) so lightly pigmented they’re barely visible. Not to mention that $200 is an insane amount of money for a palette,

I love the quality of her eyeshadows, and have been dying for the entire Desert Twilight collection to be brought back, the problem is (and it is obvious in the picture) that many of hese limited edition palettes had permanent BB shadows mixed in. Especially the matte bases, and the dark liners. Therefore, there will be many overlapping colors if the palettes are copied exactly as they were boxed. Why buy a palette with several of the same colors on different lines? Now if all the colors used were lined up from dark to light, with no overlap, the price would be lower because there would be less shadows, and I would be very tempted to grab it. But because many of the repeating colors like cement, ivory and expresso are boring, and unfortunately, many of the LE palettes all had shades the were unusable, I would rather put together a personalized palette of Bobbi’s available shadows, and would probably wind up with something that would make me a lot happier, and all the shadows would be used almost equally!! Now that most lines offer some kind of personalized palettes, I am much more discrinimating in purchasing palettes. I am not perfect, and give in to temptation, so I think I probably have enough eyeshadows to last well into the next century!! However, I can never have enough peaches for the lid, they come in all kinds of finishes, and make my eye color pop like no other color!! And that is the color that I have the fewest of!!!!!

This would be the only eyeshadow palette I would ever need. I love the quality of Bobbi’s eyeshadows, and I have been pining for a replacement for the entire Desert Twighlight collection. I also have the color Copper Sand, which is long discontinued, and Copper Cocoa was next of my list to ger to go with it before it was discontinued. Copper Cocoa is in this palette, as well as the entire Desert Twiliight palette. I wonder if the formulation is the same as the originals? There are even a few peach shades, which are sorely lacking in her permanent collection. Yes, the repeterive number of mind numbing browns isn’t attractive, but when taken together, this does contain every color I would ever wear, which could be very convenient for travel, or just having fun in the bathroom mirror!! I had a $50 loyalist reward due me at Bloomingdale’s which expired. If I can get it reinstated, and if Bloomie’s carries this palette, then I could see checking it out!

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